First Look at High School Lee Seon Kyun and Queen Maker Lee Mi Sook in Miss Korea

I don’t think in drama bucket list of things I want to see today, Lee Seon Kyun playing a high school student would be so far away from even remotely making the list. The Voice, who is a smexy 38 years old this year, nevertheless has the comedic chops to pull off a very very old student look if it’s played for laughs. Following on the heels of the first stills of female lead Lee Yeon Hee in the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Miss Korea, it’s time to take a look at our leading man. This may be the Winter of big age gap pairings with the more traditional leaning of older man and much younger woman, what with Lee Bum Soo and Yoona over at Prime Minister and I and now Lee Seon Kyun and Lee Yeon Hee here. I totally have no problem with it, and it’s funny because both Yoona and Lee Yeon Hee are SM Entertainment actresses so I wonder if there is a concerted effort on the part of SM to give their not-quite-critically-acclaimed-but-very-pretty ladies some much needed acting heft in the form of universally beloved acting talents like Lee Bum Soo and Lee Seon Kyun. If that’s the case, then I applaud their ingenuity and appreciate the return of more actors to acting. I actually think Lee Seon Kyun looks adorable here in a high school uniform, albeit in a manga way where it’s so absurd it’s funny. I wonder what kind of tone this drama will have? I’m hoping for a bit of dark comedy paired with nostalgic whimsy. This first stills are out of Lee Mi Sook playing the beauty queen maker who is famous for turning ladies into the potential pageant winners. I think her casting is brilliant especially since she was a former beauty queen, netting the Miss Popularity award at the Miss Lotte Pagent in 1978 which I’m assuming is the Korean equivalent of the Miss Congeniality award. Lee Mi Sook’s stills show her perfectly in character with the dreaded 90’s obvious lip liner look and tight French bun.  I’m racking my brains and can’t come up with a K-drama dealing with a beauty pageant though there have been plenty of makeover themed dramas and movies in general. I hope this is good since I want a fun enjoyable drama to watch while MBC desperately needs a hit since Medical Top Team was such a big budget bust.


First Look at High School Lee Seon Kyun and Queen Maker Lee Mi Sook in Miss Korea — 7 Comments

  1. Lol MBC generally just needs a miniseries hit – they actually had none other than GFB. It has been undoubtedly the worst network out of the three both in quality and mostly in ratings. MTT seriously sinked in nowhere’s land and I was so shocked because I thought that was a sure success. It had a star studded cast, an acclaimed PD and commendable writer. That was actually one of the most shocking duds of the year for me.

    The SM girls are doing great for themselves though. Go Ara’s 1994 is a huge huge ratings hit and Yoona’s PM&I is quite the talk along with this show. Both these shows are the most awaited ones for the winter season – at least in Korea – from what I see in the buzz.

    This looks good. I may give it a try even if I have a slight allergy towards LYH. LSK looks adorable in a goofy and unrealistic kinda way. Hopefully this will be a good laugh.

  2. Well, MBC does have a hit at the moment. Empress Ki is hovering just below a 20% share, and will no doubt grow in the coming weeks. But otherwise it is true, it’s been a bad year for MBC.

    • MBC has a lot of high rated ‘drama series’ like ISYG, HD, HYI, Scandal. And Empress Ki includes in those because it’s a 50 episode-r. They have no miniseries hit, but have done really well with the longer dramas.

      • Three of the above are weekend series though (not as prestigious as weekday dramas), and they haven’t done that well with weekday series at all – aside from Horse Doctor, nothing broke the 20% mark, though Gu Family Book did well and so is Empress Ki.

      • @Pog- completely agree that they desperately need a hit in the weekday slot. Because other than GFB and now Empress Ki, they don’t even have a drama that generated online buzz. Missing you and HD were awarded last year – so ethnically they are considered 2012 dramas. I was more pointing out that MBC just needs a miniseries to do well.

        I don’t particularly think weekenders are less prestigious though. They are generally high rated and brings in the money in from advertisers. But yea… I think at this point MBC would be happy if any of their miniseries manages to stay in double digits. Wanting 20% is dreaming high lol.

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