SBS Releases Third Teaser For You From Another Star Hinting at OTP Fated Destiny

I must say December is shaping up nicely with a slew of promising new K-dramas on the horizon. One or all of them could end up a disappointment, but at least I can enjoy the good promotional materials while the anticipation lasts before the arrival of the real deal. You From Another Star doesn’t premiere until December 18th but I feel like this drama has been filming forever so hopefully it’s got plenty of material in the can. There was a moment of panic last week when one of the leads Choi Min had to bow out due to an injury, but the production team found a quick fix by asking another male lead Park Hae Jin to take over Choi Min’s role. Which leaves the role Park Hae Jin was originally going to play empty and I wondered if a rewrite was in the works to combine those two male characters who were brothers in the drama. Looks like the drama found another promising solution by casting Shin Song Rok in the role the formerly Park Hae Jin role of the older brother. I haven’t seen Shin Song Rok in forever, I think the last drama of his I watched was Three Dads One Mom, a drama with a great cast but botched narrative the entire way through. He plays goofy like no other but my favorite Shin Song Rok role was in Thank You where he actually stole some of Jang Hyuk‘s chemistry with leading lady Gong Hyo Jin. I think SBS made lemonade out of lemons with Choi Min’s injury so its back on track the drama goes. YFAS released a third teaser trailer today that continues to make the drama look so pretty. Doesn’t hurt that leads Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun are known for being pretty faces in the industry and here they both capitalize on it completely with him being an alien perfect guy exterior while she’s a Hallyu superstar actress. I wondered before if their romance would stem from some sort of destiny and maybe he was waiting 400 years for her since he first arrived during the Joseon era. This teaser hints at that which makes me excited to see how it all comes together.

Third teaser for You From Another Star:

[youtube id=”0D00crObLQI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Someone asks Min Joon why he couldn’t (didn’t) go back when he first got here 400 years ago? Song Yi asks if that person’s face is still familiar? She just wonders when they will meet again, that is all. Min Joon says that if there is a reason to meet, one will meet. Song Yi asks if he wants to know who she is? She is Chun Song Yi! Title card reads: a fate that has waited for 400 years. Min Joon says that this is what people on Earth call fate (destiny).


SBS Releases Third Teaser For You From Another Star Hinting at OTP Fated Destiny — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t know but I’m not too excited for this except for the fact that JJH is returning to dramas….maybe I’m in a mood of a simple show and this one looks high on stakes…

    • Same here!
      I was initially looking forward to this drama but Prime Minister and I has stolen my attention these past two weeks. Especially after that 8 min teaser released today at the press conference! 😀

    • Me too! I was looking forward to JJH’s drama comeback, along with her role as a hallyu superstar but the issue for me is that the promos look uninspiring. I feel like they’re banking on eye candy rather than concentration on portraying an intriguing premise. This is competing with Miss Korea and I’m excited for that one – at least for now.

  2. I have to say that I love JSH and JJH chemistry and thanks-to-drama-god for hearing our prayers… 😉
    I’m just curious about everything and can’t wait to watch their love sparks.
    I wonder if the people around KSH are curious why they have a very-young-sexy-teacher? And if KSH ever disappear and come back? Like how the Cullen’s in Twilight does- disappear for 100+ years and come back to the same town so no one will be suspicious.
    If only there was more KSH-look-alike-Alien! I would love to keep or capture one for myself. Who wouldn’t be greedy if they can have KSH…hehehee

  3. Not sure if I like them adding the whole fate/destiny card(which has been overused way too many times in dramaland). Why two people can’t just fall in love and be together without some greater force acting upon their relationship beats me.
    Still super excited, but i hope that if it gets dramatic that it makes SENSE.
    Otherwise, just stay cute and funny.

  4. Oppaya~ Oppa~ No further comment! Lol, but seriously, even though I’m enjoying my other Oppa in Heirs and I’m surprisingly beginning to like Kim Woo-bin too, I’m excited for this drama to start. KSH and JJH had an awesome chemistry in The Thieves, the only thing I enjoyed in that movie and now I get to see 16 hours worth. Hurray!

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