Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 18 Recap

This was the strangest episode of Heirs/The Inheritors to date. Compared to yesterday’s slow as molasses, filler-heavy flashback scenes, and emotional overkill with nothing substantive happening, this episode 18 was a veritable dump truck full of action. That’s good, right? I asked for that, right? Yeah I did, so I’m not going to complain about things happening finally other than to point out that nothing made sense. People suddenly just did things and there were no consequences, except the same reasons exist which kept them from doing it earlier. I can’t explain so you have to just watch. The crux of the matter is that Tan and Eun Sang’s obstacles to being together are exactly the same as its always been (Chairman Daddy), except in the span of mere minutes Eun Sang went from “no, I can’t be with Tan” to being “what the heck, I’ll take it a day at a time with him.” The brain part of my head hurts a lot thanks to Eun Sang’s whiplash decision making, which is actually pretty consistent since she really is that girl who says no but really wants to say yes. I think she’s going to fall towards the bottom of the barrel in terms of the pantheon of Kim Eun Sook leading lady characters after all. She comes across like she will say or do whatever based on the story need at that moment.

Tan needs to have a breakdown? Eun Sang decides Chairman Daddy is a genuine threat and leaves. Tan needs to get his act together? Eun Sang decides she’ll go right back to him because……. I don’t have an answer to the second part of the because since I don’t think even she knows. On the upside this was a much more entertaining episode, with Young Do again shining like the sole relatable character left in the main bunch. If his story ends here, I would actually feel satisfied because I saw him grow and change, and in the end he actually got to resolve the most painful experience in his life in losing his mom and actually get closure. Then he proceeds to let Eun Sang go with jaunty honesty and walk away with his heart hurting and his head held high. It doesn’t negate his sheer awfulness in the early episodes, which always felt like Kim Eun Sook piling on to make his character as terrible as possible, but at least I saw his character take a meaningfully plotted journey before our eyes. Tan? I honestly dunno. A guy who spends episodes moping and pining for a girl, no matter how rich and handsome he is, how devoted and cool he can be, in the end Tan just comes across like a clueless kid with no greater capacity to take control of his life. He’s all talk and even now the return of Eun Sang is something he didn’t bring about but others made happen. If he’s going to win me back on his ship, he’s going to have to step up majorly in the last two episodes.

Episode 18 recap:

Young Do finally stops Tan’s self-destructive bender by laying him low with a punch. He tells Tan to go see Eun Sang if he misses her so much, but Tan instead says he won’t go see her anymore and he’ll give her to Young Do. Instead of being happy, Young Do is actually pissed off and pulls Tan up to ask what the hell he just said? He asks if Tan wants to die? Tan has no right to give up. Tan admits he has no right but he can’t handle it anymore, Young Do-ya. Tan starts crying and basically is just a mess so much that even Young Do just gets up and leaves him sprawled there.

Won goes home and informs Chairman Daddy that he’s promoted Secretary Yoon to VP of Construction. Dad sneers at the limits of where Secretary Yoon aspired to climb. Without Lu Bu, that famous steed in Chinese history would just be a beast. Won admits that the steed got famous under Lu Bu’s use, but it was Guan Yu who used it in more battles. Dad tells Won he can leave now but turns out Won did not come to see his dad.

Tan staggers home all beaten up and bypasses everyone in the living room and goes up to his room. Won actually looks shocked while Ki Ae is upset, but Chairman Daddy just sneers and screams that Tan is such a weakling. He yells how much longer Tan will do this to garner sympathy!

Won goes up to Tan’s room and tells him to get up and go to the hospital. Tan wants him to leave but Won reminds him that they are in the middle of negotiations and Tan said he would do whatever Won told him. Tan keeps screaming at Won to leave. Won tells him that this will change nothing in this house and Tan knows it! Tan just cries and asks when he’s being sent to the US. He feels like he’s going to die, so please send him away and save him. Not sure why the pain will go away any better in the US. It’s either going away with time or not. Won actually looks sad and hurt to see Tan so broken.

Won goes back to his hotel and passes Young Do, noticing a cut on his lip and stopping to ask if he fought with Tan. Young Do admits it and says Tan deserved it. Won asks why Young Do hit his younger brother and Young Do correctly points out that he ought to know not to hit people with older brothers but he dang forgot Tan had an older brother since Tan never talks about his hyung. Nice dig. Won throws back that Tan doesn’t seem to have any friends either. Ouch. These people, so f-cked up. Won tells Young Do to put on some medicine and then walks away.

Bo Na and Chan Young are studying in the playroom and he keeps looking at his phone when Bo Na reads English and Chan Young translates into Korean. She sees that he’s on Eun Sang’s SNS account waiting for her to contact him. Bo Na flips through it and reads all of Eun Sang’s posts, including the weird convos with Tan in the past.

Eun Sang is also reading it and remembering all her time with Tan. She reads a post that Tan will come find her no matter where she is. When she turns around he’ll be behind her. Eun Sang deletes all her SNS posts as she cries. Tan is on her SNS account as well and sees her deleting everything in real time.

Tan is meeting with Hyo Shin and of course its at the same cafe and of course Hyo Shin has to specifically bring him a drink that he says is the most delicious here. Tan says Eun Sang always brought him this drink as well. Hyo Shin points out Tan’s pretty face is all messed up and warns him that hospital food is bad. Tan says he’s not going to die so don’t worry. Hyo Shin says acting out sometimes is enough to release the stress.

Young Do goes to Eun Sang’s new home by the sea but she’s not home though he does run into Mom. She initially gestures for him to leave but notices his sadly lonely puppy face and brings him home for a meal.

Young Do is almost in tears eating a mother’s home cooked meal. Mom explains that Eun Sang went to Seoul to return something to school. Mom keeps pushing dishes closer to Young Do for him to eat. He says the food is so good. Eun Sang’s mom asks if he’s Eun Sang’s classmate friend but Young Do says he likes Eun Sang. Mom must be thinking she’s raising a man magnet.

Eun Sang is in Seoul meeting with Chairman Daddy who says she moved to a nice place by the sea. But why did she still see Tan? Eun Sang says it was by accident but Chairman Daddy says that is why he wanted to send to her the opposite corner of the Earth. Eun Sang says Tan is warm and good and that is why she likes him. Dad calls her shameless for taking his money and daring to like his son.

Eun Sang promises to return his money and Dad asks if she plans to start with Tan after she returns all the money. She is truly a shameless girl! Eun Sang says she really likes Tan and nothing will change that even if he threatens her. She won’t see Tan if he doesn’t want her to, so please don’t ask her to come meet him again.

Tan walks to the dreamcatcher store and actually runs into Eun Sang outside. They both stop and stare at each other, before walking forward and passing by without stopping or any other gestures. Eun Sang is very sad and keeps walking. Tan stops and circles back but she’s gone already. He runs to the bus station and manages to get on the bus she’s taking back to the seaside town. He sits down on the same row as her and she sees him but neither talk to each other.

Tan follows Eun Sang home from a distance and she knows it. Once she enters her house, she sits there for a few minutes before running back out to look for him. She looks around but thinks he’s left.

Of course Tan hasn’t left yet and asks why she came back out to find him if she told him to stay away? Eun Sang tells him not to talk to her and stay away. Tan gives Eun Sang a back hug. Tan says that he can’t let her go so what can he do? Eun Sang cries and gets out of arms and walks away. These two, aish.

Back at the Kim house of Chairman Dictator, he’s in the process of chewing out Ki Ae and Tan. He says like mother, like child – she was just a lady at the front desk and yet she dared to enter the door of the Chairman. That hot blooded temperament she passed to her son. Ki Ae asks why he is saying this but the Chairman thinks she and Tan have been coddled living the good life for too long that they want everything and don’t know when to stop.

Ki Ae points out that it was the Chairman who told her to come, who told her she could come. He told her that his office was at the very top. The Chairman says that is how he got himself into this mess, being attracted to something shiny and cheap and making his family into a laughingstock. THE FUCK IS THIS BASTARD!?! Ki Ae is crying by now and the Chairman continues by saying he should have taught Tan to always pick the most expensive item even if something cheap is shinier and more alluring. If Tan learned to have taste he wouldn’t have ended up like his father. Ki Ae asks what she means to him and the Chairman says he just told her, what more does he need to say.

Ki Ae goes to her room and sits down at her dresser. She cries as she takes off all her jewelry.

Rachel is at the bridal salon canceling all the wedding items and Young Do arrives to do the same for his side of the wedding party. Young Do is a bit sad he lost a sexy younger sister and she promises to stay sexy to make him less sad in the future. She asks him to have dinner to celebrate the scuttled wedding but he’s already got plans.

Young Do goes back to the dokbokggi store and eats by himself. This time he notices a writing on the wall, it’s from his mom and asks “Are you living well, Young Do?”

In the most random scene ever, Won and Hyun Joo are in bed chatting. Not sure if this is post-coital, completely chaste, where the heck did it come from, no clue. Won asks if Hyun Joo has a wish and he’ll make it come true. She says she has none. He wonders if its getting married but she says that’s dull. Hyun Joo realizes Won feels really guilty about going on the matseon date. He wonders why she’s not asking all about that date girl? Hyun Joo says she can compete on looks though she wonders from which rich family she’s from?

Won wonders if they would be different now if he behaved like Tan, throwing a fit and getting into fights until his face has been re-arranged. Hyun Joo knows him well and says Won would have never behaved that way. Hyun Joo points out that Won wanted to be on top of the world whereas all Tan ever wanted was Eun Sang to be his entire world. Hyun Joo understands that which is why she won’t be an obstacle and will instead help Won get what he wants. He promises to get to the top soon and asks her to be patient and wait.

Eun Sang reads a passage from a book about holding hands in the crowd and that was like they were everything to each other in the love their shared. Everything was for the sole purpose of not letting go of each other’s hand.

Won goes to meet Eun Sang and asks if Tan came by. Can’t she see what a mess Tan is in these days? What does she want? Stay here or go back to school? Doesn’t she miss Tan? Is she enduring or has she forgotten Tan? Won tells Eun Sang to answer him. Eun Sang plans not to see Tan and is trying to forget him. Isn’t that enough? Won asks when she plans to return to her own life. It’s their dad’s fault for what happened to her so does she want to fix things. She needs to think about what she wants to do tomorrow, and tomorrow she can think about what to do the day after. If she doesn’t know what to do about Tan, how about going back to school to take the test? If she doesn’t have the courage, then she can use an excuse to allow herself to do something.

Won finds Tan moping down in the wine cellar with his wounds healed magically fast. Won reminds Tan that he promised to do what Won wanted and Tan asks when he’s off to the US then. Won says the first thing is to do well on the finals. If he dares to get last place again…….. Won sees something wedged between two bottles of Won’s mother’s wine and pulls out a folded note. He knows Eun Sang left it there on purpose for Won to find it and give it to Tan. Won saw it earlier but didn’t give it to Tan because it would give Tan a reason to live. Didn’t Tan ask Won to save him?

Tan reads the note from Eun Sang “Kim Tan: two seasons have passed since the Summer that we met which feels as hazy as a dream. In a place where its hot during the day and cold at night, I liked you so much. We were mesmerized by each other’s eyes, it was too hot and too cold, so can I forget it? Sorry for running away, for promising to be home but leaving. My fortunate Kim Tan, now I am really going to disappear like last night’s dream. In that dream, I’m so happy to have met you, Kim Tan.”

Tan is sitting on the school bench when Eun Sang walks up and sits down like it’s totally normal she’s there. He stares at her like she’s not real. She asks if he’s been studying because she’s worried since she hasn’t been studying. She asks what happened to his face and what he’s been up to. Tan says it was because she left. Eun sang is back now and won’t run away anymore. Now she will take the test first. Then she will find other reasons to be here. She will stay by his side.

Tan hugs Eun Sang tightly.

Young Do hears from the other students that Eun Sang is back. He sees her in the hallway and ignores her because he knows why she’s back.

Eun Sang is happily greeted by Bo Na and Chan Young and gives Bo Na her new phone number. Bo Na warns Eun Sang never to leave again because the broadcast club is a mess. Eun Sang says she plans to come back for good.

The kids take their final exams. Myung Soo is quite determined and Rachel gives Tan a side glance as he just sits there. Then Tan starts writing in earnest. We see Eun Sang, Chan Young, and Bo Na are also seriously taking the test. Young Do sits there and then writes his name and starts taking the test seriously this time around.

Young Do finds Eun Sang and takes her to have noodles at last. He asks why she’s back and gets to the point asking if she has decided to walk that road? Eun Sang says she wants to try. Young Do says to give up if her battle with the Chairman gets to hard, then he’ll laugh at her for trying.

Young Do says he’s done and tells her to go well because they aren’t going to see each other anymore. He’s dumping her. Eun Sang asks if they can’t be friends? Young Do can’t do that because she’s a woman to him, in the past and now. And in the future, she’ll become his first love. If they run into each other, don’t say hello or ask how things are. Don’t smile when thinking about the past and how things could have been. Young Do thanks her for the noodles and walks out.

Young Do leaves and Eun Sang walks out on the street and just watches his departing back.

Bo Na was supposed to let Eun Sang stay over for the night but she blows her off and ends up with Tan in the playroom. He asks who she was with earlier and Eun Sang says she saw a friend who doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Tan says Eun Sang is so obedient today. Eun Sang says she’s staying here tonight because she has nowhere to go. She asks Tan to make up an excuse as well. Tan says he likes her and he misses her. Eun Sang thinks the excuse should be smaller. Tan says he felt like dying, thinking he couldn’t cry or breath or love someone, all because of his fate.

Tan tells Eun Sang not to leave him anymore, understood. She nods and they hold hands just staring at each other.

The next morning they head to school and he complains about her staying up all night studying. Eun Sang feels bad about staying at Myung Soo’s because they don’t pay him rent. Tan feels worse because he’s underage and can’t do anything with all those feelings he has. The phone rings and its from Tan’s mom worried about where he was last night. She wants to know when he’s coming home and says she might not be here. She tells him to do well on the exam before hanging up.

Ki Ae goes to talk with the Chairman and asks to end their relationship. The Chairman thinks she’s been drinking but Ki Ae wants to live in the open from now on. Ki Ae wanted Tan to stay and have Empire stock but if he doesn’t want it then she won’t force him. She’ll leave and if Tan leaves then there won’t be any inheritance battles. She says goodbye and says that she really did love him when it started.

Ki Ae stands in the living room and says she realized today that they never took a picture together. Ki Ae will try to explain things to Tan but the Chairman says he doesn’t understand what she is doing. He tells his minion to take her to the airport. Ki Ae can enter but she can’t leave that easily. He’s sending her to the US to think things through. Ki Ae says she doesn’t even speak English why go to the US. The Chairman says not to contact Tan since he’s already in his own mess. Ki Ae screams at him calling Chairman, Chairman, until she finally screams out “Ya, Kim Nam Yoon!”

Ki Ae is being taken to the airport when a taxi drives by and she escapes by hopping inside. Ki Ae is outside Empire High looking for Tan when Young Do sees her and goes to see what she needs. In an exact redux of Young Do’s mom leaving, Ki Ae asks Young Do to find Tan for her since she doesn’t have much time. Young Do puts Ki Ae in his car and runs through the school looking for Tan.

Young Do finds Tan and tells him that his mother is outside school right now and he needs to hurry up and go. Tan actually goes and Young Do runs out with him. The car pulls up and Tan gets inside with his mom, thanking Young Do before the car drives off. The Chairman’s minions arrive at school a moment later and the men get out to find Ki Ae.

Young Do stands there and sees his mother asking all the students if they’ve seen Young Do. He goes back to the restaurant and sees his mother’s note asking if he’s lived well? Young Do responds that he hasn’t lived well. It appears that he’s done it all wrong.

Tan asks if his mom has really broken up with his dad? Mom says it happened and of course his dad tried to stop her. She thinks they don’t love each other anymore. Tan says nonsense, if his dad didn’t love her then why chase after her. He puts her in his car and sends her to Young Do’s hotel.

Tan goes home and says he saw his mom and it was dad’s responsibility to take care of his woman. Dad says they didn’t break up he was just sending her somewhere to clear her mind. Tan says he will take care of his mom from now on, he will leave this house and his only parent is his mom now. He will not ask for his dad’s consent. Tan thanks his dad for giving birth to him.

The Chairman is in the hospital faking an illness and the only one visiting is Ji Sook. She asks where Won, Tan, and the woman he spent 18 years with is. The Chairman says they will come and asks Ji Sook to plan Tan’s 18th birthday as lavishly as Won’s. He wants it to be big news.

Tan goes to see Won who asks if he heard their dad is in the hospital? Tan didn’t know but Won says don’t go visit. He heard Tan’s mom left the house and he’s cleared a villa for her to stay since he knows he was also part of the reason. Tan used to like hyung a lot because he was Tan’s only source of comfort before his mom moved into the house. He’s sorry for causing him added pressure. Won brings up Tan’s 18th birthday being a huge bash at Zeus Hotel tonight. Tan says he’ll go and tells Won to come as well. As Tan leaves, Won curtly wishes him a happy birthday. Tan pauses and turns to look at Won with a small smile.

The kids are discussing Tan’s big 18th party tonight. Hyo Shin says he’ll go since he has nothing to do and he can go cause a ruckus. That annoys Bo Na and she asks if he plans to play kissy-kissy with Rachel at this party as well? Yi Seul asks if Hyo Shin is dating Rachel but Bo Na vows never to let Rachel take away another one of her people. Chan Young asks if that’s happened before and Bo Na changes the subject. Chan Young warns her not to go to Kim Tan’s party and everyone marvels at his display of playful jealousy.

Eun Sang is brought to get the requisite makeover and be Tan’s date for his big 18th birthday party. She comes out all dressed in a pretty red dress. They are very happy to go together and both promise to be brave for tonight.

Tan arrives at the party to a gathered media. He opens Eun Sang’s car door and she steps out. They stand face-to-face as the cameras all go off. He asks if she’s nervous and she is a little. He tells her that it will get harder but they just have to go forward.

Thoughts of Mine:

Let me just ask whether anyone has a logical explanation for why Eun Sang did her sudden about turn mid-way through the episode. Mind you, this came after she was just chewed out yet again by Chairman Daddy for being a shameless hussy and she kept insisting she won’t see Tan anymore. Then one talk with Won and she’s like “okay, back to square one we go!” My problem with this is that Eun Sang sorta did it already when she tried to be with Tan a few episodes ago and Chairman Daddy then gave her the ultimatum. The same threat is still on the table, so was Won’s implied assistance all she needed to get up the courage to breach all obstacles to be with Tan? That feels like such a random reason, not to mention this whole drama is headed towards a cop-out ending if ever I see one. Chairman Daddy has been a fire-breathing dragon all drama long and I see him either getting sick to the point of suddenly becoming a decent human being since he doesn’t have much time left, or even worse deciding to just let go of his machinations and see where the deck falls when his two sons have to handle things on their own. This whole thing is just one big puppet dance for a man who has money and control issues. His conversation with Ki Ae was heartbreaking and absolutely the one emotional moment in this whole episode that really made an impact. All of Tan and Eun Sang’s moping was frankly beyond repetitive to the point of me being desensitized to it now. Ki Ae and her suffering finally gets some airtime and I’m thrilled she chose to stand up for herself after being so thoroughly debased. That Tan continues to stand up for his mom to his dad is one of the things I still like about him despite most of his personality going into the dumpster once Eun Sang left and he fell apart. At the grand ole age of 18 he’s already hit bottom because of a girl? Puhlease.

I always thought Young Do was interesting but due to Tan’s descent into love-focused self-absorption it was Young Do that seized the opportunity to win my affection. He’s still got to atone for his sociopathic past but at least he’s taken the first steps towards being a self-aware human being. Every scene with him in this episode was wonderful. His meal with Eun Sang’s mom was lovely, his noodle break up with Eun Sang was absolutely perfect, and the redux of the scene with the leaving mom looking for her son was the one repeat scene in this drama that felt moving rather than pointless. This episode magically allowed Tan and Eun Sang to be together, but it also sensibly moved Young Do along in his own personal journey outside of his love triangle with Eun Sang and Tan which was pointless from the start. Even Rachel seems to have returned to her haughty but sane self, while Bo Na and Chan Young have firmly been placed into easy to watch friend scenes without the drama ever really sharing any of their story. I can’t even discuss the inexplicable bed scene with Won and Hyun Joo not to mention their lame conversation. No wonder their romance, or lack thereof, in this drama has been such a chemistry drain. These two can’t even show each other their love, much less show the audience. If they get their magical happy ending at the end of episode 20, it would feel like watching strangers wander on set to kiss and get married without any context. At the end of the day, Heirs its heading into its finale week primed for lots of happily ever afters and no tension left to milk. I still don’t know what the whole point of the story was, other than to assemble a big pretty cast to shill lots of product placements, which was out of control in this episode with the Kakao talk, the cell phone features, the mango drinks, it was everywhere. There were times this drama showed nuggets of sincerity in every episode but its always buried under the excess. I hope the ending at least ups the genuine satisfaction level so I can walk away feeling decently entertained through a long drama ride.

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  1. Except… we didn’t see Young Do grow and change; we just saw him change. But whatever; I’ve given up on this show actually making sense or having interesting and relatable characters – I’m now just watching for The Pretty. *sigh*

    • Hi! I think Young Do grew and changed. To be able to let go as he did with Eun Sang, to be able to sympathize with and lend a helping hand to a former friend and now bitter rival (Kim Tan), and to be able to admit that he hasn’t been living well or correctly in answer to his mom’s question on the restaurant’s white board… these all point to Young Do’s growth as a person.

      • Sure, and had this change been gradual (i.e. growth), I would have agreed with you. My point is that for the first 14 or so episodes of this show, he was a completely different person. Having him suddenly become someone else entirely is not a result of personal growth – it’s the result of a lobotomy.

  2. Thank you for the recap. 🙂
    Regarding why ES did her about-turn and went back to KT… You’re right, the Chairman is still a threat, and she’s still afraid of him–that hasn’t changed. The fact that Won sort of encourages her to go back to KT does matter, I think, but isn’t the decisive factor. The decisive factor, imo, is that before ES broke up with KT, she couldn’t actually know how much she would miss him, how much she would suffer, how deep her feelings for him went. She’s been actively trying to forget KT in her exile, but it isn’t working. Her feelings aren’t going away, and maybe she’s realizing that they never will. So that’s what changed–she knows now that, as miserable as the Chairman will make her if she’s with KT, she’s even more miserable without him. Just as KT can’t let her go, she can’t let him go either. Sometimes people need to lose someone in order to see that they can’t live without that person.
    Second thing that changed: before, ES might have underestimated KT’s feelings for her. She might have believed he’ll get over her. Now she knows that he won’t.
    Third thing that changed (and maybe the most important): after seeing the Chairman, when she met KT (and as was confirmed by Won), ES discovered that KT had become self-destructive. Her worry for him could surely count as a decisive factor influencing her decision to go back.

    Also, I don’t think that KT had his breakdown because he lost a girl at 18. He had the breakdown because he lost his father, he lost his brother, then he pinned all his remaining hopes for happiness on the girl he loved. Therefore, him losing that girl left him with literally nothing else to cling to. She wasn’t just an unhealthy crush. Simply, in the midst of his messed up family situation, he was poised to go crazy at any time (and who could blame him?), and she was the only person still keeping him sane. So when he lost that reason, he fell apart under the weight of this and all the other issues that he was having in his personal life.

      • To Adnana, WOW, great explanation… These totally make sense now… Bow my head and waving both arms downward…

    • ES has been actively trying to forget KT for, what, 2? 3? days. Of course her feelings haven’t away yet (never mind that she’s just uprooted her entire life in a nanosecond to begin from new somewhere she’s never lived before – and though she didn’t end up in Argentina, I’d imagine it would take her a month or two to get settled in, achieve normalcy and be able to forget).

      But then again, I’m among those that don’t even get why these two kids like each other, given that they spent a couple of kinda nice moments in California together and beyond that have had a minimal amount of conversations and a whole lot of painful WTFery.

      • Yes, exactly. Their relationship has always felt flat to me, probably because there was a small connection and that’s all there ever was, and all of a sudden this whole relationship was built on that, but there really hasn’t ever *been* much of a relationship–most of the show has been spent on the denial of those feelings, or some such crap keeping the two of them apart. How can they be that much in love when they’ve hardly spent much time together?

        I blame it on the writing.

        I think Adnana’s explanation does make sense…if you can look past a bunch of other craptastic writing that led the characters to this point to begin with.

        #Sigh This show.

      • What makes you think it’s only 2 or 3 days? I think it’s been weeks or even months because
        1. now they’re taking the final exam, isn’t it gonna happen like a semester/six months after the previous test where KT ranked 100th?.
        2 the father mentioned it that KT’s breaking down “was cute for a day or two” but KT kept on destroying himself for too long.
        3. Students think CES dropped out, and she just back for the final exam. If my friend skipping class for, say two or three days, I won’t be saying that he’s dropping out from school for sure.

      • @Serena B
        well I never felt the spark between them I don’t know why! maybe because of the crapy writing or the lack of chemistry between them…I don’t feel anything when I see these two..seriously!
        and there was no interaction other than staring at each other with *Love is the moment* in the background
        *rolling my eyes forever*

    • thanks adnana for standing up and to this blog trying your best to enlighten this blogger.. I try not to come here because I get emotional and lose my cool trying to reflect on the episodes. I just want to add that ES decision did not happen in MERE MINUTES!

      Scattered Joonni’s blog gives a beautiful recap of this show and hundreds of people are following her. You guys are welcome to read those too.

      I get that a blogger has a right to say whatever they want, but I wish they can still be objective and unbiased . JUST MY WISH:)

      • I’m not sure why it’s important for a blogger to be unbiased and objective. This isn’t a blog to report the news as it exactly as happens, it’s an opinion blog to talk about dramas and how the blogger feels about them. I don’t see any commenters being unbiased and objective in the comments is hard to find. If they agree with her posts, they say so. When they disagree, they say so. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’d be a pretty boring blog is all we had to read were a bunch of objective posts without having an opinion to agree or disagree with. Where would the discussion be? At that point, all anyone would do is read and move on.

        I’ve found that I don’t read recaps just to know what happened on the show, I can watch the show to do that. I usually read them because I know the recapper may pick up on something I missed, share an opinion I have, or interpret something in a way it wouldn’t have thought to.

        I don’t always agree with Koala’s opinions, but I respect them. And if I need to voice my own opinion, I do so in a way that doesn’t demean hers. Given that she’s doing this because she wants to and isn’t asking for a fee, the least we can do is allow her to write what she wants with the blog she’s paying for.

        Also, if reading objective posts is the goal, the wiki synopsis is a good place to start.

      • @pepper – you sound very condescending and have no respect for Mz.Koala. On the other hand, Ms. Adnana first thanked Mz.Koala and then gave her own opinion in a very nice manner. I read Scattered Joonni’s blog once and personally I don’t find it insightful. I don’t like reading plain recap of a drama, I can watch it myself. I enjoy reading Mz.Koala’s recap but she has insight and guts to pen her opinion. I don’t believe a blogger has to be objective and unbiased. Your wish can be fulfilled somewhere else but not here.

    • Yeah, I’ll admit all of that makes sense. I wish *you* were writing this show, you’d do a better job than Kim Eun Sook at this point. 🙂

    • Are you a psychologist? You pyscho-analyzed everything down to the last bit….wow!!! you broke down my own complexity of these recent episodes…I’m pulling up my chair right now for other shows LOL!!!!

      • adana and pepper! super like your comments! some people say I dropped already this drama since day one.. hehehe.. but here you are.. too much affected what’s going on to this drama.. hehehe! but this is superrrr and enjoyable drama I’ve watched for… hehehe! 🙂

    • Great explanation! although I do think that Won’s encouragement was a great catalyst for her to cave in. I mean, before that, NO ONE from the adult world supported their relationship, and aside from a couple of their friends, the rest of their schoolmates didn’t either. And then suddenly, now, there’s not only one who supports them, but it’s someone from the “other side.” One who actually has some power. Sometimes, being supported in your relationship really helps. Having the world tell you, you can’t be with someone can sometimes be too much.

      • I’ve thought about this again, and I believe you’re right. Won’s visit WAS very important, because it showed to ES that KT’s brother didn’t support his father’s tactics and didn’t think it was wrong/presumptuous for ES to like and be with Tan (like the Chairman had proclaimed). But I absolutely don’t think it’s a case of “Chairman Daddy wants ES to break up with Tan, so she does; Won wants ES to get back together with Tan, so ES promptly changes her mind and goes back to Tan”. That’s not it.
        As I see it, Won’s visit was the impetus that ES needed so that she would pause and take stock of her OWN feelings. It made her really think about what she wanted for herself–and the answer was, she wanted to be with Tan. So she went back to him: because she liked him and her feelings weren’t going away; because Tan also wasn’t forgetting her; because Tan had become self-destructive. Won’s visit helped to show that ES had at least one powerful adult’s support, yes, but MOSTLY she needed his visit in order to emerge from the sea of doubt and fear in which the Chairman had submerged her, and to assess the truths of her heart.
        That said, however, I do think that the actual transition, in the drama, could (and should) have been a bit smoother. I see that the writer’s intention was what I wrote above (and hope that I’m right), but the actual execution was (more than) a bit clunky. 🙂

    • AGREEE!!!!at first I also feel sorta embarrassing that he gone self destructive over a girl. But like Tan said, she is not JUST a girl, she is everything to him now that his father made him the enemy of his so love brother. I did feel like she changed her mind quickly but think again she is a girl and 18 and confuse and miss her boyfriend and now Won is added to her list of black night. I let it pass.

  3. i think lee min ho so smexy in that last photo ! he and PSH look so dope !! i loved the ep cuz i never think too much take it as it is dont tell me there was not random heroine changes in secret garden ! it all happends in dramaland just appreciate that we see lee min ho on tv !!!

  4. This is the worst LMH drama ever. His character is so boring and so weak it gets annoying to root for him and ES. Their love line is so cliché to the point I roll my eyes everytime they give each those so called ‘love’ stares. The feelings are so forced, I still dont get it why they are so deep in love, because I dont see how deep their love is. They never showed us why they fell in love and how/when. Suddenly ES was like: I like you too. She was so fierce in the beginning but became such a pushover and inconsistent, that she is the worst female lead ever. I cant seem to root for her and KT. But whenever she is with YD, she becomes someone else.

    Every time ES and KT are together, it seems as if they are being shipped because its PSH and LMH and not the boring characters.

    Anyway, KWB got a very solid fanbase because of HEIRS. He is just DA BEST.

    • ITS talking out of kwb love ! their love took all the way from america to half of the drama ! i think thats enough of a how/when plus no drama that has lee min ho is a WORST ! *YA THATS OUT OF lmh love and REALITY*

      • So true @hibz it all depends on who you like and will always be bias to that person.
        As a LMH fanatic,he potrays KT to the best of his abilities and he does it great as always 🙂

        And can I just say he now has even larger fan base than before.yeah the power of LMH.

    • Worst LMH drama ever? I don’t know…I didn’t and cannot finish all of his dramas except for Personal Preference (well that drama was not that exactly good but Son Ye Jin made it work somehow for me), which means most of his dramas are crappy. Let’s see we have Faith, Shitty Hunta…and I don’t know which is worse, this drama or Boys Over Flowers lol. Yeah, I stopped watching this drama for the 1st 5min. of the 1st episode but this is all just my personal opinion.

      • Nor do I like the actor much as I find all the hype about, I actually started watching this drama for PSH and finish watching it on Woo Bin

    • I’ve seen all of Lee Min Ho’s dramas, and this, together with Faith, is proving to be my favorite. I think the scriptwriter did a great job. Kudos, too, to the director and the entire cast!

    • Hmmm. Worst LMH drama… that’s actually an interesting question. I’ve watched BOF, Personal Preference, City Hunter, Faith, and Heirs. I would say City Hunter is easily his best work, but worst becomes a little more complex because the issues I had with his parts in BOF and Faith were not his fault but script failures. From the standpoint of not living up to an excellent script, I would say Personal Preference was his weakest work. He doesn’t have the knack for saying one thing but having his face reveal another; he is not good at lying, and the whole premise of the show was built on him living a lie.

  5. Right. What is the purpose of making a tremendous tragedy to reach the same point, so long wasted. I’ve never seen someone so dependent on another person as KT ES makes me think I was in high school so it was so illogical and irrational
    YD is the star of this program I love his character grew , not stalled , became human grew and if the best character to this writer could create ( I think she hates women and after meeting LMH he does not like me and decided to kill his character mentally )
    I thought I was past that PSH keep playing the same role , but that last scene got me thinking …… it has everything to play good roles , from the appearance demeanor and skills to target mature characters, because playing is always good , pure and holy girl , I like her as an actress and as an artist I hope to focus on big things on in my opinion she has great talents to be demonstrated.

  6. Thank you Ms. Koala. What an episode it surprised me too after the previous mysery fest. Well YD has grown up and his scenes are so well done. The meal with ES Mom just amazing. The way he comes to the rescue of Tan’s Mom. Finally, realizing he needs to let go of ES. The best line is when he answers his Mom’s written question on the wall, “I have been living wrong”….I so want his Mom to come back and be with her son again. Ms. Koala I wonder if that poem ES read about just holding on to his hand…has something to do with ES realizing her mistake was to let go of Tan’s hand. I’m trying to see that as bringing about a change of heart because the sudden switch confused me too. I want Tan and his Mom to truly break free from the chairman and make a life for themselves. I hope Tan’s Mom could find someone else who treats her well, respects her, and might even end up being a good mentor and father to Tan. The cheap and shiny thing the chairman said just floored me…It’s sad that he is left with a bag of cheap tricks(pretending to be ill in the hospital) to get some attention from his family. It’s nice to see Tan’s brother being a big brother.

  7. Oh so cute! I remember why I vote KT and CES as my most favourite couple of the dramas I’ve followed on SBS this year. The way they look at each other, when he touches her, I can’t even. I’m glad Tan got a decent hair cut and normal looking clothes and Eun-sang is so pretty. Young-do ya, it’s going to be okay, you know you did wrong now if you could only apologize to the ones you hurt, everything will be dandy. Won’s about-face has been a long time coming and I’m glad he’s finally stepping up, albeit grudgingly, to the part of big brother. I’m glad Ki-ae finally left Chairman Dastardly, now if only she and Ajhumma got their own happily ever after. Thanks Koala unni for recapping this drama so fast for those of who love it to pieces, flaws and all. I squealed so much in every KT-CES scene, so freaking adorable!

    • Did you just say Tan has normal looking clothes?!? I’m not sure where you live, but I think he’d be a laughing stock at my university with the kind of wardrobe they give him. Yesterday’s ‘coat’ looked like a neck brace, and dont even get me started on the sweaters!!

      • I was talking about the clothes he wore to his birthday bash. And while I admit there were some of his clothes that made me want to strangle his stylist, I personally loved that blue sweater he wore when he and ES held hands as she came out of the Study of Despair in episode 16.

  8. as things go ES and KT are separating in Chapter 19 and will get back together at 20, I think that is the most likely and will soon YD accretion more as a character

  9. Forever confused. I’m confuse about this episode, about who decided to label this drama a romcom and a lot more!

    Young Do keeps getting the best arv in this story.

    • About Kim Tan breaking and hitting rock button for a girl, I do believe it. One of my best friends (a guy) also went through the same path when he was 18-19, and for us it was one of the scariest shit we have seen so far. His parents even had to take him to the hospital and he was medicated for a couple of days because, every time he was awake, he acted out. I don’t want to see that ever again in my life! It’s scary and heart breaking.

      Still, I feel they wasted an opotunity to show some movement and growing with his character. He comes out as a very weak minded boy who is only fine when ge gets his way in life.

  10. Dont you think the story was a glimpse of real life? Major heartbreak at 18? Didnt we all feel, at that age, that everything we’re going through is the worst that life can give? Fickle-minded eun sang? She’s 18. When you were 18, were you so decisive that a yes is a yes and a no is a no? I remember myself being indecisive at that age. Just saying…

    • I do get that and it would make sense for them to act that way IF they’d been consistently portrayed as teenagers. For so much of the show, most these characters seemed like they had the world on their shoulders and they were expected to behave like adults. For instance, KT’s engagement to Rachel before he even turned 18. And the whole inheritance saga. ES has lived with a deaf mother and seen her sister’s behavior and still chose to stay with her mother despite running away initially. She was working multiple jobs while going to school and had the good sense to save money for a trip abroad. It all seemed like they were supposed to behave older than they were, so when they do act their age, it looks off. I think it’s fine that she changed her mind, I’m not looking for the drama to suddenly make sense so I’m cool with them choosing to get back together. At least I can relate to them better that way since they’re in my age group lol. I can’t say what I would do in her situation so I’m not going to judge what she’s doing. Still not a big fan of the show and the flaws are hard to get past but we’re in the home stretch now so yay! 🙂

    • @Mel – yes, I have to agree with you that the story is a reflection of real life 18 y.o. eggheads esp. for first love. But as K-drama watchers, we tend to expect more out-of-the-norm love story. Heirs is now like a US reality show watching people drinking water, going to school, writing test, then back home arguing with their parents… for the whole 18 episodes, this is a bit too much and too slow… 🙁

    • hey Mel, I salute what you said. that is so true about real life. I used to counsel 18year olds and came across one boy who actually deferred his studies for a full year and a half for a girl. Everyone is entitled to fickle-mindedness, even adults! and I can attest to that too!

  11. The entire time during this episode I was like “WHAA-?” The scenes are so random…and how ES could change her mind that fast? This is one of the least engaging and most confusing OTP ever. lol.

    • Only 20 EP, the writer have to make it FAST, kinda suck though, I actually was hoping for 2 more EP, but that would make them drag the drama a little too long.

  12. I have been wondering how KWB will portray the role of KT if he was given the chance. He shines as YD and I now recognize him as an amazing actor. Will KWB make KT’s role less boring than LMH? I know LMH fans may disagree with me, but I have really not seen much improvement in LMH’s acting skill after watching his previous four dramas. I still enjoy watching LMH’s pretty face, please don’t get me wrong… but I am just wondering if the delivery of KT’s feeling can be better played out by another actor… just curious 🙂

    • I think not. For me Lee Min Ho is doing a fine job… is just the way his character is written. I don’t get the story. Is like KES had an idea but took her too long to introduce the world and the character… now she has only 4 episodes to complete the drama. I also believe the crazy live shooting is at fault here. Some scenes were shot yesterday! They need to stop that system… is not healthy for the cast and crew nor the cuality of a drama.

  13. All I want to say is that I hope they explain the change of heart by ES. Does seem extremely random given all the angst – confused!

    The only logical explanation that I can fathom is an unseen portion of her conversation with KW that will air later – after all KW needs to somehow redeem himself for his unreasonably cold behavior towards KT.

  14. lmao good thing kim tan is 18 otherwise we’d have no reason to understand his obsession with eun sang. At that age your life revolves around one person and all the little things you don’t get your way is like the end of the world.
    So, in that case, i get that kim tan doesn’t really have anything else to fight for but the girl he’s currently in love with.
    But i hope there’s some kind of time skip and all these characters end up maturing. It will do the story good and we can finally put heirs behind us.

  15. I think Tan has some sorts of Codependent relationship with Eun Sang. That’s why he turned into self destructive without her. A regular teenager will likely to move on much easier than him from a break up. Still, this show is much more watchable than MHIYD and I appreciate Young Do man up and move on from his unrequited love.

  16. This was seriously the most frustrating episode ever. This show just keeps on cycling around the same plot points; just when it seems like there might be some forward momentum, the same things get rehashed again. There was no reason for Eun Sang to change her mind, it just happened because they needed to be back together again somehow and no one could come up with a way to do it. Horrible writing, that.

    The thing that frustrates me the most is I feel like all of this should have happened 6-8 episodes ago. There’s absolutely no reason that this should have dragged on this long with almost NOTHING to show for it except to be at about two steps from where we were then, it’s ridiculous.

    With such a LARGE talented cast, there was so much opportunity to have a lot of plot going on, but it never really happened. The few sub-plots got shoved to the side in favor of Team Angsty Love Story. Not that the sub-plots were even great, but hell, at least they were SOMETHING.

    While most of the show has at least been watchable (but boring for the most part) with a few bursts of awesome here and there (Young Do being *nice* for a change, Tan and Eun Sang’s moms together, Chan Young and Bo Na being adorkable)I can’t help but be overwhelmingly disappointed and frustrated when I think of the potential this show had to be something outstanding. Heirs has been such a blatant waste of talent.

    I’m so upset by this show, I can’t even. It was like today’s episode pushed me over the edge or something into a whirling black hole of pure, unadulterated fury.

    The only good thing about this episode was Ki Ae leaving Chairman Jerkface. Like, I love a good villain, especially in a kdrama, but at least give them some motivation instead of ‘I’m a controlling asshole. Nope, that’s pretty much it.’ I don’t understand why everyone listens to him. Because of money? Ok, leave. Go make it on your own. Problem solved, ba-bam.

    The writing in this show is teh suck. Kim Eun Sook, I’m so disappointed. *sigh*

      • I was actually like ‘someone needs so murder his ass, and soon’ while I was watching it. (kdramas bring out the best and worst of me, i guess…lol)

    • Serena, it’s a pity the show upsets and disappoints you so much. I find it interesting, though, that you’ve stuck it out till the 18th episode. For myself, I’m enjoying the show immensely. I didn’t finish Secret Garden or A Gentleman’s Dignity, but the Heirs I definitely will see through to the end. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic, and this is why this show appeals to me so much. Kim Eun Sook sure knows how to titillate her target audience. I thank her, the director, and the entire cast and crew for the anticipation and joy they’ve given me and countless others through this show.

      • It’s not like I hate the show, otherwise I would have stopped watching it a long time ago. It’s just disappointment because it keeps circling around the same plot points over and over and over again. In a show that’s 20 episodes long, it could have covered so much more ground and actually utilized the cast in a better way. Not that the cast isn’t doing a great job, but they can only do so much with what they’re given. (Also, another major factor as to why I’ve stayed tuned in is the amazing cast full of some of my favorite actors.)

        I just don’t feel the romance between ES and KT anymore. In the earlier episodes it was more present, but I guess because of all the recycling, that has watered down a lot for me. Just my personal feelings about it.

        I watched all of SeGa and AGD. I loved both, even though upon re-watching SeGa I’ve noticed some huge issues with it, at least it was pretty much consistent with keeping me interested every episode. And AGD did get boring toward the end between the main leads, so I was happy when a sub-plot kicked it in to high gear. (Not that AGD wasn’t without major issues too–people have pointed out the misogyny in that script, and I can’t completely disagree, but I do think it was played for humorous intent and not to be taken seriously. And she also recycled some plot points in that show, but at least it was only once or twice, lol.)

        I mainly watch kdramas that are romances, but I’m just not feeling this show. Personally, I think the writing is terrible. But, art is subjective and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. And you must not be the only one, the ratings are huge. 🙂

  17. Pretty much agree with everything you said.

    I am so glad you mentioned the WTFery of the (hopefully post-coital) bed scene. I felt like I had skipped pages, no chapters, of a book when it happened. How long has this been going on?

    YD and Tan’s mom – that was awesome and perfect. Loved how he understood immediately the situation.

    Call me nutty, but I think the emotions and conflicts of Junpyo in BOF were far more realistic than in this thing I am watching. No matter how many big pretty tears fall outta KT’s eyes, I don’t feel it. Never. Not once.

    But Junpyo on the bridge in Maccau when he dumped JanDi who came all that way to see him? I cried a lot.

    This show is just dumb and keeps getting dumber.

    • It’s weird, I don’t feel bad for KT’s angst, but I do *kinda* get the feels for everyone that is all suddenly feeling bad for him (like is bro and even Young Do can’t stand to see him like that–his angst is rubbing off on everyone!). Their angst over his angst maybe gets me, just the tiniest bit. LOL

      I don’t think this show can get much more dumb, but there’s two episodes left, so who knows! At this point I’m hoping for some really craptastic over the top ridiculous ending that makes NO sense to anything in the story at all (ala Nail Shop Paris ending). At least that would be hilarious and momentous for its epic ridiculousness (and not boring!).

  18. My wish list for the last two episodes.
    1) Kim Tan announces his engagement to ES at the party
    2) Tan’s Mom and ES mom move together in the villa
    3) Won’s girlfriend finds out she’s having a little WON!!!
    4) YD get’s his mother back and a super hot girlfriend. Then he becomes friends with KT and ES again.
    5) Bo Na and Chan Young leave for the US together for school.
    6) Hyo Shin and Rachel become a couple
    7) ES finds out YD and her mom are sisters
    8) Yi Seul tells Myung Soo she likes him
    9) KT dad finally gets a divorce from Ji Sook to marry KT’s mom. And yes, he has to beg like crazy and shower her with gifts and letters of his love and devotion.

    and finally
    10) the wedding for the KT & ES and then they go off to America for school. They share the house in California with Bo Na and Chan Young.

    Nice happy ending for everyone.

    • Loving #3
      Why show a random bed scene out of the blue and not have a BUN IN THE OVEN ne? I swear that all the good stuff for this couple WonJoo happened off-screen and we only get the random scenes on-screen…go figure!

      Ms Koala THANKS for this deliciously snarky recaps!

  19. I can’t agree more. If it wasn’t for KWB, I wouldn’t have followed this drama. I couldn’t feel the OTP’s love from the very beginning. I found YD’s storyine with ES even more emotional or that I could feel for. From teasing her to staring at her from afar, to wanting to be close to her and developing feelings for her. I could see all these ep by ep.
    I gotten pretty sick of all those crying and angst from the OTP too. I just forward to YD/KWB and sit back/enjoy what he will bring in store in today’s ep.
    I totally love all of his scenes today. That scene with ES’s mom at her place just hit my heart! And GREAT JOB for making me feel both sad and happy that he’s moving on from his first love!
    YD/KWB, u r THE MAN!

  20. In the scene where YD is eating at Eunsang’s place. What is that violet thingy in the bowl? Rice? Definitely not noodles.

  21. Thanks for the recap. Can’t believe I’m still watching. It feels like they were going to extend the drama and changed their minds because it didn’t get 30 ratings. I have to keep reminding myself that they are supposed to be high schoolers…difficult.

  22. I personally feel that Eun Sang ran away because it was like she following Dad’s order but at the same time she wasn’t. She wanted to see Kim Tan (hence the 2 week choice) however she wanted to be near Tan so she ran away rather than going to the destination picked by Dad. I think that the main reason she did it this way is that so she can pay back the money to Tan’s Dad and then she will keep her promise to Tan to stay by his side.

    Maybe the reason she came back was because ultimately that’s what she wanted and she, as a teenager needed someone with authority/power to help her. Hence, enter Won. Maybe with Won backing them she has the courage (or a reason for now) to come back.

  23. you said it ms koala! i have never seen such an inadequate male lead! at least not in a drama that i havent dropped.

    he is completely incapable of doing anything but continually talks in a deluded manner,and then crumbles in an instant when father wields the stick.

    all he has done is make declarations and threats – you wanna die, i miss you, wait for me, i cant let you go. send me to america, dont you trust me. etc. and then nothing! aish

  24. At first, i watch this drama cosz of LMH not knowing that he’ll sucks in his character. He has everything, looks and good acting as well, but why i feels that it really wasted in Heirs. PSH looks like a stonecold, from the charater to the kissing part.

    Its not the actors to be blamed as they’re doing what they asked for, but l hope that LMH will choose a good drama in future. He’s good in BOF, stupidly amazing in City Hunter but picked up a worst enough pairing in Faith just to end up choosing a suck and bad drama like Heirs.

    Heirs’s rating above 20, thanks totally to the beautiful casts and all those fashion promotion. But it is more to Kim Tan’s sweaters and Young Do’s strong colours warm clothes. Some are nice, some are like l want to strangle the stylish. Like the sweater LMH wore when he go to see Eun Sang at her old school, that was modelled by PSH before.

    l don’t get it what is PD and writer want to show us in this ep, especially HJ-Won bed scene, all of a sudden? Dad hospitalised, even its fake, all of a sudden? Eun Sang’s change, just a few words from Won, she changed, Aahh! Kim Tan, l thought he strong, unfortunately, he’s not. Threating his daddy only by words, come on.

    But out of all, YD steal the show. Kim Won Bin really amazing with face expression. Meal with ES’s mom, he just amazing. l rewind the scene few times with smile. l love YD’s the most, from a gangster bully boy, to a strong and a stand up by himself’s man (and he’s a bit taller than LMH, lol) Oh, even HJ-Won bed scene is ridiculous, but Choi Jin Hyuk’s romantic voice, l’m melting.

    This year, l chose The Master’s Sun as the best drama. Heirs sucks. Why? There’s one thing that one has and the other don’t. What? Skinship. There’s a lot and even that’s the whole plot in Master’s Sun, all about touching. Heirs, l’m dissappointed, a lot and a lot. There’s a time that touching, hugging are needed to make the scene more touching, but the hell, nothing! A bit holding hands here and there, the rest all staring, that’s not the viewers want. This drama full with young and hot casts, with only one desperate and hungry kiss and a peck kiss.

    Hope 2 eps left wont dissappoint.!

    • The best skinship? When young do hug eunsang at the police station, that’s it.
      Even when enssang came back and tan hug her, i’m didn’t feel anything..
      Sorry for my bias is kim woo bin, i like lee min ho just fine, i watched his dramas, except for faith, and surely woo bin outshine him here. It’s not just the writer’s mistake the story is kinda messy. I took note of psh’s older projects and i keep seeing the same character. Wide eyes, confused look, i know she can kiss, she did it with jang geun suk for etude, but why did she have to look so pained with the kiss in her drama
      Sorry, just saying, don’t get mad

  25. My 2 cent on WonJoo, the writer must be thinking oh shit we spend so much times on TanSang’s angst we forgot about this couple why not throw in a bed scene to show them not in a ‘maybe-kinda-sorta’ relationship anymore..they are finally in a proper romantic adult relationship! In proper clothing with proper conversation about his would be properly wifey! It suddenly decided to show us how far they have gone, through this proper bonding bed scene…..awwww NOT! But their convo are quite enlightening on the differences of these 2 brothers.

    It looks like KW might have to pay the price & make the promise with his dad to marry that Telco heiress in exchange for his lil bro freedom as hinted in his various conversation with Dad, HJ & ES! I hope I’m wrong though and I want the BUN IN THE OVEN! I swear all the good stuff for this couple happened off-screen and we only get the most random stuff on-screen for them…so wasted!

  26. Seriously I feels more angst for the otp watching bof than the lame Lmh- psy in heirs. I actually rooted for young do it get the girl!

  27. what’s the instrumental song from when ES was wearing the red dress until the end? nice music.

    i think it’s the same when KT saw ES enjoying the view in his posh house in LA.

  28. Hats off to you Adnana, I totally agree with your insights. First love can also be very strong. I’ve seen how my male cousin fell head over hills in love with his first love, married her, had 2 beautiful kids and then faithfully loved and cared for his wife when she was battling leukemia. He never left her side during the three years of suffering. And even after her death a few months ago, he’s still faithful to her memories and came out stronger for their kids. That’s why I’m not jaded, I realized that even young loves can mature into one great love. So go for it Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang. Hope you’ll have a happy ending.

  29. When i watched the heirs, i just think of my High School times when we’re just falling for each other without even thinking about the reason. That’s quite make sense for me. And i think this is LMH best drama (beside City Hunter) because i think he gave his best in this drama and show us the real hard work. I love the story line and how each of the characters has a important role and i love how they grow up. For me, this drama is worth watching and the best drama 2013 🙂

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