In A Good Way Continues Meteoric Rise as Episode 4 Breaks 2 in Ratings

The awesome train of In A Good Way just keeps on rolling. This Friday’s episode 4 was so amazing I was rather speechless watching not wanting to miss a single detail. Nothing has arrived in the form of romance that is explicit but all the developing stuff is deliciously tingly. This drama is already snowballing in popularity and interest in Taiwan and episode 4 broke 2% in ratings which is incredible (episode 3 brought in 1.31). IAGW airs on the SETTV cable channel on a Friday night time slot with the odds stacked against it getting a wide audience. It’s predecessor Just You was also considered a hit and its ratings averaged 1.3-1.7 during its entire run (after premiering at 0.73). This drama’s official fan page also stunningly jumped 20,000 likes in a night after the airing of episode 4. Most SETTV dramas airs on its prime time channel TTV, such as its Sunday night dramas like Miss Rose, King Flower, Love Around, and now Deja Vu. Those ought to get ratings of at least 2 and higher, with anything less considered a disappointment. I’m thrilled IAGW is a ratings juggernaut because it might induce SETTV to make more dramas like this, plus more popularity means more goodies from the press and the production for me. I won’t talk about episode 4 and save everything for the recap proper, except for this: in one of many scenes that show Liu Chuan is surely falling for Jia En is the racing to be the first to call her on her pager and the whole delightfully awkward conversation of “What are you doing?” “I’m waiting for your call, what are you doing?” “I’m calling you.” “I learned more about love today” “About love? Can you tell me?” “It’s a little complicated to explain, let me think it through and then tell you.” “Oh, okay, but you tell me right away after you figure it out.” “Okay.” Then cue awkward silence until the guys waiting in line to use the phone are all like “yo dude, we need the phone, too.” Ahahaha, this drama slays me good. The RongYi couple is so red hot in Taiwan right now even Rong Rong (Kristen) and Guo Yi (Lego) admit they feel electricity when they act together now. Good, keep that stuff coming you two. Let’s watch some of their BTS for some extra sweetness.

Check out these two cute as can be BTS snippets of RongYi being oh so flirty with each other.

RongYi couple “Brother or husband?”:

[youku id=”XNjM5NDE2MTA4.html” w=”625″ h=”455″]


Kirsten and Lego are surprised to discover they resemble each other, which the Chinese think gives them husband-wife face. Lego jokes he sometimes wants to say “Hey sis, did mom call you today?” when he’s chilling with Kirsten. Kirsten says she keeps getting electric sizzles from Lego and the reporter asks them to stare right now for the cameras. The press wants Lego to give Kirsten a cheek peck as a birthday present and she’s all like nooooo, it’s too fast, I’m not ready, and he jokes that it feels like his birthday since that’s quite a present for him. He ends up with a hug and she’s all like “brother” and then “hubby!” and Lego pretty much flails. I wish “brother” in Chinese has the same connotation as “oppa” in Korean but it doesn’t. It really just is a dude who is like or actually your brother. No subtext in there. But hubby? That’s the clincher, no wonder Lego also fell over.

RongYi couple “I Will Miss You”:

[youtube id=”asTlJT3EaKg” w=”625″ h=”445″]


This is the latest BTS released by SETTV because that network surely knows how to milk their chemistry. Kirsten sings a song called “I will miss you” to Lego because he’s not going to be filming tomorrow since he doesn’t have any scenes so the song is because she wants to show him how much she’ll miss him because he’s not around.


In A Good Way Continues Meteoric Rise as Episode 4 Breaks 2 in Ratings — 42 Comments

  1. OMG! Taiwan is literally messing with me!! FIRST WITH AARON AND PUFF and now these two!! GOD, why is everybody so cute in Taiwan!?!? Awesome chemistry, i hope it only gets better from here 🙂

    • I second this. These people. Honestly. In high exam season too. Like seriously, do you not understand that I need to pass this particular course since everything rests or what? After I do the exam, slay me all you want, but not right now, I beg you.

      Also, can I just say, that the vibe I get from this whole show (just the ambiance, disregarding plot line and all) is what I get every time I read the manhua 搖滾狂潮 (youth gone wild). Like even watching the opening and closing, I had initially got the feeling that it was about 4 friends who embark on a journey to become a band. It seriously has that bandage/beck/youth gone wild feel to it. Even the ending. The sepia, 90s clothing and Wu Bai/mandorock/pop references help a lot too. Not that I’m complaining as to how it’s going, but all I’m saying is that if they *do* have some band-embarking mini-plot somewhere in there, it’s going to be those teenytiny marshmallows to this delicious mug of hot chocolate. Honestly, this show is so much my childhood. I’m pretty sure there’s a vhs tape lying around somewhere with my parents with a 4-year-old me baby-singing-and-dancing to Wu Bai and China Blue’s Nuo Wei De Shen Lin… it’s probably why I feel so giddy just watching it.

    • You are so right, it’s like the Chinese writers/director/production team had
      discovered the magic formula that captivates us the audience. How can they
      have so many hot dramas one after another that tucks our heart filled with
      beautiful touching moments without being corny or pretentious. Is this the new generation of drama production?

      Did anyone watch the Love Family episode where the old man sat under the tree waiting for his love one to return after 30 years? That was the most
      touching episode I had ever watched in China/Taiwan drama. So simple and
      yet so beautifully executed.

  2. I’m dying…dying I tell you…I watched episode 4 without subs earlier because I’m ridiculous but it was still enjoyable. I wish I could get clarity on the episode number since I’ve seen from 13 to 33. I also worry how we’re going to end up with Jia En abroad.

  3. That phone conversation is awesomely awkward and totally what you expect from the ambiguous nature of their relationship at the moment. I’m not in hurry to see them in an outright romance because the development is so *deliciously tingly* like you said(恋人未满)I get goosebumps everytime I rewind. Waiting for the recap proper so I can squee more.

  4. Just want to say THANK YOU for introducing me to this drama!! It’s been so so long since I’ve been captivated by a Taiwanese drama. Got to say that Lego Li really shines in this! He brings an otherwise boring and quite stereotypical “xue zhang” character to life! Kristen’s acting, I’m not as impressed with, and her character is still that typical, wide-eyed, naive and innocent type that I find irksome…but at least she’s got some brains! Regardless though, when they’re together…it’s perf!!

  5. I was planning to save this drama for later. Thus I strain myself not to read your recap, just the first paragraph of each post (so that I know that it’s good). But then, I guess I will jump in now, can’t wait longer, just because of the calling/paging scene you describe. It melts my heart, brings up such a warm, fuzzy feelings of those days in the not-so-far past 🙂

  6. I have not found a T-Drama that I have been so invested in since Autumn’s Concerto! But this drama got me hooked from episode 1! So glad Dramafever got the license for this! Since this drama has such a low profile cast, there was close to no chances of this getting subbed!

  7. I mistakenly pronounced it as Legolas intead of Lego Li. Both are cutie tho. Will watch this after finals. I dont want to fail. I mean, I have 10 homework assignments due tomorrow and here I am. I should go now before I fail.

  8. Miss Koala, the 2.02 rating is only for cable, the overall ratings for ep 4 is only 1.66, a rise from 1.31 from the previous episode.

  9. Today was a happy day. Watched both the new IAGW and Pursuit of Happiness episodes and they were both utterly amazing. I spent the entire duration of both episodes going “He likes her so much, oh my god, he likes her so effing MUCH.” I can swing in both ways, but for these two pairings in particular, it makes me so happy that the guy happens to be falling first/harder.

    Especially happy about PoH because while I’ve liked it thus far, it’s always been a bit slow for me/lacking in romance (being more slice of life and all) and this episode really upped both (the chemistry is sizzling, ahh). I’d leave a comment about IAGW, but to not spoil, I’ll save that for the recap.

    (help why is it not next friday already
    it was hard enough with just the decent poh once per week
    now i have the amazing iagw and an amazing episode of poh that makes me anticipate more?)

  10. Alot of the formula in In a Good way reminds me of AM1994. The 90’s, overalls, pagers, standing in line for phone, nostalgia, airing on cable AND on a friday night (i feel like that’s the new hit time slot or something), garnering alot of fan interest.
    I predict this show will probably be the same ratings jaggernaut just like 1994 is for tVN who is currently teetering on the 10% ratings when just yesterday 2%-3% was considered a success.
    Something about this formula that just clicks with people.

    • Well, pagers, standing in line for the phone is common in the 90s. Before the reply series, Taiwan had “Story of Time” where it portrays the lives of a little town and the story was from 60s~90s.

      I guess the nostalgic theme is quite a common story and definitely something that moves people, the recent movie directed by Vicki Zhao “So Young” is also one of those stories.

      I love reply 1994 and I love IAGW as much as it but really, both give totally different vibes. IAGW portrays youth friendship, growth, romance of the college students in that era.

      While Reply 1994 is more about the lives of the people from the dorm, and there’s the love triangle that make me bipolar, the husband-guessing that frustrates me. They hardly talk about their college lives and more fixated on romance and friendship within the house.

      I guess because I grew up listening to old chinese songs so I have a soft spot for IAGW’s music more than Reply 1994. Both are good in their own different way.

  11. Thanks for all your recaps and posts about this. It’s been awhile since I got interested to watch a taiwan drama or any drama for that matter. The poster itself is drawing me in.

    Can anyone give me the link to watch this? Thanks in advance!

  12. I haven’t done this in ages – watching raw without subs. And now here I’m watching episode 4… Totally hooked…
    Fingers crossed that the story stays good and we get a satisfactory finale.

  13. Yeah thanks for introducing me to the show. Am so addicted now it’s not funny. That phone conversation was so corny it made me laugh/ cringe. He is so falling for her and it gives me the tingles watching those 2.

  14. koala unnie thank you for another twdrama introduction. i’ve always found it strange that twmovies always manage to capture that elusive nostalgia and understatedness in youth-themed movies so well, yet their dramas have never really managed to translate that mood and topic well. THIS, i say, IAGW is a gem. i’m all tucked in with a hot water bottle to enjoy the ride.
    as you’ve said, i’m not in a hurry to see them start dating because this ambiguity of ‘falling in love’ between them is already giving me the tingles of the most delicious sort. Kirsten Ren’s acting is still kind of raw, but i guess it suits the naivety of JiaEn well and I never feel like she’s overacting. As for Lego, I’ve only ever remembered seeing him in Honey & Clover, but here! he’s so precious. i totally get what you mean by him playing what is a stock “perfect senior” character with such understated charm – there is that subtlety in his every gesture and intonation, but totally kills it are his eyes. and those looks he keeps sneaking JiaEn. i blame you for reducing me into a flailing fangirl again. and the best thing about this? i can watch it immediately after it’s done air and uploaded – no waiting for subs and being at mercy of non-translatable subtleties of language. makes me miss the golden days of tw dramas. looking forward to the ride with everyone here in the playground!

  15. This drama sure is good and addicting!!! Ep 4 was really good and the storyline keeps getting better!
    Love this couple together, when they look at each other, so embarassing.:P

    Glad this drama is receiving so much love, hopefully it will break more in ratings and the drama keeps up this strong storyline!

    Anticipating ep 5!!!

  16. I’m usually not that much into TWdramas, I prefer K and Jdramas ’cause I always find TWdramas overacted but after reading so many good reviews of IAGW and with so many comments about the Reply1994/1997’s vibe, I decided to try this one and…. wow! I hope it will stay this good or continue to improve as it has done until now ’cause it’s such a gem! It reminds me so much of how I felt when watching movies like So Young and You’re the apple of my eyes. They just know how to capture what being young meant at that time and I love that kind of nostalgia!
    Can’t wait for next week!

  17. Aww, they are so cute together, both on-screen and off!! I always look forward to the BTS because I love seeing the cast goof around, especially Rong Rong and Guo Yi. And all those banana jokes too., lol ^^ Also, thanks for the summary of the BTS clips too! I had trouble understanding some of the stuff watching it raw. Haha, it’s nice to know how popular RongYi is, ’cause think they’re adorable.

  18. Thanks for this, wouldn’t have checked it out if you didn’t mention it. I love how it reminds of my university days too. Totally forgot the existence of bb calls hahah.

  19. Thanks for the articles with the pretty pictures!

    I have to wait till 4 is subbed 100% (Thanks, viki!) to watch cause I don’t want to miss anything.

    OMG – These BTS guys are good. The staring into each other’s eyes had me holding my breath. He is unexpectedly warm and relaxed with her. I love guys who can and will sing whether he is a pro or not.

    I read an article about an experiment where the researchers took random opposite sex people off the street. Told them to stare into each others’ eyes for two minutes. Surprisingly, or maybe not, real passion happened between these people. Something about how this makes us release a chemical that gets your heart jumping. If actors have to do this over and over, how can they NOT develop feelings?

  20. This drama does look intelligent, Mrs Koala. Yet I for one will remain cautious and be patient until the drama has aired entirely to maybe give it a chance. SETTV has failed us too many times. Need I remind everyone especially trotwood or Pearl of the Miss Rose mess that started out so promising? As the British saying goes, “Wait and see”.

  21. This show is adorable, I just finished ep. 4. Liu Chuan is the star of the show. I would have never have guessed it to be an SETTV drama though from the directing style. It’s not an offense, as they do broadcast some great dramas including some of my favorites. But a lot of them have a similar flair to them…

  22. I have been reading Koala’s website for some time but has never commented. This drama makes me want to comment. I love it! Since Koala’s introduction, I watched episodes 1-4 and it was great!

    It’s like a slow burn… the quaint images of a time long ago but surely not so long ago… pagers, old computers, university, hostel life, club activities. First love, missed cues… good friends, crazy things we did.

    I think what sold this drama is the subtle yet practical depiction of realism during a special time in our lives. Like Bon Jovi’s Summer of 89, whether it’s 1995 or another year, you won’t forget the idealism and sense of being on top of the world because of youth.

    Great chemistry between the two leads. Liu Chuan’s character is well written to date. I too hope like the rest of you that the drama progresses well and won’t derail mid way as many Taiwanese dramas are prone to do. Eagerly looking forward to next episode!

  23. Thanks Koala for recommending this drama! I am so hooked! love the pacing of the drama…the romance angle is not forced and I am fully enjoying every little precious moments between my OTP as well some lessons here and there.I have to admit I am very surprised that I can every minute is not wasted.I get irritated at some times in twdramas when they used too many corny comedy scenes…but here it’s enjoyable and I don’t cringe….
    And oh my who is this male lead!? he got me flutterting everytime he interacts with the female lead….man the feeeeelllllllsssss!
    I just hope there is no psycho third party or obnoxious mom from hell to keep the otp apart–if they appear please please keep it classy…

  24. Thanks for the BTS clips… I’ve been searching everywhere for some BTS scenes. Gosh.. the 2nd one is too cute.. I dont know about him, but I feel she is totally crushing on him.. she just cant stop looking at him hahhaha…

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