Chris Wu Wins Best Actor at the 2013 Asian Television Awards in Singapore

I think there are drama lovers out there who will do collective fist pumps and scream “FINALLY!!!” with me once I share this news. At this week’s 18th annual Asian Television Awards held in Singapore, my man Chris Wu nabbed the Best Actor in a Drama award for his exquisite performance in the 5-episode Taiwanese docu-drama Emerging Light. Oh. Hells. Yeah. All this talk of “give the man an award” has finally come to fruition and I shall lament no more that he’s superb acting isn’t getting recognized domestically or abroad. In the drama he played a real life polio-stricken man who ended up becoming a philanthropist for the Tzu Chi Foundation. The Asian Television Awards is a strange beast, very sprawling in its categories and diverse in its nominees selection. It started in 1987 by the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation but is now organized by Television Asia Plus magazine comprising of over 30 categories including Best Documentary Program, Best News Program, Best Cinematography, Best Current Affairs Presenter and more. A panel of judges from over 15 countries in Asia evaluate over 1,400 entries at current count and select the nominees and then vote on the winners. Winners every year in all the categories can come from a variety of Asian entertainment industries, which makes this years Best Actor and Best Actress win doubly exciting and an honor for Taiwan. In addition to Chris winning best actor, Taiwanese actress Chou You Ting (Jade Chou, who coincidentally co-starred with Chris in the romance drama What is Love), won Best Actress for the PTS drama Falling. Chris attended the ceremony with another Taiwanese actress Huang Pei Jia who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her drama Smiling Life so was able to accept his award in person. On an aside, a few Korean dramas were nominated – Nice Guy and Gu Family Book were both nominated for Best Drama series but lost out to the Japanese drama Tonbi (Black Kite), while Heartstrings was nominated in the Best Single Drama or Telemovie category and actually won! Forget it airing in 2011 and it pretty much was meh, at least it was a win for Korea. Congrats to Chris for bringing home a well deserved win!

Trailer for Emerging Light:

[youtube id=”JS8IKvBeOpA” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Chris Wu Wins Best Actor at the 2013 Asian Television Awards in Singapore — 18 Comments

  1. Just yelled “yes” instinctively as soon as I read the heading, I knew he deserved an award the moment I saw the crying scene in substitute princess. His acting was intense.

  2. Good grief, I’m in tears over the trailer… And all I understood was the “I love you.” I need to see Emerging Light NOW!

    • I did not understand any of the words, and I was in tears, too. If you find a link that is showing this online, please share!

  3. Tonbi is actually a lovely drama, about a father who has to raise his son alone after the wife dies in a tragic accident. (Alone meaning with the help of everyone in the village, which is yet another part of its charm.)

    Heartstrings won something? More meh than meh that one was!

  4. Terry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been dying for some news of Chris Wu. It’s so good to lay eyes on him. When the hell is his next drama coming out? I want to know now!

  5. Literally fist pumped right before I read the opening line! Well deserved!!!!!! Ah gotta love that Chris Wu is getting some love!

  6. Terry!<33 Just want to say thank you Ms. Koala, for introducing this wonderful actor to me! He's super talented and I'm glad he got the recognition he deserves for that 🙂

  7. For some reason, I missed this post. Firstly – congrats to Chris!! He’s such an awesome actor, and although KF was way too much a mess for me to finish, I love love loved him in Autumn’s Concerto, so I totally get why he’s so deserving of an acting award. Also add in the fact that most T-actors are pretty bad actors in general.

    And not to ‘hate’ on a drama or anything but – whaaa?? How can heartstrings win anything that has ‘best’ in it. God, I can only think of PSH and JYH fans who probably enjoyed it and it had awful ratings too. The credibility of this awards just went down the drain… (at least in the drama section).

  8. So so SO happy! Go, Chris! Emerging Light looks really good… I’ll have to tell my mom to watch it, too, because she loves Chris as much as (or more than!) I do.

  9. YEEEESSSSS YOU GO CHRIS!! He deserves it. Hopefully he’ll have a main role in another drama soon 🙂

    Anybody know where i can watch Emerging Light?! I can’t seem to find it… :((((

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