Awesome New Video Preview for Episode 5 of In A Good Way

I keep humming the refrain “I live in a pineapple under the sea” probably because certain denizens of my household have been substituting “I” for “Mommy” so this is stuck in my head, plus I do wish I did because then I can climb out of that pineapple every Friday for a new episode of In A Good Way and then climb back to hibernate for another week without this waiting anxiety. It’s also freezing here and I’m sure the warm tropical seas is a warmer option right now. The latest video preview is out for episode 5 and I’ve brought the aggregate video with both the preview released after episode 4 as well as the just released new one. Of course I translated all the shippy dialogue as well, as if I am not doting on every word out of Liu Chuan’s mouth. We all saw that a fight was coming for our babies, but so is more skinship! It’s the like production wants to kick us first and then hug us later. PPT and Baidu have been on fire discussing this drama and after Jia En was seen practicing ballroom dancing for her PE class elective there were howls that Liu Chuan has to somehow dance with her. Maybe he runs into her practicing and offers to help, something like that.

Folks figured it was just a pipe dream since he’s a junior and she’s just a freshman but clearly this drama understands how to deliver fanservice in ways that up even the fan’s dreams because the latest preview shows us that Liu Chuan is actually IN Jia En’s same PE class. Not only that, this man’s sense of chivalry and his desire to spend more time with Jia En combines into the perfect excuse to raise his hand and offer to re-take the ballroom dancing test with Jia En since she needs a partner. There is a drool bucket at my house for when my hot boys act in dramas and induce drooling, I now need a swoon sofa for watching this drama because each and every Liu Chuan-Jia En scene induces swooning. I wonder if rumors are going to start flying about them since Liu Chuan is the big man on campus and his each and every move seems to be noticed. I’ve heard talk that Bai Xue is not going to turn into a catty second female lead and will instead remain a good mentor older sister to Jia En and that is such a relief. There is nothing from Liu Chuan for her to misunderstand plus she’s so non-confrontational. I think it would be amusing to have Ren Wei continue to push her buttons because when she got annoyed with him that was really cute and makes her come alive otherwise. As if the latest preview was squee-inducing enough, after the preview I shall bring the the latest nosebleed shippy signals that Rong Rong and Guo Yi have something-something developing. These two, they will be the death of me.

Full preview for episode 5 (the one after episode 4 plus a brand new one)

[youtube id=”Cm_IrEbM8xk” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Jia En: Next week PE class has a ballroom dancing test on the rhumba.

Parents: Rhumba? That’s your dad’s specialty.

Liu Chuan: I just don’t want people to know I’m the son of a congressman and feel like I get special treatment.

Jia En: You clearly have something on your mind? Aren’t we friends? What is it that you can’t talk about? Why are you hiding it?

Liu Chuan: Look after yourself and don’t just ask what others are concealing without any thought put into it.

Dad: Who did you have a fight with? Whatever it is, just say it face-to-face and explain. Don’t just misunderstand back-and-forth.

Jia En: 3631, are you from Taipei. What is a must-eat breakfast place in Taipei that you recommend?

Jia En: Teacher, I don’t really know how to the dance the lady steps, I only know the guys part.

Teacher: Is there a male student who is willing to take a make-up test with Jia En.

Liu Chuan: Teacher, I’ll take a make-up test with Jia En. Tomorrow is Thursday, do you remember what we’re practicing?

Jia En: I remember, we’re practicing ballroom dancing.

Kirsten posted these two pictures on her FB page over on Sunday with this caption:

“I heard there was this “Freedom Sea” that is very popular, and many people are “drowning” in it. This person before my eyes appears to be drowning as well, doing very strange things and seems to have entered a state of of wildness. Who can save that boy @LegoLee (Lee Guo Yi)”

The pictures Kirsten posted are from the filming in episode 4 where she is outside in the hallway and Lego is sitting inside the club room doing bookkeeping. Turns out Liu Chuan’s “bookkeeping” was actually Lego scribbling stuff in the notebook. Since this drama’s Chinese title is “My Freedom Era” (我的自由年代 Wo De Zi Yo Nian Dai), Lego was scrawling in the notebook all these variations of “My _________ Era” It is soooooooo hilarious. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to read every one of his variations.

Some funny ones:

My Jurassic Era
My Running Away Era
My Dissolute Era
My Devilish Era

He then writes down all the character names:

My Liu Chuan Era
My Ren Wei Era
My Bai Xue Era
My Jia En Era
My Ah Qing Era
and so forth

EVERYONE went insane because right next to the title which is underlined “My Freedom Era” he wrote:

My Rong Rong Era

As if that is not enough, right above it he added another one:

My Xiao Rong Era.

‘Nuff said, dude. And he did not write anyone else’s real names down other than Rong Rong.


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    • Btw, the bts for Episode 4 is out too and Rong Rong getting excited for her “date” scene is so cute. Plus her resting her head on Guo Yi’s shoulder when he teases her. They appear so close!!!

  1. Woah, for a second I thought this blog have became “Liu Chuan’s playground”, LOL. I love all these posts about IAGW and the wait is killing me. I saw that My ___ era on their official facebook page and I was laughing like crazy.

    I don’t really care whether RongYi couple becomes real or not as long as my ChuanEn OTP have a good run and ends well in IAGW, that’s enough for me.

  2. I just got heart palpitations from the second preview. I love this drama. I am also glad to hear that Bai Xue wont be playing a catty character. I like her role and I’m looking forward to seeing her cut loose more often like she did with ren. As much as I love the lui CHuan pairing, I hope the romance doesnt blossom too soon cause I really want this couple to last. Maybe little stares and flirtations here and there will be enough to suffice me.

  3. reporting in at IAGW (or covertly, liu chuan central.. flails) for the day. thanks for the continuous goodies – just reminds me of the good ol’ days chasing twdramas live..i love that the media is always on the ball with BTS, especially so since this is an SETTV drama and they always provide the best fanservice hah! i hope liu chuan and jia en continue more of the shy stares/harmless flirtation.. the fluttery feeling in the tummy as i watch them.. swoons. can we have more episodes of these? i promise to be good and wait patiently for a WHOLE week.
    and can i just start lobbying for lego and kirsten to sing a duet for the OST? pleaseeeee. lego has an ahmazinggggg voice (watch him on wan quan yu le strumming a guitar and singing along to an ol 90s hit, as well as random singles he has put out – the boy can sing) while kirsten has a sweet enough voice. they’re seriously making me giddy with their BTS interactions – all flirty and then coyness and all that teasing. i/m beginning to mix up lego li and liu chuan’s gazes – the way he looks at rongrong and jiaen…. they are the same. *flails*

  4. The butterflies in my tummy, they are MONSTROUS. Be still my shippy heart, both reel and real. It’s been so long since a drama made me feel like dancing a jig.

    My Rong Rong Era? Are you serious? The cute is unbearable, yet oh so delicious. And I think Xiao Rong means “Little Rong”, right? Is Xiao a term of endearment?

  5. Man its not even 7am and I am smiling like a loon. You love this drama and I love that you love this drama. Not that another download source has died I am so happy it’s on viki.

      • Sorry, KB is not subtle and low key like LC. He’s more cheeky. I am so upset with him for making the classy MGY suffer like that at the airport when they came back home. She looked so miserable. He was grinning like the cheshire cat.

      • @Sophie Sorry for the misunderstanding, I am talking about me hoping that Kirsten and Lego Li get together and I am not referring to KB+MGY. To me, Liu chuan’s gazes at Jia Ean just the same as Kim Bum’s gazes at MGY in Goddess of Fire. To be honest, I’m not interest much about KB+MGY dating. I know there were a lot of controversy about MGY’s dating and I don’t want to get involved. Now I just want to focus on Liu chuan and Jia Ean. Happy watching!

  6. Okay, I was is this drama really good? Then I watched the first episodes and

    WHY? why I checked this drama so early ? Now having to wait for new episodes will be terrible T_T

    How many episodes this drama airs every week? Just one? Noo, please say no.

  7. So many IAGW posts!!! I’m totally loving it. I’m thinking about this drama every day until new episodes are gonna air!!! SO excited for ep 5!!!

  8. Just got home from work through highways of ice (literally) and had to scrounge dinner with a stressed fifteen year old. However, now I am in my happy place. I do not need a drool bucket or a swoon sofa but a big barrel for the huge pile of goo I turn into EVERY time Liu Chan looks at or thinks about Jia En. I do not know how Kirsten Ren stays focused. She should get an award just for that.

  9. Liu Chuan’s scribbling is so cute. Yes, more skinship please! Thanks for all the updates, Koala. It makes waiting for Friday so much more bearable. Can’t wait for their love dance (real and reel hehe 🙂

  10. Ms. Koala, I think you’re mistaken. In the scene in ep 4, Liu Chuan was wearing a blue shirt. I feel like that BTS picture is most likely from ep 5 since it looks like Liu Chuan is wearing the same thing in the picture as he was in the preview when he is arguing with Jia En. Thanks for the new preview 🙂

  11. Man I’m so hooked on this drama and this pair it’s ridiculous!
    Anyway does anyone notice that LC’s pendant is prob the same design as the logo on his shirt in the 1st pic and is also on the door of the club room? Prob the pendant was his first treasure hunt prize? 🙂

    The budding love is so giving me the feels and making me curl my toes in ecstasy! Fri come quick!!

  12. Ms.Koala, you are really amazing. Thank you very much for spending your precious 20 minutes to read and translate the scribbles. You are too cute to describe. I am grinning all the way while reading the preview. 🙂

  13. Koala….THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! this drama just made my made happy…I really enjoy every bit of news you translate for us..I’m sooo invested with Lego Lee’s character that I hope a lot of drama will write a character like him….not a jerk that everybody wants… Keep making my day happy with all the In A Good Way news:))))))

  14. i love this drama and i ship them 2 soo much!! <3 they're soo cute :3 btw, can anybody give me the link to kirsten's fb page please :))) thankyou^_^ and thankyou to koala aswell for the updates!! much appreciated! xD

    • The clip is too long so I’ll just translate the sweet portion of LC feeding JE.
      Starts from around 2.48 point

      JE: Don’t spread cream on me. Very troublesome to touch up makeup.
      Cameraman: Ok look here.
      JE: Don’t blow at me! What are you doing? Isn’t that my chocolate? What are you doing?
      RW: You ignored me again just now.
      JE: You didn’t ask me
      RW: I was beside you doing this all along.
      JE: *LC feeds JE* LC is more thoughtful. What?
      Someone: Ok feed her.
      ends around 3.10

      • Another sweet portion:

        Starts around 03.40

        JE: I saw many of the stills. The 2 of us really look alike.
        LC: I’ve said this a long time ago. I told her a long time ago. I really think the 2 of us really look alike.
        JE: *facing LC* Do the same actions as me. Come.
        LC: How?
        JE: Why aren’t you playing along?
        LC: I thought you meant the facial expressions only.
        JE: Look at the mirror. Facial expression. Good. How do you let other people know your facial expressions? Use your hand.
        LC: Are you playing that game? *follows JE’s actions and drags the skin up*
        *JE laughs*
        LC: Why must you do that ugly pose? Why can’t it be those cute actions? *motions cute face*
        JE: Thank you all for your wonderful support. We will continue to develop.
        LC: We will…
        Someone:.. develop feelings
        LC: Yes we will put in effort to manage our feelings. Hope everyone will give us your blessings.
        JE: Develop with the story. Currently.. that is.. watch the show and you will know. Yes. We really develop according to story (Lol don’t know if she means it)
        LC: It’s hard to predict what happens in the future. Em. We will tell everyone if there’s good news.
        JE: What good news?
        LC: I don’t know either.

        Ends around 4.42.

  15. words can’t describe how much i love this cast and the BTS videos. this is going to be a painful run but i’m keeping myself sane with these awesome goodies. I would love to see more translations but luckily body language is more than enough to go by.

    Especially love this clip where they sing together. Have you seen how much chemistry Ren Wei and Bai Xue has too? They’re always super adorable and giggly together in all the BTS. Its so cute to see them in pairs! 🙂

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