BTS Spoiler Stills for the Upcoming Episode 5 of In A Good Way

The Taiwan media is getting wind of the intense popularity of In A Good Way among the coveted younger viewing audience as well as the ground swell of fandom shipping Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee (the RongYi couple). This week’s news articles discussing the popularity of the drama are all dissecting how the two leads are so so close and chummy on set and causing fan hearts to flutter for their onscreen and offscreen chemistry. And it’s not like either one is oblivious, Lego and Kirsten said in a BTS interview that they know how fandom is shipping them in real life and it actually makes them more hyper-aware of each other when acting. Lego said that when he sees Kirsten he just thinks she’s so cute, whereas Kirsten accused him of constantly sending eye-sparks at her and it’s causing her to be unable to focus. They hilariously have promised to do well and if there is ever any “good news” to report, Lego promised to share it with the fans. If these two are trolling the IAGW fandom then I’m happy to be trolled because they are just too adorable. They are on a live-filming schedule but I’ve just come across three spoilery BTS stills for the upcoming episode.

One shows Bai Xue and Ren Wei practicing dancing, which makes me wonder if there is a dance party coming up soon since those two are not in the PE class that Jia En and Liu Chuan are in. The other two pics were snapped by students at the college campus where the drama films and it shows Jia En in a dress with Liu Chuan, and also the actor who plays Jia En’s sweet and gruff daddy is there. I can’t tell you how happy I am to glimpse Jia En in a skirt. I get the 90’s throwback fashion for the guys and Bai Xue and Xiao Wei are dressed normally, but holy are Jia En’s outfits a succession of inexplicably dowdy. Trust me when I say girls in the 90’s in Taiwan did not have some sort of overalls fetish. That’s is all Jia En and folks from Pingdong are probably howling over that implication that a country girl from the South is inclined to own a closet full of overalls. If Bai Xue takes Jia En under her wing in any way, please let it include a fashion tutorial. I don’t need a full make over since Jia En is already so pretty, but please ditch the overalls. I’m starting to see fanfiction pop up in the Chinese forums and one hilarious POV essay comes from Momo’s point of view from when he ran into Jia En all the way to the scene when Liu Chuan reads her note a year later and reminisces. I need more Momo in the drama, and Momo would make the best matchmaker to bring Liu Chuan and Jia En closer. Let’s have a Momo gets lost and needs rescuing scene. LOL, more Momo = more OTP goodness.

To help get us ready for episode 5, enjoy RongYi cuteness set to one of THE most famous ballads in the 90’s in Taiwan. This song played in the second preview for episode 5 which means it coming in the drama. I wouldn’t have expected it not to be used since it’s still so so famous. The song is Rene Liu‘s “Crazy For Love” (為愛癡狂) which came out in ’95. Since the drama has time-jumped from 1995 to 1996, I’m also expecting Tarcy Su‘s “Lemon Tree” at some point. That song was everywhere in the Summer of ’96 and launched Tarcy to superstar songstress status.

RongYi MV “Crazy For Love” by Rene Liu:

[youtube id=”YL7WMO-X__Y” w=”625″ h=”445″]


BTS Spoiler Stills for the Upcoming Episode 5 of In A Good Way — 30 Comments

  1. I can’t wait for the next episode!!! I kept replaying the past episodes and their sweet moments. The first photo looks really cute. Kirsten is so pretty and Lego is such a hearthrob!

  2. 2 AM. Responding to panicky students in the last week of school before final exams and final projects and looking at the last of the regular semester grades . . .but, Captain Koala, you save me (and my good humor) with more IAGW news. I love the idea of Momo as matchmaker! That dog is really cute. And thanks for clarifying the whole overall thing, especially for the foreign audience. I was thinking that this was some sort of style thing for the period. Counting the days to Sunday/Monday when the subs come out! “Eye Sparks” 🙂 Oh Kirsten, I can believe it. Lego Li is “eye spark” central.

  3. Momo!!! He’s sooooo cute! Love reading the story from Momo’s PoV. Thanks for sharing the link! I can’t believe I was able to read or gather at least 90% of what was written on that site. I guess my reading skill is improving from watching dramas. Yes, Jian En, hurry and go see Momo and while you’re at it spend some time with Liu Chuan. ^_^ Hehe, our little chaperone.

  4. My Korean friends finally know how it feels to wait for subs …. The best taiwanese drama so far for me this year. Koala, I know you like this drama, but so far what is your 2013 favourite ?

  5. LOL Tarcy’s Lemon Tree. That would be awesome! 🙂

    I actually haven’t seen all the episodes yet – not enough time. But I am so glad that this is one catching fire in popularity. I just haven’t seen anything that I have really loved this year.

  6. Awww, MOMO的自由年代 is such a cute POV! I laughed out loud when Momo bagged on Liu Chuan for asking such a stupid question when his IQ is 170.

  7. IAGW is pure LOVE!
    Ok I got to admit Ren Wei really gets on my nerves- not cool man.
    And Liu Chuan, my BABY! I LURVE ME SO SO SO SO MUCH!
    Jia En is a gorgeous girl but please can someone PLEASE change her overalls. I’ve been hoping for a make over scene which turns her from a country bumpkin to drop dead gorgeous. She is already gorgeous but her clothes is another story.
    LOL I can imagine Liu Chuan’s jaw dropping to the floor when he sees her in a dress.
    My baby boy is falling in love *squealllsss*

  8. I am boarding the train called Liu Chuan and Jia En. Love them through and through..chemistry sizzling, performance very good. I haven’t watched any Taiwanese drama after Substitute Princess so I am excited. Kola thnks for the recap and all the goodies you share. I am a certified Koalasplayground stalker even if I do give any comments. I just love reading all your thoughts in writing. Have a wonderful and Joyous Holidays. CHEERS

  9. This drama is bringing me back to days when I loved Taiwanese dramas. With the dry spell in kdramaland lately, the greatness of this show is much appreciated. Thanks for posting the song. I really liked it when I saw it in the trailer, which has been on repeat and will continue to be until Friday.

  10. Something fun to share with all, they were promoting their new drama in one of the Taiwan talk shows last month. The host asked the guests to play the Tarot cards (fortune telling) about their love/relationship. The player was asked to think of that person but don’t have to reveal the name and then pick out the cards.

    For Lego Li’s question, he wants to know if the person in his mind is suitable for him.
    Answer: The card describe two children (a boy and a girl) was playing by themselves individually. It’s said they may like each other and want to start a relationship but they may not understand each other very deeply. In reality, they are just doing differently. (I’m hoping is not Kirsten! and maybe its was just me that he looks disappointed after hearing the answer)

    For Kirsten’s question, she wants to know if she will meet her Mr.Right that is similar to her dad.
    Answer: The card show a diver, a hook and three fishes swimming in the sea. The diver is her and she got three fishes to choose. (She must be saving the world in her past life. What a lucky girl!) The good news is she will be getting married very soon with one of the fish to be caught by her hook.

    I don’t know how far its true but I find it quite amusing. My Chinese is not perfectly good but I think I get most of the meaning from what they said.

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