Full Cast Picture and Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Film the Final Scene of Heirs

It’s a wrap for Heirs/The Inheritors a mere hours before the broadcast of its final episode 20. The cast and crew assembled at the set used for the interior of the Kim mansion for a group picture and it’s going to require some squinting to see everyone. I spot Bo Na, Rachel, and Young Do in the front row. Second row has Hyo Shin (hopefully a sign that he doesn’t die by the end), Secretary Yoon, Eun Sang’s mom, Ki Ae next to Ji Sook, Eun Sang and Tan flanking Chairman Daddy, Won followed by Yi Seul and Chan Young. It’s a lovely picture commemorating months of hard work which ultimately paid off – this drama is the highest priced K-drama sold this year and garnered high ratings and lots of buzz. It’s a success any way you look at it. I think the writing was half good/half bad, and the casting was also a mixed bag. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye was the oddest coupling I’ve seen in ages. It’s not like they don’t have chemistry because they do, but it’s more like friends, or colleagues, and sometimes veering to respect, but never fully believable as two young adults attracted to each other. My gut tells me that it’s not the fault of either of them, but if one was cast then the other shouldn’t. Does that make sense?

I thought Park Shin Hye had much better chemistry with Kim Woo Bin, which was apparent from their first scene together though he was playing a turd. By the end it was something I wanted to see more of but knew it didn’t make any sense in the story. Before the drama aired, insiders were saying that Kim Tan was the best male lead ever written by Kim Eun Sook and today I stand here scratching my head going “whut” because surely those who saw the early scripts must’ve been smoking something. Tan is at most entertaining to watch when he’s being immature, otherwise he broods too much. The cast all signed personal notes to the drama which have all been collected in one picture below, so go check out if your faves wrote something interesting or have pretty neat penmanship. The final scenes of episode 20 will clearly be Eun Sang and Tan, judging from Kim Eun Sook‘s preferred ending style as well as from the fan-snapped pictures of the two of them filming today in the cold wet snow. Those two definitely deserve a vacation since they carried the bulk of the scenes. I won’t miss anything about Heirs other the routine of following along with this drama for over six months since it was announced, cast, filmed, and broadcast. 


Full Cast Picture and Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Film the Final Scene of Heirs — 64 Comments

  1. LOL@ the difference of opinions we have 🙂
    I loved Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s chemistry…. 😉 So sweet and cute….they were the main factor for my love for Heirs…

  2. I agreeeee, PSH has better chemistry with KWB, PSH and LMH only look good when they’re being cute, not romantic, and especially not on sad scenes. Young do has it all, romantic chemistry with eunsang, oppa affection with Rachel, friendship with myungsoo and bona, hateful relationship with his father, and on-off bromance with Tan. I love Young do’s hair in the photo, sleek and sharp, back to the former hairstyle, just please don’t get nasty anymore

  3. I agree with Koala. I can sense more chemistry between Lee Minho and Son Ye Jin than Park Shin Ye. Kim Woo Bin and PSY’s scenes were more interesting. The story is mediocre for me.

  4. PSH and LMH had ZERO chemistry.I was expecting so much more in that department, but i feel nothing looking at them. Kim Woo Bin was the highlight of this drama together with Krystal and Minhyuks cuteness. Everything else should stay forgotten.

    • I guess they had some form of chemistry, it just wasn’t the romantic/attracted-to-each-other kind, they were ok to watch when things were just cute. It’s like Lee Seung-gi and Suzy in GFB all over again.

      • Agreed! Except Lee Seung-Gi and Suzy’s was more like a oppa-dongsaeng kind of feeling. Like an older brother taking care of his younger sister.

        LMH and PSH’s is kind of like a we-are-friends-but-let’s-just-go-out relationship.
        Maybe it’s the writer’s fault… I never felt there was “falling in love” between them.

    • We are all entitled with our own opinion. But i’m obsessed with ‘Heirs’ and am rooting for LMH and PSH. I like the story. Even watched it 10x already. Since they won the vote for best couple of the year that means most people believed that they have chemistry. Though I also like KWB coz he’s also a good actor but the rest of the cast also contributed to make this a successful kdrama. LMH and PSY deserved the award!

  5. true..no chemistry at all.thats why they keep playing ” love is the moment” everytime they togeher to make us believe they fall in love, but the real thing is nothing.
    lmh did pair the best with goo hye sun. n now i really want lmh pair with yoon eun hye..n wait for the hoot kiss..i hope :))

  6. I agree, PSH and KWB had much better chemistry, their interactions was worth enough to watching this show.

    But to tell you the truth, my biggest sincere goes to the ahjummas(PSH&LMH’s mothers), I just loved their acting to pieces.

  7. The only good thing KES so called writer has done through this show is proving how hypocrites and somehow “brainless” viewers, namely korean ones can be. Theycan buy any garbage/rubbish as far as there is bunch of hype and “actors” they like. And sometimes the same persons say another drama is not “good”. Sorry but this is the only good revelation I’ve got from this writer

    • Um no. No matter how dumb a drama may be you can not write its viewers off as ‘brainless’. Please stop being so disrespectful. This drama has a fluffy plot line but it is an enjoyable watch, even ms koala herself has indicated. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, same with dramas. Just because you didn’t like a drama don’t go insult its fans

    • Yes…..you can’t call others brainless just because you didn’t find it good….we know Heirs has lots of flaws but we still liked it….due to various reasons….

      Different folks with different strokes…simple…chill 🙂

    • Sorry but this is not even a drama, I think the writer just made a survey just to test viewers and seriously she succeeded. Just throw a”baseless” kiss here and there just to see if the ratings will rise and bam she succeeds. Just build hype. With offensively manipulative promotion every damn second to seeif people will Buy it. And bam it works ! Don’t care about the plot or write garbage storyline and use the “actors” fanbase just to see if they will check brains at the door before watching the drama or buy my storyline and dammit it works ! This appears insulting but frankly this what the writer wanted to prove. There is no other explaination. In this case I can say she perfectly succeeded.

      • I think you got the formula right on! Viewers are willing to watch anything with a “good looking” cast despite a bad story line.

        I maybe in the minority here, but I think Heirs was an overall disappointment. There were just way to many characters, such a waste of talent. And the storyline was too redundant. I was hoping the writer would bring something new to the table. Thank goodness this will be over soon.

      • What about to the beaitiful you? Pretty man? Playful kiss?Big? All with very looking casts with popular idols/actors, i dont see them getting the high ratings and hype as heirs.
        Actually, face it. Every kdrama is loaded with good looking people. I dont mind if you cant appreciate the heirs-everyone has their cup of tea, just dont go around insulting its fans

      • heirs became hype becoz its super huge giant promotion since 6 months before production..they said that the writer made a ‘tailor made’ role for LMH and other idols stuffs and so on month to month to make us waiting for them..at the end many dissapointed because its not as good as we thought before.:)

    • Not really, Korea loves its melos and Heirs is basically a melo in the form of a trendy. It’s actually got decent side characters (completely wasted, of course), it’s just that the central OTP love story and big fuss over Chairman Dad just aren’t enough to carry 20 episodes no matter how many times they play Love Is The Moment.

  8. Agree Koala: KWB and PSH had much better chemistry; they were always fun to watch; although I wonder if it is his charisma that pulls out the other actor’s charisma. He was just stunning to watch in every scene.
    Always enjoy watching LMH, he seems to become the character he’s playing. when i first started watching him, I had to keep checking it was the same actor he was so different in BoF; than Faith, than City Hunter.
    for all the head slapping (mine) and flat out laugh having tears rolls down my cheeks (those camping scenes, push in the pool had some hysterical moments) I’ll miss Heirs.
    I think we can all identify with the fall down on the fall crying feeling that LMH had when ES was gone. For all the flaws, and high points, if a drama makes us care deeply about it and its characters; it is a success regardless of the ratings.

  9. Sorry if this might sound offensive but if you think PSH and LMH had good chemistry in Heirs, I’m afraid you have missed out on many good couples in the dramaland. I agree with Koala that they have some *chemistry* with each other like friends or colleagues, but then.. it does not count as the chemistry of the OTP type, right? I’ve been watching Korean dramas on and off for about 10 years (since I was a teenager, gosh) and off the top of my head I can name so many couples that are so much easier to cheer for because you just believe they’ve fallen hard for each other and are meant to be together. Heirs’s PSH and LMH is definitely not one of them. LMH pulled it off so much more believable in other dramas and PSH always looked either alarmed, or bored, or depressed when she is with him in Heirs. They look good together, sure, because they are both very good looking people, and their good looks are even of the same type, but that’s about it.

  10. what did I enjoy of this drama ? mmmmmmmm the ost , one of the best I’ve listened since LIE TO ME . I didn’t have great expectations about this drama maybe that’s why I just simply enjoyed it , well Lee Min Ho said this would be his last drama like a school boy I pray for that, seriously he needs mature roles . The writer made a remake of BOF but 3 of them were missing hahaha .But was good. I hope one day Park Shin Hye learns how to kiss in a drama maybe that’s the reason why some people didn’t watch a strong chemistry between the lead actors.

    • because mostly poeple they are always expecting for the kiss..! and they forgot that the plot was a teen drama.. yeah.. 🙂

      • But there’s no a good plot in this drama !! even teen dramas should have a good argument.Teens are smart or not?

    • I so much rather BOF, now that it’s available on Netflix I’m watching it again and to be honest, nothing NOTHING can replace the F4 in my heart. Hell! I love Goo Jun Pyo even with his ridiculous hair. The only thing that I can compare is the cuteness between BoNa and Chan Young, like Ga Eul and Yi Jung.Even if I adore PSH I’m glad she wasn’t in BOF. She has like the best friend vibes with Lee Min Ho not romantic.

  11. is true, they will not be looked bad because both are nice, but lacked that spark or what we call chemistry, if the drama did not seem as bad as some make it sound, nor is it the best, but if kept me 20 thoughtful chapters, I can say and PSH were LMH always wait for them together

  12. I wanted to like Heirs so badly but stopped watching at episode 8. I wanted to cry at how bad it was. So much untapped potential. I hope LMH gets a better project next time.

      • it’s not about age.. it’s how you act your role.. there is a teenager, but he can’t act very well as a teenager.. they choose lmh cause they believe that he cam portray kt very well, and they are right.. if it is not lmh, do you think you can enjoy watching it??

      • who cares about the fans we are talking about the drama , the script , the roles you can go to a fan page if you like . Face it , this drama wasn’t spectacular just good .

  13. I lived this drama from its first announcement till now. That says everything. The disappointments or enjoyment were directly proportional to the expectations and preconceived notions about the story and the actors. The characters were flawed and interesting with crisp, witty and thought provoking dialogues. There were touching and humorous moments ……..that’s the best thing I can say about KES writing heirs. The storyline was weak with relationships that I felt were touched superficially. It seemed like an abridged version of a book. But, then that was expected with this huge cast. The fact that this drama became popular was mostly due to the fact that this popular cast carried out their roles extremely well. I cannot think of any actor, actress or idol who did not perform well.
    So, did I enjoy this drama?
    Yes, most definitely because I waited for it every week. One thing it definitely did and that was make me think and question. It was by no means what one generally expects from a romantic comedy. It was an enjoyable youth melodrama.

  14. i enjoyed watching lmh and psh.. ❤❤ .. whoever say they don’t have a chemistry, well thats for you.. but everytime they have a cute moments.. gazing each other and talking back to one another you also smiled.. and what’s the use of watching it ’til the end if you don’t like this drama.. agreed?? about wb and sh.. they can’t be together because it is already written in their script. 😀 maybe after watching the end of their story you will finally understand what’s the point of the writer.. if you choose any crowns, you have to bear the weight (circumstances/problems).. lmh choose love. (psh) .. i don’t need to explain it for you to understand, but i like lmh and psh..

    and to the one who said about the brainless.. maybe you are the brainless one because you couldn’t understand about the plot of the drama.. for me it is perfect.. as what lmh have said, this is the best project he ever done and he talked about his kiss from all his projevt.. the kiss with psh is different.. why?. because he feels pleasure.. it means he feel something.. hhiihihihih.. i will just support my fave couple through thick and thin..

    aneyong to the haters .. 😛
    im so happy for them..

    • I agree the heirs was the best drama for 2013 and I think forever unless
      LMH and PSH have another tv show witch people would like and they look very cute like really i don’t know why people can’t see it but we can’t blame others if they can’t see that they look good they just have other though.

    • I’v already watch heirs twice. there were two different impressions I had. first time I watched ep 1 I didn’t think LMH and PSH had chemistry, and honestly I didn’t like either PSH nor LMH ( I don’t know why). But, maybe I must think again about them, I saw a spark of chemistry between LMH and PSH in the next episodes. I saw that PSH acting is natural and her acting very much different from other Korean Actress such as MGY, LMH acting is so impressive, they were acting damn so good. that is the reason why I fell in love with heirs (LMH-PSH pairs and other cast members).
      Second watched of the drama, I tried to explore more about LMH-PSH, I saw their character so much alike, and they had more chemistry than I thought. I know the script did not explore their relationship as deep as I expected. But I think it’s because it’s just teenage story, their relationship must not too heavy for teenage audience. I am 43 now, when I saw the closet kiss, I was blushed. I think it’s to much for teen audience. But now I really adores LMH and PSH, they have great chemistry!
      Beside LH-PSH, I also fell in love with all of the characters, with all their burden and problem as teenager. The last but not least were the mothers who always make me laugh with their argues in each episode. Overall, Heirs is good drama, this is the first time I saw airing drama online that I have waited on every Wed and Thurs. It was an exciting drama with interesting story. You know guys, I have never rerun a drama like Heirs in complete full episodes. Watch this drama with open mind and open heart, then you will get the very good massage from KES as the writer…

  15. At first, I was just curious about this Kdrama series. And finally, when I searched this in youtube and ooh..LMH speaking english? I was like “OhmyG, I will definitely watch this” Haha! And it always made my day then. PSH <3 LMH. I became more fan of their tandem. I've seen and felt the strong chemistry from them. Too much to ask but I want them to be a couple in real life please.! :D. They portrayed their characters well(including the rest of the cast). I'll forever love this Drama ever, and looking forward for PSH and LMH another project together again. The HEIRS <3

  16. first of all, I was not a fan of lee min ho & park shin hye, both were nothing special, pretty in my eyes!
    However, after the heirs, I fell for them both!the heirs stand out from the other drama, because not everything is “perfect” in all scenes, not everything in life is perfect! even if you fall in love, does not mean that you should show it 110% all the time in public!people put so much into the “movie world” that they stop to think about the real world, that’s why The heirs bad for some. ..the chemistry between kim tan and eun sang at the start was zero … but it became stronger and stronger! There they can easily convince you if they are to have a drama together, with a script that fits more to the age they are in, and then no one can say that they have no chemistry together! see the kiss scene over again. .. and do not think that there was perfect! for it was real sensual kiss!

    Sorry for My bad english 🙂

  17. I loveeeeee it the heirs was a such beautiful romance I will miss it a lotttt, I couldn’t believe when it finished I was sooo sad.., but I wish the best for park shin and lee min they are so cute together..I hope one day I can meet them heheh lol..

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