Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 19 Recap

The world of Heirs/The Inheritors loves to throw out allusions and illusions, signs that seem to point to something more, something greater, something more substantive to come. If we wait patiently, we will be rewarded. I have long since discounted this drama having more below the surface of the superficial narrative we see, but I had hoped to sail to the end with a sense that it was still a story with a heart even if it was wrapped in layers of Kim Eun Sook manufactured artifice. But episode 19 strongly pulled me back to this drama’s repeated reference to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If only Heirs was a broad comedy such as that, because within the comedy comes an understanding that we are being tricked to laugh but that’s the price to be paid. Instead the easy and rather befuddling resolution of big problems continues to make me feel utterly manipulated.

Is Kim Eun Sook and the cast of Heirs all Puck, and we the audience the leads in the play that are led by magic that makes no sense? So will tomorrow bring the grand finale that releases us from this thrall so that we can exit that dang wooden forest and return to a world where people say what they mean and decisions come with genuine consequences? I can’t even critique episode 19 anymore because it’s jumped the shark so completely. There were amusing interludes for the sake of shilling more mango drinks and showcasing the snazzy features of Kakao talk, all the adult plotting evaporated into a veneer of self-pitying regret, and a new villain emerges so that Chairman Daddy can get redeemed as part of the grand re-write to turn the dysfunctional Kim house into one of solidarity. There wasn’t enough Young Do for my liking since he’s the most dynamic story arc around still, and way too much Eun Sang and Tan who I have long since stop caring about because whatever obstacles they face seem to just evaporate into thin air.

Episode 19 recap:

It’s the night of Kim Tan’s big 18th birthday bash and his proud parents Chairman Daddy and Ji Sook play the part of the hosts with fake warmth as they greet the guests inside. Ji Sook notices the Chairman’s siblings coming and tells him that with so many lurking he’s going to have to stay healthy. Daddy agrees especially since his two sons aren’t being obedient. Ji Sook heard that Ki Ae ran away and snarks that she seems to think she’s still in love with the Chairman (i.e. the heroine in a love story). Daddy says that is her problem, if Ki Ae wanted his money she ought to stay quietly beside him, clearly a shade at Ji Sook doing exactly that. Ha.

Chairman Daddy’s siblings arrive along with their kids and everyone pretends to be concerned about the scandal regarding Tan. Ji Sook says there is no problem since they raised both sons well. Won’s matseon date arrives with her rich dad and goes over to greet the Chairman. Ji Sook gives the date an once-over.

Myung Soo is taking selcas like crazy and notices Tan’s dad staring and gets really scared since Chairman Daddy is glaring at him.

Bo Na notices a guy and yells out “Oh my god, Oppa!” before running over to him. Chan Young stares while Myung Soo and Hyo Shin wonder what’s going on. Bo Na brings Oppa over to greet Chan Young but he warns her that he said he would break her legs if she flirted with other guys. Turns out Oppa is Bo Na’s real oppa who is studying in NY.

Oppa goes over and asks Chan Young what he was just saying about doing to his sister Bo Na’s legs? Everyone scurries off while Chan Young looks really sheepish.

Won arrives and sees Ji Sook talking with his date. They go off to talk and the date says her poor boyfriend can’t come to a place like this which is why she came with her rich dad. She finds out Won has a girlfriend as well and says they suit. Her dad wants them to get married but Won isn’t interested.

Tan and Eun Sang arrive at the party, getting out of the car to stare at each other while the cameras go off. Tan asks if Eun Sang is nervous and she is a bit so he thanks her for being by his side at this time. More staring and then they hold hands and walk into the party. The reporters have followed Tan and Eun Sang into the party and cause a stir which draws everyone’s attention. The Kim folk all turn to stare as Tan and Eun Sang walk towards Chairman Daddy. The high school classmates all stare as well and Bo Na hits Chan Young jealously.

Tan and Eun Sang greet Chairman Daddy who just stares at their held hands. Tan thanks his parents for this grand party and then greets his uncles and cousins. His uncle asks who this girl is and Tan says she is his girlfriend Cha Eun Sang. A cousin asks if Tan broke the engagement for this girl? The reporters start screaming questions at Chairman Daddy who smiles and asks them to end the questions for tonight. He looks FURIOUS.

Chairman Daddy drags Eun Sang and Tan off to talk and ask if they are crazy and how dare they come here? Tan is proud to show Eun Sang off and no longer care about what his dad thinks. Daddy points out that this “love” is insignificant so how dare he make such waves with it. He wanted to give Tan a greater world and place it before Tan. But Tan doesn’t want that world, whatever it is cannot compare to the person beside him. He begs his dad to allow them to be together.

Daddy scoffs and says “fine”, they can date if that is what they want. But don’t take this as his consent, he knows Tan will regret it one day. He also tells Eun Sang that she will regret shaking his son’s heart today. Daddy asks Tan if his mom is staying in room 3409 at this hotel? He tells Tan not to take this as winning over him, he’s merely letting him get away with it for now.

After Daddy leaves. Eun Sang asks if he gave them permission or threatened them? Tan says one day it may become a threat but its permission now. He asks Eun Sang to forgive his dad’s harsh words, it’s the only pride he has left. They hug each other and Eun Sang wishes him a happy birthday. Tan is so happy to overcome this huge obstacle.

Tan tells her that they can go to a real birthday party now, his mom left home and is on the 34th floor. He wants to celebrate with her. Ki Ae stands in her room and looks out the window. The doorbell rings and she opens it to find Tan with a cake outside. She is so happy and is also happy to see Eun Sang and immediately asks about her mom. She notices Eun Sang’s dress and asks if Tan took her to the party?

They go inside and sit down to celebrate. Mom wishes her son a happy birthday, she is so happy to have him. He says likewise and blows out the candles but won’t tell Ki Ae what he wished for. He puts a diamond key necklace around her neck as a present thanking her for having him. He wants his mom to live a happy life from now on as Kim Tan’s mom. Ki Ae wonders how they came out of that party alive? Tan says Daddy back downed and Ki Ae also vows not to lose to him. Tan thinks Daddy has already backed down towards Ki Ae as well. He knows she’s staying here already. Ki Ae immediately asks Eun Sang where her mom is right now.

Eun Sang’s mom is waiting by the side of the road and a car pulls up to deposit Ki Ae and Eun Sang. They two moms hug and Ki Ae wonders how she could leave just like that without saying goodbye. She thinks Eun Sang’s mom has lost weight and says her embrace (company) is the warmest, right? She asks if Eun Sang’s mom missed her and mom nods but Ki Ae complains about why she didn’t contact her. Eun Sang calls Tan to say they arrived safely and hears he’s going to see Young Do.

Tan and Young Do sit in awkward silence and finally Young Do tells him to just spit it out. Tan thanks him for his mom and then apologizes. Young Do finally says that his mom…..missing her was not Tan’s fault. She left first. But Young Do needed someone to hate for it, that was it. Tan tells Young Do that he knows and then leaves.

Young Do is in Myung Soo’s playroom and sees pictures of Tan and Eun Sang at the birthday party. Myung Soo tries to hide all the pictures to keep Young Do from being sad. Myung Soo reminds Young Do that he warned him that first loves are bound to fail. He’s put together a poster of Tan and Eun Sang and a dog and says that all three are barred from coming her and he’ll post it on the wall. Later on, Young Do is sparring with his coach who wonders why he’s so intense all of a sudden. Young Do wants to win over his dad just once.

The two moms are drinking and Eun Sang’s mom chides Ki Ae for running away from home at this old age. Ki Ae is annoyed she used two exclamations to lecture her. Ki Ae never thought her life would turn out like this either, living in another woman’s home, using another woman’s bag, being with another woman’s husband. Because she coveted all that, her life turned out like this. She has never been a man’s wife and she can’t even be her son’s mother. Ki Ae makes an excuse to go to the bathroom but instead goes to cry by the beach.

Eun Sang’s mom comes by and quietly sits beside her to keep her company.

Tan is at a cafe about to call Eun Sang when she walks in. He finds out she’s here to meet another guy and is about to freak out when Won walks through the door. Tan hears that Eun Sang is going to move back to their old apartment and declines Won’s offer to give her the new apartment to make up for some of the harm they suffered.

Eun Sang doesn’t want to because what if she breaks up with Tan in the future, it’ll get messy. Maybe one day she’ll dump him, who knows? Tan drags Eun Sang out while Won smiles at their bickering.

Tan and Eun Sang goes to kneel before Eun Sang’s mom. Tan apologizes for what they suffered during this time and asks for permission to date Eun Sang. His dad already agreed. Eun Sang’s mom says nothing and Ki Ae can’t stand it and comes out to ask why she won’t agree. Eun Sang’s mom can’t agree because Eun Sang was in such pain before. Ki Ae says her son is handsome, tall, and nice. And he’s done so much to be with Eun Sang, so what’s wrong with him? Eun Sang’s mom signs that her Eun Sang is nice, pretty, and very smart.

Tan asks what her mom said and Eun Sang’s mom warns her not to come back after 9 pm and if she catches them holding hands then Eun Sang will get it. Eun Sang lies and says her mom said they can stay out at 9 pm and can holds hands as well. Mom moves to smack Eun Sang and Tan takes the hit instead. Eun Sang tells him to do what he’s good at and Tan hilariously falls over. Tan says he’ll be fine if Eun Sang’s mom gives permission. Mom smacks Tan one more time but then says nothing. Eun Sang thanks her mom and Tan quickly gets up and thanks her as well.

A moving truck pulls up outside Eun Sang’s old apartment and she gets out. She sees Tan walk out and asks what he’s doing coming out of there? Tan asks if he only comes out of fairy books and then waves her over. Tan covers Eun Sang’s eyes and brings her inside. He presses play on a video and takes his hands off her eyes.

The video is a compilation of Eun Sang scenes and watching it makes Eun Sang very teary. Eun Sang reminds him that she doesn’t like romance movies and likes horror movies. She gives Tan a surprise peck and says she likes this kind of sudden moves. Tan locks the door and chases her around the apartment saying they can make a romance movie now.

Rachel bumps into Yi Seul in the lunchroom but says nothing and just sits down. Yi Seul and some of the other girls confront her for being rude. They insult her poor breeding which led to broken engagements for her and her mom. The other students were cordial to Rachel because she was engaged to Tan, not because they were scared of her.

Young Do steps in and extricates Rachel from this confrontation by saying Rachel is his younger sister. The girls scurry off and Young Do tells Rachel to get up. They walk out with him putting his hand on her shoulder. Rachel suggests he put his hair back up if he wants to return to being cool. Young Do thinks this is nice.

Rachel points out that people aren’t scared of him anymore but Young Do has enough clout to save his sister at least. Young Do wants to be her oppa and says she can lean on him if she needs. Rachel asks if things have ended with Cha Eun Sang and Young Do says as long as he’s done then it’s over. She asks about his dad’s company and Young Do says it’s fine. Rachel is relieved she doesn’t need to comfort him about that then.

Rachel leaves and Young Do sees Eun Sang walk up. He walks right past her without acknowledging her like he said he would.

The final exam grades are out and all the students are gathered in front of the posting board. Bo Na warns Eun Sang to stay away from her because if Chan Young loses first place to Rachel because he was worried about Eun Sang then Bo Na will whup Eun Sang’s ass. Tan uses his height and jacket to block it completely, and finally just tears it down and runs away with it. LOL, whut? Eun Sang yells at him to stop and then reminds him that he promised to always walk behind her. Tan stops and tells her to walk ahead but she grabs the test results from him and runs off.

Tan keeps trying to get the list back but Eun Sang has hidden it away. She warns him to not touch her since her mom doesn’t want them to even hold hands. She asks why he did it and hears Tan isn’t ready to face his score yet. She asks if he got last place again? She offers to buy him a drink and he spies the list in her wallet and takes it.

Eun Sang gets a text from Chan Young to the entire group with the list. Turn out that Myung Soo is in last place and Tan got 50th place. He is so pleased that he finally got something in the middle for the first time in his life. Young Do gets 27th place and Eun Sang says he’s very cool. Tan says he already improved so much, who knows what he’ll get next time. Tan then asks Eun Sang what her grade was but she looks alarmed and runs away.

Young Do is sparring with his dad and finally beats him. The only thing he wants is to know where his mom is? Turns out his dad really does not know.

Young Do goes back to the dokbokggi restaurant and this time he’s wearing his school uniform so the ahjumma reads his name and hands him a business card that is from a woman who said to give it to him.

Tan stops Bo Na in the hallway to ask about what Eun Sang likes. Bo Na says she isn’t friends with Eun Sang so how would she know. Eun Sang has many things she needs and borrows from people so if Tan wants to buy her a gift there are many places to start. She heard some crazy dude stole Eun Sang’s wallet and Tan says he did it because he wants to buy her a new one.

Hyo Shin is meeting with Bo Na and Eun Sang to talk about how another school wants to borrow some of their broadcast club members for a joint event. Bo Na hears the high school and says they have to do it because the guys there are really cute. Eun Sang points out Bo Na has a boyfriend already but she says it doesn’t mean she can’t look at handsome guys. They head to the meeting at Eun Sang’s part time job. Eun Sang asks Bo Na if the guys really are cute and Bo Na says of course. Hyo Shin waits until the door closes and immediately picks up his phone to call Tan and Chan Young with a grin.

Bo Na and Eun Sang sit with the two guys from the other high school broadcast club. They are very friendly and the guys are wowed by the two pretty girls. They ask if all the girls at Empire are this pretty and Eun Sang says she and Bo Na are the prettiest. One guy likes her personality and asks if she has a boyfriend?

Suddenly a male voice calls out “Yeobo” (wifey) and of course it’s Tan standing there, with Chan Young right beside him. He snarls that she’s got a hubby so the two guys need to scram. The two guys haven’t talked about the broadcast yet but decide to wisely leave. One guy says he’ll contact them later and Chan Young warns him not to.

The two couples sit down face to face. Tan asks what the heck is that ribbon in Eun Sang’s hair and she pulls it off. He is upset that Bo Na dragged Eun Sang out. Chan Young tells him not to be mad at the wrong person, Eun Sang can also check out guys. Eun Sang yells at Chan Young which upsets Bo Na. They start bickering and finally conversation turns to Tan and Chan Young says good looks only last three months. Eun Sang says a man is valued by his intelligence and there is silence.

Tan and Eun Sang walk home and he’s still annoyed those guys admired his Eun Sang and might be thinking about her. He tells her than all guys are the same except for him. He likes Eun Sang sincerely, she’s as precious as a treasure to him. Eun Sang asks how he’s going to show her? Tan turns to leave but Eun Sang asks for her wallet back. He tosses her a present and then says he was really happy to argue over such simple things today as between lovers. Eun Sang opens the present and its a new wallet and inside there is a picture of Tan.

Secretary Yoon arrives at an old-school cafe and runs into Esther there by herself. She’s about to leave but they sit down to chat. She heard he has become a VP and he heard the marriage was off. Esther says Zeus Hotel is being investigated and Secretary Yoon says Esther is still as smart as she was 20 years ago. He asks about Rachel and hears she cried over the broken engagement. Rachel never cries but she really liked Tan but didn’t know how to like someone. Because she had no role model because Esther didn’t know how. All Esther knew was how to make money and live a life without Yoon Jae Ho.

Tan pours a glass of wine for his mom and shares a drink with her, saying that from now on she’s his mom and his dad. Won wants to know when she plans to move into the villa but Ki Ae wants to live her own life from now on. Not live a life with a driver between the home and the department store. Tan wants to go with her and hold her hand. Ki Ae tells him to go home since his dad is all alone. Tan doesn’t want to, preferring his mom to also be his dad.

Chairman Daddy walks through the living room and suddenly his head hurts. The entire house is empty and he hears the door open. A teenage Won walks past him and a little Tan runs after him asking about his day. Little Tan sees Daddy and runs over to hug him. Daddy wants to hug Tan back but then Won turns and looks at him so he stops and doesn’t hug Tan. This memory disappears and Chairman Daddy grabs his head and collapses.

Chairman Daddy is taken to the hospital and both Tan and Won rush there. It’s a brain hemorrhage but the doctor can’t operate on him yet until he regains consciousness.

Ji Sook’s brother tells his sister to act now rather than waiting for the Chairman to wake up. She’s waited 20 years and suffered in that household waiting for this day. Doesn’t she want payback for all the pain she’s suffered in that house? Ji Sook does want it and tells her brother to gather information.

Won and Tan get the report from Secretary Yoon that Ji Sook is still the Chairman’s legal wife so while he is incapacitated she has power of attorney. She will also summon a Board meeting to relieve the Chairman of his duties. Won asks Secretary Yoon if they can prevent the Board meeting? He tells Tan to stay at the hospital with their dad while he goes to the company.

Tan goes back to the hospital room and finds his mom sitting by the bed. He wants her to go back to the hotel and wait but Tan tells her that Ji Sook appears to be readying something and he doesn’t want her to run into Ki Ae here. Ki Ae agrees to leave since she didn’t think this far. She tells Tan to take care of his dad and call her when he wakes up.

Ji Sook talks with the major shareholders who are all Kim siblings and says she doesn’t trust either Won or Tan. The shareholders asks what Ji Sook wants to do next? Ji Sook says the battle for Chairman was fought before and Chairman Daddy won. She doesn’t have any kids, so all she can give the brothers is another chance to battle for Chairman. If they don’t support her, they will never get another chance as long as Tan and Won are alive.

Young Do sits in his hotel room and thinks about getting that business card. He’s frustrated and goes down to the kitchen to work washing dishes. He hears the busboys gossiping about something and runs up to his dad’s office to find prosecutors collecting files to take away for the investigation. Young Do’s dad yells at him to go out and he’s tossed out by the prosecutors.

Tan sits by his dad’s bedside and stares at him. Ji Sook arrives and asks where Ki Ae is? Tan asks why she came so late and Ji Sook says there is a lot to take care of since the Chairman might not wake up. Tan says his dad will wake up. Ji Sook speaks with the unconscious Chairman and says he’s lucky to have kids who are caring for him at a time like this.

Ji Sook says all her waiting paid off. Since he’s incapacitated and Tan is still underage, she is now Tan’s sole legal guardian. Tan warns her not to touch his shares, he’s already changed the power of attorney to Won. Ji Sook is fine with kicking Tan and his mother out of the house without a single penny. She welcomes Tan to the world of fighting and taking, the world of stepping and being stepped on. If Tan wants to learn, he ought to have learned to be ruthless.

Won arrives and greets Ji Sook who says she’s leaving because what she wanted to say to the Chairman she’s already said to Tan. She notes that the two brothers are very similar in the end. After she leaves, Won tells Tan not to worry about what Ji Sook said. He’ll spend the night and tells Tan to go back since he has school tomorrow.

Tan goes up to the roof to brood and runs into the equally stressed and brooding Young Do. They silently stand there staring out into the night.

Thoughts of Mine:

Let’s just get this out of this way – the entire plot of Heirs is just a string of things that could happen but strung together into one big nonsensical chain. If each plot element is taken out of context I can easily buy it – Won keeps Tan at a distance for fear of brotherly infighting, Eun Sang is scared to date Tan what with all the familial objection, Chairman Daddy wants Tan to have a partner who can help him rather than a nobody who might be a hindrance, et. al. Yet the way Heirs is mashed together just doesn’t work. The totality of Heirs is just a series of markers to tell yet another Cinderella love story with a bigger cast than usual and so much PPL my eyes spin. All of that is fine if the markers made more sense, and really it doesn’t when one steps back. The entire last two episodes have been just bizarrely absurd from Chairman Daddy threatening Eun Sang, her leaving, Won stepping in, her coming back, Chairman Daddy giving reluctant consent after Tan and Eun Sang attend a birthday party today. Does no one stop and think “but nothing had changed behind the HOW of why everyone had so many issues.” Tan is still illegitimate, there is still family inheritance risk, nothing has changed except people’s feelings and decisions turning on a dime. And now we have the last minute redemption of Chairman Daddy courtesy of a brain brain hemorrhage and Ji Sook taking over the villain crown. If this isn’t an absurdist comedy like A Midsummer Night’s Dream where all the problems are solved magically (and it might all even be a dream!), then I don’t know what is. Too bad this drama couldn’t just stick with broad comedy and had to throw in so much unnecessary angst. Kim Tan’s descent into rock bottom feels so pointless when all he had to do was waltz into a party with Eun Sang and his dad would capitulate.

Kim Eun Sook has been annoyed at the comparison to Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) and I think she’s right because Heirs uses a few of the same set ups but developed differently. It doesn’t even feel like Gossip Girl either in tone and execution, what with GG being a guilty pleasure and all those silly parties and ridiculous petty conflicts with easy resolution at the end of every hour. I did have an epiphany though about Young Do. Took awhile for me to really place him, but he’s the K-drama version of Logan Echolls. I would be giddy if anyone was nerd enough to watch Veronica Mars (I own all three seasons on box set), one of my favorite US shows and absolute quality through and through. Season 1 was the best and the most astonishing twist was the unbelievable yet totally perfect romance between abused bad boy bully Logan and smart sassy and hurt Veronica. And Tan is of course Duncan, the emo rich boy with a mountain of family woes. Too bad Eun Sang is no VM otherwise she’d probably pick Young Do, though as much as I was a LoVe shipper part of me loved the Duncan-Veronica messed up fauxcest. In Season 2 when Duncan left her with “true love stories never have endings” and Logan told her “I thought our story was epic, you know. You and me. Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. Epic.” – I knew that a love triangle could hook me good when I could believe in the love the leading lady felt for both guys. The problem in Heirs is that I could overlook all the writing stumps if the central romance won me over. We’re this close to the end and I can say that Tan and Eun Sang never made me a believer in their feelings for one another being that deep and powerful. In that regard, Young Do did make me believe for a few fleeting moments until he let it go, and that is what I’ll probably remember more in this drama.

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Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 19 Recap — 34 Comments

  1. I thought it was too weird that the writer has not thrown in something cliché like a coma for the past few episodes. Now, I’m just waiting for Heirs to end. These last few episodes have been boring to me.

  2. I stopped watching Heirs, but I still continued on reading recaps because I was curious. Anyway, I kinda feel sad that its ending. I wonder how will it end anyway. Too many questions will be left unanswered.
    And let me just say koala, I HAVE THE COMPLETE DVDs of Veronica Mars. danggggg! never gets old. i cried when Duncan left. but we’re going to get a VM movie!!!!
    Going back to Heirs, I dont know. It would be impossible to fit in an hour all the questions that i have. Like Won’s lovestory. Hyoshin’s too. Where the hell is Young Do’s mom. What happens to Papa Yoon and Mama Esther? So they dont even bother thinking about college exams unlike most korean students? (Hmm. Well, duh. Heirs is the title. They care about what they’re gonna inherit)

    • I must had been the only one that never care for Duncan. I knew from the beginning that it was all about her & Logan. Logan was always better when she was around.

      • I never cared for Duncan either. Actually, my feelings for Duncan were the same as my feelings for Kim Tan, now that I think about it… like, “why should I care about this character, when there’s someone much more interesting around”

      • trueeee. i just cried cause i felt sad for veronica. but yeah nothing beats the veronica-logan love story. i might watch it again. 🙂

  3. I’m meh on Heirs but did you see the promos for the VMars movie? It’s straight out of fanfiction since it’s their 10 year reunion and Logan calls Veronica to help with his murder charges lol

    • Oh. Hells. Yeah. I’ve. Watched. It. Only about a million times.


      Too much Piz. Not enough Logan. Perfect amount of Dick. Weevil is married yeah! It’s been wayyyyy to overdue for Veronica to punch out Madison fucking Sinclair (“A Trip to the Dentist” is all her fault plus the Season 3 shit she pulled with Logan just because is plain wrong). Mac is back but where is Wallace?

      I cannot wait for the return of tons of rumored cameos – Troy Vandergraf, Duncan, Parker, Carrie, Mercer.

      And if LoVe don’t make out like tomorrow is the end of the world, then me and Rob Thomas will have words because when I gave money to the Kickstarter project I specifically wrote a note that all funds are to be used for LoVe make out scenes and happily ever after.

      • Let me tell you…I was just FLABBERGASTED when I saw she was still with Piz. The last episode of Logan punching dude who recorded them out and then smiling at her was the epitome of the “epic romance” complete with bloodshed.

        You see Wallace for 2 seconds next to Mac


        I was a member of so man LoVe fansites…I actually am judging myself a bit right now. VMars started airing right before I moved back to the United States for work and I enjoyed it so much.

        OHHHHH….based on reading your comment I take it you haven’t seen the behind the scenes featurette video they circulated…allow me to share it with you



      • O____O

        Kyaaaaaa~ Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you.

        There is NO TEAM PIZ. That does not even exist in this universe. Piz is a nice boy. A good man. He needs to maybe exit the VM universe because there is no place for a nice boy and a good man around them parts.

        There has been and always will be only Logan and Veronica. If this was an after school special then pick Piz. If Rob Thomas wants the VM movie to cement this as a show for the ages, it can only be Logan. Those two are either going to be happily forever after or go down in flames.

      • There is never a Team Piz…in the behind the scenes featurette when people were picking Team Piz I was like, “What? Why?” Though I get Percy aka Wallace’s reasoning on picking Piz as Veronica’s literal brother from another Mother but Piz…NOPE

      • I’m excited to see your list of rumored cameos and hope to see some staple V. Mars characters such as Vinnie Van Lowe, Gia, Jackie, Deputy Leo, Deputy Sacks, Cliff, some PCHers and a bevy of mean ’09ers return for the movie. I am sad that they killed off Meg in Season 2, she was one of my favourite characters. I also read that Sheriff Lamb won’t be in the movie and that they’re bringing in his brother (also a cop) played by Jerry O’Connell instead; and they had to recast Carrie (originally played by Leighton Meester).

        Also, I can’t wait to see Veronica and Keith scenes too (he was the perfect dad)!

        And, Team Logan all the way (Team Piz does not exist!!). There better be lots of Logan and Veronica make out scenes and a happy ending for those two (10 years is a looong time to be apart); if there isn’t Rob Thomas is going to have a lot of angry fans to deal with. Also, I love that you contributed to the Kickstarter project and I’m glad you’re on the LoVe ship!

    • I watched VM but only the first season and maybe halfway through the second.. It was amazing I just didnt have the time to finish it then forgot but now they’re making a movie??? I’m gonna have to marathon it soon 😛

  4. Soo I’m still a big Veronica Mars fan I have all the 3 seasons so The reference totally made me scream with joy. I also think that YD was the better character in this show, or the one that change the most. But the girl here was not as smart as VM. Now I want to go watch the episode with the poker game in VM

  5. The writer shouldn’t be upset about comparisons to BOF because her script was just as ridiculous and her heroine lost her spine at about the same time and in the same baffling manner as we saw in BOF.
    Happy this will end soon so our actors can move on to something better
    Thx for the recap Capt K

  6. Logaaaaaaaaaaan! My maaaan! I love him. Maybe that’s why I like Young Do character a lot. Never thought about that, but now that you mention it Koala, I can see the similarities!

  7. You hit the nail on the head with the Young Do-Logan comparison! No wonder I liked Young Do despite everything, I looove me some Logan Echolls. And yeah Tan is definitely Duncan…but at least I still kind of liked Duncan and found him interesting as a character…which I can’t say about Tan. Also sadly Eun Sang is no Veronica Mars. And Heirs is no Veronica Mars. Auuugh now I miss VM!

  8. The scene of Tan running after Eun-sang brought me back to SeGa. Lol. The bromance between Tan and YD is about to develop into something more, I can smell it. Maybe bad boy business associates. Sad this show is ending, will really miss it.

  9. You’re so spot-on with many things of this episode. This show, gosh, it sucks so badly. It is understandable why people who are not squealing “oh my god Kim Tan is so hot” lament so much about the show. It kept promising so much but nothing has ever happened or made any sense so far (and still, this is the pre-final one!!). I also waited the whole time this episode to see Young Do while rooting for him to finally find his mom. But bleh… not enough goodness in this episode to make me feel less bad about wasting my time watching it. I just want to hug him in that last scene. Aww.

  10. Off to watch Pretty Man (Bel Ami) to refresh my mood. Arg. If only the sub for this one came out earlier. I had to watch Heirs instead.

  11. I am really feeling the veronica mars comparison. I always like her with Logan. Duncan was not right for her because she was a different person when they started.
    It looks like they are going to end it like Secret garden.Dropping the kids off at grandma’s house happy ending. Can’t believe it is over. It feels like they wasted a couple episode it there. I wish yd went with rachel instead of oppa.

  12. This is what I think the show should have followed:
    1) Cut down on the American portion, or just remove it
    2) Sure, make ES middle class…a middle class heroine, how crazy is that?
    3) They have the school interactions etc, even YD in there, but don’t drag it on so long. Don’t have them play tug-o-war with their feelings so much. Let us actually see that ES likes KT back.
    4) Deal with the KT & YD friendship earlier
    5) All this stuff with daddy chairman -kicking Tan out -and for real- ep. 11-12
    6) Tan actually having to work hard -there is a lot of material there
    7) Maybe a time jump, and maybe Tan has to make a come back when he is an adult. His threatening his Dad etc. would hold more ground

    Just some thoughts…I really wish that Heirs was better and the actors were used to their fullest potential.

  13. Veronica Mars was by far one of the best shows ever! I still re-watch episodes from seasons 1 & 2 for LoVe, the cool mysteries our P.I. V Mars had to solve, and all that witty banter. I can’t wait for the movie to come out in 2014 and all I can say is it better end with Veronica and Logan and their epic romance.

    I do agree with you Koala that Young Do is the Logan Echolls of Heirs with all the bad boy antics and charm and Tan is totally the Duncan with his rich boy problems, but Eun Sang is no V. Mars. I’m glad that Heirs is coming to an end, I just hope they clear up all the loose ends and don’t try to throw any last minute plots into the last episode. I’m a bit disappointed with the overall (or lack thereof) plot of Heirs, with such a large and stellar cast there were so many opportunities to do something new and exciting in the realm of the teenage universe but we still got the same recycled plots of Cinderella’s (Candies), illegitimacy, arranged marriages, noble idiocy, etc. I’m not even entirely sure what I just watched as I was never really invested in any of the characters or their problems and everything just seemed to be going around in circles.

  14. Has anyone noticed the scene where daddy chairman is talking with Tan and Eun Sang is the same room from MHIYD (episode 15) when the president of ntn was talking to shin? I lol n thought they no other fancy hotel to go to….lol it’s almost over, finally! I am sad that I won’t see Chan Young anymore 🙁

  15. At first, l was anxious waiting for the Heirs arrival only to became lame and boring, now that l’m waiting for it to end to give You from the Star to begin its journey.Totally l was disappointed with this drama despite the casts being my favour.

    Looks like ep 19 seems to be the answer to everything with ep 20 just to wrap it up. l agreed with you that until now l just cant buy it that ES and KT’s love is so powerful. l dont feel the deep feeling in both, perhaps its because of very few skinship between them. As this is teenager’s drama with hot casts, should it be that drama should make it hot. Only 1 kiss, a desperate one with Kim Tan looks so hungry is just not everybody were waiting for. l felt that most the hug scenes between those two somesorta not from the heart even with tears incoming like rain.

    Bad writing and directing overall that makes Heirs not a favourable drama for me. The most remembered of couse the award goes to Young Do. His character gets more in deeply real feeling towards Eun Sang. Even l knew he’s not going to get the girl, he shouldnt be left out alone again. He needs ES as a shoulder to cry on not some bromance with KT like the PD seems to be aiming to.

    The only thing matter for me in this drama of course with all the winter clothing wore by Kim Won Bin (he likes striking colours, lol) and Lee Min Ho, of cosz. They are super tall handsome actors.

    l hope LMH will choose and pick better project in future, not some bargage teenage boy.

  16. l agreed, as long as l remember, only one very quick start kiss in that storeroom, others were all peek-on-cheek kisses. LMH’s fantastic kisser met with PSH’s lousy l’m-so shy-to-show-l-cant-kiss, should be done more and more. People are doing it to increase rating, perhaps PD was thinking ratings are high enough, kiss just put aside.

    Be rasional!!

  17. Dear Koala, the best part of this recap was the last part when you mentioned VM!!!So happy to read in your reply to a comment above that you’re also a movie backer *high five*

  18. Hey there all my Veronica Mars homies! Yes, the inexplicable love for Young Do. It’s Logan!
    Logan’s Dad beat him up too just like Young Do!s dad. Except Young Do’ dad isn’t a killer, that we know of.

  19. Thanks for the recap! I’ve gotten so bored with the show that I couldn’t bear the thought of sitting through an hour of it just to see the resolve. Which is sad because I love Park Shin Hye.

    Like isp said, I’d rather watch Pretty Man. Or even rewatch the first few episodes of Unemployed Romance! Guys I’m sick with bronchitis… it’s been a long slow week… full of Kdramas! Lol. Anyways thanks! You saved me from that hour long pain.

  20. My major problem with this writer is that she thinks it’s romantic for guys to be crazy jealous & possessive of their girlfriends. So UGH! That is a sign of a potential abuser not a caring man.

  21. Yes, Midori, so true. And stalking is also romantic, according to the writer of Heirs. That’s why I usually dont’ care if people like a drama I dont, it’s all about personal taste. But I think it’s just not right to cheer for such behaviors and type of “romance”. This show has very young audience many of whom swoon over ES and KT’s relationship though, that’s a bit um.. unfortunate for them.

  22. I’ve been following your site for ages and have always came here whenever I’m looking for a good, substantial recap.

    Felt like this drama could’ve ended a few episodes back but now, I don’t really see the plot going anywhere to be honest. It’s like a weak suspense. It feels like the writers are just trying to stretch out the drama by adding a few more episodes… and more… and then more.

    And ugh, I just ship Eun Sang and Young Do so much because I could really see the way his love for her develops. I feel like if the writers really want a different route with this drama, they should make Eun Sang and Young Do be together. For once, I don’t want the lead male to be with the lead female.

    One more thing, I can’t believe you watch Veronica Mars. It is only the greatest teen show ever made in the USA.

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