Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen Step Out at the Taipei Original Festival for In A Good Way

When normal people heard the word “Friday” the first thought is weekend almost here and work week almost over. For the next few months when I hear Friday I’ll start screaming In A Good Way kyaaaaaa~ That’s a normal reaction, right? I mean, find me a person who can withstand the force of sheer chemistry and visual perfection together that is Liu Chuan and Jia En. The exact same description applies for Kirsten Jen and Lego LeeΒ (Rong Rong and Guo Yi). Once a week we get to see Liu Chuan and Jia En continue to get to know each other, tentatively because both are so new to all this stuff called opposite sex awareness. I don’t think Liu Chuan is averse to dating despite Ah Qing and Ri Qi thinking he’s avoided getting a credit in love. I think women have been throwing themselves at him his entire life and so he’s just unaware of them at this point. Girls who like him are like air so Jia En is the first girl to make him sit up and notice for all the reasons we’ve seen. The way she barged into his life, the way she makes him feel sorry for her yet proud of her at the same time. In a K-drama, the perfect Liu Chuan would be the token second male lead and we would all suffer along with his unrequited love for Jia En. In a K-drama, Ren Wei would be the male lead and the childhood relationship with Jia En would be emphasized and he would grow to love her back. I’m so glad the drama tossed the Jia En has a crush on Ren Wei plot line because that is just so overused. Let’s have the girl see the cutest nicest guy around and actually fall for him back rather than some harebrained idea to redeem the loser.

SETTV is trotting out RongYi like you wouldn’t believe, and this week Lego and Kirsten stepped out together (in couple’s outfits, natch!) but not in character to attend the Original Festival being held at the Songshan Cultural Park in Taipei. It’s a week long event showcasing traditional culture and crafts of Taiwan which ties in with the drama which is set in the 90’s and features lots of throwback elements. At the Festival, the two made a craft present for each other, a little metal engraving plate which they both chose to engrave each other character’s BBS handle – Kirsten made a plate that read “3631” with hearts on either side while Lego’s plate for Kirsten read “sky”. Lego also got Kirsten a necklace and put it around her, but not before feeding her some of his old-fashioned popsicle. The two cheekily told the press that this Festival was the perfect place for couples to spend a day together. Ha! We all know some dancing is forthcoming in episode 5 and a few new stills have been released showing Kirsten and Lego practicing for their dance. Kirsten was much better at it than Lego, who may be a sports jock but admits he has two left feet when it comes to dancing. His candid assessment is that athletic ability does not equal having rhythm. Lego teased the press by saying that viewers need to bring their sunglasses for episode 5 because they will be blinded by the growing electricity between Jia En and Liu Chuan. Oh dude, you are so loving every minute of filming this drama with Rong Rong.

RongYi at Songshan Cigarette Factory 松菸 for the Original Festival:

[youtube id=”rS19rlx3xH8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen Step Out at the Taipei Original Festival for In A Good Way — 26 Comments

  1. Yeay! If only theres an awesome button in your blog, i love reading your thoughts especially in every iagw posts.
    It seems we will be getting loads of chuanen scenes, so excited.
    Btw does anyone know any links for live streaming tonight? Thanks

  2. Can’t wait…can’t wait…can’t wait! I miss Liu Chuan! One more day to go for me since I need to wait for the subs πŸ™

    • Me, too. I can barely stand it. They are too cute for words. I am going to have to take my daughter to a volleyball tournament on the day the subs usually come out, and I know I willbe thinking about Jia En and Liu Chan instead of focusing on the tryouts and cheering!!!

  3. i am addicted to In A Good Way too, and i love the growing chemistry between Lego & Kristen. it’s sad that The Heirs is over, but I have IAGW to look forward to now.

  4. Ack. Koala, you hit the nail on the head with the comparison to kdramas. I was worried at first that Liu Chuan wasn’t male lead because I liked him right off the bat in episode 1 and that Ren Wei was actually endgame. I don’t mind if he starts to realize down the road but none of that childhood unrequited love stuff, I’ve seen Felicity already haha.

  5. A new article just came out about RongYi, here’s the highlights:

    1. Rong Rong’s mom and dad also admit RongYi looks great together and say they are so compatible (husband/wife face).

    2. Reporters said Rong Rong saw Lego’s popsicle and just blurted out “I want to try” and he said not a word but immediately moved it over so she could take a bite.

    3. When he put the necklace on her, she said this was the first time a guy did it for her in real life. Lego replied “You and I have had a lot of firsts lately.” Which includes first sunrise, first night view, first nearly naked onscreen scene. LOL. I lub them so so much!

    • This hurts so gooooddddd. Stuck between thinking that they’re being too cruel for teasing us with what probably will not be and thanking the gods that we get this adorableness and clinging to that sliver of hope that at least one of the pairings (reel or real) will be endgame.

      The whole cast is just so adorable I can’t. Even Shi Yuan Jie and Weng Zhi Man are so giggly and cute together in the BTS!

      • IKR! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed those two were pretty adorable themselves!! RongYi capture my heart but both pairing are wonderful.
        And IAGW was the first thing I thought about when I registered “Friday” so it’s great I’m not as crazy as I think I am;)

    • whut? The parents also playing along? Is this some kind of acknowledgement? This is driving me crazy!!! If all this stuff is putting up just for a show, I think this is just too much. Rong Rong’s flirtation and those little intimates gestures, I can swear that no men can resist!

  6. Just saw the written preview for episode 5! So pumped for this HELP. This is the most excited/enthralled I’ve ever been with a live-filming drama and it is literally the worst form of torture. So invested in ChuanEn and RongYi and I’ve been gobbling up every bit I can find (thanking the gods that i still have the capacity to read chinese even if I can’t write at all). I’ve refreshed the playground and the facebook page every waking hour or so since friday night. This excitement better die down a bit, because I’m going to pulling allnighters finals week otherwise ;_;

  7. Finally, Friday is here!!! To catch another episode of In A Good Way! I’m dying from their chemistry. Thanks Miss Koala to intro this gem to me. I’m totally hook. I have been repeatedly watching ep 4 especially that after treasure hunting part and the bb call & phone conversation parts of RongYi. I must say Li Guo Yi is becoming more charming like a fine wine.

    • Since I’ve benefitted much from you guys in the past with kdrama subs, I guess I should give the love back by translating this then πŸ™‚

      My language isn’t as flowery but it gets the point across. Here goes.

      The faint strains of rhumba music wafted into Lc and Je’s freedom era.
      Both of them chose rhumba as their physical ed subject but je encountered a problem during the term retest. Luckily Lc came to her rescue by volunteering to be her partner for the retest. Gently holding her hands for the dance, his heart stirred. .

      Upon hearing that women are creatures of hearing, Rw decided to begin his wooing of BX relentlessly. At the treasure hunt club, Bx received a love confession recording. The mysterious voice intrigued Bx and led her to the web of feelings. Can Rw succeed this time round in his ‘attack’?

      In the BBS chat portal, Sky and 3631 chatted thru the night, but in real life, Lc and Je were having a fight. On the day of the retest, her partner didn’t turn up. .. 3631 told sky how to pick up her mood, resulting in LC meeting Je by coincidence many times. Will Lc realise Je is sky? 1996 the rapid train service started, the light that both of them saw at the end of the tunnel will lead them to endless possibilities in love!

      • Lol just saw ms koala’s post on the written preview! Read hers, it’s better and with pictures too. Can’t wait for tonight

  8. I like your comparison with k-drama because that is exactly what is going on with Reply 1994 right now (and also reply 1997 in the past)….and I find myself rooting for the second lead ChilBong all the time….*sigh*

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