Written and Video Preview for Episode 3 of Prime Minister and I

Despite its low rated start, Prime Minister and I is firing on all cylinders and everything works right off the bat. That deserves accolades for that alone, and the rest we can only hope remains just as good and entertaining. This is one of the most out-there contract marriage set ups what with a Prime Minister and a tabloid reporter and huge stakes were the public were to find out. The drama has convinced immediately that Kwon Yul and Da Jung could fall for each other. The sparks fly everywhere, she cracks his serious veneer and he sees her capable side, and they both bicker and converse calmly in equal measure. This drama feels like a silly set up but written smartly, if that makes any sense. That’s the stuff I slurp down especially when it comes to rom-coms. What’s even better is seeing Da Jung and Kwon Yul getting married by episode 3, which means the story isn’t going to be weighed down by convoluted twists dragging out the inevitable. Da Jung is going to become the Prime Minister’s wife and the step mom to his three kids, and I am positively chomping at the bit to watch the hilarity unfold. Man Se is already bread in her hands, but Woo Ri is going to be too old to win over with niceness and Na Ra already has her baby claws out for Da Jung so she’ll also be a tough cookie to crack. For whatever reason I see Kwon Yul falling for Da Jung fast and furiously, or maybe that’s jut my wishful thinking so my OTP can start making out sooner rather than later. I also love love Da Jung’s relationship with her dying dad and I foresee some family poignant scenes with Yul playing the son-in-law and really making a difference in Da Jung’s life as she’s on the verge of losing her only parent left. This drama may seem like its all laughs but already my heart is twinging for all the emotional sweetness to come.

Written preview for episode 3:

The next day, when Da Jung opens her eyes she finds herself in an unknown place. Turns out she’s at the Prime Minister’s residence. Da Jung hurries to leave the residence but that evening happens to be the inaugural banquet for the Prime Minister. Da Jung tries to carefully sneak out but sees the face of someone who could be a spy. To catch the spy, Kwon Yul has no choice but to allow Da Jung to attend the banquet.

Preview for episode 3:

[youtube id=”jndeXmhX3pQ” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Written and Video Preview for Episode 3 of Prime Minister and I — 16 Comments

  1. Just finished watching the first 2 eps, omg, I’m so loving it.Love that it is light, breezy and funny. thanks for the written preview, cant wait for Mon.

  2. I’m loving PMAI. I need this to be awesome from head to toe. I’ve dropped so many dramas because they lost my interest. It makes me so exited reading to your post Koala, I want the romance to come really fast. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Also looking forward to the relationship between Da Jung and the kids, but I trust her kind heart and adorable ness will win them over. Especially Na Ra, she needs another girl or woman in her life.

  3. I have not come across a contract marriage drama that I didn’t like. So I think the trend continues. Just something about the whole scenario makes for great entertainment. I love LBS… and so I hope this turns out well for him. By all counts, it seems like Yoona is doing well. So YAY for all, except the ratings. Just hope it only goes up from here.

  4. After the disappointment of Mirae’s Choice, I need this rom-com to actually be a rom-com, and episodes 1 & 2 completely surprised me in a good way. I didn’t think that Yoona & Lee Bum Soo would have such amazing chemistry. So keep going with the hijinks!

  5. I am so old fashion and out dated. I have not started on this drama purely due to the age gap between the actors. After I get round the barrier in my head, I am sure I will enjoy the drama. Reading your recaps really help, my barrier is slowly breaking down. Thanks Koala.

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