Video and Recap of the BTS for Episode 5 of In A Good Way

I really love watching the weekly BTS footage at the end of each new episode of In A Good Way. When the cast gets along and has fun, not to mention the drama is really good, then the BTS becomes a veritable gold mine of laughs and interesting chemistry to spot everywhere. I haven’t stayed around to watch every detail of a BTS series since Office Girls, and that cast was famously tight-knit and a barrel of laughs. Conversely the BTS series for Miss Rose was hilariously awful because the two leads Megan Lai and Roy Qiu had zero chemistry off-screen and it was so obvious they didn’t even talk when the cameras stopped rolling. Here we have Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee being adorably themselves in a stark contrast to their characters. In the latest BTS for episode 5, we see the cast hanging out while waiting to film Ren Wei’s big song confession scene. Bonus points in hearing both Lego and Jay Shih play the guitar. Kirsten wins this week’s BTS flirting crown with Lego, including grilling him about which girl he confessed to via song back in his own college days, and then asking him if he wouldn’t mind doing the same thing 7-8 year later now for…..someone. He’s so fast on the uptake because he immediately asks her “for who, you tell me for who?” and we see the caption next to his head that reads “acting clueless”. Poor Kirsten is thisclose to blushing so she says for the fans of the drama. Damnit girl! Just tell him you want him to sing to YOU. But she doesn’t need to say it because he starts playing for her later anyways. Awwwww. Have fun watching the BTS video below and my recap. Honestly though, the beauty is in the little looks and unsaid visual cues that make watching this drama (onscreen and BTS both) totally entertaining. 

BTS for episode 5 of In A Good Way:

[youtube id=”wcerCH83CEA” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Kirsten introduces a man who can strum the guitar and sing, a man like that has such charisma. An arrow points to Lego but the camera says there are two such men here and another arrow points to Jay. Kirsten can’t pick between two equally good looking and charismatic guys so she will introduce both one by one. She goes to Lego and says he has such charisma right now. Lego asks what she means and Kirsten says the way he’s holding a guitar and playing right now. Lego reveals Jay has an important guitar solo scene today so he borrowed the guitar to strum along. Kirsten asks if he ever played a guitar and wrote a song and sang it to a girl as a confession before? Lego says yes and Kirsten is shocked. Kirsten fake glares at him and asks who? She asks when and he admits when he was 19. Kirsten asks if 7-8 years later (i.e. now) would he do it – write a song and sing for…….someone. Lego says “who, for who?”. Kirsten is embarrassed (there is a thought bubble over her head that says “sing for me!”) so she says for the fans (of the drama). Lego says he’ll do it if the FB likes pass 150,000, but it will happen too quickly so he’ll do it if the FB likes pass 200,000. Lego starts to play and Kirsten tells the other two guys that they are an eye-sore. But the word “eye-sore” also sounds like “like to act” so the two guys start pretending to act out a love scene and ask her which drama they want her to act.

They guys wisely leave as Kirsten is swaying to Lego singing, but Steve doesn’t forget to give Kirsten a push towards Lego. They then talk to the camera and says Kirsten and Lego are so close over here, but over there (pointing to where Jay and Smile are sitting), it’s totally different. No “feel”. Kirsten walks over to Jay and Smile, and we learn she calls Jay “brother” or “oppa” (i.e. Ge). She asks why he’s glaring at her and then asks if he’s done this singing confession before? Jay says no and he learned music because of the love of music and his love of Chang Chen Yue and wanted to learn to sing his songs. Everyone laughs because they don’t believe him. Jay reveals he recorded the singing in the mixed tape but Bai Xue is not paying attention to him. Smile says she’s just working and since she has to be touched when they film the scene so she wants to save the feelings for when the camera rolls. Talk turns to how Jay is so nice to Smile, and she says he’s also very nice to Lego. Jay says he’s the nicest to Lego, and Lego reveals that they are the the closest ever. After the mountain bike rice, they are now super close. Jay reveals he saw online that there is now a fan club for the Liu Chuan/Ren Wei CP. LOL. Jay records the song for Bai Xue and later Smile tells him he did a great job and she’s really touched. Lego comes over and says he’s really touched too. A few times he thought the song was being sung towards him. Jay says he was singing towards Lego. Smile tells Lego not to compete with her for Ren Wei. Lego says it really was a very heartfelt performance and now he can’t look at Jay directly anymore. Lego concludes that he has “fall in love” and then walks away.

Kirsten is practicing the jitterbug at home with her onscreen parents. Her dad says he really is getting tired now when he was a dance king in his youth. Kirsten and Lego are at the studio rehearsing the dancing and she reveals that her hair needs to be down so it can sweep across Liu Chuan when they dance. Kirsten wants the choreographer to make a few steps so she can wave her hair beautifully. Lego jokes that when it does he’ll be entranced by it. They start to dance but quickly start goofing off. Kirsten shows Lego how to do ballet and slides into a split. Lego tries and gets stuck. They then practice the final twirl and lip and Lego likes how fast Kirsten is twirling. They decide it’s no problem and then pretend to dance like Kirsten’s onscreen daddy. They then hold hands and jump……right into tomorrow where they are filming the actual scene. Lego says this scene will be very “pink” (i.e. romantic) and Kirsten agrees, even being here makes the heart beat faster. She recommends couples take ballroom dancing classes. Lego asks if Kirsten needs it right now. She says she doesn’t but asks if they can go take classes together. Lego says sure and they can take the advanced classes. Lego admits he can’t dance and then tries to do a hip shake with Kirsten but is such fail. They then go right into filming the scene, ending with Lego rocking Kirsten in his arms to simulate how the heart is beating really fast.


Video and Recap of the BTS for Episode 5 of In A Good Way — 24 Comments

  1. My face lights up every time I see a ‘in a good way’ post on ur blog.
    Really wanna thanks u for introducing this drama to me, it’s really been quite a while since I enjoyed a Taiwan drama (the last one was inborn pair, but the story sort of died when it got extended). Hope that ‘in a good way’ will pull off a strong ending. Cheers!

  2. Lol, i like how even the cast are playfully shipping RongYi, haha! Hmm, I hope we get to see more Smile and Rong Rong interaction too, because I don’t remember seeing them together often in BTS. Hope they get along! The Smile-Lego-Jay triangle was funny as well.

  3. Okay, let me stop smiling.

    Nope. Can’t. I am on a ” In a good way ” roll since I started the series. Even the little moments when LC was acting pissy and then felt contrite was great. Love it when the lead falls first.

    Then to have the real life actors get along is even better. With the TW scene being more open to dating- am hoping for good news 🙂

  4. I was giggling so maniacally while watching this that my daughter came in to ask if I was okay. Seiously, my cheeks hurt. I could watch this stuff all day long. Why are these BTS footage pieces more interesting than a bunch of the dramas that came out this year?

  5. Koala Unni, somehow the video show up and other time it did not show up? I think it is the type of video or something else. I am Not sure the mobile device I am using.

  6. How awesome are you to do a recap of BTS?
    Pretty awesome.
    Can’t stop smiling!!!
    We need to name this Society of the Hurting Cheeks.
    Seriously, a wonderful way to finish my driving in slippery snow all over town and it’s only 18F out.

    • Yup, I’ll join the Society of the Hurting Cheeks (SotHC). Should we get t-shirts and start stalking fan sites? We should get a slogan and a secret handshake. I’d even wear overalls for this show; they are comfortable even though I look like a cow in them.

      • Yes yes. Sometimes when two characters talk, Dramafever chooses who to translate instead of both. Sometimes they let full lines without translation, and DF changes the subtitles a bit too much for my tastes.

        I’m loving watching answer 1994 on viki, the ost being translated gives answers too about what the characters are feelings and thinking. It is great!!

  7. This is very rare that u recap bts hehe i appreciate it so much, thanks a lot! I love our side notes of fangirling while recapping it at the same time 🙂

  8. I am really liking the casts onscreen and offscreen camaraderie. Kirsten is just a ball of energy, she’s like a human vitamin, so bubbly and vivacious. Its just so fun watching her being one of the boys. And she and Lego really have that spark and attraction/flirting going on. 🙂

  9. Dear all:
    We audiences in Taiwan just saw a new review of episode 6 during the ads of Love Family on SETTV.We are so crazy about it because it seems that it will be a Christmas party on campus and the conversation between sky and 3631.

  10. I will translate it as it is short

    Jia En’s hesitant voiceover: “Actually I am looking forward to the upcoming college’s annual dance as I have never attended one before…”

    Scene cut to online conversation between sky and 3631. 3631: “What is the worst that could happen (at the dance)?”
    Sky: “The worst that could happen is that no one wants to dance with me throughout the entire night, that would be embarrassing…”

    Jia En walks into the dance venue in a pretty white dress. She looks gorgeous. The guys noticed her as she walks in and Ren gives her an appreciative “Wow…”

    “Don’t worry, I will dance with you.” 3631 promised Sky earlier. Jia En looks at a scribbled note in her hand that reads, “I will be waiting for you outside… 3631.”

    Bai Xue looks around for Liu Chuan at the dance party. “Did you see Liu Chuan?” She asks others. “Liu Chuan? I think he stepped out for a while.”

    The scene is cut to Liu Chuan dressed in a light blue suit and waiting for someone outside the party venue, in the cold and amidst the pretty Christmas decorative lights.

    • Thank you Thank You!!!! I hope it’s not a misunderstanding and I hope he gets to see her in her pretty dress before she takes off because she thinks no one wants to dance with her!!( I’m so jumping to convolutions) ugh… Another week!!!
      I feel like the lady in the old jcp commercial … “Next weekend, weekend, weekend”!!!!

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