You From Another Star Drops Underwhelming Official Drama Posters

If you can see my face right now, it’s currently a cross between the internet memes of “Unimpressed” and “Grumpy Cat”. The officials posters for the upcoming Wed-Thurs SBS drama You From Another Star dropped right before the weekend and I almost face-palmed. Compared to the creative and eye-catching batch of official posters from its rival drama Miss Korea, YFAS threw some blue in the background, dangled a few fake stars, and called it a day. What gives? Compared to the quirkier cast of Miss Korea, YFAS has across-the-board ridiculously good looking group of leads so why just slap then against a cheesy looking design and fail to throw creativity into the mix. The character descriptions are out and it gives me a little more to go on and I’m still waffling over which of the two mid-week dramas to check out first. Kim Soo Hyun plays Do Min Joon, a 404 year old alien living on Earth trying to remain undetected and not interfere with Earthly affairs until he can go home. He doesn’t believe in love and sees it as male-female attraction and lust, but that will all change when he encounters top Hallyu actress Chun Song Yi played by Jeon Ji Hyun. Song Yi is a child star grown up to be the top popular actress of her generation, but she was never properly taught or brought up so she’s got a rude personality and isn’t terribly bright. Her rival is Yoo Se Mi played by Yoo In Na, a girl who has always come in second compared to Song Yi and stays friends with Song Yi looking for a way to bring her down. Her crush is on chaebol Lee Hwi Kyung played by Park Hae Jin, but he only has eyes for Song Yi and wants to marry her and make her love him back. The drama starts off with Song Yi’s star power plummeting due to a scandal beyond her control and a bunch of stuff happens that leads to Min Joon and Song Yi living together. I really like the alien idea but the rest of this drama sounds so typical K-drama set up to me. I hope the drama surprises me because I foresee lots of angst happening, especially as Min Joon’s identity comes under scrutiny and he faces the danger of being discovered.

In terms of how ratings will shake out, You From Another Star has the luxury of being in a time-slot that SBS more or less dominated all year long (with a one blip being Secret Love the lone unexpected winner for KBS) and I think it has a good shot of continuing the winning trend.


You From Another Star Drops Underwhelming Official Drama Posters — 24 Comments

  1. The posters are uninspired, but goddamn Jeon Ji Hyun is GORGEOUS. will watch this for her, since i’m in the minority in not being a fan of Kim Soo Hyun whom I find to be overrated.

    • High five, sis. I used to think that he was cute during Dream High era, but after some statements that he made on his interviews, I jumped off this ship. And why he doesn’t change this 5 years old hair ever? Ji Hyun looks 10+ years older than him.

      • Ohhhh seconded on being nosy? What statements did he make? I know the bit about him posting this whole “She needs to be sad because of me, and want to die. She needs to have regret. She needs to think of me no matter who she sees, and more than anything, she should never doubt me” on his blog. He’s describing his ideal girl, btw. Which is already a kind of turn-off lol.

        Speaking of which, it reminds me of a recurring blind item which is apparently about Kim Soo-hyun dating Yoona but they break up shortly because she was so turned off with his weird personality after getting to know him better hahaha

      • Wow! That is a turn off. I can’t believe he said that. I mean not that I care I just always thought that he was a nice sweet guy. Who knew.

  2. What posters? I’m too distracted by all the pretty. Oppa Oppa Oppaya~ and JJH is gorgeous, she doesn’t even look a day over 25. Yoo Inna, oh I’ve loved her since Best Love which I watch again and again. I don’t know anyone else apart from these 3 but hey, Kim Soo-hyun is replacing Lee Min-ho, it’s a win-win for me. Hope it’ll be good to cure me of my Heirs hangover. I really miss that show.

  3. I am In the minority who is not excited at all about this drama. The plot sounds ridiculous, and the cast is pretty but lacks the umph!-factor for me.
    Miss Korea will be my choice.

  4. I don’t see a way this isn’t going to have a good ratings. I’m going to watch, but the characters/story do sound pretty cliched. Though hopefully the whole he’s an alien thing will be a nice twist. I’m not loving the not to bright thing about the female lead, but maybe she’ll be more naive than stupid though. I do like she’s not your typical candy lead though.

  5. These posters look so cheap and basic. =\

    They probably spent 90% of the drama’s entire budget on the actors’ paychecks. Getting Jeon Ji Hyun mustn’t have been cheap.

  6. Most drama that had crappy posters ended up good, at least it’s my foolproof theory. Hope it’s good because I’m waiting for YFAS!!

  7. I don’t really care about poster…its not fair to judge yfas based on this!
    Miss korea may look good on poster.,but no one knows how the story gonna be.
    Just look at Bel Ami..,their poster are so cute,but the storyline…

  8. Omg can they go more any more literal with the ugly fake stars you can get in a dollar store? They are so not classy, and this drama is so not exciting at the moment. Funny how everyone’s comment says ‘I’m probably the only one who isn’t excited’ yet everyone’s saying they aren’t! This doesn’t look good, neither the teasers and specially not the posters.

    MK seems so much more classier, sophisticated and engaging. And I’m definitely not one to think this is a sure shot winner in ratings. I’m gonna go for 50/50 against MK.

  9. Well, one thing I can’t wait to see is Jeon Ji Hyun bring it on the small screen. Her chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun in Thieves was good because she was totally bringing the sexy; KSH just needed to do his puppy-eyed act and boom! Chemistry. Wonder how it’ll pan out here. On a side note, I did enjoy Park Hae Jin’s adorably awkward character on My Daughter Seo-Young, and Yoo In Na has a good sense of comedic timing if she’s allowed to use it. I might watch this for the secondary characters.

  10. That’s some 2005/2006 drama realness right there.

    I’m not interested in this drama at all but I am curious to see how well it will do in the ratings though.

  11. I was rooting for this drama since I saw the poster .Knew it was going to be good. I’m glad I was right . I hope y’all who didn’t think so then are now on the YFAS ship. Going to miss it when it ends. 🙁

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