Written Preview for Episode 6 of In A Good Way

We’re a few hours away from a new episode of In A Good Way and the written preview only recently dropped. SETTV is being so coy with information about what everyone wants to know – will Jia En discover that Liu Chuan is her online confidante 3631, and more importantly, will Liu Chuan out himself and dance with Jia En at the party like his promised? Having them already dance in episode 5 does lessen a bit of the excitement over the prospect of another dance, but that was for PE class and this is a whole new territory for them. I think Liu Chuan never does anything without thinking it through, and he rarely is spontaneous except probably with Jia En. He loses his temper at her when its unlikely he’s ever raised his voice at any other student. Even when Ren Wei challenged him in the cafeteria, his response was bemusement and candor. So if 3631 promised Jia En to find her for a dance, Liu Chuan is clearly aware of the implication that he’s outing himself and what that might bring in his friendship with Jia En. Does he want more with her in real life, because clearly she’s not going to share her inner thoughts with Liu Chuan the way she has with 3631. I also wonder how dense Jia En can be, and she’s a little dense for my personal patience.

I still adore her and love her hardworking ethos and bright optimistic personality, but she still comes across like a country girl just stepped foot in the big city when she’s been living in Taipei for over a year now! Unless she’s lived in that tea house the entire time, she should be more worldly by now is my personal opinion. That mostly extends to how unaware she is about her way of dressing and how insecure she is about it. What’s lovely is that Liu Chuan has seen her at her earliest and dorkiest self and finds her just as intriguing to him now as then. I need Tracy to take her advice a step forward and just give Jia En’s wardrobe a makeover pronto. I would hate for Jia En to become self-conscious over something completely within her control such as the way she dresses whether for daily activity or special events. The picture above is one of my favorites to come out of SETTV stills that doesn’t involve the OTP. It shows the entire main cast of CDU student sitting in adjoining tables just hanging out. I wonder what the Men of Steel are discussing, the Three Musketeers continue to be cool as cucumbers, and the four girls at the end Xiao Wei, Bai Xue, Tracy, and Jia En might just be the new flower patch for the male students of CDU to moon over.

Written preview for episode 6:

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way~

The posters for the CDU Christmas party are plastered all over campus. The students are discussing the legend about the magical tune, all hoping to dance with the person they are interested in. Jia En is instead worried about what to wear and decides not to go…..

Ren Wei dreams about having a magical dance with Bai Xue and invites her to be his date. Bai Xue uses being on the planning committee and working the night of the party to decline. Ren Wei misunderstands that Bai Xue is interested in magic and on the night of the party he shows up in a magician’s tux and tails. Is he trying to use magic at the party to capture Bai Xue’s heart?

Liu Chuan encourages Jia En to attend the party and uses the 3631 identity to promise to dance with her. He has prepared a surprise to 100% make up with her. There is a little ripple in Jia En’s heart due to 363’s promise and what outfit will she show up at the party in to cause a stir? Will Liu Chuan really follow through with his promise to dance with Jia En? Liu Chuan, Jia En, and all the couples at the party – Merry Christmas!


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  1. Omygoshhhh!!! Can’t wait for ep 6 now…. come quickly pleaseeeeee… pretty pleaseeee…. totally love this OTP (and drama of course)!! totally am going to watch the live airing of this ep (even if i dun understand it.. T.T)!! 4 more hours left….!! <3 <3 <3 😀 😀

  2. I have already said how much I love this show. So I am here to officially declare my undying love for Captain Koala for posting these little morsels nearly every day to help me through the week of waiting. Really, Captain. If I did not know you were already married (and if I were not already married), I would propose to you right now. I’d even go all out and replicate the City Hall proposal for you. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! Please show keep being good; I don’t need Captian Koala to pick up the pieces of my broken heart again (*cough* Miss Rose/Yi Chun *cough*).

  3. Thanks for the post Ms. Koala. Can’t wait for episode 6. I think Lego Lee has a resemblance with Joe Cheng. Both are really good looking.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your IAGW crack with us! I am beyond obsessed with this show. I disagree that Jia En is overly dense. Is there any other reason you find her dense, aside from her clothes? As for her clothes, this does take place in the 90s when (at least in America, I’m not hip to TW fashion) overalls were not unheard of. Yes, she’s been in TW for a year, but she didn’t exactly have a lot of female friends for the first year she was there, and I don’t get the impression that she’s particularly wealthy or interested in spending money on trends. Given that she grew up without her mother and idolizing Ren Wei, it makes perfect sense to me on a character level that she would be a bit of a tomboy and uncomfortable around/disinterested in “girly” things. That’s just a question of exposure to my mind. She’s like a sponge right now, and some lessons are painful to learn.

    Jai En strikes me as very bright and mature in a lot of ways. How many people learn to rely on themselves and be comfortable spending significant time alone before they’re 20? How many people discover the true joy of learning (vs. cramming to get the grade)? How many people are actually self-aware enough to develop their own needs and interests at that age, rather than following the lead of their friends or crushes? I know I am still learning many of these things, and I’m 28. I know people much older than me who have never learned to be comfortable with being alone. When I was in college, I was head over heels in love with my best friend, and I wanted nothing more than his approval. It was more important that he like me than that I actually develop who I was as a person. Needless to say, a very unhealthy dynamic developed, but I can’t be the only person who didn’t enter college as a fully formed human being. I dare you to show me a 20 year-old who isn’t developing who they are and what they want out of life, who doesn’t have a few blind spots (cough cough overalls cough cough), who isn’t a little dense, and I will show you hundreds of others who prove your one to be an exception, not the rule. This is all to say that Jai En’s (lack of) fashion sense actually makes her much more realistic/believable in my mind, because if she had it all together, she wouldn’t be real. I love that she’s a complicated person, who misses the mark in some ways. That’s so much more interesting to me than if she had it all together–because who *does* have it all together, at any age?

    • Not to mention that I look back at some of the things I wore as a freshman in college, and I CRINGE, I tell you, CRINGE. It’s incredible how much you don’t realize at that age.

    • I, too, think she is a bit dense, but not any more than I was as a freshmen or even a sohpmore in college. Hey, I would have worn overalls if I could have afforded overalls! I do not even want to think about what clothes I wore. I would have dressed up for the audition, but I know my dressing up would not have been any more appropriate to the occasion than Jia En’s attire (granny floral was my thing–I was in love with Laura Ashley). I also think she is the good kind of dense in the sense that (unlike me) instead of not recognizing Liu CHan’s interest, I would have fantasized and immediately fallen in love with any boy who was good looking and who had been nice to me. I also love how she got over her obsession with Ren Wei, so quickly. I know I would have been milking that “betrayal” for months and eaten way too many chocolate doughnuts trying to forget the fantasy that I would have made up about our relationship. She is really just friends with him and is fine with that. I don’t know if I would have been at that age. I do love this show, and I am glad that there are other people obsessing over it like I am and that we have Koala to feed our addiction.

      • OMG glad I have good company in my obsession, haha. That’s a really good way of framing it. I guess I don’t disagree that Jai En’s a little dense, but I think if she were any less dense, I wouldn’t buy her as a real person. She would veer too far into “candy” territory for me, I think. As is, she seems like a real person, which is a surprisingly difficult balance to find in film/tv. A mature (for her age), smart, kind, beautiful person, but one that I can actually see existing in the real world. If she were any more evolved–had less of a temper, or were more stylish, for example–I think I would write her off as a caricature and the show would lose a lot of its magic for me.

        Is episode 6 on dramafever yet? I’m almost done rewatching the first five episodes. LOL.

      • @rearwindow. I did not find subs yet on dramafever, viki, or gooddrama.net. Thank goodness. I really need to grade more before I get sucked into that world. I did see some GREAT spoiler stills from episode 6 on the official facebook page for the drama. Definitely made me salivate.

  5. Taiwan Dramas have NO DUBBING… The actors/actresses speak with their own distinctive voices… Just LOVE this. Love to hear TW Mandarin spoken by the actors. Would you say this is some sort of “pidgin” Mandarin, kind of like Hawaiian “pidgin” English in a sing-song way…

  6. Thanks. This and Prime Minister And I are my current obsessions :–)
    The picture is lovely and I like that thanks to Jia En Bai Xue finally has some girl friends.

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