Liu Shi Shi Co-stars with Joseph Chang and Miura Haruma for Romance Thriller C-movie

Rising C-actress Liu Shi Shi continues to go down the list of gorgeous and talented TW-actor co-stars like you wouldn’t believe. I love some more than others but she hasn’t hit upon a total fail yet. She continues that trend and now pulls in a J-actor to boot – up next for Shi Shi is co-starring with Joseph Chang (Drunken to Love You) and Miura Haruma (Last Cinderella) for a C-movie directed by a J-director and adapted from a Japanese novel. The movie is called Five Minutes Before the Dark of Night (深夜前的五分钟) and is based on the novel that has been titled Five Minutes Until Tomorrow (真夜中の五分前) by writer Honda Takayoshi. The novel is a mixture of romance, mystery, and thriller and revolves around a set of twins and their love affairs with two different men. Directing is award-winning Japanese director Isao Yukisada but the movie will be in Chinese. Liu Shi Shi will play the twins female leads while Haruma plays a Japanese student watch repair in Shanghai while Joseph is a famed movie producer.

To prepare for this role, Haruma has been taking intense Chinese classes since April of this year and at the movie press conference last week he was able to make an introduction in Chinese. He’s also been shadowing a watch technician to study the details of the intricate skills. The two twins of course have diametrically opposite personalities, with one elegant and reserved while the other is wild and carefree. Apparently Shi Shi has a very explicit sex scene with Joseph in this movie and they joked about having to run it by Shi Shi’s boyfriend Nicky Wu first. Joseph is hands down one of the best movie actors in Taiwan and he is also an amazingly manly guy. Whenever I watch his romantic scenes I inevitably blush even if it just involves him staring. If this movie had a love triangle I’d get behind him already even though I also like Haruma. It’s just whenever baby-faced Haruma goes up against a more manly male co-stat I always pick the scruffier guy, i.e. I was all over Fujuki Naohito in Last Cinderella. Here I won’t need to pick since there is a Shi Shi for each guy. The movie is already in production but the cast is headed to Mauritius for location shoots in the coming weeks. The movie is slated for a Summer 2014 release.


Liu Shi Shi Co-stars with Joseph Chang and Miura Haruma for Romance Thriller C-movie — 12 Comments

  1. Very gorgeous cast. I love Joseph Chang and Liu Shi Shi, can’t say for Hurama because I’ve never seen him act but I’m sure he’s great. I wish LSS would stop dressing so matronly and like a grandma, girl you are in your twenties, please dress like it.

  2. They have already finished filming.

    I second on Liu Shi Shi dressing so matronly, and she need to change her hairstyle. It’s been like that in every event.

  3. Ill watch anything with m.h. to me he is the best looking man on the planet and he has sooo much charisma is crazy plus I like joe so im pretty excited about this

  4. Haruma is way too skinny .He needs to put some pounds on.I first met him on Koizora the movie and since then I am fan of his plays.

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