Festive Christmas Celebration Arrives in Prime Minister and I Episode 5

One of the reasons I know Prime Minister and I has hooked me good and garnered my full attention is that I’m interested in all aspects of the OTP relationship development. Of course the skinship (and there must be copious amounts of it) is a top priority, but I’m also just as invested in them becoming a functional married couple in the ways that matter to their lives. Da Jung needs someone who will help her take care of her father in the last months he has left, and Dad is a hoot who is probably going to keep an eagle eye on how his Kwon son-in-law treats his beloved Da Jung. The contract marriage can be a mutually beneficial arrangement entered into by Yul and Da Jung, but I see both of them being sincere to the family members who are unaware and thinking they are really married. Yul will probably be very solicitous of Dad’s demands on him being a good husband, just as Da Jung is going to throw herself into being a good step-mom. Da Jung may be too young, too experienced in the social niceties of political wives, and too artless to don a mantle of superciliousness, but her lackings to be the Prime Minister’s wife does not mean she’s equally as unprepared to be the step-mom to Yul’s kids. I think she’s going to be an awesome step-mom all around even if she does trip up slightly in the beginning.

New stills are out for episode 5 showing Man Se dressed like a Christmas outfit and performing at his kindergarten play, Yul is in the audience watching him as are Man Se’s two siblings Woo Ri and Na Ra, and Da Jung is also ushering in Christmas by decorating the tree in the mansion. I’ve loving how this episode is perfectly timed to celebrate Christmas which mere days away, because right now what’s more important than Da Jung being the perfect Prime Minister’s wife is that she wins over the kid’s trust and they give her a chance. I see her changing both Yul as a husband as well as his relationship with the kids, even if he acknowledges he’s a failure that’s not enough and he needs to change it otherwise he’s going to miss out on seeing how they grow into their own individuals. He can take lessons from Da Jung’s dad on how to be a good dad, there’s a role model right in front of him. Also check out the latest pretty BTS pics from the drama, including one showing sunbae Lee Bum Soo giving pointers to Yoona. If he’s the main reason she’s improved so much, I think he needs extra kisses for the miraculous improvement that I appreciate so much.


Festive Christmas Celebration Arrives in Prime Minister and I Episode 5 — 10 Comments

  1. Whether he deserves extra kisses or not (I’m sure he does), give them to us, because we need rom and we need com, both very badly at the moment.

    I’m glad they are using the holidays well. Since the family is important in the series, it would be a heck of a missed opportunity not too.

  2. Being someone who just went to a few of these Christmas performances myself, I think one of the cutest parts is when each kid spots their own parent(s). They just get so excited at this age. So, I am so glad that KY makes it to MS’s performance. Hopefully, he ends up being really thrilled… It’s the holiday season!

    I too am looking forward to how they make it work as a married couple trying to do what they can for their loved ones who believe they are in the ideal marriage. It takes a lot of hard work but if anyone can do it, it’s these two. 🙂 fighting!!

  3. I have read your recaps on so many dramas…I’m not always in agreement with you, but I always love to read your opinions and your thoughtfully written recaps. I LOVE Prime Minister and I…I literally didn’t think I was going to make it until Monday…so, I’ve been looking for any and all updates…Thank you, Ockoala, for helping me survive until tomorrow…Also, since I never comment on here…I owe you a big thanks for all your posts, recaps and news updates on your blog…I really enjoy them all!

  4. I love it! Christmas is in the air, wich means love, warmth and pretty scenarios full of lights and colors. That will make me enjoy even more the drama. Da Jung, fighting!!! I also believe she will be an awesome step-mom. A very loving and caring mother, who will know how to discipline them with love and calm Kwon Yul’s temperament with his child.
    Can’t wait! A few more hours until we know the kiss verdict. *~*

  5. Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year. It’s a time of counting blessings for me and your playground is one. Thank you Cap K for the wonderful service you provide us drama fans.

  6. Can I just say how hilarious it is to see the brother in law throwing up a peace sign? It looks more like a bada** deuces haha. Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode!! And for tomorrow. I hope she wins over the kids quickly but it will probably take something more than just decorating the house…like Da Jung sticking up for the older kids or going to a bunch of events or something.

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