Seung Nyang Has a Hottie On Each Hand in Empress Ki

The love triangle in Empress Ki is one open to lots of debate since there are plenty of fans of either Goryeo King Wang Yoo or Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan. But lately I’ve been thinking the object of the fight Seung Nyang is probably rolling her eyes at them if she wasn’t in such a position of danger and subservience right now. If she was still the Seung Nyang who was living as a guy and running a gang and calling the shots, she would have smacked Ta Hwan already and also told Wang Yoo her feelings and if he doesn’t reciprocate now for whatever reason then she would move on. I miss when Seung Nyang had more control over her life because all the episodes in the Palace have been slowly wearing me down because she’s basically at Ta Hwan’s beck and call. I’ve heard some folks compare Ta Hwan to Jae Ha in The King 2 Hearts and I completely disagree on that comparison but I don’t want to discuss that issue yet but want to point out that worked in the narrative build of the relationship in TK2H that is missing in EK. In TK2H, despite the couple being a royal and a soldier with the power disparity and class, they fell for each other during the WOC training where they were on the same team and colleagues without any one party being able to dictate the terms to the other. Here in EK I’m annoyed that neither of the leading men can hang out with Seung Nyang now without the whole “she’s a servant” issue. The latest stills from the drama actually amuse me to no end, what with Seung Nyang standing in the middle with Wang Yoo holding her right hand and Ta Hwan holding her left hand. If I were her, I’d tell them to go hold their own hands and flounce off in a huff. This is pretty adorable though, and the three leads are really cute together still.


Seung Nyang Has a Hottie On Each Hand in Empress Ki — 17 Comments

  1. SN’s days of battle days outside the palace are over. She is now knee deep in political war over the throne. I think the palace scenes are cute. I am impatiently waiting on how she becomes a concubine and then empress but I suspect that it will probably be around ep 40 or so.

      • I would love to see SN flip the tables on both men as soon as she gains enough political power. Honestly, that’s the only reason she should hang on, and as a strong woman, she needs to assert herself. Dilly-dallying to the whims and romantic fodder of men is not her style and subverts her no-nonsense protrayal in the earlier episodes. Take’em down Empress Ki!

    • Exactly. It wont happen anytime soon. Which is why I’m slowing down on this drama nowadays. I will probably wait till sometime and watch a bunch of episodes on one take. Nothing wrong with serving the king but I tend to enjoy strong smart SN more.

  2. I would still say the comparison of K2H is valid because SN knew TH before he became emperor, and that he was living in exile. She once even thought he was a soldier deserter. I think those who made those comparisons are looking more focus at the similarities in character of TH and Jae Ha.

  3. I seriously find it funny when people compare TH to TK2K JH. The latter had an IQ of 187 or similar whereas the former can’t read. JH was irresponsible careless arrogant when he was not yet the king but he was fearless even when he was kid at school TH is a little boy who rather than careless is scared and afraid little boy. He will be a good king same as JH but he ain’t anything similar to JH the prince. If talking about the concept of being bad royal people being spoiled too much then becoming great kings yeah but their characters are way too different.

    • Yah, the roles are way too different, where JH is a King, while TH is an Emperor (King of Kings). Also, JCW is doing a great job here, exceptional acting, turning a wimpy character TH into something sexy & very interesting. Very rare actors can do that, so taken by JCW charisma, one of the reasons looking forward to this!

      • I’ve yet to see a sexy and interesting TH! To compare TH to Lee Jae Ha is an insult to Jae Ha’s character! Even when JH was irresponsible and annoying, he was perceptive and bold when the need arose. He had a gambler’s nature, in that he would call a bluff and didn’t like to be cornered. When pushed to the corner, he would rise up and seize the bull by it horns. I do not see this in TH. the only time he rose to the occasion was when he took the leap across the gorge to escape. I really thought that that would have been his turning point, but no, he still remains the sullen, irritating and spoilt child he was. Perhaps, he’s taking his time to change cause this is a 50 ep drama! But I’m getting impatient at Seung Nyang’s expense.

  4. I am so amused that anyone would call JH even remotely similar to TH. I am 100% in the SN-TH ship but heavens Lee Jae-ha would be so insulted to be compared to TH if he were real lol. JH might be arrogant, and self-absorbed but he was also brave and courageous. As a prince, he was just a spoilt brat but as soon as his brother died – irrelevant of what he believes of the monarchy – he stood up and took responsibility. He didn’t run away from problems, never ran behind HA, whined or felt sorry for himself. Even if he was extremely scared, he suppressed those emotions and always came out as the strong leader.

    I really like TH, but he’s so unlike JH. Which is great because it would be a fail in my books to just ship another couple thats the exact copy of the actresses previous OTP. TH has a lot of growing up to do, and his eventual trajectory of becoming a king worthy of the nation’s respect (just like JH) is one of the reason I’m so invested in his character. Their destination is definitely similar but everything else is polar opposites.

  5. I get that seung nyang had to enter the palace eventually to become empress, but i really did miss the olden days when she was out and about on those epic battles. And i did enjoy how fun it all was. That’s what i missed most about those first 8 episodes.
    I’m wondering how different it would be if they just held off on putting her in the palace, since i don’t see her becoming empress anytime soon. I can see it in the latter part of the drama, but we’re not even halfway yet. I guess i found the first 8 episodes because more entertaining to watch because there wasn’t so much focus on the political battle that i couldn’t care less about. That said, i’d care more when Seung Nyang is actually involved in it.
    Not only that, seung nyang has recently become the object of affection for these two men in this push-pull love triangle. Inevitable, as given in the synopsis, but I only want my heroine to be as badass as she can and not have to deal with the whining of TH and the noble idiot WY. WY, you can still love each other secretly even if you think it can never be. Just make out and make love and call it a day!
    I am waiting for the day Seung Nyang finally gets the upper hand in the political battles. Until then, i think i’m going to wait it out.

  6. I love she’s the object of affection of not only 2 men, but 3.. there’s the general dude who killed her parents that also wants to get involved between the 2, he knows that she has a thing for wang yoo and he tries to interrupt every time she goes to report/do something for wang yoo… um name… Dangkise. if you are watching the show, you will know what i’m talking about. 🙂

  7. Like to watch the bantering between SN and TH… Seems SN comes alive with an impish attitude whenever TH is around and making demands on her. JCW and HJW’s acting makes everything more endearing. Whereas when SN is with WY she is more reserved and seems to be in pain.

  8. It seems everyone in this drama is a fan of either Seungnyang or Wang Yu. Seungnyang has two men in love with her (a king and an emperor, mind you) and a third man (a general who killed her parents and the son of the baddie, no less) majorly obsessed with her. Wang Yu, on the other hand, has Seungnyang, the palace maids, court maids, the Dowager Empress, El Temur AND the Empress loving him. Ta Hwan gets no love despite being married and having a concubine. I don’t know why but I find this rather entertaining. One can’t say Seungnyang doesn’t have great choices though – a king on the right, an emperor on the left, each vying for her love and affection (while looking adorably puppy-like). It seems to me though that even if she had to choose now, she still mightn’t choose Wang Yu, what with Ta Hwan finally showing a little emperor-ness because of her.
    I’m enjoying Empress Ki but I eagerly await the day when Seungnyang no longer has to follow anyone’s orders or serve them on blended knee.

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