New Couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Make First Couples Appearance at the Baidu Awards in Beijing

This week was the Baidu Fei Dian Awards in Beijing and in attendance was yet another huge collection of actors and actresses from not just China but all over Asia. One of the most anticipated appearances was of the newly minted couple of Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi. They did not disappoint fans with their joint appearance at the awards from beginning to end. They arrived together as a couple, sat together in the audience, and went onstage together to accept their individual awards. Shi Shi won for Most Popular Female Entertainer while Nicky bagged the Most Popular Male Entertainer Award. It’s been a good year for both of them in their own projects though they did spend a good chunk of time together filming two dramas slated for airing in 2014 – the Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel called Bu Bu Jing Qing and a period comedy drama The Incisive Great Teacher. It’s likely the time spent filming the two dramas back-to-back that sparked this relationship which probably has stirrings of attraction since they did BBJX together in 2011. Shi Shi and Nicky were adorable as usual accepting their awards, and Nicky happily satisfied the fan screams for them to kiss by sweetly kissing Shi Shi on the cheek before leading her off the stage. I’ve seen them attends tons of awards and events together during the promotional circuit for BBJX and honestly they were just as comfortable with each other back them, but of course now the obvious couple’s skinship has increased. I thought Shi Shi looks beautifully put together but her dress with the mandarin collar and the low pony tail was made her look older, which is actually a gripe I have about most of Shi Shi’s award’s event appearances. 


New Couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Make First Couples Appearance at the Baidu Awards in Beijing — 18 Comments

  1. I actually like her dress design but I was hoping that there’s more colors to her collar since the whole dress look a bit pale and her hairstyle definitely have room for improvement. Her red carpet looks are not my favorite but she still looks lovely as usual. They match each other, I’m seriously happy for them even though I was more of a HongShi shipper. I guess a happy ending for 4th prince and Ruoxi in real life works for me, heh!

  2. did you see the video where the press tease them? OMG they are seriously a very lovely couple. combination of shy shishi and playful Nicky work for me and also very pleasant to look at. wish them a very long happiness!

  3. Congrats to Shi Shi for winning the award. Don’t know who Nicky and they don’t look good as a couple. Thought she was dating Yuan Hong? Did they break up already? 🙁

  4. Love is in the air. LSS’s smile is charming and she looks matured here. Anyway what a perfect ending for both 4th prince and Ruoxi..

  5. i like their first public appearance and they seem very shy which is absolutely adorable. They match each other very well which compliment their couple status. congrats and keep on being in love you two…

  6. I saw the VDO of the interview and I can feel their happiness. Love is in the air!’
    It make me feel happy too.
    Best wishes for them.

  7. before this i’m honestly truly worried over their relationship especially for the reason: young Liu Shi Shi and once divorce Nicky Wu, but looking at their 1st public appearance, their interaction.. one can tell that they are living in their own LOVE world. I’m really wish them happiness and God bless. Really a beautiful couple… Scorpion Nicky and Pisces Liu Shi Shi: match made in heaven!

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