Men’s Uno Malaysia Features an Intense and Smoldering Song Seung Heon

I think it would be hard to argue that Song Seung Heon is a very good looking man and he takes really good pictures. He’s got an insanely chiseled body but I much prefer him clothed and just striking a pose en vogue. Without a currently airing drama he’s been very quiet in Korea in terms of exposure, which is also a due to him filming a movie that is due out in 2014. The movie is called Human Addiction and has gotten tons of press for being an adult rated movie. Those are actually relatively common in South Korean cinema so I’m still amused it causes tittering whenever a new one is announced. The movie is set in the 1960’s and Song Seung Heon plays a colonel in the Korean war. He’s married to sexpot Jo Yeo Jung, who may or may not be playing a sexy wife in the movie but she surely is sexy in real life, but ends up in a passionate and illicit affair with the wife of his subordinate. Said wife is played by rookie actress Lim Ji Yeon while her husband is played by Oh Joo Won. This movie comes from the directing-writing hands of veteran Kim Dae Woo who did The Servant and The Forbidden Quest. Both movies were also quite risque so clearly this is within his element. I’m actually not interested in the prospect of Song Seung Heon taking off his trousers and getting it on for the sake of cinematic glory. I really really want to see him improve as an actor. Period. He’s been coasting on his looks for nearly two decades and it’s time he stepped up his game. I adore him and yes it’s shallow but I do see something very charismatic about him onscreen. Too bad when he tries to emote everything just falls flat. I’m hoping his first foray into NC-17 territory might be catalyst to allow him to be less self-conscious and more just letting the feelings fly onscreen. As for when he wants just look good, he can always grace any magazine and preen to his heart’s content, like here in the December issue of Men’s Uno Malaysia. He looks mighty fine and I felt my heart flutter just gazing upon his cheekbones and intense gaze. 


Men’s Uno Malaysia Features an Intense and Smoldering Song Seung Heon — 12 Comments

  1. Gorgeous except for that sweater. Question…Is his nose natural or did he have that “fixed”? Whether he did or not, he still is HOT!

  2. There I was being captivated and rooted to the spot by his smouldering good looks, and then I burst out laughing upon seeing him in the second picture… What’s with that big eyed cheetah that looks spooked??? All I can say is that it takes one very confident and self-assured man to wear it with ease, though I can’t say for sure that he pulled it off with his effortless charisma… not to mention the flowery blazer…

  3. yes, perfect in that vanilla inert mannequin way. I don’t like his body language or his voice. I think he looks best in magazines. It’s funny I find him, KSW and SJS’s aura and body language very effeminate inspite of their height and masculine bodies while JGS and Lee Junki -the so called pretty boys have this very masculine aura.

  4. Thanks! Wonderful Christmas present Ms K. Love the pics other than the floral jacket and jumper. His acting wasn’t too bad in My Princess and he looks hot without his shirt and dapper in suit and tie. That’s versatile enough for me and completely meets my expectations of a male hottie!

  5. I once made the mistake of searching “Korean movie” on YouTube and…yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it (unless you’re looking of course 😉

    But yeah, I had no idea there were so many of these movies in Korean cinema.

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