KBS Releases Releases Fun and Festive Age of Feeling Drama and BTS Stills

The upcoming KBS period drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) is the first big K-drama to premiere in 2014 and its coming along with a huge price tag, cast, and expectation. This isn’t a smallish scale manga adaptation like its predecessor Pretty Boy which is doing abysmal in ratings but probably never had a chance anyway. This drama was pushed back to give it more time to film and I’d say that was a wise decision all around. Leading man Kim Hyun Joong isn’t a solid actor by any measure of judging but obviously still can prove that he’s suddenly improved here. I don’t think his idol roots or Hallyu appeal is going to matter to the domestic Korean audience so AoF is going to have to lure them in by narrative quality and fantastic execution. KBS quietly released tons of official drama stills and BTS shots of the main cast including Kim Hyun Joong, his two leading ladies Im Soo Hyang and Jin Se Yeon, acting heavyweights Kim Gab Soo and Choi Il Hwa, plus the full character shots for the entire cast which has so many easily recognizable and fantastic character actors. I still don’t see Kim Jae Wook anywhere but I’m willing to wait when it comes to good things. The child actors are also looking snazzy in their parts with the younger Kim Hyun Joong bearing a striking resemblance to him. I think this drama looks beautiful and the cast is clearly having a blast filming it, so I suppose we can expect good chemistry and some comfort that the general happy mood might be a sign that the story really is solid and the actors are having fun playing interesting characters. Who knows but I’m willing to give this drama the benefit of the doubt.


KBS Releases Releases Fun and Festive Age of Feeling Drama and BTS Stills — 7 Comments

  1. I think this drama will suit KHJ. He is not suitable to be acting as a lover but I think this tough guy role may be his break thru. I am a big fan of him and I will support him in this drama eventhru, I do not watch dramas based on that era.

  2. Love KHJ and his zany sense of humour. The things he says in Barefoot Friends and We got Married are far more entertaining than any drama serial that I’ve seen him in. Not keen on the flat short cut though. Oppa! Can’t wait to see you again. Fighting!

  3. I am fainting with excitement. My two favourites KHJ and KJW are in this show. But KJW will overshadow KHJ in acting. The two leading ladies are ordinary. We need good actors and actresses to portray the feelings of that era. Good luck to them!

  4. Another “Flower Boy” that I am fully behind. Yes, he can be cardboard but damn he looks good doing it. I hope he does show some improvement in this endeavor and I hope it has good ratings. As for Lee Min Ho, I hope now that the “Heirs” thing is over, I can watch him, his good acting, his hot looks in his new movie. I will never go near that drama but will watch him over and over in Personal Taste, which I know you don’t like but he is so good in it. I am still waiting to hear about Kim Joon, the one with the intelligence. LOL. He majored in Linguistics. Last time I saw him was in Detective ????, which I liked. Miss him.

  5. Holy cow, you’re right Ms. Koala; the younger actor for KHJ’s character really DOES look like him. Wow. It took me a minute to realize it wasn’t actually Hyun Joong in the picture.
    Anyway, I hope this drama does well. As an actor, he hasn’t done that well but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

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