Park Shi Hoo to Make First Comeback in 2014 with Chinese Movie Fragrant Scent

In a rather quiet but unsurprisingly news reveal, embattled Korean actor Park Shi Hoo has signed on to act in a art house Chinese filmed tentatively called Fragrant Scent (香氣). Park Shi Hoo has actually been doing some activities since his rape allegation charges went away in late Spring though he had long stay in the US to get away from the media circus in Korea. Sometimes the means do not justify the ends and the press coverage of his rape case was one of those situations where even it didn’t matter anymore whether he was innocent or guilty both sides were going to get taken down in the end. Park Shi Hoo recently held a small photography exhibition in Japan where he is still very popular, showcasing pictures he took as a budding photographer. He also filmed a photo book of his own of the type that stars do as collector’s items for their fans. All of this sounds like a smart career choice since he can still remain active for his fans who seek out his latest works without acting which would lead to the general public opining on his scandal and the like. His agency has revealed that offers and scripts continue to pour in for him and its been Park Shi Hoo that has been very picky and selective with his comeback project. I figured he’d do something abroad and the most likely choice is of course in China where plenty of Korean actors and actresses can act in movies and dramas since its all dubbed anyways. I reckon some Chinese dialects are as foreign to some Chinese ears as Korean is to Mandarin Chinese speakers. No word yet on what the movie is about but Park Shi Hoo will be playing an interior designer of Korean ethnicity so he might not need to be dubbed and will speak his lines in Korean and if he does speak some Chinese dialogue his Korean accent will be acceptable since his character is Korean. The movie is by Hong Kong director Jessey Tseng who directed an award-winning art house film Big Blue Lake back in 2011.


Fragrant Scent will start filming in January of 2014 so Park Shi Hoo will be in China for a few months along with filming in Jeju.


Park Shi Hoo to Make First Comeback in 2014 with Chinese Movie Fragrant Scent — 52 Comments

    • the girl was not was just 2 bottle of soju and the drug test result from her blood and urine was negative (considering that it comes from the very police who’s always on the girl’s side). the witnesses from the bar said she was sober enough to walk down the stairs/long ladder and then suddenly drunk in the elevator with cctv? ahmmnn…not to mention the exchanges of text messages from the girl and the other person that was with them that night containing her saying she’ll put up a good acting skill in front of the police and that she should have asked more money etc… PSH is too handsome to be so despirate for just a pretty girl…

      • I agree. PSH fighting!!!
        Everybody ever done something wrong. Forgive them please!!!
        It is very petty if PSH ruins bcause of the unconfirm case.
        I hope it’ll lead to a succesfull comeback.

    • I do not think any rape victim would settle for an amount of money especially after her reputation is ruined. Not only that, but her debut will not happen either. After loosing her honor, being raped and losing her hope for a future career she simply accepted to settle the case… If she really was a victim she would not feel happy until he was behind bars serving time for his crime. The girl was a victimiser with a premeditated design to get some money.

      I have been sexually abused and I can tell you from a victims point of view that she was lying and PSH only settled with her because the damage to his reputation was too much despite due to her lies.

      I hope people will be able to see him as the person her really is not as the person portrayed by Miss A. and the media that enjoys chewing on people to make a sale.

      Looking forward to seeing PSH in new works and hopefully he will garner the respect he deserves as an actor and as a human being.

      • I really like PSH.he is a good actor and a humble person,handsome than e word handsome itself.i think dat people jealous him dat is y they plan to get him down.No matter wat he will still shine again.FIGHTING PSH.
        I am an AFRICAN bt i feel for him.he will surely shine again.

      • Thank you for your perspective, it’s the most balanced of all I’ve read.
        I’ve just discovered actor Park Si-Hoo. I’ve been trying to weigh in on the truth of this scandal. Again, thank you!

  1. I once had a friend who accused this guy of rape, I was on her side, but in the end, it was a lie and i learned a very good lesson about people and their ambitions. She did it to get his attention because she wanted to get back with him, and when he said no, she cried rape and got everyone involved. It was much later that she confessed the rape never happened and that killed our friendship. So when I hear stories like his, it makes me skeptical of the accuser. PSH, keep your chin up, this too shall pass.

    • For every person who lies about rape, there are hundreds and thousands of people who don’t report it, who keep it inside because they’re too scared to find out that no one believes them. The only thing wrong that happened here was the media frenzy before anything was confirmed by the police, which lead to the whole situation being bad news for everyone involved.

      Anyway, I hope you choose not to be skeptical of the accuser in the sad chance you have to experience something like this again. As for PSH, I make no claims for or against him.

    • That´s horrible!
      You know what though? I am 100 percent sure that you know more actual victims of rape than you know women who lied about having been raped. They just might have chosen to not tell you in particular or anyone at all.

    • err..that does not mean anything that he was being framed. like others have said, more rape victims that those who were being wrongly accused of raping. sounds just another his typical fan-girling excuse

    • Yes, I recall hearing something like that too – the guy’s name was Joseph, and the accuser’s name was Potiphar’s wife. My point is, there is even a false rape story in the Bible, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are real rapes and that many of them go unreported for just this reason.
      I don’t know if PSH was really a rapist or not, but it is obvious that a) his behavior was sketch at the very least and b) he has very, very good handlers now. It was a wise move, perhaps born out of desperation, to ditch his brother as his manager and go with a reputable firm that could do damage control, get rid of the rape accusation, and ease him back into the public consciousness with little inoffensive baby steps like a photobook and a Chinese movie.
      I can never watch him again, even though I hold a grudging respect for his management.

  2. Pass, please. I will never be able to view PSH in a positive light anymore, not that I was able to appreciate any of his works as an actor anyway.

    • Please don’t say girl who ‘cried rape’ since it was never really established either way. It is entirely possible that she was raped, so let’s show a little decency in the matter. Although I agree, I hope that she is able to move on.

  3. Rape or no rape (we will never know…) he will always be a man who sleeps with a drunken woman the veru first night he meets her. Not a gentleman.

    • The young girl woke up with him and another man in the same bed. How horrible it must have been for her. No one is prefect but his action has cross the basic human moral line. Disappointing.

  4. The case is done. I still believe he was at fault and not the girl. But I lost all sympathy for her when they reached a settlement. I know settlements are common compromises but they just make me neutral. At the end of the day, I don’t care about either.

  5. Well, I’ll never look him into a good light anymore.

    Doesn’t matter they ‘dropped’ charges. All PSH actions while doing so were all fishy and douche. Giving away the girl’s info, telling she was drunk – but not so drunk to sleep with him. Yup, he said that even though she was pretty drunk and throwing up during the night, it was ”consensual” pffffffff even if it wasn’t ”rape” he did take advantage of a young drunk girl, and this already makes me ugh.

    PSH also said many times at first ”I’ll prove I’m innocent, until the end, wait for it” However suddenly them both dropped their charges and stayed quiet about it. If the girl just dropped charges like this, and was really lying, would PSH not prove he is innocent and not drop the charges ? lol but he didn’t. He didn’t prove he was innocent, but just fishy and shady. Also his powerful and rich family, I fear for the girl and her family, I’m sure there was a strong threat going on for her drop it, even after the police was on her side and concluded they had enough and strong evidences to indict PSH for rape and other things.

    So yeah, I don’t think she was lying. And PSH side sure did shady things as releasing things that would put the girl into bad light, like all the time to make people attention go away from the case.

  6. I used to like him in Family Honor’s day…since that i’ve been following him but the more i knew him the more i felt disappointed about him…

    He become more arrogant and drunk of popularity that led him to going through what he gets now…

    As for his rape scandal, we’ll never know the truth except God and both of them…but the way he ends his scandal , once again he shows me what kind of man he is !!!

    Still, if he wants to tries his luck in China…go for it and all the best…though i don’t care too…

  7. Glad to hear he is moving on with his life……will look forward to seeing him in his new film……and maybe a drama again down the line….*fighting* Park shi hoo 🙂

  8. I know that the girl is lying, if she is in her right mind why would she go for drink w/ Mr. Park shi hoo? There is also a rape story one of our actor here, she published it on media that the actor rape her but we know she’s lying, she’s crying, pretending everything is true but the truth is all set up and all she want is money..

  9. PSH just like us as a human being sometimes make mistake. I don’t think we have right to punish him, by one unprovable scandal. And the girl (A)her self dropped the case.

    I hope, he will in a good drama soon…For his fans don’t miss his best drama FAMILY HONOR (Glory of the family) it’s funny and touching…

    Sorry for my poor english…PSH fighting!!!!!

  10. I think PSH is a good actor. Glad he’s coming back. As for the scandal… come on ppl, grow up! In their world that’s
    normal. U think there’s any actor or actress who is really pure? Even that girl who cried rape.. I don’t think its her first time so its not like there’s any loss for her. Just enjoy the acting and a good storyline.. that’s all…

  11. Oppa please never mind and keep up the good fight okey! God is the judge of every happenings in this world and not anyone.If you believe in yourself that you didnt do it then its fine but if you know you did it then be ready for the concequencies oppa.

  12. Oppa! just go naked on your knees amd pray for Gods directions to guide you to move on and wait for your miracle and the sky shall surely be your limit.Prayer is the key to success and oppa NANEUN, DANGSHINEUL SARANGHAMNIDA.AJA AJA HWAITING!!

  13. I don’t why you ‘re all so keen on keeping this scandal alive . I am so sorry , but I think you all are the real rappers . Why? Cuz you ‘re constantly rapping his life as an actor . Stop accusing as you already know every little detail of the story . An artist is his ART . He is to us all and each character we saw on dramas performed extremely well , not what he is in his real life. Are you all judging a book by its author??? If so…you ‘re a bunch of stupid people

  14. Keep up the good work, park shi hoo…can’t wait to see your upcoming series and movies…good luck…everything will be fine…

  15. Too much for that Comments,
    Anyway we had different points of view. I still believe that bot of them are fallen at the same grudge. Way back to that convesation its obvious that they are some people behind who are trying to involve themselves in the case for their own sake. And when the case ended by withdrawal they are all Gone.

    No matter what happened in the past, We as a solid fans of PSH in many years remained intact and willing to give him another chance:

    Though we do not judge the woman accused him,No matter what is the reason and the truth behind that scandal leave it to them. We are just human but we dont have the rights to judge others.

    For you PSH: We Love you very dearly,Walk in the right path and please Be Careful. Just focused on us who still believes in you , for you to be able to stand Up once again with confident. #fighting







  17. Reputation is important for an actor, but its more important is how we see you dedicated to your career, we love to see you act, please ignore all the negative response if it already too much for you…it’s your live, and you have right to make it as happy as you want…

  18. PSH makes whatever he acts in shine because he is of the very few talented Korean actors who are GOOD actors as well as good looking…
    I’ll watch whatever he is in…so far his all works have been great…
    and he has been the reason for his works being sucesses

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