Ha Ji Won Poses for Family Pictorial Including Lookalike Younger Brother Jeon Tae Soo

It’s a rare treat to take a peek behind the curtains into a Korean entertainers family life, and even rarer that its coming from a huge A-lister like Ha Ji Won. In the December issue of The Celebrity magazine, Ha Ji Won coordinated a photoshoot with her entire family which took place at their home. The concept was “a warm family with a classical style” and participating was the entire Jeon family (Ha Ji Won is her stage name, her real name is Jeon Hae Rim) which also includes her same profession younger brother actor Jeon Tae Soo. The Jeon family still lives in the same house other than the youngest sister who is married. The other three siblings are all still single and thus enjoy and treasure still living with their parents rather than chafing to move out. Jeon Tae Soo revealed in the interview that he’s currently the second male lead in the daily sageuk King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang which films on the same set as his noona’s Empress Ki so he gets to see her often rather than rarely when she’s filming a drama. He feels a sense of comfort and warmth to have his beloved noona around and also continues to learn from her. The Jeon family is blessed with some seriously awesome genes but it’s the palpable sense of warmth that really shines in this photoshoot. During the interview, despite all the questions being directed at her, the interviewer said that Ha Ji Won always made sure her family members answered first before she would chime in. I’ve always loved her as an actress but this interview and pictorial makes me feel a dash closer to her as a person to see that she’s just as caring and considerate towards her family as she’s known to be as a co-star on set.


Ha Ji Won Poses for Family Pictorial Including Lookalike Younger Brother Jeon Tae Soo — 19 Comments

  1. I’ve seen these pictures everywhere, but it somehow gets more precious the more I look at it. She seems to have such a happy family. So much love!

  2. HJW and both her sisters got the same type of nose as their mom…whereas, i feel her bro looks more like her dad. Good looking family!

    I’ve always love HJW ever since I saw her bts from Secret Garden…She really loves to giggles..

  3. When I saw these pix and the rest of her family photoshoot, the first thing I thought is: What a lovely family! How nice of her to give us a peak behind the curtain.

    The photos are artistic and beautiful! They couldn’t be any better if there was a basket of kittens snuggling under a rainbow. The warmth & love of the family really does shine through. These are the kind of celeb photos I love! It’s nice to know a favorite star has a full and happy life outside of acting.

  4. I can’t express enough how I admire this lovely woman! The people she worked with always speaks highly of her but seeing all this beautiful siblings and parents and the “warmth and love” made me love her even more. The gene pool factor is just WOW! A natural beauty she is, but her character as a person is what I like even more.

  5. I wonder what’s at stakes for the Has since family photoshoots are so rare in K-ent, where there is no such thing as “chance”?

  6. Love it! Just wish for her to choose better and challenging roles in the future. She is unfortunately typecasting herself in the very same role over and over again. Her talent is so wasted.

  7. Love and admire her not only for her acting and hard work but also her warm personality. Typecast? She has taken on roles in melo, comedy, action, saeguk. She had even taken on dramas about the most sensitive subject about SK/NK as in As One and TK2H. Do we consider these diverse roles not challenging enough and that she has been typecast? I don’t think so.

  8. She plays kick-ass women with actual personalities a lot, if that is ‘typecasting’ then long may it continue. And you know who else does that, only she does it in Hollywood and not k-cinema? Angelina Jolie.

    Her family is gorgeous and looks very warm and loving, it makes me wish I had siblings too.

  9. i am so proud to ha ji won. she has a very good and kind personality, how do i say that? because she is a very transparent and natural person..she is what she is♥…i admire her more and respects her as a woman,loving daughter, caring sister to her siblings and an awesome and brilliant actress..if people would ask me why i love ha ji won, i will tell them that there are so many things to love about her that it would take time to explain it… i really look up to her..bravo unnie!

  10. HJW will 4ever be my best Korean actress,I can see DAT beauty runs in their family,no wonder she got d looks.HJW unnie,I love uuuuuuuu!!!!!

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