Prime Minister and I Episode 7 Written Preview

I think there is only one episode of Prime Minister and I next week, and in fact most of the K-dramas might have one or even both episodes preempt due to year end award shows and the like. I’m cool with that since I’m also on vacation and all, but I’m going to be hella anxious if episode 7 ends on some crazy cliffhanger moment between my OTP. I can’t get enough of re-watching the ending sequence to episode 6, one of those beyond quiet and meaningful moments that wonderfully capture the current mood between Yul and Da Jung. They are spending time together as naturally as any married couple but without the established romantic subtext. So they are friends who happen to be married to the rest of the world and many of their conflicts stem from simply seeing things differently along the age and experience disparity. Episode 6 showed us that Yul actually trusts Da Jung, trusts her enough to tell her to handle her own problem with the political wives as well as play the role of the wife to select Christmas presents for the family and staff. He doesn’t think she’s fully competent yet but I love that he’s giving her a chance and taking a chance on her.

Da Jung similarly isn’t fixated on doing things her own way, she is willing to admit her mistake and I can see she won’t repeat it again. I think Yul will start falling for Da Jung first, and probably is already doing so, but he’ll resist it much harder than when she falls for him. She has no reason not to make their marriage a reality if she loves him and his kids but he’s clearly going through some ex-wife related anguish or guilt so it’ll be interesting to see how he actually gets up the courage to move on at some point. Obviously his kids will start getting on the Da Jung bandwagon soon, with what Da Jung did for Man Se so moving to watch. I’m curious how she’ll win over the rightfully bitter Na Ra and the rebellious Woo Ri. I was actually quite stirred by the flashback between Hye Joo and Joon Ki and wished they actually have a chance in the future but I doubt it since Joon Ki’s wife Yoon Hee seems to really crave his love in return so the drama will likely be them building a better marriage as Joon Ki lets go of Hye Joo. Can’t wait for episode 7 and more bickering and making up between Da Jung and Yul.

Written preview for episode 7:

The sleeping Da Jung on Yul’s shoulder causes his emotions to start becoming confused. She keeps flashing through his mind which leads to him even more harshly criticizing everything she does. On the other hand, there aren’t enough participants for the Legislative session which means it might not happen and when Hye Joo learns that Joon Ki was behind it she rushes to deliver a resounding slap to him.

Da Jung finds a piano inside the locked room and goes inside to play when Yul happens to return to the mansion and hearing the piano tune leads him to think of his ex-wife. He gets mad at Da Jung and then leaves. Da Jung learns that the piano belonged to Yul’s ex-wife and she feels terrible about playing it. She does to find Yul and discovers him slumped in his chair with pills strewn everywhere and his arm hanging limply.


Prime Minister and I Episode 7 Written Preview — 16 Comments

  1. This drama is really surprising me with every episode, I can’t wait or next episode, I was worried at first thinking their won’t be any episodes this week, but now I am relieved. Thank you so much Ms. Koala for translating the written preview.

  2. poor Da Jung! if she’s going to be the object of Yul’s criticism b/c of his denial of any feelings towards her…:((( hopefully, she’ll continue to be tough and keep her chin up and just persevere, esp after she faces the aftermath of reminding Yul of his wife with playing the piano. this so reminds me of the movie, Sound of Music. i really like this Korean version/twist to it. thx koala for posting!

  3. one of the nicest remakes of Sound of Music, amid so so many of them, esp with the unseemly OTP to begin with and fresh twists on standard k-drama tropes. both the leads surprised with their performance.
    thanks for keeping us posted Ms Koala.

  4. “I can’t get enough of re-watching the ending sequence to episode 6, one of those beyond quiet and meaningful moments that wonderfully capture the current mood between Yul and Da Jung.”..

    Gosh! Thought I was the only one. Loved the last part of Ep 6 a lot. When Yul reads in his mind, the line – And you came along at the time when I couldn’t sleep (don’t remember word-to-word) – Da Jung at that moment slips her sleeping head onto his shoulder. God, that’s such a sign from above and Yul realizes it with a start. Loved it.

    Every episode from the first is a step-up for the lead pair, Yul and Da Jung. The first ends at them meeting and having to stay put together for time being because of the closey-closey pic in the newspaper. Second, To marry or not becomes the question. Third, the decision to wed is made. Fourth, Yul and Da Jung get married. Fifth, Yul enervates Jung by deciding to share the same bedroom. Sixth, Da Jung beckons him to come to bed. Gosh, if the writing is working at this pace, a lot has to be in store for the coming episodes as this lead pair is being pushed to be closer together every week.

    And yes, if these guys want to bring good cheer on New Year’s eve they should have atleast 4 episodes lined up back to back rather than just one. Why did I find this drama when on air and not later..

  5. So far, i like the similarities btw Prime Minister and I and The Sound Of Music. Would it be abit far-fetched to hope for a rendition of ‘So Long, Farewell’? Like the Von Trapps, the Kwons seems to project musical tendencies. Little Man Se dances, Nara likes idol girl Yuri and Woori is the lead singer for his band. And in the preview, Da Jung plays the piano. And i’m quite sure Lee Bum Soo has a nice singing voice.

    Oh, and the twist; it seems like Woori is also Rolf.

    If the writers are following the Sound Of Music plotline, should we expect a ‘get-away’ scene reminisce of the Von Trapps fleeing Nazi ruled Austria? Maybe a scandal that tesults in Yul retiring from politics and living a quiet life with Dajung and the kids.

  6. This drama is my crack, i love the relationship between Yul and Da Jung. Also i hope the wife is not alive because that would ruin everything drama built so far.

  7. I think the part with pills is a twist; he’s not the person to commit suicide. Pills must have been spilt accidentally when he fell asleep, he might have hit the bottle or something like that.

  8. I really surprised that the rating of this drama still doesn’t reached at all because I find this drama is one of the best K-drama I’ve ever watched..I can’t wait ’til monday-tuesday every week just to see what happened next between Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung..both of them chemistry are so great…

  9. In episode 6, Chief Kang’s brother was wheeled around the hospital in a wheelchair and Da Jung’s father saw him go by when Da Jung went to visit her father. He looked awake; I don’t think he’s in a coma.

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