Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee Grace the Cover and Pages of January 2014 Spop Magazine

My adorable babies Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen are gracing the cover and main spread for January 2014’s issue of Spop Magazine (published by SETTV‘s drama production division) and the first teasers are out and they look soooooo cute I’m getting cavities. The photo spread is modeled after a throwback concept but not necessarily to the 90’s but will features looks that are dated by still classy. A teaser video was also posted by SETTV and when Lego hugged Kirsten I squealed out loud. In my late night delirium after live-watching IAGW on a delicious 70 inch HD screen and posting my recap, I misread the preemption episode for 1-3 (next Friday) instead of 1-31 (the Friday that is Lunar New Year eve). Sowwy for causing an early hysteria over next week’s episode 8 getting bumped but we’re getting it so let’s wait and see how Liu Chuan and Jia En deal with the smoothing over of the 3631 reveal and silent acknowledgment. I may have been pissed that Liu Chuan roped Ri Qi in to be his double but I was also annoyed by Jia En’s insistence on finding 3631 and meeting him. It was clear 3631 didn’t want to meet her in person by his refusal to acknowledge her request to see him, therefore the mature thing to do was back off and let it go rather and impose her desire on him.

I also can see that Jia En is just so effusive that she is still learning to read people and situations so her cluelessness is understandable. Not to mention back in 1996 the internet was still in the relative early days so online chat pals and the etiquette of real life meet ups isn’t something quite as established as today when it’s as ingrained into our behavioral perception as phone calls. I think Liu Chuan needs to thank his lucky stars that Ri Qi helping him did not cause any lasting damage whether in the form of Ri Qi’s budding romance with Xiao Wei or Xiao Wei’s friendship with Jia En. I don’t see Jia En as suddenly interested in Ri Qi once she discovered he was 3631 but rather she just wanted to spend more time with him because she thought they would have so much to say to each other in person as well. I see Jia En as craving connection with people because she’s been isolated for so long with only Ren Wei as a friend. I loved the conversation when everyone was laying down to sleep and Ah Qing asked Jia En about her friendship with Ren Wei and everyone realized those two went back to their childhood together. I used to rather glaze over the Ren Wei and Jia En scenes in the first few episodes but now I savor it as much as the Jia En and Liu Chuan moments. It’s so rare to see such a real life low key male-female friendship, and it would be cool if in real life Kirsten and Lego can form a lasting friendship as well if they don’t have a romantic spark.

Teaser for Spop January 2014 edition with Kirsten and Lego:

[youtube id=”gKjryIf_Fpc” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee Grace the Cover and Pages of January 2014 Spop Magazine — 9 Comments

  1. Adorable as always. And I have to admit Ren Wei has grown on me. That year spent settling into school and spreading his wings really did him good. I hope he and Jia En’s relationship stays low key and low maintenance.
    And if Kirsten and Lego can pull the same thing off (and it seems they’re doing a pretty good job), that would be awesome too.

  2. What a huge difference a change in makeup makes. I find Jia En super pretty in her character but she looks much more polished (and less unique) on a magazine cover. Both of them are gorgeous in this spread.

  3. Heh I’m just glad that the whole dating rumour fiasco is not affecting their working relationship or friendship 😀 These two are just so adorable with their Instagram interaction XD

  4. the back hug gave made me squeeeaaalll! just imagine when more skinship starts to happen in the drama im going to be taken to the ER!

  5. babies ;;___;; I love them so much, I don’t even care if they remain platonic, I just want them to promise they’ll be together forever that’s all lol

  6. Uwah! Babies ;~~~; Maybe it’s a bother, but I really want that magazine; do you know if I can order it somewhere? I live in Sweden 🙁

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