Yoon Eun Hye Catches Bouquet at Singer Jadu’s Wedding and Weathers Netizen Slander

I’m dying for 2014 to arrive so I can put 2013 behind me and I think there are others who feel the same way. Nor sure of my sweet Yoon Eun Hye shares the same sentiment but she’s definitely had a rough month of December and will surely be happy for a fresh new month to arrive come January. Her highly anticipated Fall drama Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) turned out to be her biggest dud in years both ratings-wise and audience reaction. Lie to Me may have been mostly silly but its undeniable tons of people loved it while Missing You garnered lots of discussion and a niche fan base. I’m not sure its possible to find anyone who liked much less loved MHIYD which wrapped up in early December with a huge whimper and a giant middle finger to those who stuck around until the end. Yoon Eun Hye tried but she couldn’t overcome a poorly written character or drama and even by the end I felt her spirit sapped. After the drama wrapped she attend good friend singer Jadu’s wedding to a non-entertainment industry gentlemen and sang a song at the wedding at the behest of Jadu. What got everyone talking was that she caught the bouquet! From what I know the bouquet catching in Korean weddings is pre-arranged in advance to give it to the friend most likely to wed next so Yoon Eun Hye catching it causes tongues wagging. Her agency pooh-poohed the chatter and said it was just luck and Yoon Eun Hye is not getting married anytime soon. Bummer as I would love to see her settle down with a good man she loves and loves her back. After the wedding poor Eun Hye got her name dragged through the mud (along with other A-list Korean actresses) as part of a prosecutorial investigation into actress prostitution. It turned into a baseless slander situation and the prosecutor investigating the case actually released a statement exonerating the names of the poor actresses being bandied about online as being completely unrelated to the case whatsoever. Days after her name was cleared Yoon Eun Hye attended her good friend Gong Yoo’s movie premiere for The Suspect and she looked so wan I wanted to hug her. It’s reassuring that this bizarre scandal was resolved so quickly because the power of netizen slander is strong indeed especially in a country as wired as South Korea. Despite her string of poor drama choices I have faith Eun Hye is just one project away from another great role and story like a Coffee Prince.


Yoon Eun Hye Catches Bouquet at Singer Jadu’s Wedding and Weathers Netizen Slander — 28 Comments

  1. I really felt so sad for Yoon Eun Hye regarding that nonsense scandal and never in my imagination such bizarre issue would occur dragging Eun Hye’s name. For all I know she is very much a christian and has been posting some Bible verses on her twitter account. Never I have doubted her integrity and decency as my most admired Korean actress. Whoever started this stupid nonsense scandal, they can never put down Yoon Eun Hye, one of the original Hallyu stars who introduced Korean dramas internationally, aside being one of the greatest actress in her generation. I know her parents, friends and supporters are standing behind her and love her so dearly. I wish her good health and happiness in the year 2014 and a good movie project that will give her acting award.

  2. I didn’t know she was dragged in this scandal, so that’s a shocker for me. The only big name I knew was Kim Sa-rang but I’m just glad it’s over now.

    Haven’t been a fan of any of her projects since Coffee prince. Don’t know about LTM, but I know how popular IMY was even if it sucked major. Hopefully she picks a good one next, she such a talented actress to get stuck with crap all the time.

    • Can you explain how I Miss You sucked? Or are you just aversed to heavy dramas? If so, then please make the distinction. I Miss You is heavy, yes, BUT DEFINITELY NOT sloppily written.

      I feel nostalgia towards her Goong and Coffee Prince days, two dramas which catapulted her to fame and earned for her acting awards. I hope 2014 will bring her a hit movie and drama together with acting awards.

      • I actually liked I Miss You, but it definitely did get a little sloppy around the middle/end portions, when it felt like the drama didn’t know whether it wanted to be a chaebol plotting drama, a murder mystery or the story of people who were overcoming horrible traumas from their past (for the record, I think the last one is what IMY did best at, with its focus on the family).

        It’s not overall a sloppy drama, though – ik people here hate the writing for the second male lead, but his going off the wall was hinted at right from the childhood portions. And YEH definitely did well in her role, it’s a step up from her post-CP romcoms, and I hope she’ll get to use her skills on a decent project next.

  3. ugh prostitution scandals seem to be the easiest lie to drag an actress with – if even a superstar like Zhang Ziyi was falsely accused and had her name besmirched, no one is safe. Poor YEH, I hope she gets some rest now that her name is cleared, it’s sad to see her lacking her usual sparkle after such a tough year (crap project that started out so promising, and worse scandal…..2014 had better be good to her, to compensate).

  4. YEH attended GY movie premiere BEFORE her name’s being cleared from that scandal. So no wonder she looked so wan since it obvious that she tried to look cheerful despite all the problem she faced. She’s a loyal friend and a friend you can count on.
    It’s true that 2013 is a tough year for her but she’s one tough cookie and will bounce back. Hopefully 2014 will be a good year for her.
    Thanks for your kind words Mrs. Koala ^-^

  5. Lie to Me was my first Korean drama and I LOVED it. It’s silliness and character growth; it’s a bit like Pride and prejudice without the great literature. She and Kang Ji-wan had so much chemistry; I was hopeful they were a real couple.
    She deserves a great drama.
    I skipped both IMY and MHIYD after the first episodes; but maybe her next one will capture me like LTM

  6. I first watched princess hour, and I loved to watch all your dramas. You are so beautiful and romantic all your dramas. Also, you have beautiful heart. I can not stop crying when I see the document Road for Hope. I know you will have a lot of international fans include myself. All fans will love you. I believe they are all concern for you when they see you catch the bouquest. They hope you will have good happy life and real love. Good luck for you 2014 and god blessing you

  7. Woo… Maybe she is really close to marriage regardless of what her agency says, who knows right? I hope she is and that it’s to someone she loves and will make her happy the rest of her life. I think that may just be the thing to give her a change in pace in life. Anyhow, her last drama was just terrible… The plot was complete nonsense and I just felt soo bad for all the actors, they were all truly wasted unfortunately. I just hopes she can get a good script next time. I have hope… I say it every time. Fighting!!! In life and in work. I am just sorry that a baseless scandal like that broke out and so many people were hurt in the process.

  8. I watched Lie to me first then Coffee Prince and then Goong and since then YEH has been one of my fave k-actresses. it’s sad the netizen just keep getting worse as regards celebrities private lives.it’s not fair, they are doing so much to entertain us even if it is their job and the least we can do is respect their lives. hope she finds a nice man and gets married. I’ll be patiently awaiting her next drama and the next until she has another hit.

  9. All the best for YEH, I’m sure she’ll be resilient and get through tough times and pick a good drama that captures my interest. Just a silly note, how did one pre-arrange the throwing of bouquet in Korean weddings? From what I know of the bouquet throwing, I thought the bride has to throw it with her back facing the crowd of girls, so she shouldn’t know where YEH is standing exactly… Or maybe it’s pre-arranged in the sense that YEH was arranged to stand right in front and directly behind the bride. Whatever the case, it does emotionally prepare me if YEH actually tied the knot this year 🙂 I hear wedding bells~

    • As you see in the photo, the designated catcher (usually the unmarried best friend of the bride) stands separately to the side and the bride throws the bouquet to her directly (facing her). It’s not what you see in American weddings where it is thrown backwards with no certainty where it will land.

      This type of wedding is adapted from Western weddings, so Koreans just have their own twist on it.

      Traditional Korean Wedding is a lot different, and normally it is done after the “Western” one, usually right afterwards in private without all the guests watching, in a separate room/area.

  10. I really love YEH. 😀 And also her breakthrough success in Goong! I am really hoping for a season 2. please! please! I love Ju Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye. their chemistry is very good. now would be a good time for that second season because, what?, 7-8 years have passed and i think the plot would be more believable and also that JJH had made a comeback in MBC! *fingers crossed* I really hope for this to happen.

    • Awww.poor unni. 2013 might not have been a good year but i hope she will find her strenght in God…i once wished she would end up with Joo Ji Hoon- oppa or with Kang Ji Hwan-oppa but now, i only with that he will find someone who is strong, reliable and would stand up with her whatever happens in life and career. I wish YEH would write or co direct a drama of her choice… i mean that shr got to have a say when a particular plot is crappy or a character should need to be killed or be a serial killer etc. I hope she can get fresh idea this year…UNNI! FIGHTING! ^^

  11. We all know that YEH made a wrong choice of her latest drama but that’s reality and YEH definitely had accepted it and im pretty sure whatever choice she’d made whether it became a hit or not, she was still thankful to God because she is a christian. As a fan, i wish her the best of luck not only this year but all throughout the years.

  12. Yoon Eun Hye is my most favorite Korean actress, and I like if she’s
    doing a Romantic Comedy it fits to her personality that she is bubble
    and happy person. I am not against with the melodrama but she needs
    a good story that will capture the viewers heart because she is a
    very good and versatile actress. I love YEH the best!… Cheers!.

  13. I wish there will be a be project for yeh and song seung hoon. they look cool & with good rapport. How about a romcom!

  14. I became a huge fan of YEH in Coffee Prince until Lie To Me came along which introduced me to k-dramaland. Their undeniably sizzlin’ chemistry on and off cam with Ji Hwan ssi in LTM got me hooked with the drama thus am rooting for them to be together in real life. Just hoping to see them in another project real soon only then YEH would once again be revitalized! fighting!

  15. I really hope that 2014 will bring the most outstanding year for our beloved YEH..i became a huge fan of her when i start to watch Coffee Prince and LTM..but GYEH make such a perfect one..to YEH, fighting!!!

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