Yoon Si Yoon Goes Fashionable for the Winter in Harper’s Bazaar

Yoon Si Yoon has had a busy year starting off with a drama in January with Flower Boy Next Door then a stint on the odd variety show Barefoot Friends and now ending the year with Prime Minister and I. I love this boy so I’m not complaining about him producing more work for me to enjoy, but I can’t be the only feeling like something is off with his performance as second male lead Kang In Ho in Prime Minister? Yoon Si Yoon usually has this simmering energy in his acting, whether playing bouncing off-the-walls Enrique Geum in FBNS or as hidden chaebol nursing emotional wounds Seo Jae Hee in Me Too, Flower! Here he’s completely flat and actually blends into the woodwork. Yes, Lee Bum Soo is phenomenal as the male lead and all eyes are on him and his great character anytime he has a scene, but I never would have imagined there could be a day where I’m not ogling adorable Si Yoon in a drama! I think it’s how his character is written so far with zero back story or depth other than shooting looks towards Da Jung that could pass for interest and romantic feelings, but for the fact that he just met her. His cropped haircut also doesn’t help – wahhhhh, I miss Jae Hee! I’m not upset he’s the second male lead because this drama is awesome and its a great learning experience to work with a sunbae like Lee Bum Soo. I just wish his character had more to do and stop making me fall asleep each time has has a scene. For the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Yoon Si Yoon goes for a more edgy fashion vibe and I like that the magazine did something with his short hair to make it less like a helmet the way it looks in PM. My favorite pics are the first and last ones, and I’m hoping him taking this role is paying his dues to KBS, the network that made him a headliner with Baker King Kim Tak Goo, and he’ll be back with a great lead role next year that challenges him and gives him more to do than send shifty looks towards Lee Bum Soo and wistful looks towards Yoona. Of course I’ll probably take back wanting his character to have more meat in PM if he turns all evil and then I’ll weep that the dang drama turned my baby boy evil!


Yoon Si Yoon Goes Fashionable for the Winter in Harper’s Bazaar — 15 Comments

  1. Its hard for me to concentrate on Lee Bum Soo when Yoon Si Yoon is in a scene with him…..I am always looking at YSY. I don’t know, maybe I am just waiting for YSY to take over, since I am so use to him being the lead male… 🙁 Still,I will watch anything with him in it… 🙂

  2. Yeah I agree. But I don’t think I’d even care if his character had depth tbh. His character, the sad story of his brother and the silly crush he has have just seem kind of unimportant with everything else going on. He’s getting out-acted by Lee Bum Soo of course, but the otp, and adorable children who need love and family moments win on the emotional front so I find it hard to even care he’s on the screen. But at least it’s a learning experience I suppose.

  3. This drama is all about Lee Boom Soo and Yoona. I guess that why it`s called `Prime Minister and I` lol. Everybody else are kind just there , almost like a backdrop for love story between Yul and Dajung. And honestly i wouldn`t want it any other way.

  4. yeah you can’t be a scene stealer or captivating to watch just by being good looking. Also crazy how people want to ship him with toons JUST BECAUSE they look good together. Anyway, I really like these pics. I’ve seen him on variety show and he seems really witty and smart. It seriously makes him 100 times more attractive IRL.

  5. Am I the only one who sees that his eyebrows all look the same in the photos? o.o hahaha. Yoon Si Yoon baby boy lost some baby fat~ look all that yumminess~ :]

    • I noticed the eyebrow thing thing too! We’re they going for a concept?

      I also noticed he lost some baby fat in the face but conversly I think he seems to have gained some muscle mass in his body, at least from the look of the fabulous fitted suits he was wearing at the beginning of the show.

      I wondered if hanging out with Kim Hyung Jung on Bare Foot Friends would make them become friends and start working out together.

  6. I don’t agree that he got out-acted by LBS. His character is very limited…no one would be able to do a better job with what’s given to him. When I first found out that YSY was going to be a second lead, I was really hoping he backed up. Sigh!! I’ve nothing against him being a second lead but the title and even the promotion already says it all..its all about LBS and Yoona..I don’t even like this drama b/c no other characters matter and totally wasted my YSY’s talent.

    I love the pictures, SOOO HOT!!
    I am crossing my fingers that his next project will be more about him, something like Baker King.

  7. I adore this guy but sadly I read somewhere that he is going to join the navy this year. Looks like we will miss him for next 2 years! *sobs*

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