MBC 2013 Year End Drama Awards

MBC started off the year end awards show circuit first among the three big networks but being fast doesn’t necessarily mean it got its act together. This network had the shakiest offerings all year in both ratings and quality and in hindsight it had only two dramas worth remembering in Two Weeks and Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident. But the biggest winners came from the drama Gu Family Book, with Lee Seung Gi co-hosting with Han Ji Hye and bagging an acting award, popularity award, and best couple award with co-star Suzy. I’m sure MBC would have found a way to give him more awards if he could carry more home. The silver lining was seeing one of my favorite couples Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won at the same event and on the same stage when she joined him to also receive a popularity award. Other than GFB, Empress Ki and Hundred Year Inheritance both walked away with lots of bling for its main cast. I almost died laughing when the best writing prizes went to the writers of those two dramas, one famous for being ridiculously makjang and the other drama that has only aired a third of its long run.

Hundred Year Inheritance also won best drama of the year so the excuse me for the snorts of derision. A bunch of A-listers didn’t attend this year despite having headlining dramas on MBC such as Moon Geun Young, Go Hyun Jung, and Lee Jun Ki since their dramas didn’t so so well so no goodie prizes for them. I watch this for the fashion and this year eschewed the basic black dresses for the ladies and instead Winter white was the color of the night. I actually didn’t like any of the myriad of white dresses, even the one worn by the usually flawless Ha Ji Won, but I did love both Lee Yoo Bi‘s playful and young short red strapless dress and UEE‘s silver peekaboo short mini dress. I normally don’t like short dresses but those two stood out in a good way. The men were all fine but there seemed to be a plethora of velvet and brocade suits, begging the question as to whether its a fashion trend or just thicker material so the guys can stay warmer. I swear these year end fetes would be way more fun if it went the Golden Globes route with food and alcohol on the table. I wish I could be happier that my beloved Ha Ji Won won the Daesang for Empress Ki but I serious can’t get behind giving the award to a role in a drama that is far from finished. I’ll it this as payback for the snubs against both her and Seung Gi for The King 2 Hearts.

Yeon Jung Hoon

Jung Bo Seok

Hong Soo Hyun

Lee Jang Woo

Yeo Jin Gu

Baek Jin Hee

Kim So Eun

Ha Ji Won

Shin Se Kyung

Minho of SHINEE


Lee Yoo Bi

Ji Chang Wook

Lee Yoon Ji

Lee Sang Yeob

Im Shi Wan

Kim Jae Won

Kim So Hyun

Kim Yoo Jung

Shin Eun Kyung

Lee Jung Jin

Lee Seung Gi

Han Ji Hye

Joo Won

Seo Hyun Jin

Joo Ji Hoon


MBC 2013 Year End Drama Awards — 88 Comments

    • I am not a fan of Lee Jun Ki and did not watch 2 weeks so I cannot comment on his performance. I watched GFB and loved Seung Gi’s portrayal of Kang Chi even though the plot is so meh. He certainly deserved the awards. I am just so happy for him. I was going to boycott all MBC dramas if he didn’t win this year after last year’s TK2H fiasco.

      • If you watch two weeks, you’ll see how he acted and know how he deserves at least the top excellence award. There were even co-awards for this award by mbc in some years if they have many rating hit dramas. This is MBC, Lol.
        Since two weeks didn’t get high rating, they have no plan to give LJG award. Also if they nominate him together with LSG, they afraid of many complaints of LSG winning. So, they snub a lot to LJG by even put him in excellence despite of his experience and performance. Of course, there were even a lot more controversies for his unfair nomination by k-reporters and netizens.

      • Take note, fans of gfb and lsg: the comment writers for ljg above seem they have no offence to lsg, just to mbc.
        Agree @Sapphire rio. Although lsg didn’t get any award for k2h, he at least got the nomination in top excellence category last year.
        This year, the way that mbc insulted to lee joon gi is so awful to accept. Two weeks is a very memorable drama and his acting is just perfect. Hope he can choose next great dramas from the other 2 stations.

  1. Damn… who cares about the adults when the child actors are not so childish anymore!? Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun grow up nicely. They’re so gorgeous! <3

    And oh my gosh… Lee Yoo Bi – she looks so great! 😀

  2. Did you see our King Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) and Queen Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) stand side by side and talk when they’re taking the winners group photo at the end of the event?
    King Jae Kang (Lee Sung Min) and Princess Jae Shin (Lee Yoon Ji) were also there.
    TK2H reunion!
    It’s just too bad, they’re not representing TK2H.

    • Haha she’s sooo much younger than him! but since Seung-gi doesn’t look older than 20, I’d kinda agree with it a little. They have worked together though, in Seung-gi’s song ‘return’. She was playing his first love’s younger version, and he looked like a complete oppa lol

    • She’s too young for him! mature yeah but even physically she’s just a teen. I don’t know maybe in the next 10 years. Anyways, Seunggi can bring chemistry with anyone

  3. Joo Won looked effing flawless.

    I just saw that Suzy won best actress over Go Hyun Jung and Jung Rye Won. What a mess.

    Honestly KBS is only award show that gives awards to rightful winners, MBC and SBS are popularity contest.

    Tomorrow entire cast of The Heirs will get an award , mark my words lol.

    • 100% agree, he looked so dashing, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

      So true about Heirs, can’t wait for the awards list tomorrow, I’m gonna need a good laugh.

      KBS will air their awards show tonight so I’m really excited about that, it’s the only one I look forward to.

  4. MBC really didn’t have a lot to work with, but the Two Weeks/ Lee Junki snub was kind of weird since the ratings were all right and the drama was good.

    But Suzy winning the same freaking award as Seunggi… and right after he did!? I don’t know if that’s a slap in the face of everyone else or MBC just being MBC as usual. My emotions were all over the place after this show. What a mess. But I’m glad they seem to rectify their wrong doings from last year for LSG and HJW.

    • I’m feeling the exact same thing! I honestly was happy that Seunggi won and everything but then I realized the equality MBC tried to put! what a mess..

  5. I hoped to catch a glimpse of MGY. 🙁
    But I absolutely agree with you, Lee Yoo Bi’s dress was killer. Her long legs stood out. And what was Han Ji Hye wearing??? It’s the angle, it’s me or the dress is awful???
    Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung are so beautiful!! I’m waiting to see them grow up into gorgeous and excellent actresses.

  6. I totally see it but Kim Yoo Jung is really going to be beautiful when she grows up. I hope she never changes a single thing on her face.
    It’s just wonderful to be able to watch these young actors/actresses grow up to be such beautiful and talented individuals.
    Lee Yoo bi had the best dress, imo.

    • *sigh* PS strikes again

      Her BOF-era face was so fresh and distinctive, I don’t mind plastic surgery when it doesn’t go overboard (Kim Woo-bin and Lee Yoo Bi are both examples of good PS) but it annoys me to death to see young men and women who looked perfectly fine to begin with, doing unnecessary things to themselves.

  7. I was floored when I found out Lee Yu Bi didn’t win! WAH! MBC?!?! She was the only good actor in GFB if you exclude Seung-gi. Major disaster.

    Seung Gi bagged quite a few though didn’t he? I felt like he kept getting more and more. I started watching midway through, but saw him winning the popularity with HJW. So. Much. Feels! I was surprised she won over Suzy (although I’m not complaining). So damn deserving.

    In the fashion front – no comments on Seung Gi’s flowery jacket. Suzy’s jewel headband is sooo gorgeous and makes her look mature and innocent at the same time. I’m officially heading out to look for one. HJW’s dress is so flawless on the shoulders and LYB looks so much taller with short dresses! But I have to say Kim Yoo Jung impressed me the most. She grows up every time I see her. She’s so going to headline as a leading drama actress very soon, methinks.

      • also, if they’re going to shower GFB with awards, at least reward the actors who actually performed well, instead of, well, what MBC did.

      • Actually, MBC didn’t award anyone from GFB other than its main leads. One of which totally deserves every single award he got. Suzy though… I can’t quite pick what’s more absurd. Han Ga-in last year or her this year. Or maybe… its Shin Se-kyung. That was another major WTF for me. Cz I’d rather watch 20 Suzy dramas instead of one SSK show.

        GFB was one of my favourite dramas this year, no matter how bad the writing was; so for that alone, I’m not complaining about the barrage of awards it brought home other than Suzy winning against GHJ – that’s a joke.

      • @emil

        Seriously. LSG was definitely deserving of winning all the awards he won. Did anyone even see who he was up against!?? The only person who I thought could beat him is Lee Junki and Joo Won beat him in a lesser award…

        Yep. Shin Se Kyung totally got off the hook for winning because of the Suzy mess. That’s really more offensive than Suzy winning to me. Suzy definitely wasn’t worthy of that award, but at least GFB was a hit and Suzy played a part in that.

      • Pog. I hope you don’t mean Seunggi by your comment ” if they’re going to shower GFB with awards…” I agree about Suzy but you can’t come close to match Seunggi effort to LYB. Each one of them did good but there is no way you mean Seunggi didn’t preform well. It’s offensive to generalized Seung Gi with the rest of the nominated/winner people from GFB today!

      • @sara – I guess you can say I don’t really include Seung-gi in that – he tried SO HARD to make up for the mess of the writing and Suzy’s glaring deficiencies as an actor every time they shared a scene and I salute him for that effort, but compared to his past work in K2H, it’s not of the same standard. And for what it’s worth, Choi Jin-hyuk and Lee Yubi made more of an impact than their small roles warranted, and imo they did better than Seung-gi, acting-wise.

  8. I think Kim Yoo Jung is best dressed, which is odd considering how young she is!! This girl is beautiful with an elegant aura, and has SO MUCH potential. Can’t wait to see her in lead roles in the future.

    yay for Ha Ji Won winning so many awards, even if they don’t mean much. the Two Weeks snub though >( How can Suzy win top excellence actress?! then again MBC gave a Daesang to Song Seung Hun before.

  9. Suzy is pretty and all but she CAN’T ACT, this has nothing to do with her being an idol. I can name quite a few idols who can act but Suzy is just awful…I really wanted to watch GFB but after a few episodes I couldn’t get over her acting. Seriously why can’t they give awards based on talent and not popularity. If they still want to base the awards on popularity they should she rename the categories. This is just as bad as Han Ga In receiving the daesang award last year for her teeth cringing performance…

  10. Koala, you are spot on in regards to UEE and LBY dresses worth talking about. They wore it with flair and was not boring like others with no imagination. HJW’s was disappointing because she always has a sense of what to wear and always carry it with aplomb. Suzy was looking good but why do so many wear white or black? If nothing else , winters should give them an excuse to put on some colour. Do hope the other two awards on 31st will be more fun to watch.
    Did not watch or complete any of MBC’s dramas so cannot put my two cents in.

  11. i was so done when i heard suzy won top excellence. idc if go hyun jung went to mars, you have to be mental to just give it to suzy for… what? showing up? congrats to shin eun kyung and the child cast of queen of the classroom for being the most deserving of the awards ceremony.

    • It doesn’t have to be because of not showing up, but Gu family was much more sucessful than Queen of classroom in ratings, so that is why.

      It is like giving a reward for work hard + making the drama sucess, you can say it all, but LSG and Suzy was one of the reason the drama did well.

      • More like LSG was the reason drama did well. Drama would have the same rating( and probably a far better acting) if they had other young actress in Suzys place.

      • @flore

        You underestimate Suzy’s popularity. She’s a big deal in Korea. As far as Big goes, viewers had already washed their hands by the time she showed up so it’s not a fair measure of her appeal.

      • @Rina – more like she happens to luck into somewhat well-written dramas (well, GFB was at the start anyway) whose writers do their hardest to work around the fact that she can’t act.

        She may be a big deal in Korea, but idol popularity doesn’t in any way guarantee viewership for a drama (IU and Yoona’s latest dramas have ratings in single digits, and they are among the It Girls of idols now) so attributing GFB’s success to Suzy is more than a bit silly. They’d have done well on ratings even with another actress thanks to LSG, and I agree with @flore – they’d have got a better performance out of anyone who wasn’t Suzy.

  12. I agree with you, koala, Lee Yoo Bi looks amazing in that red dress, it’s simple but she wears it so well. Same with Uee, that silver dress really shows off her figure (which is wonderful).

    I also like what the two child actresses – Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung – were wearing. They’re both adorable and so talented, I know KSH is already called a mini Sohn Ye-jin but now Yoo Jung is starting to resemble a young Jeon Ji-hyun, they will be sensational when they finally become leading ladies in their own right and then maybe we won’t have so many talent-free idols winning things anymore.

    • it was always like that though.

      I mean, KSH got the top award last year because of The moon sun got 40% ratings, but who deserved that award was the actor from tree deep roots.

      • Still KSH getting Best Actor Award over HSK was an insult. Nothing against KSH but HSK was WAY ahead from him acting-wise in “Tree with Deep Roots” plus the drama was better than “Moon Sun”. But at least HSK got the Daesang at Paeksang Awards for his role.

  13. The only thing I was really happy about was the nods to the kids from the Queen’s Classroom. Every single one of them deserved it!! They were fantastic.

    I like both Ha Ji Won’s and Shin Se Kyung’s dresses but their hair is so flat and boring. Lee Yoo Bi definitely has the best look – love her dress (it fits perfectly and I wish I had her legs), her shoes are so cute, and the dress itself isn’t black or white. Han Ji Hye’s dress is a disaster.

    I can’t decide which is the most wtf award of night: I almost died laughing over Shin Se Kyung bagging her best actress award (WHY) and Joo Won winning for 7th Level Civil Servant (which, as much I like him, wasn’t a good performance and the drama itself was a trainwreck). Maybe MBC want to sign him up for one of their shows next year?? Otherwise I can’t understand why he’d win over Lee Jun Ki (I didn’t think Joo Ji Hoon would bag anything, but still. It’s sad). And Suzy winning over Go Hyun Jung?? You’ve got to be kidding me, MBC. I totally get giving people like Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, etc popularity awards but to actually get commended for their acting is ridiculous. Neither of their performances in GFB were award worthy imo.

  14. The most disappointing results to me are best couple, best actress (Suzy) and why is Lee Jun Ki losing out to LSG and Joo Won?? Ahhhhh…..Taesan was so awesome!! LSG is a good actor but he wasjust okay in GB.

    I am happy with the best actor award splitting between JJM and KJW..they were amazing…Too bad, Park Sang Min didn’t win, he was so good being the villain in Scandal but I am kinda happy for JCW…baby emperor is definitely his breakthrough role.

    As for HJW..no complain at all. I totally feel she deserves the awards despite the fact Empress Ki only aired one third. I was really upset with last year result when HGI won over HJW…

  15. Forgot to mention…I love Kim Yoo Jung’s look…she is really gorgeous and cute at the same time. Her acting is on par or even greater than most adult actresses…if SSK and Suzy won for acting…I am sure KYJ will eventually once she starts leading.

  16. There was quite alot WTF moments! Suzy winning Top Excellence Award! I don’t know if MBC is insane or just insane because she does not deserve it at all. I don’t mean to be personal to her but frankly speaking she didn’t put half of the effort Seunggi placed in GFB so how the heck she got the same award?! I feel sad for her though, clearly she knows she’s not up to that level. SSK was another bomb! I’m not putting my hate on Mi Doo ( her character sucks) but she literately has plain facial expression. Empress Ki getting acting awards was also WTF! the drama ain’t finished.

      • The award is for best acting and portrayal of character.Especially if it is HJW- I’m pretty sure that she” ll be very good whether it is the beginning, middle or end of the drama.You don’t need a finished drama in order to show that you’re a good actress.I still believe that she deserved it. She even deserved it last year over Han Ga In. I could understand if it is for best drama.

  17. I think Kim Yoo Jung totally stole the show. She is just plain gorgeous, with a hint of cuteness and overflowing with elegance (at such a young age, at that!). But more than the prettiness, she has that atmosphere or aura or charisma or brightness or an unexplainable actress force, about her.

    And if they had to give Suzy an award coz she attended, that Couple award with Lee Seung Gi was more than enough. But if MBC wanted to give her more than 1, then they could have let her and Ha Ji Won shared the Popularity Award. I’m sure Ha Ji Won would be gracious enough to share the popularity, so as not to “degrade” the class of her Acting Daesang. I guess she’s really the young Han Ga In, in almost everything.

    And with regards to Shin Se Kyung…… I guess not all child actors are gonna be good actors when they grow up.

    • You’ve got it backwards – actors don’t get an award for attending, they attend if they know they’re going to get an award. Hence why Song Seung Heon, Go Hyun Jung, Kwon Sang Woo, etc etc were not present.

  18. Mbc really slapped themselves in the face. The award to suzy is attracting more than 10,000 negatives comments and votes just overnight in the naver article. Some are saying this is the worst award night ever. I mean they gave her the higher acting award…not just the acting award. You feel bad for the other nominees. Tomorrow is going to be fun but i think i will watch kbs instead of sbs.

    • Yep. I seriously feel bad for the other nominees and winners. The Suzy news overshadowed everything and drags them into the mess as well. I feel bad for her as well. She seriously did not seem like she thought she would win/deserved to win. Look at the group picture of all the actors, she’s off to the side far away from everyone else.

  19. We all know the person who really got shafted here was go Hyun Jung. Her nuanced performance as teacher ma in queens classroom deserved that acting award over Suzy.

  20. I so agree with you that the best drama for MBC were Two Weeks (which they totally ignored) and Scandal: That very shocking and immoral incident. To reward Empress Ki and it’s actors is ridiculous, since this show(although very good till now)is barely 1/3 through…..

  21. You know the credibility of an award when actors have to share one with another actor…Both JJM and KJW won for Top Excellence actor…really??? Seriously, they couldn’t choose? I would be the actors, it wouldn’t make me happy/satistified. Suzy, best actress? No comment. I’m waiting for “Heirs” to sweep all the awards tomorrow, now that’s what I’ll called : hit rock bottom :/

  22. My guess for SBS daesang:

    Top dramas a contention between I Hear Your Voice, Heirs and Yawang. The latter was a ratings monster yet virtually no international buzz.
    If this truly happens, I can see them awarding daesang to either Lee Bo Young or Soo Ae, because they’re the sunbae. The Heirs cast will rake in the top excellence and lesser acting awards just to give SBS excuse to reward their popular drama no matter how undeserving. I just hope they dare NOT exclude bb Lee Jong suk out of the acting prize because he def deserve it way more than forget-how-to-act LMH! And oh, Sch

  23. Every year its the same, stations do these award shows and netizens always have some sort of complaint against the winners. I don’t agree with the winners too but there’s no shock in seeing that these are popularity awards too and nothing more. Even the so-called prestigious Baeksang awards is tainted.
    I’ve been looking out for Seunggi cause I like him but some of his fans need to chill, don’t think he would want you guys hating on Suzy. I am meh towards Suzy but I actually feel sorry for her cause it was clear she didn’t want to win too.

    • well, he’s been dragged into the mess MBC caused and fans aren’t used to him getting any sort of hate lol. But it’ll pass. This does happen every single year. I also feel sorry for her because she obviously had no idea what was going on. The sad thing is she doesn’t even seem to want to act in the first place.

  24. My guess for SBS daesang:

    Top dramas a contention between I Hear Your Voice, Heirs, masters sun and Yawang. The latter was a ratings monster yet virtually no international buzz.
    If this truly happens, I can see them awarding daesang to either Lee Bo Young or Soo Ae or Gong Hyo Jin because they’re the sunbaes. The Heirs cast will rake in the top excellence and lesser acting awards just to give SBS excuse to reward their popular drama no matter how undeserving. I just hope they dare NOT refuse bb Lee Jong suk the acting prize because he def deserve it way more than forget-how-to-act LMH! And oh, School 2013 reunion plskthxbye.

    Couple award: they so WILL give lmh-psh something (barf!), but the true chemistry that burns through the roof belong to our Master and his Sun only!

    I think this year KBS only thrives in weekend fares: my daughter soo young, king’s family, lee soon shin and that’s it. Maybe a modest hit in Secret but their weekday dramas are bust all year round. Oof.
    Daesang prize will probs go to Lee Bo Young (think this depends on which show she opts to attend since she has hit dramas in both networks; she can go with hubby to this one tho). If not, then it gets interesting because they may actually reward it to someone based purely on acting merit instead of popularity. Again, its because i really cant think of another hit out of kbs.
    Excellence and all the lesser acting category will go to secret, kings family and mdsy cast, with lee soon shin sprinkled in. I’m betting the lee yoon ji-joo wan couple from kings fam, iu-jong seok from soon shin and secret couples for best couples awards.

    • Kim Hye Soo is for Queen of the Office will get the daesang imo. I’d be surprised if she didn’t. She’s been on every best actor/best character list there is. And you are forgetting Good Doctor as well.

      SBS will be interesting to watch since unlike MBC and KBS there are a lot of options.

      • Gong Hyo-gin is definitely not in the running for Daesang – not because she doesnt deserve it (she does!) but because she’s not going. I agree with melissa on KHS for Daesang or LBY. As for couples award – the results are shown on the voting site in SBS, so unless some random miracle happens overnight, PSH-LMH is getting that one.

        SBS has 5 actors they need to award – LMH, KWB, LJS, JIS and SJS. But they do have the top 10 award thing, so I guess they don’t need to do the double award that MBC did so often and stupidly. Like how they gave a double award for KJW and JJM. Although in retrospect, I don’t know who deserves it more since they’re both great, so in that aspect, its fair. I look forward to the SBS awards, only because the backlash is gonna be worse than MBC’s – I predict. Specially if they are really stupid enough to give LMH the daesang or something.

      • Oooh, yeah, almost forgetting Good Doctor. Another year, another Joo Won hit for KBS eh?! They oughta give him the excellence award (or even Daesang) for his consistent performance in the network over the years (and partly for snubbing him last year – much as Joongki was good in Nice Guy, JW’s Kangto flippin’ destroyed me last year).

      • @Flipili Hahaha! Kangto destroyed me too, that sob…kbs should really recognize joo won more, he gives them hits after hits.

  25. What a crappy award show. I am glad Moonie and Bummie did not turn up though I miss them terribly. They made a wise decision to spent their precious time elsewhere rather on this stupid award show. I stayed on to see the child actors and actress. After a while I got bored and went to bed instead.

    To those who missed it, no loss, really. I agree with one comment made by an earlier – it does not make sense to give an award to someone when the drama is still in progress. Next time, I will give MBC awards a skip, knowing its stupid and senseless.

    • I’m sure you’ll get mad even more if they give the best drama to Empress Ki but the awards given to the Empress Ki actors and actresses were for the best portrayal of their roles.If they were good to begin with I do think that they deserved it. Do you think that their portrayal of characters would changed in the middle and end of the drama? I don’t think so .I believe they will be even better considering the calibre of the actors especially HJW and JJM and it is not their fault that they were nominated.

  26. about suzy no words. but it was the best night for me seeing seung gi and ha ji won together. i had chills don my spine and felt how hurting it was when they did not win anything last year for the epic king two hearts. their chemistry is still a treat. and the final group photo will be DP for a while.

    seung gi’s fans are trowing tantrums because they are not used to him getting any hate but now has to go through the mud coz of mbc.but its more than that. this time winning the to award make up for the loss for k2h last year. and to say he’s not deserving is out of line. i feel more suzy though.i agree he also would not want people hating suzy. she’s overated and she is horrible as an actress. but the hate is too much.

    just wait till sbs winners come out. heirs , one of the worst drama of the year will have few supricess for you

    • I also think that K2H was a great drama.The actors and actresses of that drama should have won the awards.LSG’s acting was even better than GFB. I’m so glad that I saw the King and Queen together. What a reunion. I don’t see anything wrong with HJW’s gown.She always turn out different from other actresses. In fact it is a glamorous gown but still simple and elegant .

  27. Suzy winning an ACTING award ove Go Hyun Jung is about as perposterous as me being a supermodel. No matter how well GFB did Suzy is nowhere near the league of acting that Go Hyun Jung so her win just shows what we already knew about these awards, that they are worth as much ad a pile if horse poop.

  28. Your comments on awards are on target. But we are not skipping the news because of fashion. Ha Ji Won’s appearance -hair, gown, makeup – is a thumbs down. But she is “the” HJW so she’s forgiven for this aberation; Kim So Yeun’s style- from hair to makeup, gown and accessories- was successful; UEE’s dress looked disastrous during her acceptance speech; Lee Yoo Bi’s sumple but elegant style is successful.

  29. I don’t understand who complains about Empress Ki getting award when it is still not finished. All the actors in the drama are superb, they are really really good. Empress Ki already aired 18 episodes, it’s almost like a normal drama length! Ha Ji Won totally deserved the Daesang and the PD choice award. JJM is AMAZING, have you seen him? He and HJW shines in every scene. Ji Chang Wook still has a lot to improve but he was the best candidate in his category. There are so many awards that are awarded when they are not finished yet, so i don’t understand the complains. Abou Suzy i agree, it’s the same like last year with Hang Ah In. And “2 weeks” looks like TK2H last year even if they are both great show they werent ratings winner.

    • You must be joking about Ji Chang Wook?? A lot to improve? Ha Ha, biased much with JJM? Sorry to say but JCW even overshadows him in Empress Ki imo. And I’ve seen Frozen Flower, 200 pounds beauty, he always play the same composed, long face character…I’m sorry to JJM but some of his fans are really arrogant. They are overestimated him. JCW deserved his award.His performance in Empress Ki is top-notch.Period.

      • BTW, I’m well aware you think JCW is good in EK and that he deserves his award but the “still has a lot to improve” in your post was really uncalled for. That’s why I replied to your post.

      • Looks like tthe biased one are you. This is the first time that i saw JJM and JCW and JJM is superb. How can you even compare JJM to JCW is beyond me. I never said that JCW is not good but comparing him with JJM acting is crazy.

    • Being a veteran actor doesn’t make you better than others…Cringe all you want, I even think Joo Won is better than JJM. Song Kang Ho, Kim Myung Min and Kang Dong Won are what I called AMAZING. As for the biased comment, I’m like you, I’ve just discovered JCW in EK, I didn’t know him before and I was impressed by his performance. JJM, I’ve known him since Frozen Flower.

      • I dont think JJM is better than JCW because he is a veteran, there are young actors that are superb and better then veterans, JCW is not the case. He can still improve and get better than JJM, but for now he is still far away.

    • Okay, okay, let’s agree to disagree…everyone is entitled to their own opinion after all. Joo Won is the best in his generation imo but JCW has really impressed me in Empress Ki, especially the emotional scenes (his facial expressions are spot-on imo, you really feel his sadness or his anger). No hard feelings 🙂

      • I have to disagree about Joo Won being best in his generation. There are many who are better IMO. No hard feelings too.

  30. Have you seen the BTS of LSG and HJW before the group picture taking.Bring back memories of K2H.I wish that they can have another drama same with HB and HJW.

  31. I think Yoo In Na has already worn a similar dress that to LBY? though i think it’s white not red?

    Guess i wont look for replay of the MBC awards anymore based on the reviews.

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