First Teaser for Shitsuren Chocolatier with Matsumoto Jun and Ishihara Satomi

It’s a new year in J-doramas as well and the first one on my check-out list is Shitsuren Chocolatier (失恋ショコラティエ Heartbroken Chocolatier) with Matsumoto Jun and Ishihara Satomi. It’s based on a manga of the same name and for once it’s a manga I haven’t read despite it being highly acclaimed, having won the 36th Kodansha Manga Award for best shoujo manga. Normally I’ll go read the source material right away if its something I haven’t read but this time I’ll let myself be pleasantly surprised without a clue what to expect. The full cast in addition to Jun and Satomi are chock full of easy-on-the-eyes talent such as Mizukawa Asami, Mizobata Junpei, Mizuhara Kiko and great character actor Takenaka Naoto. I find the promotional materials eerily reminiscent of Last Cinderella with Shinohara Ryoko, Fujiki Naohito, and Miura Haruma last Spring, and I’m thinking it’s just the copious use of the color pink that is the only similarity. I’m not expecting Shitsuren Chocolatier to be a rom-com and I’ve heard its rather a bittersweet and serious drama. But the first teaser preview makes it look rather cute and goofy, or maybe those are just the faces that Jun makes. Satomi is gorgeous as always but I’m still getting the weirdest “she’s cheating on Oguri Shun!” vibes when I see her with Jun since I’ll always remember the Jun-Shun tandem in Hana Yori DangoRich Man, Poor Woman remains with last J-dorama I loved wholeheartedly so I’ll keep my fingers crossed this story and pairing will reignite the fire for me since 2013 was overall a year where not a single J-dorama kept my attention. Shitsuren Chocolatier premieres on Fuji TV on January 13th.

Official drama synopsis:

After graduating from high school, Sota Koyurugi studies bakery at an institute. In high school, he fell in love with beautiful Saeko. Because of Sota’s effort, he is able to have a romantic relationship with Saeko right before Christmas. Saeko though tells Sota that she will be unable to meet him on Valentine’s Day, but can meet him on the day before Valentine’s Day. On that day, Sota gives Saeko chocolate that he made, but she doesn’t accept his gift. Saeko tells him that she didn’t think they were dating. Sota is heartbroken, but he doesn’t give up hope. To make Saeko love him, he travels to France with little money and studies chocolate there. This is because Saeko loves chocolate. 5 years later, Sota becomes a first-class Chocolatier. Now back in Japan, Sota opens his very own store.


First Teaser for Shitsuren Chocolatier with Matsumoto Jun and Ishihara Satomi — 16 Comments

  1. thanks koala for posting this. <3

    I still dont feel excited with Ishihara satomi, even more after read the first two chapter of manga, I've been already hate her character… so badly there is no chapter 3 yet, I like Mizukawa Asami looks better even more her character, really really hope this wont be like lucky seven which jun wont end up with any girl 😀

    this is drama I'm waiting the most and cant wait to watch VS arashi too where the cast as the guest, jun vs arashi, will be veru much interesting! YAY!!!

    wish there will be a little miracle : koala do recaps for this! hehehe just kidding tough I pray earnestly to god 😀

  2. I’m not too excited for Ishihara Satomi’s character since I heard she won’t be playing a nice character T______T I miss her in my dramaland but also hoping that she’ll be playing a nice character, am i being too greedy? She looks so cute with Matsumoto Jun, I just hope they can work together again some other time in a new rom-com. I’m indifferent towards Mizukawa Asami but I like the cast as a whole.. will probably check it out anyways.

    • I like Miss Korea more than You Who Came From The Stars and PM and I, though I enjoyed all 3 dramas.

      The acting Miss Korea is solid, even from Lee Yeon Hee and characterization and motivations of the characters are rich.

  3. The teaser doesn’t do much for me… and I’m also one of those not very excited about Ishihara Satomo. If her character is going to be annoying, I’ll struggle… but definitely want to watch this for Matsujun.

    I’m glad to hear that the source drama is serious, that actually should make this better. (Please don’t be anything like Last Cinderella, even if the promotional materials are similar.)

  4. I always hate those stories where someone changes themselves to get someones love…though I used to love Skip Beat and she changed because of hate and revenge so I guess it’s not that different

  5. I’ll definitely be watching for Mastujun but I hope it’s actually good. Also looking forward to that reunion drama between Miura Haruma/Tabe Mikako.

  6. I was looking forward to this when I thought it was a rom-com, now not so much. I am in the mood for something light and funny and romantic from Japan.

  7. OMG Koala did you noe that Ishihara Satomi was in the same drama as Matsumoto Jun in Kimi Wa Petto. She played the high school girl that liked Jun’s character. Now she’s playing his love interest!! Wow, what fate 😀

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