Empress Ki Episode 20 Sails the Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang Ship to Blissful Happiness

My smiling face this morning was seriously beaming rays of joy after watching two fantastic new episodes of competing Mon-Tues K-dramas Empress Ki and Prime Minister and I (recap coming!), plus I’m finally over the most hellacious cold and jet lag combo ever. It’s like the clouds have parted and I can hear the birds singing. This week’s two episodes of EK dialed up every plot development from lukewarm to scalding hot and suddenly the fur is flying and shit is finally happening. Yeon Chul goes down and then gets back up, Ta Hwan tries to take out his political rival and love rival in a two-birds-one-stone maneuver, and Wang Yoo out plays everyone AND gets his girl. A sweet marriage proposal to be his queen when they get back to Goryeo? Hairpin worn, proposal accepted. Hot kissing and then BAM a wedding night? Yeah, my King and Queen done up and married themselves, thank you very much. The hilarity of the reactions of doom and handwringing baffle me since Ta Hwan is himself sleeping with his harem while pining for Seung Nyang so let’s not be dealing in double standards. What I love about Seung Nyang’s relationship with both men is that they both affect her and she acknowledges it. She does have feelings for Ta Hwan as well, but it’s a mixture of pity and chemistry and camaraderie. If he didn’t cause her dad’s death she could totally fall in love with him one day if she still ended up a serving maid in the Yuan court. But the narrative shows us that she’s in love with Wang Yoo now, and it’s not an imaginary projection of her feelings but knowing him and spending time with him. I can handle Seung Nyang marrying Ta Hwan down the line, and if that happens I hope she at least tries to love him a little. But her heart has been given to Wang Yoo first and he’ll always be the man she wants to be with even if life pulls them apart down the road. I’m sooooo happy they got some quality romantic time together now before all hell breaks loose soon. This drama is called Empress Ki and it’s Seung Nyang’s choice I am keen to watch. She picked her man today and I couldn’t be happier.

Empress Ki Episode 20 Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang proposal cut:

[youtube id=”kiILTZ2QAlI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Wang Yoo asks what Seung Nyang wants to do after she gets back to Goryeo. She plans to follow him even if he doesn’t want her to. Wang Yoo gives her the hair pin and asks if she’ll be his Queen once they go back. If she’s not ready to answer him now, he’ll wait for her to answer. If she says yes, she can wear the pin as her answer.

Empress Ki Episode 20 Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang wedding night cut:

[youtube id=”oamnQZ7G-0k” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Wang Yoo misses Seung Nyang so goes to see her that night after she accepts his proposal. He kneels down and says he really still has so much to learn about her and asks why she cross-dressed in the beginning? Seung Nyang brings up the incident when the young crown prince released the Goryeo women being sent to the Yuan as slaves. Wang Yoo cries remembering how he wanted to help them but ended up getting many of them killed, including the mother of the young girl who he thinks probably also died. Seung Nyang reveals she is that girl and she never once blamed the crown prince for what happened.


Empress Ki Episode 20 Sails the Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang Ship to Blissful Happiness — 69 Comments

  1. Wooh! Your fast! well, I gusee JJM didn’t lie when he said he’ll keep SN till the end at the MBC drama awards!

    I’m loving how this drama is going. I don’t give a shit about SN marrying TH in the future. As long as I’m enjoying every bite of both leads chemistry I’m sold to whoever sell best.

    shippers should avoid going to soompi thread! People are flagging each other there! LOL

      • LOL yeah, those fangirls are so loud and crazy. Some Ta Hwan fanatics even said they hope the rating will drop to 0%. #facepalm

      • Its has been a war zone indeed at soompi. it is supposed to be a forum on the drama EK but one can sense that right from the start, it was set up to promote a particular bias. Pages later, with further fanning, we have this craze that reach a level that is simply ridiculous.

    • I saw that this morning at the soompi thread, that’s why I stop going to that thread. So crazy…well, I am pretty happy that SN got to spend some time outside the palace with her lovely WY. Thanks for posting these scenes, WY (or rather JJM) can make any girl’s heart melt.

  2. The fake pearl clutching on the soompi thread is kinda hilarious, they’d be cheering if it had been Ta Hwan and Seung Nyang getting it on. I can’t wait for the subs to come out, Empress Ki has been dragging for me lately but it sounds like this week makes up for it.

  3. What, so soon? I’m not gonna like this episode. Poor TH, he’s going to be so heartbroken. So SN gets to sleep with both men? She’s going to be a concubine later and then empress.

  4. So happy!! Everything was so sweet and perfect. I really don’t feel sad at all for TH. SN has been like a dead body all the time that she was with him but nobody cared about it, if TH cries everybody says, poor him. TH doesnt really care about SN at all, she always been unhappy with him and now that she can be happy with the man she loves he tries everything to kill him. Is this considered love? This is only obsession and selfishness.

  5. hi everyone, i’ve been reading EK forum in soompi and have read more than 300pages of the forum yet only after the bed scene that some trolls came and bashed the real residents there. most active members there have been exchanging ideas nicely. the TH-SN active shippers there are truly disappointed yet they are still friends with their rival SN-WY shippers.
    with due respect to TH-SN shippers, it’s true that they expressed their disappointments and frustrations but in most civil manners. There were just really some trolls (TH-SN shippers that were not much active in the thread) that created the commotion a while back, but the typhoon had already calm down when they “left” i think lol 🙂

    anyway, i’m not a soomper but i like the reading the thread there too so i know what’s going on.

    as for the SN-WY scene, it’s soooo funny and cute how WY held his heart while releasing a deep sigh after giving the hairpin and proposing to SN kekeke!
    and the most awaited scene had finally come!
    i don’t care much about the plot about who’s to who for now, but the actors as well as the characters are well executed on this episode 🙂

    well let’s enjoy this moment because sooner it’ll be (maybe) back to TH-SN scene again.

  6. Are people just extra crazy lately? From the crazy Chilbongie shippers to the crazy TH shippers…. Seems like’s it’s been nonstop fights in dramas. I’m glad I stopped watching EK for now.

    I’m still trying to figure out how this is an immoral act according to some.

  7. Could someone please point me to the scene where we learn, that the Emperor sleeps with his harem as koala says? All I know is, that he was forced to secure the bloodline (which is quite common for royals), refused to sleep with his wife and said to SN, that he only wants to be touched by her.

    Looking forward to the subs of ep 19 and 20.

      • Lol. Who needs to spell out the fact that emperors sleep with concubines? Just because TH is a pathetic excuse for a man doesn’t imply that he is sexually pure or chaste. And SN can sleep with whoever she pleases.

      • Crazy TH-SN shipper. Dont come bash Koala on her own blog with your crazy imagination.

      • @rina historically maybe. But we are watching a drama. History rules rarely play in the context of dramas, especially romantic sageuks like Empress Ki. So many modern devices and notions have being applied into this drama, that you can’t really use facts like “emperors sleep with concubines.” We know Th, and his character would never do such thing unless forced.

        @Wonbinlover. Crazy imagination? Oh please Koala made up so many things about TH in her past posts like saying that he lied to Sn that WY is dead and now that he is responsible for the death of Sn dad. Her dad was already dying. Please rewatch episode 6.

        @koala like stated before. history devices and rules does not apply to this drama, this show is almost 100% made up, using more modern context and modern notions of romance than history. If you want to play that game, you need to stop analyzing by jumping around both modern and historical context. You pick and choose in order to shine Th in a bad light most of the time. Anyone can do that, for example. Th is emperor, he can do what he wants, if he wants to bed her, he can willing force it. Sn should had being put to death for assaulting him so many times during the show. She could be put to death by her condescending tone and disrespect towards him when she was his maid. The list is endless.

        -Th job to procreate period…emperors barely run the nations…where are you pulling up these kind of generalizations and one sizes fit all box. First you criticize Th for not doing much as emperor and now you are saying that it is normal.

        There are always many ways to stop your enemy like Yeon Chul without have to produce an heir. That may be your strategy, it doesn’t mean that is the best strategy.

        Now you are supporting Th to do nothing but continue being a puppet king and just bed concubines and produce heirs. Hypocritical at best.

        You can have your opinions but the thing that would make fans of Th upset is how you make up things to slander a character repeatedly. It undermines your credibility. I like your site when it is more objective but when you dig in one side and then pretend to be open to the other side by saying oh…only if they did this and that then i might accept them but would continue to bash them over small things and made up things. You once edited a post that you mislead people about Th, you get half kudos, because you never once put a disclaimer for making the mistake…you just quietly changed it.

    • LOL, just because we don’t see all the characters take a dump doesn’t mean they don’t do so on a regular basis as human beings with functioning bowels.

      Ta Hwan has a harem, like all Emperors do. He is a man in his prime. If he DOESN’T sleep with his ladies that would be the anomaly. Him not sleeping with Tanasiri is a whole different issue – he does not want a kid with her who will carry the Yeon Chul bloodline and give that family control of the dynasty through progeny. You ask for a scene showing Ta Hwan sleeping with his ladies? I ask for a scene disproving he doesn’t. It needn’t work like that. I simply posited the most rational and logical of conclusions based on the situation that as an Emperor with a vast array of ladies at his disposal he can sleep with them at his leisure, save for Tanasiri because he can’t stand her and can’t risk producing a demon spawn with her.

      This has nothing to do with ships, btw. Ta Hwan can sleep with his ladies of the backcourt and I wouldn’t hold it against him that he doesn’t love Seung Nyang or “betraying” her. LOL, what poppycock. As Emperor he can love Seung Nyang AND still sleep with his ladies. Hello? So if he makes Seung Nyang his Empress one day you’re saying he’s going to never sleep with his back court. That is the most ridiculous concept ever, and if Ta Hwan did that then he deserves to be a loser of an Emperor. His job is to procreate. Period. Emperors barely run the nation anyways, it’s all ministers doing the heavy lifting. An Emperor’s job is to continue the line. If Ta Hwan just slept with Seung Nyang and hoped she wear bear him a son who lived to adulthood then he’s a moron. In that day and age kids die of disease all the time. His job is to have as many kids with as many women in his back court as possible. Anything else makes him unworthy to rule, period.

      I actually found Ta Hwan’s moronic insistence on NOT producing an heir and needing to be forced into it one ding against him. A wise ruler would understand without being forced that the best way to thwart Yeon Chul was to produce a crown prince with another woman NOT Tanasiri.

      An Emperor or King sleeping with his harem is unrelated to romance and hardly involves any betrayal of whatever pure love is floating around. In fact, when Wang Yoo gets back to Goryeo and becomes King, he better get down to business and start making heirs too.

      • Absolutely true! Based on history and logic…if there is like button i already like this million times! XP

      • I agree. An Emperor’s job is to procreate. on that Cdrama, Bu Bu Jing Xin, the Emperor did not give a title to Rouxi right away so he can be with her anytime because by giving her a concubine title, then he would flip a number when he needed to sleep with her.

      • I must object. We are watching a drama after all and assuming stuff in the background is fatal for the character perception. If we could do so, we could just assume the same for WY. He is a King too, brought up within the same rules as in having a harem for his benefits and therefore used to the idea of consuming multiple women, he is a healthy man and why should he only pine after one woman? He could release his sexual needs with pretty much every palace maid and still yearn for SN.

        We never see the Emperor waking up with another woman and we all know how complicated the palace rules are about such stuff. Everbody in the palace got an urgent interest in the Emperor begetting a child in the past, we all know it is harmful to his wife’s position, if he fathered a second child with another woman, we all know how interested his father in law was in this matter and now suddenly according to you we are to accept, that he lives an active sexual life without all these parties interfering and scheming?

        Sorry, I don’t buy this idea.

        The same goes for pretty much every Kdrama out there. The way women are portrayed in the average drama is ridiculous. Unkissed and virginal even well into their thirties? If we would administer common sense like you argued, the viewers should assume they had sex several times with different gueys and are just faking the deer-in-the-light-at-first-kiss-eyes. Lol.

      • I agree with newbie. I separate dramas from any historical content because dramas tend to be about the characters and story rather than historical accuracy.

  8. I think it is too early in the show for this. I expect it to happen but not this early. Who on earth gives their first kiss and their v card on the same day? Esp someone reserve like sn?

  9. LOVE IT!Empress Ki is truly the best kdrama that I’ve ever watched! Every scene keeps me on the edge of my seat! Totally squealing over the kiss! I don’t see anything wrong with them spending the night together! Wang Yoo giving the hairpin was his proposal for marriage to Seung Nyang and She accepted it. They are now married so there’s nothing wrong with them consummating their relationship! During those time there we’re no wedding ceremonies,that privilege was only given to the Emperor and the Empress. I hate Ta Hwan’s obsessed and delusional fans! How dare they insult Seung Nyang! Ta Hwan has a freaking harem with thousands of concubines in it! He sleeps with any woman whenever he wants to! He even got Lady Park (not his wife) pregnant!If you should point a finger on anyone for being immoral,it should be on Ta Hwan! BTW the ratings for the last episode has been released! Empress Ki still Number 1 on it’s timeslot and it increased! It means that there’s a clamor for Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo! SUCK IT HATERS!

  10. OK, she got that out of her system. Been to bed with a guy. Now what? Now does she do something that justifies a 50-episode sageuk? One thing Seungnyang has done for me: she made me miss Deokman.

    • Wang Yoo is not just a random guy! They’re married! They consummated their marriage and there’s nothing wrong with that. The upcoming episodes will be even better than the past episodes for sure! There are more stories to tell. Seung Nyang will be a concubine then eventually become an Empress. They have really good writers. The upcoming episodes will be EPIC!

  11. Ok, SN/WY are ‘married’. She’s going to marry TH eventually, so does SN/WY get divorced or as King, WY just releases her? It’s going to be weird and I have no idea what’s in store now. I should expect TH/SN bed scene now that WY/SN shippers got theirs. It’s only fair right? LOL

  12. Woooaaah…..everybody chill out, please..we’re watching a drama, everything can be happen. it’s on the hands of the writers and director. whatever and however they make this drama, i’m going with it. i’m happy that the writers don’t decide to change the storyline despite of the numbers of TH-SN shippers (the EK book did tell the love line is between WY-SN, they love each other and consumate their relationship. i’m sure everybody here who watch EK knew the story in the book, it’s all over the internet..). if the WY-SN relationship can make a big impact to TH and turn him to become better as a king to get noticed by SN, then i’m sold. Suppose SN will be having WY and TH in her heart and mind later, that’s better. give us story like MOB when we got frustated by the female lead’s choice. the writers themselves said that they won’t make SN as a saint, considering some of korean know her as a betrayer. i prefer conflicted heroine to pure saint heroine, it’s just my cup of tea. i just wait and see, i hope the upcoming episodes will be more more better.

  13. Hehe… I have a lot of episodes to watch now. 🙂

    Thumbs up to this post! I had to LOL at the part where fans are questioning whether TH sleeps with his harem. LOL – I really do not think we need to see this kind of scene to know that it actually happens.

    In any case, thanks for the post Capt K!

  14. yeah. i think some of th shippers in soompi is immature enough to watch ek. they just hate about the wy-sn’s bed scene then some try to blame writers for make immoral drama and some said don’t want to watch ek anymore. i wonder why they don’t stop watching when th-lady park’s bed scene and blame the writers for immoral that time?? i think if they change wy with th in that bed, they will really happy and thank the writers. that kind of fangirls really make me sick.

    btw tq for the recap.

    • I agree that the argument about it being immoral or not is kinda dumb.
      -For the th-lady park-if you decide to look at historical context, it’s not immoral for the king to take concubines. It was normal, so I gotta disagree with using this example to support Sn & Wy bed scene.

      I think what displeases many is how quickly wy and sn had their bed scene. Out of character and not natural in their romantic development.

  15. Am I the only one watching this drama for the LOLs? The directing and writing are both quite terrible, making this show unintentionally hilarious. It is like sageuk makjang =D

    • OH REALLY?! Empress Ki has been a consistent Number 1 on it’s time slot,beating all the mediocre rom-coms currently airing! Actually they have been doing that from the very first episode(which was late last year)up to now! So many new dramas but they are still Number 1! The ratings even increased with the current episode! If Empress Ki is a terrible drama people won’t watch it! Obviously Empress Ki still manages to capture the hearts of the viewers! Every scene keeps me on the edge of my seat! With magnificent actors and actresses, Ha Ji Won is superb! Good writers and A good director(yes i said that) success is inevitable.

    • I used to like EK in the beginning, but after several eps of SN washing TH face and the dragging plot…..yeah, I watch it for the lols.

      I can no longer take EK seriously, and have paused watching for several weeks. However I’ll resume watching since there’s major event (and of the SN-WY variety *woot*)

  16. This suppose to be honeymoon also took me by surprise.C’mon this is only a drama.I’m sure the writers are having a great time reading or finding out the comments here and soompi.All I can say is the actors are doing a great job portraying their charactes and that is why everybody watching Empress Ki are affected.All I know is I love HJW-she herself seems to have mixed feelings.Empress Ki fighting-this event is a set up for the real triangle to come.

  17. Sometime I really want punch crazy and fanatic Ji Chang Wook fans because they always bashing Wang Yoo/JJM like EXOstan bashing Suju and ELF

      • There are not JJM fanatics. There are people who like the show and express politely their point of view and that there are JCW hormonal fans that can only think “How cute is he?” “My little puppy” “So handsome” “So good” and when things don’t go like they want they start to bash others people that are just politely discussing a drama. I’m sorry for JCW, his fans make him look bad too.

    • JJM fanatics exist as well…aside criticizing the emperor, they find faults in whatever he’s doing. How many times did I read “the emperor is a coward”, “he’s annoying as hell”, “I f*cking hate Togon”…ah yeah you’re right, they sure know how to express their opinion in a polite way *rolleyes*
      Are you implying that JCW fans are rooting for his character just for his looks? If you fail to recognize talent, fine. JCW may be very handsome but he also have awesome acting skills. He overshadows other actors in EK imo (yeah, even the godly JJM)and I’m not the only one to think this way.

      Lastly, I’m not one to watch a drama just because the lead is handsome…if the actor can’t act to save his life, I skip it (*cough*Kim Hyun Joong*cough*). I’m not that shallow.

      • ah, I forgot. Every fandom has its share of annoying fans…JJM is no exception. That’s all.

      • You are so biased. Saying that JCW is better than JJM, HJW, BJH and all the cast is so insulting, but really good looks can do everything. Thank God JJM is one of the most respected actor in Korea and so is HJW. And JJM has not a fandom, if you find one let me know. Bye Bye.

      • What a delusional freak! If you search for the definition of the word
        “delusional”,you will see your name next to it! Ji Chang Wook is doing a good job portraying the role of the coward,immature,incompetent,liar,illiterate Emperor but he is in NO WAY better than Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo! Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are award winning veteran actors! They are well respected and admired by the whole entertainment industry! Ji Chang Wook has still a long way to go!

      • @Buffy Don’t you think it’s possible to discuss without resorting to insults? Sure I may be a delusional freak in your eyes but that’s my opinion and I’m not forcing anyone to accept it. Just respect it, I don’t ask for much. As for the awards, I don’t think much about them (any awards for this instance). Song Seung Hun did win a daesang (grand prize) and he’s far from being a good actor imo.
        Acting ability is subjective imo. Some people may find an actor amazing and some other might think on the contrary that he’s bland. An actor can also have a terrific performance once and then suck big time in another show/drama/movie. I’m not saying JJM or HJW aren’t good (they’re great), I’m just stating that it’s not right to assert this or that actor is better just because he won countless of awards. Moreover, JCW is 13 years younger than JJM, he still has time.

      • U should learn how to differentiate actor hating and character hating.

        It is very possible to hate TH without hating JCW. Though TH’s character grates on my nerves, I’m not blind to some of his redeeming moments.

      • Yes, JJM does have a lot of fans — a lot of wonderful fans. They are as low key and humble as JJM. They are a group of wonderful fans. Here is his Chinese fan site at Baidu:


        Also, if you visit the Soompi Empress Ki site, many people are loving JJM as well.

        I have to say that I really enjoy watching JJM and HJW!! They are both award winning actors and have been demonstrating powerful acting skills in Empress Ki. I especially enjoy watching JJM. He is famous for his expressive eyes. His performance is very subtle, but carries strong emotions which matches the personality of the King perfectly!

        As for the fans, something I found interesting was that fans of JJM are usually pretty low key and polite at most times, while JCW’s fans are much more outspoken. Maybe JCW’s fans are younger?

      • @Ding Lin I don’t know for others but I’m actually older than Ji Chang Wook (I share the same birthday as Joo Ji Hoon :b )… I hope you’re not implying that JCW fans are more immature because they’re younger…moreover maturity has nothing to do with age, I’m sure you know what I mean… I’m well aware there are many wonderful JJM fans out there but unfortunately there also black sheep and those immature fans give a bad image of his fandom. That also goes for Ji Chang Wook’s fandom. No fandom is devoid of crazy/fanatics fans, unfortunately. All in all, let’s share our thoughts on the serie without resorting to meanness… okay?

    • @ lili To support your point I am 48, not on soompi, not interested at all in any ship wars and I think JCW outacts the (very good) veterans in this show. He simply got the meatier part, more layers to show, and the more interesting story to tell. IMHO the King falls flat next to him, because he is just too perfect. Will we see any development from him in the future at all? Will he always remain oh so upright and therefore a little boring? We’ll see.

      • I’m glad there’s someone who feel the same way 🙂
        I agree with you 100%…JCW’s role is indeed more challenging. His performance is flawless imo. WY/King is written as too perfect, you can’t relate to him and I also don’t feel much chemistry between JJM and HJW (that’s my opinion of course). I also wish for WY to loosen up a bit, writers really need to have something interesting in store for his character…oh well, wait and see.

      • Same here. I don’t feel their feelings, they gave us too little too late. Although the proposal scene and WY’s nervousness were adorable. But somehow the show failed to sell me their relationship in the very beginning. They had too little interaction and then a long separation. This could have been done better. Nobody really falls for live, just because a guy touches you during practice for an instrument and your sexuality awakens.

        I really hope the writers decide to show us more of the King’s dark side. I’m still hopefull, that the triangle will deliver some powerful and intriguing character twists.

        On another blog I commented, that I rooted many times for JJW’s characters in the past, but somehow not this time. I never saw any of JCW’s stuff before, but he is just that good.

        Off to finally watch ep 19 and 20 with subs.

  18. Now i really think that JCW is the same as his fans, arrogant and immature like them, hope for him not, or he will not last long.

    • can you please not try to insult the actor and the whole fandom just because of a few immature fans. Yes, a few Th shippers did stir up a storm, but please don’t insult everyone who is supporting TH. The way some (and i repeat some) WY shippers are behaving is also immature. Can we peacefully enjoy the show without insulting each other and the actors. All the actors are doing a hard work, some might shine more to the others with their acting, so please it’s not nice to comment in such a way.

      • @yureen I agree 100% with your comment. Thank you. I started this stupid war because of the immature comment of “parkie”. I now rest my case.

    • lol, Are you a kiddo or what?
      If you can’t separate the actor from his fans, I really pity you. Who is the insulting one here? Labeling JCW fans as “hormonal fans” is insulting to say the least.
      So what? Yeah I think he overshadows the other actors, that’s my opinion (I inserted the word “imo” in my post for your information). I never said HJW, JJM and the rest of the cast were bad (they’re also very good), JCW impressed me more, that’s all…I have every right to feel this way.
      As for JJM fandom, he doesn’t have one according to you…so he doesn’t have fans? Yeah, the word “fandom” is maybe too cheap for someone as amightly as JJM. Who is arrogant here? But you know what is the difference between you and me is that I know to separate the actor from his fans. JJM seems like a nice guy in real life, that’s my take after watching his interviews.

      • I think this person is a child from their comments attacking the actor. It seems so strange for an adult to do that.

  19. Yes ok, JCW is the best actor. He is better than Ha Jung Woo, Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung, Won Bin and all the best actor in the world. Hahahah. Bye Bye.

    • LOL! Sarcasm at it’s best! The person is a delusional freak! If all of Ji Chang Wook’s fans are like that person,hating Ji Chang Wook is inevitable!

  20. This drama EK is truly a pool of veterans actors and actresses. One thing that is good for this drama is that it gives promising talents to be recognized more in their respective roles. Like for instance, I am one of the shippers for WY-SN, however, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like JCW. He is indeed a good actor and gives its best to portray the character of Emperor Togon. Maybe this is one of the reasons why so many hate the Emperor it’s because the actor assigned to it is so good he always makes me want to punch him. Just saying.

  21. I have one more piece of information to share. Are there really fewer WY/SN shippers than TH/SN shippers? I do not think so. The WY/SN shippers, for some reason, tend to be much quitter than TH/SN shippers.

    According to an unofficial voting for the MBC award hosted by the Hancinema site(http://www.hancinema.net/mbc-drama-awards-2013-nominees-64183.html?fb_action_ids=682928041727313&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=.UrsQHfcLYi0.like&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582), the most popular CP is the CP in Gu Family Book.

    The couples in Empress Ki won the 3rd and 4th places. They almost got identical numbers of votes, but WY/SN got slightly more votes than TH/SN (WY/SN got 18.56% of votes, while TH/SN got of 17.91% votes). There were 5,210 people participating the votes.

    • Thx for sharing the link,..i dnt think there r more TH-SN shippers! Actually even on fb ppl voted more for the pairing of JJM/HJW..but yeah i noticed that jjm fans r low key n poised..i didnt c a bashing war after the CPR kiss with TH!
      All in all i like EK..acotrs r doing a great job..love jjm n hjw..their acting is sublime..n as for JCW i think EK will b his door to stardom..he’s was very lucky to cast w Ha JI Won n Joo Jin Mo drama n he’s ddoin a gr8 job so i have big hopess for him! Luv EK

  22. Thanks for the post!
    It truly was BAM a wedding night. I had to rewind to make sure it wasn’t a dream or fantasy sequence.

    I think it is impossible to view these dramas without our contemporary views of serial monogamy and marriage. Part of the problem is we see some historical dramas present female leads who can’t accept the idea of concubines for their emperor, and that is not realistic. Sure she can be jealous of not having his attention, and hurt when she gets forgotten, but no woman every refused to let her Emperor sleep with his harem.
    For the real stuff, dramas like BBJX, The Legend of Zhen Huan and War of the Flowers clearly show how the concubine systems worked. He had hundreds of woman to choose from, and did so with regularity. Oh, and my favorite part: the first time the girl is with the Emp, she gets delivered like a burrito.

    It’s not about love, but all politics all the time. Families of the woman lived and died by how the Emperors thought of their daughters, by how many Princes she kicked out.

    As Koala said we don’t see MOST of what really happens in courts, because if we did, the story would be way too complicated. We do have to accept that this is a romanticized version of history, with 2014 morals applied. That way we can have our cake and eat it, too.

    I hope that since the OTP had been declared we don’t lose out on future hot kisses. That makes me mad. Especially with 30! eps left!

  23. I hope Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo get in some more couple time. He left in episode 21 so the future looks bleak. I have a feeling they might make the Mongol girl who was posing as Batoru fall for him and then there’s already Ta Hwan on the other side.
    Things just does not go well for them.
    Though I am quite glad they got in a wedding night not matter how rushed it was.

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