Kim Soo Hyun Underwhelms and Jeon Ji Hyun Steals the Show as You From Another Star Keeps Humming Along

I’m rather torn about the phenomenal success of You From Another Star. On one hand I like it enough and my quibbles rather inconsequential so its success doesn’t rankle me in the least. On the other hand this drama really is not all that good and it’s shaping up to be another The Moon Embraces the Sunย where the success isn’t completely baffling but I wish it could be handed to a better written narrative. YFAS wrapped episode 8 today with the typical kiss right around the mid-way point of this drama, though with 20-episodes slated it’s a hair shy of being halfway done. My overall opinion is easy to sum up since the story is so limited and decidedly short on brain cells – YFAS is a fun and easy watch, buoyed by the goddess-like star power and acting charisma of Jeon Ji Hyun singlehandedly infusing energy into the story with such ferocity she makes up for everything else. That’s it. I like it but goodness I wish I got more out of it. This is the second drama in a row where I’ve been disappointed in Kim Soo Hyun, and this coming from someone who has been a fan since he started out playing the younger Go Soo in Will It Snow For Christmas and then loving him to pieces in Dream High forever and ever. To think I watched all of WISFC because he was so amazing in the childhood portion, and then DH was made meaningful because his Song Sam Dong was the heart and soul of it. If he overacted in MoonSun, then he’s underacting his pants off here in YFAS, leaving me wondering where the perfectly calibrated intensity went. The two leads do have chemistry except their love story is built up to be inoffensively easy to root for what with centuries and planets worth of angst. I end up watching YFAS with my mind and it never engages my drama soul, which is that fine line that separates like from love.

All of YFAS basically boils down to this: centuries old alien gets ready to beam back to his home world soon only to discover that fallen from grace top actress might be the reincarnation of his first love and now she’s in danger from a murderous sociopath. In 8-episodes I’ve felt like the plot has been plodding forward while the romance is oddly underwhelming. I love watching leads Song Yi and Min Joon interact and the drama wisely gives us tons of cohabitation interactions that are entertaining and wonderfully rendered. But I don’t feel the romance between them aside from the connection to her past life with him. The drama shows us they are meant to be without making me feel yet their falling in love connection in the present built up between them. They feel more like fun bickering friends than potential lovers. And its not in the chemistry part because they do have it, and in the kiss at the end of episode 8 there was the usual stirring in my heart because it was beautifully shot though the music in this drama continues to grate on my nerves. What keeps this drama humming along are fantastic ending sequences for every single episode. There hasn’t been an episode that hasn’t ended with a gasp worthy moment to keep the expectation high for the next episode to come along.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint why I feel so detached from the character of Do Min Joon and especially with Kim Soo Hyun’s performance. I think he’s a good actor but in danger of being over-rated so fast and so young after his awards for The Moon Embraces the Sun. He’s not doing a bad job here and he’s good looking enough as eye candy. I guess the problem is two-fold, the first being that Jeon Ji Hyun is earning her paycheck and then some in her balls-to-walls acting as Cheon Song Yi, putting to shame everyone around her and proving that she deserves her A-list movie star status. The second is that Kim Soo Hyun has shown me that he does much better playing character’s with open expressiveness and hasn’t the gravitas to sell Min Joon’s centuries old soul weariness. His character’s reservation and hauteur comes across as a kid trying to be a grown up. I like Min Joon but don’t feel like he’s the right actor to play Min Joon. It’s hard to fault him for anything though because it’s not like he doesn’t have the skills or isn’t doing his best. He has both but it’s not working for me is all. Then again, it’s also hard to find another K-actor or actress with as astronomical a rise as Kim Soo Hyun with his every project in the last three years turning to gold in ratings or box office. He’s like the male version of Han Hyo Joo‘s career, except a much much better actor than her.

Jeon Ji Hyun is just superb as Song Yi. Period. She is fire and ice and vulnerability and arrogance all wrapped into the heart of a girl in the body of a woman. She puts every other actor and actress in YFAS to shame in comparison to her acting and pitch perfect grasp of Song Yi. Poor Yoo In Na is like living a meta nightmare where her character in the drama Se Mi is overshadowed by Song Yi just like she is overshadowed by Jeon Ji Hyun in YFAS. I actually like Park Hae Jin‘s performance as dunderhead lovesick swain Hwi Kyung more as he’s displayed a better execution of his character thanย Kim Soo Hyun is doing as Min Joon. He has all the attributes as one of those clingy second male leads yet he’s earnestly endearing in his one-track love for Song Yi. The only other notable scene-stealing performance comes courtesy as the well-cast Shin Sung Rok as creepy villain Jae Kyung. Too bad his motivations and the whole murder mystery an attempted murdering is so poorly orchestrated and accompanied by the usual dun-dun-dun plotting. What works best in YFAS is the Song Yi-Min Joon interactions devoid of any alien powers or people wanting to hurt Song Yi. When they are just bickering, eating, and cautiously getting to know one another, that is when YFAS floats above its mundane orchestration and becomes enchantingly magical. Bonus points also go to Min Joon’s super-human powers being displayed in fun ways in the story from teleporting hijinks to literally being Superman to his Song Yi’s Lois Lane.

When Min Joon dropped from the sky and literally stopped a careening car from going off a cliff, who can possibly not clap like a trained seal and squee with glee over such a hero saving heroine moment. Too bad the villainous plotting to keep putting Song Yi in danger make me chortle and roll my eyes.

I actually think YFAS has the potential to switch on my “love this drama” button. It hasn’t done so yet but then my love for Kim Soo Hyun is strong. I confess to continually wanting to start recapping it hoping each new episode will trigger my itchy writing fingers but it just hasn’t. This is as most as I have to say about this drama so far but I’ll continue to watch each week and hopefully it’ll at least stay as easy to watch as now if not actually become much better.

Final kiss scene in episode 8:

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Kim Soo Hyun Underwhelms and Jeon Ji Hyun Steals the Show as You From Another Star Keeps Humming Along — 84 Comments

  1. lol our thinking about KSH playing the part of MIN JOON in this particular drama is completely different (and it is okay). May be I don’t analyse all the details and just go with the flow. I have been loving him here as much as I did in MTETS. To me he has portrayed the character DMJ very well. I have been absolutely loving this drama mainly because of the two main characters.

    I absolutely adore this drama and would love to read your recap. I was wondering why you did not recap this drama and until I read this post. Well, I just hope that the next episodes will be successful to switch on your ‘love this drama’ button.

  2. OMG I’m glad I’m not the only one. I like a lot of things about this drama, but what keeps me from loving it is because I’m weirdly very underwhelmed by Kim Soo Hyun..

  3. I don’t know why but I totally feel the same, it’s like I have all my favorite ingredients right before me, but they are uncooked or I don’t know they just don’t mesh well together? I mean, on the paper, I should love this, yet I don’t and I keep on putting all the episodes in a folder, hoping for the best. That said INR3 is coming (and I’m watching and loving to pieces PMI, the surprisingly perfect rom-com) so I bet I’ll be busy obsessing over that very soon ^^

    • Well I feel the same way as you do Miss Julia ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Do Min Joon and I think KSH is doing a great job and this coming from someone who has watched all his other dramas and been meh about him. (maybe I’m just a contrary person)
      What I do agree with Miss Koala is that Jeon Ji Hyun is wonderful as Song Yi ๐Ÿ™‚ just amazing.

    • Yup yup, KSH is rocking his role (as he did in TMTETS imo). He plays Do Min Joon with a perfect balance of restraint yet you can see his desire to start feeling those human emotions. I love those moments when he tries to keep away but just can’t.

      I do agree with the fact that Jeon Ji Hyun is killing her role. She does it so well and even when she is doing and saying those bratty things you can’t help but root for her. Her comedic acting is GOLD as well. Gotta love her

      Love the little parodies that are built into this drama as well.

      This show is honestly one of the most entertaining dramas I’ve seen in ages. I hope its second half will not disappoint me

      • I strongly agree with your comment. KSH so far has never let down the people who admire him for his superb acting whatever role it may be. He can adapt really well to his character and what he showed in YFAS is simply what is expected. I hope Kim Soo Hyun will always consider excellent stories. He’s been recognized for being an outstanding actor already so KSH must be careful in choosing his future projects. As his fan I don’t think that he is overrated. He’s absolutely outstanding in all his roles.

  4. It really kills me that YFAS has better rating than Miss Korea, but again, I never understood korean people taste (in general) like the weird super overated MTETS, such a BORING, gosh! But I also agree, it’s not that bad and it easy to spend 2 hours a week on these two beautiful people.

    • I do agree that MTETS is overrated but while I was in the moment and watching, it was really entertaining and I find myself engrossed. That could be why it was so popular in Korea. People don’t tend to over analyse if they enjoy something. However a month or two later, I was left wondering why I liked it as much as I did (other than the fact that I love Kim Soo Hyun to death since his stint as Sam Dong in DH). It was really puzzling since TPH, my favourite love story set in josean era, was heaps better.

  5. I agree that JJH is AMAZING in this role. But I also think it’s because she’s got more to work with in terms of her character. She’s allowed to be the crazy actress and doesn’t have to worry about pretending to be someone. On the other hand, I think KSH’s character is bland-er, uptight and confused which can come off as underwhelming. Although it’s definitely not a drama where I’m salivating for the next episode (except in this last episode, the last scene!) I am excited whenever I see it’s been completely subbed. I definitely don’t think it’s overhyped and I’m interested in how it’s going to be played out–whether he’s going to go home, or stay on earth, how people are going to deal with an alien, and the rest of the older brother’s crazy murder spree, and why he’s even doing it. We still don’t know right? That storyline is dragging a little bit.

  6. Aw, sad face you’re not loving this drama as much as I am.

    I can agree that this is not my favorite portrayal of Kim soo Hyun and that the boy does well when he plays characters that requires alot of expression and intense emoting. I do think he gets the job done as old soul-grumpy min joon, so itd be out of

    • Character for him to give us his usual acting style for this kinda role.
      but yea, jeon ji Hyun is seriously killing her role and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses while portaying a heroine that’s so fascinating to watch.
      I don’t think its as overhyped internationally as it is domestically, though.
      I like this kind of romance and perhaps it hasn’t quite pulled your heartstrings the way its pulled mine, but I feel it revving up full force.

  7. I 1000% agree with you, I feel like you’re in my brain lol. I get why the murderer subplot is necessary but jeez, it rides on ridiculous coincidences and the villian himself is rather laughable and one-dimensional (though I think the actor is trying his best despite this). I love Song Yi and I really loved the comedy early on, but that’s about it. It’s really not a bad show, and I totally get why it’s popular. But while I like it the switch hasn’t flipped for me yet either and it’s mainly bc of KSH, who seems quite wooden at times. He isn’t conveying this jaded cynicism that his character supposedly possesses. We are told all these things, but I don’t feel it from KSH himself, while Jeon Ji Hyun owns Song Yi’s vulnerability etc (she conveys it so well imo).

    I fangirled KSH so much after Dream High and thought he had alot of potential as an actor, but he hasn’t capitalised on it over the past few years imo. Maybe he just needs the right project, maybe he needs to challenge himself more. Idk.

  8. I feel exactly the same as you Koala! I enjoyed YFAS but don’t love it. Agree thay JJH is fantastic in it.

    On the other hand, I really like Miss Korea, it has more heart, more stakes and purpose and LYH is stellar. I also like the romantic undercurrent between the OTP.

  9. I didn’t watch a raw episode since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho… and then I liked the Foxy Liar… waw almost 4 years… I barely watched I can hear your voice last year …a December Marathon. 2013 didn’t impressed me in kdramaland and I was eager to regain my kdrama love. Moon That embraces the Sun… was kinda ok…and all the way I was what the hell they are seeing in this drama, but here I love the story overall but couldn’t point exactly what doesn’t drive me to obsession and Koala pointed exactly … Do Min Joon could do a little better as grandma in a body of a handsome boy toy and the villain is ripoff of Luthor (Superman) or Joker(Batman) comics… His minions are caricatures. I was never a KSH fan therefore I’m not disappointed even a little bit. TOP 3 highlights for me:
    1. Break the porcelain antiques of your neighbor: aka break the good Chinese porcelain of your grandmother. Film the reaction.In HD.
    2. I was in a few accidents. You don’t really have time to cry for help – it happens in a split second
    3. Pillow fight..and Do Min Joon “Abugiii” at Lawyer Jang
    4. Little brother looks like Lee Min Ho except the eyes
    5. SeMi confession

    Somehow I like SeMi: she is the underdog and a bit manipulating, yet I’m in her shoes as in I’m a nice person at work while inside I’m boiling like a volcano. If I turn into CSY ppl think I’m crazy, therefore I need my work persona. My CSY is one of my bosses – she reacts like her. I can’t argue with her therefore I prefer to be “nice”. Usually I say “yes” and after that I do as I like it. She can’t take a no for an answer without throwing her temper at me.

  10. I’m on the fence with this one. It’s pleasant enough, but……
    I think I’m going to stick to the recaps and if something really grabs me, I’ll start watching it again.

  11. I’m loving YFAS totally. If KSH is underwhelming, he’s playing a dispassionate character. On the other hand JJH is a fiery character. Isn’t she great as Song Yi? Reminds me of Kim Sun Ah. It’s up to her to put a little life into Min Joon. I’m also watching PM&I (which I like) but YFAS is a better drama…with less KDrama cliches.

  12. I totally love YFAS, love the two leads they have wild chemistry and CSY is the best, I love her spitfire personality, Best drama in awhile.

  13. Here’s a thought. How about recapping Miss Korea, a drama largely ignored by drama bloggers out there? You’d literally be the first and I know there are others who share my love for it, even if you don’t yourself love it. We’d owe you our eternal devotion ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. i thought the moon embracing the sun was overated because the story is sooo simplee and there was like no chemistry between the leads. however i think this shows really deserved its rating as it such a enjoyable shows and should be generally liked by everyone.tbh i prefer high ratings goes to a drama like this than the heirs.i actually liked ksh performance so far and i think his acting is really subtle, it is just that he shine more when he do expressive emotion kind of scene but since minjoon is such a detached and cold character, he wasn’t able to express much. i think lol. but on the other hand, it was jun ji hyun peformance that make this shows so engaging and entertaining :)). she have like amazing screen presence and literally carry the show.i died whenever she burst out random engrish. i was a big fan of her prior this drama and now i love her even moreeeee. she is definitely an A-list actress in term of both beauty and acting talent. the serial killer is kinda worrying me because i didn’t expect it to drag till now plus there’s so many other interesting conflicts that this show can explore. but let’s hope it will get better and better

  15. I love this drama only cause of Jeon Ji Hyun , she steals every scene and is amazing as Song Yi. I`m not surprised i don`t like Kim Soo Hyun i never really liked him in anything and MTETS was a complete snorefest. I hope drama keeps up this pace and focuses mostly on Song Yi, i basically don`t care about anybody else in this drama lol.

  16. The only complaint I have about the romance is that so far it’s mostly one sided. Min joon cares about song yi a lot more than she does about him right now. And he has been trying to hide his feeling from him pretending he’s indifferent to her while he obviously isn’t. Though in this episode she showed some hints that she might like him however the main reason that she wants to get his attention as a women is to prove to him that she has charm lol. So I’m hoping that she might be a bit more obvious about how she feels about him and maybe the kiss will do that. Also I feel like Kim soo hyun is doing a great job though I can see why jun ji hyun seems like she’s doing better. It’s bc she has more to work with while Kim soo hyun still has to act like he doesn’t care about anything though I felt like he’s finally starting to really act now that min joon is slowly coming to life. I loved that epilogue scene where he talks about how he regrets not actually living his life now and wanting to do everything that the humans did while he laughed at him because it explained why he suddenly kissed her while before he was pretending not to care. And the kiss scene in the epilogue was a lot better too. I also think it won’t be long now until song yi finds out about him because she still feels like something is strange and if min joon does one more weird thing he won’t be able to convince her she saw wrong again. Seeing that he’s letting his gaurd down around her I’m thinking he will make a mistake yet again. So ya while I agree that jun ji hyun is doing great I disagree about Kim soo hyun’s performance because he’s doing everything right for me. I also think the drama is pretty good and I’m enjoying it. Hopefully in the upcoming episodes that switch will happen for you.

  17. I like YFAS a lot but yeah it hasn’t grabbed my heart like PM&I or Miss Korea. I think in a few months I’m not going to remember much about it but still it’s x10 better than Heirs and there’s no ship war.

  18. I’m actually enjoying this drama. It’s not too serious and easy to watch. Jeon Ji Hyun has been really fun to watch. She has good chemistry with KSH but JJH is the best part of the series so far. I know she won’t end up with Park hae Jin’s character but I really love his character. So devoted and he’ll probably end up with Yoo In Na. I actually would love it if Song yi ends up Hye Kyung, sometimes I prefer their scenes together than with DMJ. It’s probably because the child actors who plays SY and HK have great chemistry too.

  19. I’m a big KSH fan and it breaks you don’t love YFAS. I also didn’t like it in the beginning but I slowly warmed up to it beginning episode 4. I think its pretty good in hinting the mystery. Obvious and no brainer as it seems, at least the bad guy is actually smart and cunning. My biggest issue with the show would be how his fascination in Song Yi as the reincarnation of Yi Hwa became slowly turned into love. It’s a bit too convenient.

    I hate to agree that KSH is not displaying his full capability yet but I do think its because he lacks the life experience needed for the role. He’s slowing easing into though. I hated how in the first episodes we only see straight-faced acting that made me feel nothing but I’m slowly starting to feel KSH is putting more into the character. You can see more emotion and life in his performance compared to the first episode.

    But I really do hope you eventually get to love YFAS.

  20. To all those who keep comparing Miss Korea and PM with YFAS, please shut up. All these 3 dramas are completely different in genre and tone. While you might think they are better because of your personal preference, you have no right to objectively say its better than YFAS.

    YFAS deserves its high ratings. It maybe lacking in some aspects but the production knows what its doing.

    • And you have no right to push your opinion down the throats of people on this thread who are having a fair and open discussion. And oh, the IRONY, of saying that it’s impossible to ‘objectively’ claim that PMI or MK is better than YFAS while simultaneously asserting that YFAS ‘deserves’ its high ratings because the production ‘knows what it’s doing’. Hmm, sounds rather subjective, doesn’t it?

      Good for you if you enjoy YFAS but telling people to stop expressing their own views on a blog that you don’t even own is a bit rich.

    • Don’t let what others feel about the drama affect how much you like it. That’s why there are so many different dramas out there. We all like a different mix of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ everyone has a valid point… I agree with a good chunk of capt K’s post yet I still am the most drawn to this drama. ๐Ÿ™‚ different view Points make good discussions.

    • LOL at the “please shut up”. And everyone should do that because….?

      If one has a personal preference, then that automatically gives them a right to say something is better than the other – for them. Just like YFAS is better for you and ‘you’ feel it deserves ratings, I say I don’t feel the same way. And no, I shouldn’t shut up about it just like you didn’t by coming here and voicing your opinion.

    • You’re definitely right.There’s no point comparing other dramas with YFAS because the story line is very much different. The role of an alien played by KSH was played well and so is the role of JJH. It’s not that KSH is lacking but it was the expected portrayal of the role. At least YFAS deviated from the common K dramas I have watched since then like a billionaire high school student who fell in love with a poor young woman and which has become redundant already.

  21. It’s been an interesting ride for me for this one. At first, I was super into PM&i, and I still am into it and love it but I am not drama crack into it anymore. As this one started, I found myself strangely drawn to YFAS. I am neither a fan of JJH nor KSH. I know she’s an A lister and when I saw MSG many years ago, I wasn’t really that wow’d. Same with KSH, though I thought he was a decent actor for his age. Here, I do agree that JJH is kicking it out of the stadium with her SY character. Simply love her here. DMJ is an odd character and I don’t think that KSH is a perfect rendition of him either. I admit to thinking before that he was totally overrated as an actor. Yet somehow, all the pieces of this drama has inexplicably me drawn into it. I am dying inside to see what happens next. I love the comedy… I do think our resident murder is laughable but he looks so evil. The OTP so hilarious together. I do like how nice they complement each other… Complete opposites on the outside but both lonely individuals on the inside. I hope that they can give MJ something more that he can do. I am actually fine with what KSH has done so far but I always I say one can do more ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess I am of the few international viewers that are really into this show. ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway… It’s the OTP that’s really drawing me to the drama.

    • Totally agree.
      the romance is really the one that draws me to this show and gets me right there, so if you can’t get behind it then its easy to watch dispassionately.
      I loved prime minister and I but once yfas started airing I finally found the crack that I been waiting for since K2H.

      • I was just commenting yesterday as well, this is my new crack since K2H! Ah, the thrills of obsessing over a drama once again!:)I wasn’t even planning on watching YFAS until I read all the good reviews about it on dramabeans. I started watching about two weeks late, but now I am completely hooked and dying for the next episode to air.

        PM and I is very enjoyable and a really good drama too.2014 is having such a good start for dramas for me.

    • Yup I agree. I’ve been watching PM&I and YFAS, and I enjoy PM&I very much when I am watching it, but it is YFAS that is grabbing my heart and making me eager to watch it ASAP every week. For PM&I I find that I lack the motivation and urgency a little bit week after week to tune in, but once I am watching it is certainly very enjoyable. YFAS is one that gets me all giddy with the OTP and intrigued with the whole storyline ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I’m still enjoying YFAS but I think what is keeping me from absolutely loving it is the narrative. I actually do not have a problem with the acting performances and I personally disagree somewhat that Kim Soo Hyun is underacting, I think his role is just rather boring and unfortunately his perpetually young looking face is not helping matters. The problem I have with his character is that I feel the character emotionally but not visually because his young face doesn’t connect with the long living alien character, he is too pretty in a way. JJH is definitely firing on all cyllinders and you can’t help to pay attention and respect when she is on the screen but she also has the most compelling character in the show to play. My main problem is that the narrative is that it feels like it is missing some meat per se. Like I love the OTP and their chemistry but the while brother killing people plot seems so random and out of place.

  23. I try to see the first episode but I just wasn’t interested in the story or in the characters. But maybe I will give the show a second chance.

  24. Hmm…I’m slightly confused because the article kind of sounds like you’re saying you don’t love it because the actors are playing their roles too well. Kim Soo Hyun the detached alien, Jeon Ji Hyun the fiery but nice star, Yoo Inna the friend stuck in the shadow…those are the characters they are playing. Aside from the crazy pants villain I guess I disagree *shrug*

  25. It’s all about expectations, I think. For me, your comment “YFAS is a fun and easy watch, buoyed by the goddess-like star power and acting charisma ofJeon Ji Hyun singlehandedly infusing energy into the story with such ferocity she makes up for everything else” was EXACTLY, 100% on the money, and since that’s all I was hoping for, I’m a very, very happy boy (I can say “boy” since I’m barely 10% Min Joon’s age). It’s also a gazillion times better than “He Would Wear the Crown Must First Bear the Burden of Wearing Hideous Sweaters”, which adds to my enjoyment of it.

  26. Actually i confuse whether you like it or not. Whether you are praising or in the other hand you are butting both on the actor or the story.

    As for my opinion is completely different song yi character is similar to real jun ji hyun so i think it is not really challenging for her. On the opposite min joon character is really different than real kim soo hyun. Challenging or not i still give them credit for their best in this drama.

    • I agree SY is not very different from sassy girl and she totally nailed that character. MJ is a character we haven’t really seen before so I’m totally enjoying MJ’s character.

  27. I love everything about this drama, especially the Song Yi-Min Joon interactions! I also love that the writer is always referencing lines from other dramas (those are like icing on a cake).

    As for Kim Soo Hyun, I think everyone has a different opinion on his portrayal of Do Min Joon just because people interpret things differently and have different perspectives. I think KSH is doing his best to portray Min Joon, in how understands his character.

    Thank you for your post, your unique opinions really opened up my eyes!

  28. Well it is good to have an opinion of a drama rather than not. But I’m loving KSH’s portrayal and JJH’s SY. They are so good. I love KSH’s subtle portrayal with his eyes and voice, the depth he brings to his character while JJH’s uber acting is in line with who SY is. Sometimes, I think the subtlety gets lost in translation so just replay it again and again ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I agree ms koala here. The biggest problem I have though is that it’s looking like Soon Yi is gonna need to be saved by superman every episode. Sometimes more than once, even. I haven’t decided if Jeon Ji Hyun’s crack-tastic performance is enough for me to stick with this, coz I could watch her say “sawh-ree” all day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. I’ve really tried to love this but it just doesn’t clique with me.
    Kim Soo Hyun is a very talented actor but I’m kind of worried it’s too much too soon for him.
    It might have been a better choice to cast a more experienced actor with more gravitas. I think the production team wanted KSH and JJH because of the chemistry they had in Thieves.
    Jeon Ji Hyun, I’ve never been a huge fan of hers but this role is is great. In a way she can make fun of herself and clearly she’s enjoying it.
    The big surprise for me was Miss Korea, I thought I’d not like it but I love it.

    • Jenny, that gentle self-parody by JJH is what I’m loving most about this drama. As you say, it’s clear that she’s really enjoying it, and that makes it fun to watch for us too.

  31. I have stopped giving value to kdrama rating for years now. But that being said yFAS is so far a harmless drama for me. It is easy to root for JJH because of. The way her character was written. She is very good but at the same time her character has more material than the everyone in the show. The thing is even though her characteris crazy somehow I never feel she overacts. KSH character is harder to play but he succeeds in completing JJH well here -hence the nice chemistry. That is why I never feel he is overshadowed whenever they interact -one needs two hands to clap. I think he has been good in the 4 latest episodes at least. He is not bad so far for me.

  32. what people judje about YFAS I aggree both but for me everthing just to entertain so enjoy it. we don’t know the actor or actres real character, they play well. I love the story of YFAS so much.

  33. I have to agree that the most amazing actor in this drama is jun ji hyun. she really steals every scene she is in. however, she does have electric chemistry with kim soo hyun which can not be explained only by words because it seems that they talk with their eyes. I know that kim soo hyun is (to be honest) kinda lacking in delivering the Min Joon’s character but to make such amazing chemistry,an actor has to have great talent to express it. I dont know how to describe it in pleasant or nice words. but I want to say that heirs is nothing compared to this drama. I am Lee Min ho’s fan but I couldnt get to like that drama at all because of the lack of chemistry and so limited acting by almost the lead characters except kim woo bin,choi jin hyuk,yoon son ha,kim sung ryung,and kang min hyuk. this drama is really awesome in delivering the chemistry (in my opinion). this drama is really a crack for me since a long time although I’ve been a kdrama fan since 7 years ago. I also watch miss korea and PM&I. those dramas are also good but what should I do when this drama cant stop giving me awesomeness

  34. Idk Koala unnie, it is weird to pick at the bones of a fantasy drama series for its fantasy element when you clearly enjoy PM and I, a series with more cringey clichรฉs – contract marriage, dead wife with sealed room in an SM backed drama :/

    If KSH’s Minjoon is the Korean Clark Kent then I suppose it’s easier to forgive the series for the hilariously repetitive villainous scheming, the villain and his minions are merely there to drive the plot along and enable Superman to save Lois as opposed to functioning as a Lex Luthor type main character.

    Production values are great and that is the main reason i am watching, the director and writer have delivered good dramas in the past. They played safe with casting and it worked, KSH and JJH’s chemistry was awesome in Thieves, JJH was born to play the prima donna actress role(it’s not too dissimilar from her Sassy Girl persona she admitted irl), Yoo Inna is playing an actress in a fantasy saeguk yet again.

    My only gripe is the LHK character, like his brother’s singular murderous instinct he is driven by a singular ambition to tie down CSY with no character development at all. He is exactly the same as his child self, hard to believe what Semi sees in him?! Hoped the drama would turn him against his hyung or at least cut some of his naรฏvetรฉ by putting S&C group in some kind of trouble, but it seems like he is solely used as idiot fodder next to DMJ’s geniustry. Poor PHJ.

  35. I am leaving a comment on this post because I am in love with this drama. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah, but it would be such a waste of time to do so just to say one didn’t like it, no?


  36. I feel quite the opposite. I absolutely love the drama and I think he is completely killing it in this role. I have never seen his previous projects before, but I really enjoy him here.

    You are completely right about the awesome endings though. Since episode 1 when he saw her in the lift up till the kiss in episode 8 I think every ending has been great. Kudos to the scriptwriter-PD-editing team for awesome endings.

    I hope you will find that magic ingredient that makes you love the drama and join the rest of us in our fangirling!

  37. Narrative wise the show could do so much more, I feel there’s enough substance with the whole I’m an alien your a human thing as it is to keep showing us the overused plot of the baddie. What really stands up for me are the performances of both lead actors, they are so engaging and believable. I haven’t been this excited for an OTP since LTM. Here’s for more episodes with awesome endings!

  38. I completely agree with everything you said. I can see why YFAS is popular but I guess I’ve watched so many dramas that are way better, so I find this drama underwhelming. JJH is great but I haven’t liked KSH’s roles since Dream High. I’m really sad that Miss Korea is getting lower ratings but hopefully it will get higher later on.

    • I find it amusing how many times Miss Korea was mentioned in this thread (and other threads on other drama sites that weren’t about MK). If there’d been more buzz about it, there’d be more discussion on its good parts and also its flaws. I like this show, but I think even if YFAS was not its ratings competitor, it would garner only decent ratings. If it had the ability to draw a large audience, it should have shown higher ratings for the last few episodes (which I think it deserves).

  39. Ahh Koala, you did it again. Reading your article is like a slap of reality in the face to me. This drama is currently my crack. I can’t wait to watch it every week simply to witness Jeon Ji Hyun glory. Jeon Ji Hyun really single handed deliver this drama to me such that I am willing to shut off that corner of my brain where I stop thinking and just enjoy the ride.

  40. Completely disagree about Kim Soo Hyun. I’ve only seen him in “The Thieves” and have never seen any of his other dramas so I can’t make any comparisons with his previous works, but I think his portrayal of Do Min Joon is exactly on point. I like the subtlety of his acting – he’s not overacting, but neither is he underacting. Rather, his character is an emotionally reserved alien – how else is he supposed to play this part? I find myself being completely drawn in by his character. He’s a nice foil to the dramatic antics of Jeon Ji Hyun’s Choi Song Yi. I love Jeon Ji Hyun in this drama! I love the both of them together in this drama! Can’t wait for the next episode! After the disappointing “The Heirs”…finally, a drama worth shouting about!!!

    • Agreed. I also think his portrayal of the character is exactly how Do min joon should be. Thats just how i imagine an alien should be. I just think we’re used to his characters that are very emotional like lee hwon or samdong which are both very emotionally expressive. For me, he gives out a strange mysteriousness that draws you in everytime you watch. I think his eyes are very expressive that even though he is very reticent on the outside you just can feel all the emotions bubbling up inside him.

  41. I definitely agree that KSH may be playing this a little too stiff.
    Could it be a directing problem, or him struggling to find the human in the Alien body?
    I am, however, becoming more attached to Alien Man as he starts to let his feelings show.

    We have seen KSH emote a LOT more.
    This is one of my fav scenes EVER in a drama:
    He and Suzy were beautiful together there.

    But this role has him playing straight man to SY’s goofiness, so the character limits his acting. I am guessing and hoping we will see more from him as we go.

  42. Oh it’s so good to know that I’m not the only one a bit unsatisfied with YFAS… It’s lovely and all that but for me it lacks heart. I enjoy it when I’m watching but forget about it the moment I turn away.

  43. I also feel unsatisfied with this drama.It is ok.I just think that the leading actor is just to young for Song yi or the leading actress is too old for the leading actor.I am enjoying the drama but there’s something missing between the lead actors.

  44. Everyone loves differently, I guess. At the moment YFAS is my crack. The story is not terribly intricate but it’s a far cry from being brainless. It dabs into different territories without diving too deeply into any, but I expect everything will come together by the end. The ride itself is entertaining enough to keep me hooked. I get what you mean by JJH outshining KSH and that’s because she is awesomesauce. But I think he’s doing a fantastic job as well with his character and really complements her. I’m sure his time in the spotlight will also come. soon.

  45. Some of u guys are so pretentious i’m gonna freaking throw up reading yr comments its just a korean drama not a fcking oscar film??????? ??

  46. well, yes, DMJ maybe has like limited expression in YFAS but like other viewers i’m totally hooked and so in love with him, thereby loving also every bit of it:)

  47. Very well said ockoala.. I do get your point and we actually have the exact thoughts about how Kim Soo Hyun acted on this drama.. Handsome but so much is lacking.. His acting is inconsistently done.. Am not a fan but I dont hate him either.. I would actually want to see his other films.. I think Ju Ji Hoon is best fit for the role.. and on the other hand, Jun Ji Hyun is a clap clap.. very funny but not annoying..

  48. Honestly I enjoyed reading all the comments and sort of a synopsis. Wether you loved it liked it enjoyed it hated it. It is what it is An enjoyable drama and I hope to see th again in the big screen or small screen. Love the actors to pieces.

  49. I disagree with u in most of your points. We might not share the same point of view due to the differences we hold in term of values we are looking for in dramas. I think this drama has inserted a great amount of philosophies about life in a clever way. Without bore me. And at the same time, the pace is right. The suspense are always there which kept me guessing and wanting more. Even there were some plots which make me feel like Do Min Jo was stupid but later to find out he has reason for it, which is his life. In term of KSH acting, i started watching him in this drama. I like his character. Then accidently i watch Moon Embraces the Sun, i thought i not gonna like it since i just watch KSH as Doo Min Jo. I might view Lee Hwon as DMJ. But it didnt happen. He acted so well, i forgot that he used to act as DMJ n again i fall in love with LH. Then the thieves and dream high. Each characters he played doesnt left any print of his previous roles. Which is definitely a new record for me. So now i decided to support him since he has the talent. He will goes up. His popularity will keep on increasing and his best year would be 2016. The energy he holds is very strong. We’ll see the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Reading your review of You From Another Star has been SO cathartic! I feel like the male lead’s role is so important. He really has to carry the drama and be magnetic enough for all the female viewers fall in love with him on the screen. People keep saying, oh, he was given a difficult role. I don’t buy that. To me it just sounds like an excuse. Off the top of my head I can list a handful of really good actors who could fill the character’s large shoes, so to speak. Kim Soo Hyun, I’ve never seen his previous works. Perhaps he was better in those, but here, it’s like, I want to shout: Is Kim Soo Hyun the last man on earth that he has to appear in this epic time-travel drama written by the QUEEN of dramas (pun intended)? It’s SUCH a waste of good material and good female lead! The first person I thought of who would have been AMAZING in this role would be Kang Ji Hwan. Can I have an amen? Thank you. Gosh, why is the Korean entertainment industry so unfair sometimes. The best roles don’t always go to the best actors for the job. I feel so strongly that Kang Ji Hwan would have been a more convincing and entertaining male lead. I don’t know why, but this really kills me~ (plus the fact that his stellar performance in Incarnation of Money last year went unacknowledged at the SBS award ceremony) Things like this just get me down~ I’m just hoping that Kang Ji Hwan can catch the next ship, the next time Park Ji Eun writes a script, hopefully she will think of him instead!

    • Most of female viewers fell in love with him on and off screen and this drama also hit big time, so the majority of viewers don’t share your sentiments

    • well reading your comment is kinda… ugh
      Kim Soo Hyun is a great actor. You should watch his movie Secretly, Greatly where he won Grand Bell award as Best New Actor. And as Ms. Koala said, he is the heart of the show in Dream High. And I think he was perfect as Hwon in The Moon That Embraces The Sun.
      So you really really should watch his previous project before saying those comment

  51. Im sorry but i beg to disagree with what youve written here about KSH for me hes just the perfect leading man here in MLFAS and in the MTETS. I really adored him. I can see the right chemistry between the leadS.

  52. YFAS characters was beautifully played. Every actors and actresses, with major or minor role, do justice in the characters they are portraying. KSH played well the character as an aloof-alien with an inner human-sensitivity and JJH gregarious-crazy-chic-yet-lonely character, same also with the besotted HK and the socio-path brother JK to name a few. Overall, it’s a good drama and enjoyable to watch and review. One can be engrossed watching and to feel for the character, especially when DMJ started to let go of his long-held emotions just for CSY (When he cried, I cried with him). The reasons of its success is not mainly on actors/actresses but also on the people who work behind the scences, who worked hard and dedicated to make the show successful, that makes the drama believable and lovable to the viewers. Congratulations to all for a job well done. I may not be a KSH fan, but I’m looking forward to watch his movies and drama series with varied and challenging role in the future. May he soar high yet firmly keeping his feet on the ground.

  53. hi.. well for me this is the most romantic dram ive ever watched.. i cant detached myself from watching it over again.. which makes me satisfied whenever i see him all over again.. kim soo hyun is cute err.. hahah super .. hes really good for me .. i think they are match together and portraye the role better..

  54. Soo Hyun’ job – just stand and stare expressionlessly and talk like a robot. Cash in his paycheck.

    Ji Hyun’s job – the same shit she’s been doing all her professional life.

    Another same old drama, another wave of gossipy social trend rapturing South Korea with delusions of impractical romance.

    My home country just keep on living in the matrix, a dream world. If I majored in social studied I could write a thesis out of this mentally narcotic behavior. One lady called K drama as the women’s porn. It’s very appropriate.

    Thank God I live Stateside watching some ass kicking from Arrow and now Flash releasing next year. If you want to watch fantasy, at least watch an AWESOME fantasy.

  55. I think the characters are great esp DMJ and CSY chemistry is fantastic …. I also think LHK and SM deserve a happy ending.

  56. No wonder why YCFTS became the number not only in Korea but in sonme parts of asia. KSH proved himself again ( after Dreanhigh ang Moon and Sun ) that hesone of the best actors now in Asia, Looking forward to see him again in a new drama series and in a movie before his militar training,

  57. I so loved dis drama..dis is the first drama of kim soo hyun dat i liked nd i totally liked it nd for those sayin he is too young for d lead actress (jun ji hyun) geez are u daft?? didnt u read d story line gosh aliens dont grow old so it was good a good lookin and young actor was casted coz aliens are cute nd ageless….kisses still re watching it.

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