Pretty Boy Wraps Up with a Satisfying Happy Ending Kiss for Jang Geun Seok and IU

It’s starting to sound like a broken record that I keep saying Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) is really not bad at all. Since the drama is ending tomorrow in a swish of happy rainbows judging from the just released kissing stills of leads Jang Geun Seok and IU, humor me one last time as I bid farewell to an inoffensive and surprisingly sincere little oddity of a drama. I’ve made no bones about being disappointed with Jang Geun Seok’s acting and musical career direction for the last two year plus his real life personality really is a little too far out for me. I’ve liked talented actors and actresses who don’t necessarily seem like people I care to hang out with so Jang Geun Seok really was one good role shy of winning my affection back. I’m all caught up on PB and I can safely say he did it. The early episodes were anchored by IU who was the heart of this drama and her performance impressively winning. It took awhile for me to really see the Jang Geuk Seok spark shine through since he came across as too forced and posing in the early episodes, but by midway point he was thrumming along and now we’re at the end he’s positively firing on all cylinders. This story turned out much funnier and sweeter than its synopsis. The overly constructed extremes of the characters and their so-called quest always peeled away to reveal a core nugget of humanity and a nice takeaway at the end. It’s a shame the central love story wasn’t the focus for so long because Jang Geun Seok and IU were precious together both visually and chemistry-wise. PB felt like reading a kid’s book you picked up to flip through while waiting at the dentist’s office to be called in and discovering an engrossing story that is neither childish nor pointless. I saw personality growth and emotional maturity from the two leads happen before my eyes and a believable romance blossom devoid of flashy tricks but built on learning to love. The cast looked happy in the wrap pictures and I wanted to give a thanks to the production for sticking with a drama so dismally rated and telling the story the way it was intended. I enjoyed this ride very much.ย 

Pretty Boy MV:

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Pretty Boy Wraps Up with a Satisfying Happy Ending Kiss for Jang Geun Seok and IU — 27 Comments

  1. I liked this drama but I didn’t love it. IU was the only reason I kept watching in the beginning but you’re right, JGS did bring it in the end (that was nice because when he’s on, he’s on–and it’s soooo good). There was a lot of character growth, I’ll give it that. This is something a lot of shows lack with the writing (and it’s *so* basic!).

    That being said, the overall plot was just kind of bleh and stupid to me (there were sooooo many side characters I didn’t care about and I didn’t even care about the parental drama storyline, but I did like the story of them building up their own business). The only thing I really watched for was the main characters, but I never felt a connection between the two leads other than puppy love/friends/love you like a sister type of thing. Maybe this last episode will change my mine, though, you never know, lol.

    Also, I’ll admit I was a second lead shipper throughout. Not gonna lie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still, I liked it enough to stick with it. It wasn’t a bad show. It was breezy and easy to watch and there some really positive things in some of the acting and, like you said, character growth. But it also isn’t super memorable for me either. (Well really, who can compete with Prime Minister and I and You From Another Star?)

    • if i removed the actors name from your post… i would have thought you’re giving your opinion to the drama Heirs…plot was bleeh, soooo many side characters, don’t care for parental drama storyline, second lead shipper, two leads friend/puppy love/sister type of thing…HAHAHAHA

  2. The reason why Bo Tong and Ma Te did not have much couple time for half the show is because the story itself lends itself to such. Ma Te is on a quest to discover the “Password” which he had to go through a process of learning something from each women as dictated. Because he is actually a decent guy with a pure heart, he kept Bo Tong at arms length even to the extent discouraging her while he went on his task. He could have two timed her with those many women for she was already crazy in love with him but he did not. He didn’t “sell” himself to any of the women either except for the first one whom he had a relationship and before he started on his quest. Ma Te accepted Bo Tong only when he found his own values and direction in life and when he is truly available to love her.

    It’s an evolution of a young man who went from using his looks trying to seek an easier life for his mom and himself to one who is visionary, diligent, strong, responsible and capable of protecting all of the people who are dependent and loving of him.

    Earlier synopsis of the drama is misleading in the sense that it made the audience think that the story is all about the tricks of pursuing 10 women for the purposes of acquiring wealth. The drama is so totally not like that at all. The success which Ma Te achieved eventually is gained through his personal growth, intelligence and apt application of the knowledge that he has learnt.

    It is a funny, cheerful, heartwarming and sincere story. The three main characters, Ma Te, Bo Tong and David are adorable. Ma Te is of course the most lovable of all! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going to miss it when the drama ends. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I’m totally with you, ockoala! I was not going to watch this drama because of the plot synopsis, my meh feelings towards IU and my extreme disappointment in JGS in general (an amazing actor who chooses bad projects and comports himself in a really tasteless manner). But for some reason I was bored one day and wanted a romcom so there I was. And I was pleasantly surprised. I loved IU’s character even though clingy obsessed girls are normally abhorrent to me but somehow Bo Tong is totally not. Her obsession is endearing and quirky and made even more so by IU’s darling performance. The whole drama has been funny and quirky and just endearing despite some of its story oddities. It really is pleasant and I can’t recommend it enough if you are just looking for something light and sweet and a little bit different. I’m really sad that it hasn’t gotten the ratings it deserves, but then neither have many of the dramas I’ve loved. If Prime Minister and I were getting the ratings it deserved it would be pushing 30% by now and conversely, if Good Doctor had gotten the ratings it deserved they would have looked like Pretty Boy’s do. I just don’t understand Korean viewers. I really don’t.

  4. I’m so glad there are others who liked this one. I loved it. I thought the story was sweet and well acted. I was afraid that JGS wasn’t going to pull it off. Silly me. And IU? She nailed it. I will be sad after tonight’s episode to see this end… I’m also hoping for a good resolution for David. He was too adorable.

  5. I really enjoyed this drama. It was cute, quirky and fun. IU was wonderful in her role. I am not a huge fan of JGS. I tried watching some of his past dramas, but got bored after two episodes. But I liked him in Pretty Boy. Too bad the ratings were terrible.

  6. These days in French-speaking areas you’d never hear anyone describe a pretty boy as a “Bel Ami”, which litterally means “Handsome Friend”. In fact this expression sounds rather old Regime. It first and foremost refers to French author Guy de Maupassant’s second novel, yet with a totally different history and settings from this k-drama. *sigh*

  7. I watched & enjoyed this too. PM was very mellow and easy to watch. I’ll especially be watching for the second male lead in other projects. He’s adorable!!

  8. omg ep 16 was amazing i loved it so much IU is such a good actress and made me cry a river , she will have a great career as an actress that is for sure , and my god jang geun suk you are amazing , i cried my eyes out where he was talking to his mother , and loved the fact that botong didnโ€™t stop loving mate for over ten years even with such sweet character as david who loves her . it was an amazing drama i enjoyed each ep and iโ€™m so happy i watched it , and i highly suggest it ๐Ÿ™‚ but i was hoping for a deep kiss and not just another kdrama kiss , but it was really sweet , good luck jgs and iu i hope the best for you both ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. omg i loved this drama so much , and i’m really happy i’ve watched it . it give me depth i didn’t excpect and loved every single ep , jgs is gorgeous and iu is adorable , i’m gonna miss this drama so much

  10. Jang keun suk is a good actor, i love him but i don’t like this drama “Prety man” i’m sorry oppa.
    I also dont’t like cos IU is so bad actress!. she needs improve more and more.

  11. Never underestimate JGS is what i’ve learnt through the end of the drama hehehe. Initially he looked a bit off but slowly as he got into the skin of the character he shined soo brightly. It’s impossible to outshine him when he starts acting seriously. His emotional scenes were really touching and he was completely natural in enacting those scenes , this was the JGS i knew whom i admire soo much as an Actor. By the end of it he took the spotlight like a Boss.

    The kiss was very sweet and not the usual JGS style but then again the scene should deliver the sweet kiss imo as it was MaTe’s first kiss to his true love. It was a peck tbh. IU should have moved her lips a bit lol , she was stiff.

    It deserved better ratings imo. It wasn’t bad at all , the story was decent enough to keep us watching.

  12. I agree it wasn’t the best drama out there but it was a very easy watch and I enjoyed watching it till the end (10x better than heirs)
    I was happy with JGS Haircut , His eye-liner totally went down , Almost zero makeup (He looked natural and good) , He got his a** together and started acting seriously from around epi 8 it was soo refreshing to watch him.
    Am sorry for the cast and crew not being able to pull good ratings….but they all have done a good job.

  13. Every time I feel like giving up on JGS since he fluctuates so much in his acting at times , that’s when he bounces back into the game with his amazing acting talent. Gotta love this man. I liked his OST too it was sweet unlike his usual style of Ballads. Loved the show tbh.

  14. Me gusto mucho el drama, los protagonistas se acoplaron muy bien a mi humilde opinion. JGS me gusto como fue transformando su personaje de un tipo superficial, ganar dinero con su apariencia, buscar lo facil e ir madurando a medida que iba aprendiendo, a tomar responsabilidades no por el mismo sino de las personas q de alguna manera dependian de el, ya no casarse por interes sino con la persona que amara… fue buena la evolucion yo creo q la historia iba mas alla pero por las malas calificaciones lo acortaron, es una lastima. ME GUSTO MUCHO

  15. What can I say Jang Geun Suk is superb as an actor! IU did pretty well too. This drama is unique & eccentric in its own, admire the production for introducing such outlandish, unconventional characters portrayed by the three leads (JGS, IU, LJW). Life lessons that this drama has imparted will stay with me. Love it too much, & i will greatly miss it!

  16. Hmmmm…didnt see much chemistry between the two main leads……..and seriously….you call that a kiss? PM was ok….but thats about all for me…….JGS still hasnt reached his potential….or maybe he has….I have seen better from him…..but had to watch it until the end.
    Wonder when he will be enlisting? Should be next year I am thinking. Would like to see him in one more drama before he goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “you call that a kiss” lol. I would love a much better kiss too! But the way the storytelling goes I’m not surprised the way the two leads end with a simple kiss. But I still think that it is soooo sweet, I love that expression on Jang Geun Suk’s face while leaning down to put a light press on the heroine’s lips, that is priceless! You see it make us want to see more of him & we know he can show us much more. I can’t wait to see him in a serious, mature role in the future say when he reached 30+, sure by that time he can give us a much passionate kisses expected of older mid age actors. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I too think about JGS enlistment. With the new laws about celeb enlistments and removal of the Public Service department, I wonder how many older guys regret not enlist earlier before the change last year. Will be good to see JGS is one last drama.

  17. i watched PM mainly because i am a fan of jks. at first i couldn’t understand why he chose this drama…based on the selling line that he was a seducer of women. but after watching the story unfold i found that the story has substance in it. it should have been marketed should have been popularized as a young man’s journey towards finding himself…too bad…for those who did not watch it, you missed a lot…there were many life lessons to be learned… i liked the idea of giving something beforehand to get a favor considered as a BRIBE but given after the favor has been granted is now a GIFT… jks character was even able to influence bratty heiress kwi ji to change her outlook in life for the better by telling her that initial impression is not really that important..the lasting impression is what counts…it’s giving hope to people with past mistakes… his erasing the password because he would have gotten it at the expense of david and iu was a pretty decent act…the first few episodes with the rich lady giving him what he wants.. showed a man taking advantage of his looks…all too true..but it is a choice these rich women make…i like the way jks redeemed himself as he studied to become a real CEO when he was already in position…the scene with electric fairy shows the idiosyncrasies of the rich who depend and pay much for fortuneteller’s advice…and what did electric fairy say? she does not tell them what to do or choose…she merely agrees with what they already had in mind or had decided to do…and so many more lessons that can enrich your life…it is not an ordinary drama…you watch it and decide for yourself………as for jks acting the drama showed how he could act beautifully in crying scenes as when his mom died…you could feel his grief while hugging her picture…the scene with his natural birth mother in episode 16 was superb acting too…watch his face as he tried to keep his emotions in check…..he was also happy and carefree with electric boyish and could see the switches in character…overall i love and appreciate this…it’s not just a simple romantic comedy..thank u jks for enriching my life with this drama…i admire u for choosing this even though it’s not the usual drama celebrities would choose if they wanted to please the korean public…kudos for being so brave and independent-minded…looking forward to your next project..your fan from the philippines

  18. I’m watching it right now, but I feel like stop watching it because of how pathetic of a woman the Botong character is. My wish would be that she grew as a character along the way and stopped licking Ma Te’s balls, but it seems like it’s not going to happen.

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