Zhao Wei Is Breathtaking in Red to Welcome in the New Year for Marie Claire China

Celebrity photo spreads are usually appeal to fans only these days and its getting harder and harder to come by something that is either creative or pretty. The rare best is to be creatively pretty but I’ll take either/or over the bland pose and stare at the camera schtick. A-list C-actress and director Zhao Wei graces the cover of January 2014’s edition of Marie Claire China and it was a home run effort that got me to sit up and take notice. I like Zhao Wei well enough but I freaking love these pictures. The concept was the color red, which in Chinese culture symbolizes prosperity and good luck. Since January is both the start of the Western New Year as well as the Lunar Chinese New Year at the end of the month, the magazine put together a photoshoot with Zhao Wei wearing only red clothing. This could have been striking but forgettable but instead is like a mini portfolio of art pieces. In the post-topping photo, Zhao Wei is in a red strapless full length ball gown with a voluminous skirt with feminine ruffles peeking out in certain areas. She’s sitting on a traditional Chinese living room settee but in the backdrop is an empty warehouse that is frosted in colors of grey and blue. It’s so breathtaking and lovely. The rest of the pictures are equally as awesome and a great detail is how the stylist arranged Zhao Wei’s short cropped bob so that it actually looks both edgy and ladylike. A few of the pictures are distance shots but the one where Zhao Wei is staring close into the camera while wearing a simple red sweater with her nails and lips the same shade of rouge evokes a sense that she’s about to share a secret with the viewer. Enjoy this eye-catching photo spread as a great way to add a dash of luck to start off the new year. I’m sure we can all use it.


Zhao Wei Is Breathtaking in Red to Welcome in the New Year for Marie Claire China — 7 Comments

  1. Amazing photos! They should have used the same stylist & photographer team for the cover pic as well since that was the typical boring shot.

  2. I love the 2nd, 3rd and 4th picture, so breathtaking! The photographer clearly knows how to create great composition and the colors are just sooooo pretty to look at. I like Vicki Zhao enough but clearly, even the non-fans are able to appreciate these beautiful photos.

  3. Is it true that there going to be a ” painted skin 3 ” ?

    I also read that if there is a painted skin 3 than good friend Chen Kun will not be in there b/c there is some issue with zhao wei and him.

    Why ??!!!!

    I LoVE the story between those 2. There such a HOT couple on screen.

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