Seung Nyang’s Royal Goryeo Baby is Passed off by Tanasiri as the Crown Prince of Yuan in Empress Ki

I think the phrase jumping the shark doesn’t apply here to what just happened in Empress Ki. Since this is a sageuk and we need a bigger creature to leap over, let’s just say Empress Ki jumped the Megalodon in today’s episode 23. It was a whole new level of absurdity that I couldn’t stop watching. That episode was fast and furious and so much stuff happened let’s all get off our meds and try to suss it out. Seung Nyang gave birth shortly after the convoy massacre, despite the fact that she couldn’t have been more than 7 months pregnant (even by the bad math going on in this drama) whereas Lady Park gets cut down with a belly the size of a small country carrying a Ta Hwan baby that apparently refuses to drop. Maybe Ta Hwan Jr. knows the hell he’ll be enduring hence that sucker won’t be born. Who knows. So Seung Nyang has her beloved Wang Yoo baby and immediately Yeom Byung Soo leads the evil soldiers to capture her. They drive her to the cliff and in the tussle one soldier falls over the cliff and pulls Seung Nyang’s baby off her back and Wang Yoo Jr. goes falling to his sure death. But of course he doesn’t die and is saved by a nun from the nearby nunnery, said nunnery being the very place faking her pregnancy Empress Tanasiri goes to pray. For what I can’t fathom since she just ordered the death of an entire convoy of innocent women and baby.

Her Evil Highness’ prayer is answered in the form of a baby crying and she gets her blood-stained paws on lil’ Wang Yoo Jr. (Seung Nyang nicknamed him Star because of the three dot birthmark on his foot which will obviously be useful in reuniting mother-son down the road). Blood thirsty Tanasiri then has the nuns killed to keep her baby snatching secret and hies on back to the Yuan Palace to act her heart out in a fake birth sequence and then voila produces Star at the end to pass off as her nonexistent baby with Ta Hwan. With that, little Star (aka Wang Yoo Jr.) becomes the Crown Prince of the Yuan dynasty. This is me LOLing forever off to the side, whatever male lead ship you are on this is a plot development guarantee to screw both ships over big time. Seung Nyang is emotionally battered losing her son (she believes he’s still alive) and then she buries all the dead Goryeo maids left on the side of the road. She is then captured and soon to be sent back to the Yuan Palace, but in a stroke of luck she finds the very Blood Letter left by Ta Hwan’s dad that everyone has been looking for. Ta Hwan hears about Lady Park’s death and then Seung Nyang’s death and its too much and pushes him over the edge and he collapses and develops a condition where he can’t talk anymore. Wang Yoo hears of Seung Nyang’s death and vows vengeance on those who have harmed her, and then cries big honking man tears and painful sobs to have lost his beloved.

The best part of this episode was the Wang Yoo flashback sequence showing his sweet moments with Seung Nyang.

Seung Nyang gives birth and then loses her baby:

[youtube id=”deYgd_Bobfk” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Wang Yoo grieves over Seung Nyang’s “death”:

[youtube id=”eoIC_VRMPKk” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Tanasiri the baby-stealer:

[youtube id=”EFTVOD3LVjI” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Ta Hwan’s life sucks so much he collapses:

[youtube id=”EviJinnK08U” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Seung Nyang’s Royal Goryeo Baby is Passed off by Tanasiri as the Crown Prince of Yuan in Empress Ki — 24 Comments

  1. LOL @ “TH’s life sucks so much he collapses.”
    Oh Hell, this is one big mess, but on the upside, SN’s has another reason for vengeance, and thank goodness for the birthmark.
    Super sad at WY’s crying scene. But I know it will be long until WY & SN see each other again. Just have to wait and see.

    • Lost royal babies always have birthmarks, heh. Drama law requires it. Deok Man was recognized because of her birthmark behind the ear, though of course the drama had to make those two girls fraternal twins otherwise she’d look just like the princess.

  2. I’m still laughing at the absurdity of all this…the actors really save the drama. I seriously considered dropping it but TH and JCW’s masterful performance is unfortunately keeping me from doing so…

      • LOL I doubt they are feeling too bad about it especially if they get the moolah $$$. The show is doing great in Korea (which is the target audience) whether y’all like it or not. I still love it. Yes, the baby plot was OTT, but honestly so are all the Kdramas i watch one way or another. Now they got the baby snatching out of the way, they can finally get to the Empress part of the show’s title. That’s the main reason i am watching, not for that damn triangle.

  3. Lol, all I got to say is that birthmark on baby star looks a lot of like the tattoo on the hommies in LA! Just saying 🙂

  4. I have to say I can understand why people want to watch it though. It’s ridiculous in plot but the acting and energy keeps you addicted.

  5. um I was all excited to come home to watch this but now, I think i’m going to pass on this episode and wait till tomorrow.. I can read a book instead of wasting my time on this one… haha. Thanks for the lovely info.. now I’m wondering what other craziness we have in store now… :p

  6. i wasn’t a fan of anyone when i started the drama..and it is only Ha Ji Won’s superb performance that is keeping me in following the drama till the end..i’m telling myself to ignore the ridiculous storyline and just appreciate the acting and hard work of the actors/actresses.

  7. So I am guessing that WY has no idea that SN did this in the first episode when they showed the marriage thing… And he probably has no idea that she did this for their son. Poor WY. While TH is a very pitiful character in this… It does suck that SN is basically driven back to the palace for the sake of her child. I actually don’t mind the crazy that much but I do want a happy ending… I like happy endings.

  8. the plot is getting absurb, i am turning to another series are much more interesting. anyway for the meantime i would read koalas review only.

  9. Lol I laugh at the absurdity too. They should have made this 20 episodes instead of dragging it so much. It’s getting boring even when they act well.

  10. The acting of the three leads was amazing!! I especially love JJM’s part. His reaction went through several phases. Very powerful!

  11. It’s pretty sad Ta Hwan is going to raise his love rival’s son by his beloved as his own. (I’m not even sure if that sentence made sense)
    Despite the makjang, this drama is certainly never a bore.

  12. The ratings keep doing better and better sooo I think this will continue, especially since they might have actual competition soon.

  13. well everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as for me the issue about the birth month of the kids are already answered if you heard what dokman said that sn was 3 mos pregnant at that time, then the tragedy happened four months later, at 7 months a woman can deliver prematurely, with fate and with luck of course the child will survive…if there is one thing I can really worry about is the strength of the woman who just gave birth…will it be the will to survive that made SN so energetic and luckily survived like she just gave birth and went to the frozen river to look for her child… cold thing is such a taboo for a woman who just gave birth… but drama is a drama….. I like the actors anyway and somehow it’s not that bad at all…. I will just enjoy the roller coaster ride than bother myself with inconsistencies whatsoever

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