Industry Acknowledged TW-star Dating Updates on George Hu-Annie Chen and Rainie Yang-Prince

I’m always amused by the dating gossip coming out of Taiwan entertainment. There is a noticeable lack of fake pearl clutching that happens in Korea where even the suggestion of dating is called a “scandal”. Even when a celebrity couple is pretty much widely acknowledged as dating but refuse to publicly confirm it, their fans shrug and the media just keeps on reporting on their dating updates as if they did confirm it. Two such couples recently had news about them so I thought I’d share in case anyone cares. First up is repeat drama co-stars Annie Chen and George Hu who have done back-to-back dramas together with the SETTV sitcom Love NowΒ and then later the Sunday night idol drama Love Around. Rumors had them falling for each other during the IP filming, which was rather scandalous only because George was reportedly already dating his even earlier co-star Gui Gui after they filmed the drama Summer Fever together. Whatever love triangle is in the past now and it’s pretty much open industry news that George and Annie are an item and starring in LA together was like going to work with your significant other every day. The relationship update is that Annie and George were both in the US vacationing together earlier this month with a detour to visit George’s parents who live in the States. Netizens spotted them at Disneyland together in matching Chip-n-Dale hats and being openly a couple. On the flip side of the coin is the rather inexplicable pairing of A-lister Rainie Yang with much younger C-lister Prince (Wang Zi), and it’s not the disparity in fame insofar as the disparity in talent and having a personality. The latest Apple Daily breaking news is that a chaebol heir is wooing Rainie and her mom is apparently being telling neighbors that her daughter is getting married soon to a very well off dude. This was then followed by paparazzi snapping Prince taking Rainie to the dentist and then multiple nights spent at her place, indicating that boyfriend is not happy with the rumors and is keeping an eye on his girl. Perhaps there is more to Prince then I give him credit for, and maybe his C-lister days will be over soon because the media is reporting that he’s quite possibly going to be playing the Kim Tan character in the upcoming C-drama remake of Heirs. LOL forever if that turns out to be true.

I don’t know the truth to Prince being the lead in the C-remake of Heirs but he definitely has a copy of the script which he posted online, pretty much indicatinghe is in talks to be in the drama. He might make for a good…..I dunno, pick a character who just stands there and is incapable of making an expression.


Industry Acknowledged TW-star Dating Updates on George Hu-Annie Chen and Rainie Yang-Prince — 24 Comments

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      I liked this one too and thought they had good chemistry. So I hope that they are happy together. πŸ™‚ I didn’t watch their other one.

      Rainie… I hope she is happy in whatever she does. If she likes prince so be it. But I can definitely see her mom not liking him too much. I don’t follow the dating gossip but I hope they can all find their one love. I hope one of these guys makes it to the altar. I do like power industry couples from tw. πŸ™‚

  1. Stop with the heirs trashing ! It was grear anf kim tan silence talked better than words !
    For the sub ! I think puff go and aaron are next !

  2. Soooo happy for George and Annie… They are the perfect couple. Couldn’t care less about Rainie, but hope she is not trying to be an Elva, soooo disgusting.

  3. eh, i don’t know anything about prince, so i can’t like or dislike him, i just hope that he is good to rainie, because she deserves nothing but the best.

    but ngl, i never thought i would see her dating a younger guys, especially when she mostly dated guys older than her.

    and i’m a selfish fan, i need her to stop releasing music and go back to acting!

    • Why does people Wang Zi isn’t good enough when he was lollipop’s Member’s and even now I really loved the song he writes and sing. I said “Don’t look down at people if you don’t know their work”. You should Try “De Bui Qi” It’s my favourite !

  4. LOL at all the comments regarding Prince. The way people talk, its like you all know him personally. Dating someone has got nothing to do with the other person having ‘talent’ or ‘personality’. It has everything to do with him keeping her happy. If they find happiness with each other then I’m happy for them. If they break up eventually, then it still their choice… Just because the guy is apparently a C-lister (and I don’t doubt that since I don’t know him) doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy of Rainie. Its like Korea all over again with the level thing going.

    Also – I see no ‘heirs trashing’ so I don’t know where that came from.

  5. Since when has two people dating got anything to do with each other’s talent?! It’s a weird assessment to make. Does it mean every Nobel prize winner should only marry fellow Nobel prize winner then? LOL.

    If she’s happy with him then he must be doing something right, good for her (though I don’t see this relationship as very serious at all, probably a Demi Moore phase).

    • I guess since Koala said so? I agree it’s really a weird assessment to make. Dating has got nothing to do whatsoever with talents/personality. I think it’s all about what they feel towards each other?

      Personally to me, I think the way koala’s writing has taken a rather snobbish tone (excessive dissing of certain actors/ actress she dislikes is one of things that has gone overboard). Now, before anyone says it’s her blog etc etc, let me just point out that comment section is open so so many reasons. I believe one of them is this, you know to make it more colorful? πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t know the others, but George Hu and Annie Chen can’t get enough of these 2 couples, the chemistry on and off is so real. They both are a gorgeous couple. I hope to see George Hu and Annie Chen in some more drama romance movies. Love u 2 always.

    • There friendship was still intact until now! Maybe we can’t say if they’re truly together in a romantic way buy i can assure that there friendship was strong enough until now

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