MBC Lines Up Post Empress Ki Drama Triangle with Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Heon, and Im Shi Wan

What is this potential awesome and/or hot mess coming up?!? MBC has finally scheduled the follow up drama to its successful sageuk Empress Ki and it will not be Dae Jang Geum 2 (Was anyone holding their breath for this? Ever?) or Unprecedented. Instead it’sĀ a serious melodrama tentatively called Triangle about three brothers separated in childhood who grow up to be at odds with one another. It’s the cast that almost made me tip over in disbelief – the three brothers will be played byĀ Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Heon, and Im Shi Wan of ZE:A. Yes, two of these are not like the other, but aside from that it will reunite Lee Bum Soo and Song Seung Heon from their last MBC outing together which remains one of the most unintentionally hilarious dramas of all time Dr. Jin. I swear that drama was only cast because Song Seung Heon couldn’t believe anyone would offer him a sageuk lead and jumped on it, and then Lee Bum Soo figured he could have an enjoyable 10 weeks hanging out on the same set as his very good friend Song Seung Heon. The viewers lost but those two made out like bandits because all the BTS pictures of them goofing off on set and chilling together were adorable and precious. What’s even more hilarious about this casting? Both Lee Bum Soo and Song Seung Heon have headlined their very own epic long K-drama about long lost brothers who end up at odds with each other. Anyone remember East of Eden. Hello? Song Seung Heon grows up with fake brother Yeon Jung Hoon and both hate real brother Park Hae Jin. Everyone has to remember Giant? Yes? Lee Gang Mo and Lee Sung Mo and their tearful reunion by the river. C’mon, putting Lee Bum Soo and Song Seung Heon in a lost brothers drama is something both can do blindfolded and with their hands tied behind their backs. This is going to be awesome even if it goes down in flames. I would swap out Im Shi Wan in an instant but as long as he doesn’t suck worse than Song Seung Heon then it’ll be fine. The two leading ladies in discussion are Lee Mi Yeon and Go Ara. This will tickle your giggles even more – oldest brother is a cop, second brother is a gang leader, and youngest brother grew up in a wealthy family. Ahahaha, let’s toss every birth secret cliche into the mix from the get go.

Directing will be the PD behind Swallow the Sun, Poseidon, All In, and H.I.T. – which means gangsters, police, and procedural stuff is his forte. Reuniting with the PD is the screenwriter who did Swallow the Sun, and who also wrote Jumong, Midas, Gu Am Heo Joon, and Lights and Shadows. Triangle is schedule to premiere when Empress Ki ends in May. I am so checking this out!


MBC Lines Up Post Empress Ki Drama Triangle with Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Heon, and Im Shi Wan — 31 Comments

  1. yay yay yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    i am going to see lee beon soo again, ya ya ya yaaaa, so sad i thought i only able to see him next week, but this whoaaa beyond expectation. i am all in, i hope this will be good not like dr jin.

    oh i need to calm my self, another drama to wait for, my hot ajushi will be on screen again

    song seung heon is my first love korean actor, i saw him first at autumn in my heart. oh both my fave guys dohh my heart

  2. Oh! I’ll 100% watch this one! I can’t believe I’m the one who said I will not check any SSH drama again after his last two dramas! But I’m here for the story, which seems interesting. Please writer-nim please make this one a good drama!

  3. Sorry but this is going to be cliche and bad.
    Lee Bum Soo has this knack of picking bad project after a good one. Dr. Jin,Iris2 after History of Salaryman. Now this after PMAI. Is he under debt? 5 dramas in 2 and half years.

    • In Noonas Over flowers Lee Me yeon and Kim Hee Ae told something about being hard to get a female leading role at the age of 40. I think Lee Bum Soo’s clock is ticking too… He is 44 or 45 Korean age… he has barely 5 years to act as a leading man. I think he tries almost everything he can before time runs up on him. I don’t think that a role of a father or secondary villain is payed better than a leading role. I believe he is mature enough to want to have enough money to send his kids to college and a few more if necessary.

      • Dramas bring scraps in comparison to movies, so if he’s raising the college funds, he needs to find a better and less painful way. šŸ˜›

        But I agree that dramas are more obsessed with age, so while he will be able to get central roles in movies when older, he only has a few good drama-years left.

        Also, ‘Dr. Jin’ was based on a nice series and ‘IRIS2’ sounded exciting. Both sucked, so as bad as this sounds, let’s wait and see. We’re used to the tropes, but we’re not psychic. Still, if it will suck, it better suck as wonderfully as ‘Dr. Jin’. At least give us a good makjang comedy.

  4. Oh hell yeah – I’m checking this out! Hopefully it will turn out to be good drama, but if its only good for snarkbait, then I’ll laugh/cry with everyone else.
    Either way, more Lee Bum Soo is never a bad thing!

  5. Does the writer watch a Hindi movie? This drama plot remind me of the old Bollywood Movie titled Amar, Akhbar, Anthony starring by Amitabh Batchan. Bout 3 brothers separated and they also different religion. This sure be crackstatic.

  6. gosh, i’m not sure bout this. I love LBS to bits, totally allergic to SSH and indifferent to im sihwan.. the premise sounds very makjang-ish…
    usually i would never dream to touch drama with SSH in it, but this one got LBS.. otokke?!!

  7. While excited to see Lee Bum Soo again, Song Seung Heon gives me pause. Do they both confirm already? Or are they still in negotiation? But I do like the leading ladies. I have never felt so conflicted. Oh my.

  8. YAY. I will definitely be watching this after my PM&I obsession and My Princess. I’m happy for Lee Miyeon!! I remember watching Noona over Flowers and her discussing how difficult it was for her to find a role now and getting used to her age. I really liked her on the show so I’m excited to see her!

  9. You’re right, N’war. The plot does remind me of that amitabh bachan movie, but anyhoo I love LBS to bits, will want to see him act in anything, don’t know about SSH and ISW though, but am totally checking this out.
    About it sucking, we can’t tell if it will and i don’t wanna care abt that.
    Bt if it’s gonna suck, it better suck good.
    The dilemma of each brother sounds hilarious.
    Can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out, so am waiting on tippy toes!!

  10. I actually like Shi Wan. I do think he’s still green in acting but he looks like the type to improve through experience especially since Lee Bum Soo will be there. Who knows, he might surprise you like Yoona did? šŸ™‚ I like the casting so far, I’ll keep posted so I can decide whether to watch this or not.

  11. This shock really ruin my day a bit. As much as i love LBS n his friendship with SSH, their reunite in a drama scare me to death, jinja :S

  12. @orian Dramas don’t bring scraps if you are Lee Min-ho, Jang Geun-suk or Kim Soo-hyun šŸ™‚
    Yea, i hope it sucks as ‘good’ as Dr. Jin if it decides to suck.

    • Well yes, it depends on popularity so you have to have the right status for the right amount of money. XD

      But I think someone like Lee has more chances at a good pay with movies, although he has been around long enough to have a status in terms of acting skills and industry respect.

  13. I’m having Dr Jin flashbacks…not a good…for the first time I actually like the leading ladies more then the men here…I’m glad Go Ara and Lee Mi Yeon are both making their drama comeback

  14. Amazing how one brother got all the acting skills… But I’l definitely watch for Lee Bum Soo and Miyeon. Was hoping she’d get back to working after watching her in Noonas over flowers.

  15. This sounds like “The Brotherhood”, a C-drama that stared Wu Xiubo (the middle brother) and Wen Zhang (the youngest brother). About 3 brothers separated at a young age by tragedy and grow up leading very different lives. The drama took place during Japanese occupancy of China. The righteous older brother was a member of the Nationalist Party and was fighting against Japanese occupancy. The cunning (and smoking-hot) middle brother was a gangster type who was secretly helping the Chinese. The hot-headed younger brother grew up wealthy and studied abroad before returning to China. Great acting.

  16. Actually I saw from JYJ official on FB that Jaejoong will play one of the roles of the brothers, I wonder who left the cast

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