Stills and Video Preview of the In A Good Way Lunar New Year Special Episode

I have no clue how Lego Lee is able to princess carry his In A Good Way co-star Kirsten Jen. She’s incredibly thin for her height but she’s one tall girl and about as tall as Lego. Now I need to see more of that man flexing either in the drama or the BTS because his fitness quotient is clearly no joke. This week is without a new episode of IAGW but this pain isn’t restricted to this drama and over in Korea a few dramas like You From Another Star and Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) has an episode preempted as well on Lunar New Year eve. It’s a huge holiday in Asia, pretty much Thanksgiving and Christmas wrapped into one huge giant red lump of holiday cheer, except without any parades or reruns of Christmas movies on TV. As a kid I loved this holiday because we got money which all kids know is way better than a gift selected by a clueless parental unit, for example a mom who finally gives you a Cabbage Patch Kid two years! after it’s no longer cool to have one. The IAGW kids have filmed a special episode to air this Friday in lieu of episode 12 and features all the main cast members playing games together. That’s not necessary a Lunar New Year tradition but the general vibe of this holiday is to spend it with family and have fun. After three months of filming the IAGW cast have mentioned before that the set feels like an extended family vibe so it’ll be lots of fun to watch them in what amounts to an extended BTS. The special will also include a question and answer session where the cast is asked pointed fanservice questions and I’ll bet we get some juicy answers. I heard that one question directed at Lego asked if he ever had or be open to a one night stand and he blushed before Kirsten piped up that this question was rated-M for mature and therefore off limits, thus smoothly extricating him from the bind. Nice to see their chemistry is still going strong. Check out pics and preview for the upcoming special. Seeing that douchey Professor Chang Fei played by John Chen has been getting a lot of screen time lately, below I’m sharing a picture of John filming the TW-drama Soldiers with Kirsten back in 2011 and a funny story that involves Lego now.

Check out John and Kirsten doing the exact same pose through the years – in 2011 on the set of Soldiers and now in 2014 on the set of In A Good Way. That was actually the drama where Kirsten also acted with Lego, but hilariously she played the OTP with John who was an older brother character to Lego. So John recently revealed that whenever he’s on the IAGW set and acting with Lego and Kirsten, he keeps insisting Lego call Kirsten Da Sao (大嫂) which is what you call an older brother’s wife. Ahahaha, so potentially makjang!

Preview for the Lunar New Year Special:

[youtube id=”X-orNmiXbpc” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Stills and Video Preview of the In A Good Way Lunar New Year Special Episode — 16 Comments

  1. You TOTALLY made my Friday morning, thank you! Getting up to discover that there’s going to be a special episode was fantastic news. It looks like so much fun, I will happily watch it unsubbed, since I guess subbing an unscripted episode must be a nightmare.

  2. Well, I’m not very fond of the sweater but at least it’s going well whith the new year (year of the horse I think..)

  3. trotwood and I were wondering how we could get by a week without Lego before our hungry eyes. I guess this show will be up somewhere to watch online – unsubbed is fine. The body language and laughter usually explain what is going on.

  4. You know what’s not fair?! Not only is there no YFAS and IAGW this week, but friday i have a test in my chinese class. Thats just wrong!!! Tang laoshi weisheme?!

  5. It just amazes me how laidback TW-ent and their fans are in regards to the actors/actresses personal lives. When you compare it to K-ent, it’s like the difference between Earth and Sky lol But I love it!

    Looking forward to this special!

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