Ariel Lin and Alec Su Partner Up for a Romantic Murder Investigation in TW-movie Sweet Alibis

Hollywood releases its big blockbusters during US holidays but in the Chinese-speaking countries their domestic movie releases follow a slightly different schedule. Lunar New Year is a major movie release period since all schools and jobs are off for weeks on end. The preference during that time to to release comedic movies since it’s a holiday meant to celebrate family and happy times so fun movies are what the audiences crave. Taiwan has a couple of movies out these few weeks and the one I’m eager to watch is Sweet Alibis (甜蜜殺機 Sweet Murderous Intent) starring Ariel Lin and Alec Su. These two are unlikely of a pairing as any despite their mutual A-list status. Alec is a good decade older than Ariel and hasn’t been working in the Taiwan since she debuted, whereas Ariel does Mainland projects but is currently limited to dramas. Alec was lured by by a great script and Ariel as a co-star and the result is apparently a fast and funny police caper romance that is currently doing well in the domestic box office. Sweet Alibis also features some fun cameos and none bigger than Ruby Lin. She did it as a favor to Alec since they have been friends for a long time and one of the rare exes in the industry that genuinely get along and care about each other. Alec plays a veteran cop who is best at avoiding danger while Ariel is the rookie assigned to be his partner to keep her out of danger. She’s the daughter of the police chief and daddy wants her daughter to be the cop she desires without experiencing any real danger along with it. Ruby’s cameo role is the matchmaking date Alec encounters who comes complete with a dirty mouth and the attitude of a mobster’s girlfriend. Ruby is doing such a great job of continuing to pull of interesting roles whether as the leading lady, the producer, or even doing cameos as a favor to friends. I’m also loving the chance to watch Ariel play a serious cop while Alec does the scardy cat turn as her douchey partner. Initially they are assigned to mundane tasks but quickly get swept up in a real life drug dealing murder mystery that starts off with the poisoned death of a dog. Check out the full trailer below with official English subs and have a chuckle.

Full movie trailer for Sweet Alibis (English subbed):

[youtube id=”BnAByZwfwYo” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Ariel Lin and Alec Su Partner Up for a Romantic Murder Investigation in TW-movie Sweet Alibis — 10 Comments

  1. I loveee seeing Alec and Ruby together but they never dated! they are just really good friends. Rumours has it that Ruby and Jimmy Lin were dating (this is admitted by both sides – they met at the set of Ruby’s first movie) while she was filming HZGG. Jimmy Lin got really jealous of Alec and Ruby getting close that he allegedly faxed a breakup letter to the set accusing her of cheating. But the story goes that Ruby did not cheat on Jimmy Lin and that all these years, Alec and Ruby simply remained really really good friends.

    And i know all these because i was soooo intrigued after watching the kangxi episode from years when Ruby interviewed Jimmy Lin. She was so upfront about their past relationship and was so candid that i fell in love with her!

  2. Alec and Ruby are great friends and maybe should consider each other as life partners! Jimmy Lin is now already married and happy don’t need to mention Ruby and him anymore.

  3. What are the odds of this getting released eventually with English subs? I’ve just finished In Time With You and am now very keen to see more Ariel. Even without subs, the trailer made me keen to see it, I hope it will get a subbed release on DVD one day.

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