New Video Preview for Episode 13 of In A Good Way

I try to refrain from overusing the word awesome but nothing quite describes episode 12 of In A Good Way as much as screaming out “It was so awesome!!!” and then making victory fist pumps. The Taiwan domestic audience thought so as well and after sitting in the 2s for the last ten episodes the drama surged dramatically and broke 3 in ratings with episode 12. If my memory hasn’t failed me, I recollect leading man Lego Lee announcing to the media back in December that if the ratings broke 3 for the drama then he and fellow male lead Jay Shih would ride their motorcycles topless from the SETTV headquarters to the filming site while their leading ladies Kirsten Jen and Smile Wen rode in the back. I hope Lego and Jay are getting in some last minute crunches because they better deliver on Lego’s promise soon. The official FB page for the drama keeps skyrocketing and has surged past 260,000 fans already. When the fan count breaks 300,000 is when Jay Shih will sing a song that he wrote and composed as a treat for the fans, much like Lego did the same when the page broke 200,000 fans. It’s so much fun to watch along with a popular mania drama and so far IAGW is as good midway through as it was from the start.

The new preview has been released for episode 13 and sheds more light on how the relationship between Jia En and Liu Chuan may change after their massive hugging at the protest concert. The preview appended to the end of episode 12 last week already showed that Liu Chuan is going to ask Jia En to talk off to the side, thereby jerking the insides of poor Bai Xue and Ren Wei even more. Douchey Professor Chang drags Liu Chuan and Jia En before the University Chancellor and tries to get Jia En expelled. The new preview shows Liu Chuan on the phone with Jia En, revisiting one of their cutest scenes together when she paged him and he waited in line at the men’s dorm to use the lobby phone to call her back. It’s pretty cool how romance has to be more effort driven in the day and age without a cell phone handy. Liu Chuan also gets some dating advice from roommate and mack daddy Ah Qing, and Ri Qi seems to be taking in the same advice which bodes well for the development of his romance with Xiao Wei. I think it’s easy for the drama to have Professor Chang suffer defeat and punishment for his abuse of power but I think all the characters have grown stronger from the protest itself that even if he still gets away with it I won’t feel quite as bad for Xiao Wei because she stood up for herself and tried to fight the good fight.

Preview for episode 13:

[youtube id=”eRxX52RJjYg” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Liu Chuan: Next Monday after class, let’s go grab a meal together. I have something I want to say to you.

Jia En: Okay.

Ah Qing: On the first date, you have to be prepared for everything and you can’t be whatever about it. You two, how come you guys didn’t interrupt today? Whatever I say you guys listen.

Liu Chuan: There’s no harm in listening once in awhile. When Wu Bai was singing “You On My Mind” I hugged you, and that was because I……


New Video Preview for Episode 13 of In A Good Way — 21 Comments

  1. I screamed at the end of ep 12 and definitely was fist pumping in glee…but I really shouldn’t have watched this new preview for ep 13 bc it’s just making the wait for friday that much worse..

    Thanks for the translation and new IAGW goodies!!

  2. fist pump for this awesome drama! the new preview is so promising especially it airs on valentine’s day..and the phone between je-lc never gets old! im still feeling butterflies especially when JE got all shy and feminine on LC’s invite hehehe

  3. “…I hugged you and that was because….”



    She has to wait until sometime late Friday EST to know why?

    Because HE LOVES YOU, JI-EN! Yeah yeah yeah!!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Thank you so much, you know it’s such a relief that each week, the preview gets even better? Slow and steady seems to be working.

    Drama please, please continue to be awesome. Because LC is pretty awesome and I can’t wait for episode 13.

    But then that’s what I say for every episode.

    • That is what I say after every episode, too. And isn’t it great that we can? I start to think that my expectations are too high and then every episode I fall in love with everyone all over again. I love this show so much that I actually feel sorry for people not watching it.

  5. The online viewership broke 3, but tv broadcast viewership was 2.67 I think. Lego clarified that they are basing this on the tv broadcast viewership, so hopefully viewership keeps on rising! Both Jay & Lego have posted pics of themselves working out in preparation though 🙂

    • Aww…I was already excited about it. Hopefully it will still reach the 3 ratings, not only because of the shirtless Lego but because this show really is a great one! Well, fri timeslot may not really be ideal to get high ratings.

  6. That last scene preview of liu Chuan and Jia En confession is after they faced confrontation with nasty professor OR Before ?? ( i think its the same outfit that make me scare it may before the nasty scene *face palm )

    Will Liu chuan be able to finished whatever confession he intended to ? *cross fingers and promise i’ll be a good girl for whole weekend .amen!

    • I noticed the same outfit as well that’s why I’m not getting my hopes up. They may be interrupted. But I’m still hoping though that they’ll make the V-day episode much more enjoyable (despite the scene w/ the principal & evil prof) just like the xmas and NY eps….pls IAGW!

  7. jumped a little too late on the IAGW bandwagon but fully caught up and soooo invested! I’m so happy to have discovered this little gem of a drama! Fallen completely in love with the story and the characters.

    Thanks for all the IAGW goodies you’ve been so generously sharing, ms K!

  8. Love the part of the preview where Liu Chuan mentioned oh so casually to Ah Qing that ‘there is no harm in listening once in a while…” Trying to be cool while taking notes in his mind. So cute.

  9. This is the time each week where I start googling:
    What time is it in Taipei?
    Then do math to figure out how long I have to wait.
    Even though I really can’t watch until late Friday, it feels comforting to know when the show airs while I am at work.

    Like an imaginary virtual intercontinental blankie –
    with Lego Li’s face on it.

    • First time posting here 🙂 Love the lively discussion about IAGW! I’m glad I’m not the only one googling Taiwan’s time around this time of the week.

      Thanks for the awesome blog!!

  10. It’s getting more and more addictive every week. The slow development of JE and LC’s love story makes it more realistic and exciting. Hurray for IAGW.

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