Kim Tae Hee and Rain Still Going Strong and Spotted on a Date at Magic Mountain Near LA

I get that the public has opinions about the dating choices of celebrities by dint of living in the public eye. At least it’s just opinions and not some sort of referendum whereby the dating couple actually needs to get married and/or break up based on public sentiment in favor or against certain couplings. I have such a soft spot for A-list couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee. Their dating bombshell news last year opened the floodgates for what feels like a veritable deluge of celeb couples willing to go public. I also think it’s such an incongruous pair of brainy wholesome Kim Tae Hee with brawny himbo Rain that maybe it’ll actually work and the opposites attract sentiment may lead to two people complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. While they did admit to dating immediately after the news broke, they haven’t made any public appearances or actually spoken much about each other in public. Korean netizens are completely against the couple for reasons that make no sense to me, something to do with scandal-prone Rain not being good enough for sweet and sensible Kim Tae Hee. I’m sure she likes him for reasons aside from his peccadilloes, perchance he looks good in a muscle T or worships the ground she walks on, who knows?

Rain was in the US in late January for final filming on the Hollywood flick The Prince co-starring Bruce Willis and Jason Patric and he’s not exactly an obscure celebrity stateside since he had two Hollywood releases in recent years with Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin. So it’s no surprise that in early February Rain was recognized visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain outside of LA with Kim Tae Hee in tow having a genuine couple’s day out. Fans who bumped into them said Rain was totally energetic and outgoing and doing the leading around the park and the two of them were cheerful and having a great time on all the extreme rides. Afterwards they were seen dining at a nearby restaurant for dinner. This isn’t the first time Kim Tae Hee has been spotted with Rain outside of Korea, she reportedly joined him in Singapore when he was there last December for some promotional activities with the release of his new album Rain Effect. Considering how famous they are in Korea and how much K-netizens don’t like them together, I wouldn’t be surprised if they never do anything domestically and save their happy getaways for overseas where there is less hoovering censure from the international public.

I think they are adorable together and Kim Tae Hee has tried in subtle ways to sensibly dispel what people think about them as a couple. In various interviews last year,Β she revealed that she’s not perfect like the image she’s been given, she’s rather slow on the uptake and sometimes blurts things out rather randomly and even out of context. LOL, I knew I liked her for a reason. She revealed that she doesn’t pre-judge someone based on the public reputation and tries to get to know someone personally before having an impression of that person. She doesn’t like forming an opinion based on what other people tell her about another person. Her dating style is very slow and long, she’s never dated someone for only a few months and usually for a couple of years. I guess that means no wedding bells until at least another year of dating if not more. Take your time, my pretties.


Kim Tae Hee and Rain Still Going Strong and Spotted on a Date at Magic Mountain Near LA — 23 Comments

    • Agree with you … to all the HATERS go to hell, Rain & Kim Tae Hee are in the right age to do what they wanted in life. Even they are public figures it doesn’t mean wee have the right to interfere in their privacy. Let them to be happy.

  1. Fighting!!! Who cares what the public thinks… He isn’t a political figure. In any case, as long as they want to give their relationship a go, then… That’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

    Besides, how they behave when no one else is watching is the most important. πŸ™‚ and i think people should know that no one is perfect. I find that endearing about her.

  2. But where are those pictures… lol knetz so now they can make assumption based on only fan account and no pictures. Yep, I love this couple too and they deserved all the happiness. I wonder if Rain already met her brother Lee Wan.

    I wonder if she will come to my country next month since Rain got schedule here. Weeee… netizen do your job properly. I count on you.

  3. I don’t get the scrutiny did rain torture their kitties or something? some how I seriously doubt he has done anything so terrible that it would require such reactions to him dateing someone with a wholesome or angelic image. honestly he looks like an overgrown kid lol. I hope the best for them and I hope their nay sayers can find something more useful to occupie their time. maybe they can come back and talk when they start working their butts off earning millions and getting scrutinized up the wazu like these two happily dating folks.

  4. the k netz need to grow up. the hate they get is no joke. the army scandals aside what did rain do to korea to get so much hate? the k netz adore won bin na young , seung gi yoona etc etc their netizen kings and queens so that means a beloved stat can’t date someone who is best for them but don’t match public standards and levels ? i even soryy for unborn rain – kim tae her gorjuz babies

  5. I read some of the comments from knetz in netizenbuzz. Wowww the reactions were overwhelming with hates. They really really really want KTH to break up with Rain. KTH image in Korea make people expect her to find someone as perfect as her (rich,beauty,brain) and obviously they think Rain does not has what it takes to be her man.I can’t imagine if they’re getting married one day. The knetz would cry a

  6. The knetz hate this couple so much. I really don’t understand why would they have to hate him so muchhh and always hope for their break up. But yeahh i gotta admit that KTH really got somekind of goddess aura around her. She is really one of the top beauties in Korea

  7. I don’t get the Rain hate either. This is why I prefer America entertainment industy. Here, the celebrities don’t give a fig about what the fans think especially when it comes to their private life. You don’t get to tell them who they should date or not. Like who the hell are you? LOL I do command KTH for sticking to her guns. You go, girl! If you have to break up, it has to be because you want to not because of some haters telling you what to do.

  8. K-netizens need to show some more support. This is why so many of these celebrities have to hide from the public — they don’t want any backlash, hate-mail, or scandals that affect their career.
    Even for the oddest pairing in k-ent there was never a time where I was less than pleased for them to live normal lives like the rest of us.
    I’m a strong believer in gaining lots of life experiences from dating alone. Some of these actors come back stronger than ever because they have a story to tell through their portrayals.
    Just hoping for a day where news breaks of a celebrity couple and the word “scandal” doesn’t make its way into the k-article.

  9. I don’t get why ppl don’t like them together. I mean seriously, its none of your beeswax if two celebs date each other. You don’t know them personally, so just ZIP IT!!! and leave them alone. They’re mature enough to have a relationship. If they weren’t famous, am sure no one would mind. Or are they looking for ways to grab Rain for themselves? Pfft.
    Take your time, my pretties. Lol

  10. People seriously need to get a life and stop poking their noses into celebrities’ love lives. Just because you like a celebrity, doesn’t mean he or she will end up with you. In fact, if you really loved them you’d want them to be happy with whoever they choose. It’s nobody’s business whether Rain and Kim Tae-hee give to a private island and get married. If they love each other, then What does it matter to the rest of the world or their so-called fans or anti-fans?

  11. Without knowing Kim Tae Hee and without following her I do not get why they think so high for her and so low for Rain.Both are good looking and good in what they do.They deserve each other and KTH is very lucky for having Rain singing in her ear 30 Sexy…

    • Kim Tae Hee is basically the epitome of the korean ideal woman in Korea in looks/brains/ and general girl next door which is why she gets so much love from the netizens. most of the Rain hate is from his military scandal which is taken very serious in Korea. Knetizens hate when people they love date people who do not have equally spotless reputations, For example there is another couple that was revealed consisting of soloist/ex-Click-B member Oh Jong Hyuk and T-ara’s Soyeon, whom have been dating for 3 years. After doing extremely well in the military and even extending his service time of his own free will, Oh Jong Hyuk is now loved by Korea (maybe not as much as Hyun Bin or Kim Tae Hee but he gained a lot of respect) however when his relationship with Soyeon was revealed, they got so much hate because of the T-ara bullying scandal.

  12. Rain should ignore Koreans and get on with his life. Koreans from what I have learnt since watching their dramas are queer people when it comes to some aspects of life. Rain want to be an international star not just a local champion. I am happy the lady is old enough to make her own decisions. The guy is adorable. Beauty is not only external but also internal. Rain exudes inner beauty so he is equal to KTH. May that relationship bloosom and remain strong

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