Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won Confirmed for You’re All Surrounded and Park Min Young is Out

This is far and away the best casting confirmation in a busy K-ent news day filled with lots of casting reveals. The Spring weekend dramas are lining up its leads with Lee Dong Wook reuniting with his My Girl co-star Lee Da Hae in Hotel King, up against the totally random pairing of Lee Sang Yoon with Gu Hye Sun for Angel Eyes. Thank god those are both weekend dramas which is a time slot that is a casual watch for me based only on what piques my interest. Since Spring is still coming despite how the cold appears to be overstaying its welcome this Winter, the prime time dramas need to also start confirming its cast and today the most highly anticipated (by me) police drama You’re All Surrounded has inked the contracts with double male leads Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won. Hurray! It is a little early for this drama to lock down a cast since it’s going to be following Three Days on SBS Wed-Thurs, and Three Days hasn’t even aired yet considering it’s predecessor You From Another Star has four more episodes left to air. With that said, better safe than sorry and lock down both of these A-listers before either Lee Seung Gi or Cha Seung Won gets any second thoughts.

The drama is described not as a police procedural but more a sweet, funny, and heartwarming drama set in the cop world. I guess that means less murdering psychopaths to track down and more of the lost dogs variety of cases? I kid, the set up is actually in the violent crimes unit of a local precinct where head honcho played by Cha Seung Won finds himself saddled with a bunch of rookies who aren’t terribly invested in their jobs or have a particular passion for crime fighting. Lee Seung Gi’s young cop is described as someone with the outer package of looks but it’s sadly coupled with a less than stellar personality. I’m also interested because I’ve liked the works of both the PD and the screenwriter – the PD directed Incarnation of Money, History of a Salaryman, and Giant while the screenwriter penned Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and Be Strong Geum Soon (and for the record also wrote Ojakkyo Brothers but I never watched that). The rumored leading lady Park Min Young, who was first up for the female lead in Dr. Stranger before turning that down and bouncing over to You’re All Surrounded, is also confirmed today to not being in this drama. That means the coveted slot is open again and I’m going to start chanting prayers that the actress cast is a favorite of mine. You’re All Surrounded will start filming in March with an eye towards a late April premiere on SBS.

Park Min Young is out, and given that its been two years since she did any acting project (drama or movie), I’m wondering what exactly is going on with her career management. She recently left her old agency King Kong Entertainment (where a handful of actresses also jumped ship including Kim Sun Ah and Sung Yuri) so hopefully she’ll figured out what she wants to do next. IMO either Dr. Stranger (with red hot Lee Jong Seok) and You’re All Surrounded appear like great projects with a high likelihood of success. Oh well, I’m not going to manage her career for her (leave that to her new agency Culture Depot which also reps Jeon Ji Hyun), and really I’m too excited to really care when Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won are confirmed. *throws confetti!*


Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won Confirmed for You’re All Surrounded and Park Min Young is Out — 57 Comments

  1. I sorry PMY fans but my first thought to being out was yes I think she is serviceable at best My choices on who should step in are Kim So Eun or Jung So Min

  2. This may just be the first Lsg drama that I love… Having nothing to do with him, but his character… I do love cop characters.

  3. omfghjjjjjjjj taking the cue and breathing in to the airbag. i have been going through a drama withdrawal stage with nothing exciting me . but THIS Is IT!!!!!

    the bromance is too prety and epic to be true and acting limited PMY is out.

    yesterday han hyo joo sent a love call to seung gi , saying she wants to work witn him again in different image since they know each other since they were kids.

    ms. koala let’s chant hard it’s some one in that league and someone we all love and can act .

    anyone worse than park min young or an idol girl who can’t act is a “nooooo nooo”

  4. I would love for a re-teaming of han hyo joo/seung gi…Esp since he voiced his opinions of wanting to work with her again. He thought they had the best chemistry.
    Nowadays han hyo joo is rockin’ a much edgier vibe and i think it’s time i see her back on the small screen since it’s been 4 years.

    TBH, i am happy PMY is out — i don’t think the chemistry would have been there. I know, it’s too early to tell but i am imagining it in my head and it’s just not doing it for me. PMY looks best with older-looking men, despite both being the same age.

    • I actually think him and MCW had better chemistry, lol I think she was more attracted to him in real life, they are cute together

      • I loved MCW on that one episode of strong heart. They were adorable together.
        Thing is, i don’t think the heroine in this story would nearly be as interesting as the hero and the focus seems to be on the bromance.. So although i’d love for them to team up, i don’t think it’d be a progressive move for her acting-wise.

      • @scbound
        You and I think alike again! I would so love to see SGi and MCW together in another drama. I felt that he had more chemistry with her than HHJ.

    • I’d like it too. She just said yesterday in an interview she wanted to work with him. But I don’t think she’d take this role if PMY won’t take it. She’s going to want a big part to come back to dramas after years and this is obviously going to focus on the bromance more than the romance and female lead.

    • I can totally see why MGY would be a candidate, but I’d never pick her if it were upto me. Then again it’s not lol. Just don’t see her having any sort of romantic chemistry with Seung-gi.

    • Noo for MGY! She’s just too boring choice! She wont accept it anyway! Throw an A lister actress and the party will crash!

      I’m thinking of Baek Jin Hee. She’s doing Empress ki though and that wont end till end of April. But I’m really impressed by her and hope for someone who can deliver a good acting!

  5. As far as I know… neither has confirmed but the answer will come this week. There’s was a whole ruckus last night where SBS officials claimed they’re taking it up and then a swift denial saying its final stages. So I’m not gonna be too excited until actual confirmation from both agencies come. Really glad PMY is out though, cz I’m not convinced she’ll be any good. I did like her in City hunter, but I’d rather someone else.

    Ayleen just mentioned Park Shin-hye! If only she wasn’t doing that movie, I’d be all over that suggestion. They have SO much chemistry in whatever they did in the past… I wouldn’t doubt that chemistry ever. Or Moon Chae-won. I’d love to see her as a police officer. She’d look fantastic and actually play the part well me thinks… or… obvious choice – Han Hyo-joo.

  6. here is my top 5 list of actress to be cast opposite this two:
    1. Jung so min
    2. Kim Min Seo
    3. Jung Ryeo Won
    4. Han Hyo Joo (yes lsg and her again please)
    5. Go Ah Sung (hope she comes back too dramas)

  7. agree with topper

    there is no reason fan girls to ruin the bromance with fan wars between the two male leads. they have 20 years age gap so will not be fighting for the same girl.so no shipping wars and no need for fan wars to determine who’s the alpha male. seung gi was offered first,and his name is mentioned first and most likely he’s the one with the major love line. that’s just one part of the story.

    and in real life they both have only praise for each other and seemed to have had so much fun together. they already adore each other

    these two are A listers loved by all and everybody is excited to see them together it’s sad if overzealous fan girls were to think that either of their oppa’s should drop the drama because they’ll have to share the limelight.

    if they confirm the it,it’ll mean the drama will have enough space for both of them.

    han hyo joo , moon chea won,kim so eun pls let it be one them .so sad it’s not likely to happen.

  8. Honestly, I agree that the female lead’s story would have to be A MAZING for us to 1. care about her. 2. feel OK with her hurting one of these two men.

    Either she friend-zones/ahjussi-zones one of them immediately or she just gets a lot of hate from one side.
    Why have a love triangle ruin a good cop story anyway?

    Think of how they are handling the ambiguous love/like line in Vampire Prosecutor – just a little sizzle to keep it interesting, but no outright romance.

    And please please don’t cast a newbie actress when Jung So-min has nothing to do out there!!

  9. This makes me want to re-watch The Greatest Love 😀

    The production teams sound interesting with all those dramas under their belt. I think it isn’t too early to feel excited. Yeap, totally ignoring the fact that they don’t have the lead actress yet lol

    • lol whut. In what world isn’t he? I wouldn’t consider him an A-list actor considering those are reserved for movie stars, but in dramas, variety, music just combining everything he does he’s huge A-list national star.

  10. no wonder i feel like i need to check the web and your blog! Koala sis, this is by far the most exciting news i have heard and i am so happy reading this post! thank you@

  11. Im always confused as to the status of LSG. Of course he’s extremely well known in Korea an in terms of CF Favorability he’s always number 1. Ive always thought he was A-list and really at the “top” ( I liked him for a long time and being in fandom sort of puts you in a bubble) but recently his dating news with Yoona came out and I read comments like, “Oh that’s good they are pretty much on the same level”. Yoona for sure is popular but it seems she’s only really A list when it comes to Kpop circles, same way as how Suzy is A-list. So now I think, hey maybe LSG is that way, A-list but only on a certain level,like above singers/idols level but just below Top Actors level.

    • Yoona is like THE top idol in the nation’s top group. SNSD are a wall to begin with and she’s the top of that. She’s even considered pretty enough not to lose out to actresses, and by default idols are never considered as pretty as actresses for some reason. You are probably underestimating her status a bit.

      Though yeah, I would consider him well below top actors for sure. In his age group though (the massive amount of 86er and 87er male actors), he’s pretty up there I’d think… which is good for someone more known as a singer who has never done a movie.

    • You are underestimating Yoonas popularity.Yoona is HUGE all over Asia.Her fan base is bigger than any other young actress in Korea by a mile.This year she set a record for highest rice donation by fans with 15.373 tones of rice ,triple more than any other female star. And overall she was behind only Yuchoon and Yunho in donations surpassing even Lee Min Ho. This month she will have magazine cover in Korea ,China and Thailand and when SNSD makes a comeback she will be everywhere. Lee Seug Gi and Yoona might be on the same level in Korea but outside of it Yoona is bigger star than him.

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