Ji Chang Wook Extends Empress Ki Collaboration With Ha Ji Won for North Cape

Whatever magic pill the production team of Empress Ki swallowed recently, it ought to share with other drama teams out there. The drama is narratively firing on all cylinders with equal measures delicious makjang and genuine heavy stakes. The best part for me is actually the reinvention of the relationship between Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan played by Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won‘s future Empress Ki Seung Nyang. I never bought the early bits of bromance bonding, and loathed every minute of her time in the Yuan palace as a serving girl while he made every attempt to spend time with her and pine after her. He was like a spineless toad, she was reduced to a saying no out of hate and defiance while in a subservient position. But now she’s his Consort and the smartest, deadliest one at that, and with her lighting the fires he starts to dare to fight back against Yeon Chul’s iron thumb. It was impossible to care about the good chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook for the first third of EK since their character interactions were so utterly dumb and maddening. Now that they have become a couple I can root for (along with the OTP of Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo), it’s perfect timing for their collaboration on the latest ad campaign for sportswear brand North Cape. Normally Ha Ji Won owns every photo shoot for me, but this time Ji Chang Wook took my breath away with that shot above. Boy deserves to top the post by looking so sporty and naughty and serious all in one look. It’s a shame his great physique is mostly all covered up in EK (as is wasting the chiseled perfection of Joo Jin Mo) so it’s a nice reminder of how great he looks in modern clothes. He makes that windbreaker look sexy. Does anyone else get Lee Bo YoungLee Jong Seok vibes from this noona-dongsaeng pairing? Ha Ji Won has a different kind of chemistry with Ji Chang Wook than she did with Lee Seung Gi, I get the sense that Ji Chang Wook totally idolizes Ji Won noona and wants to learn from her. It’s adorable and works great for a sportswear brand ad campaign because they give off a strong playful vibe together. I hope Seung Nyang at least tries to love her hubby back, now that she’s his Consort there is no going back to Wang Yoo so might as well get some action with the guy who worships the ground she walks on. Also delivering eye candy for all of us, heh. 


Ji Chang Wook Extends Empress Ki Collaboration With Ha Ji Won for North Cape — 42 Comments

  1. I’m for Seungnyang and Emperor OTP. Love them both. I love Ha Ji Won’s muscular legs compared to those skinny, stick legs. But her legs on the first picture look different. Must have been photo shopped.

  2. Her legs are wonderful! I’ve always loved her legs the most. Ever since I saw Kim Hang Ah putting her legs on that table wearing her military uniform I knew they’re great! Ha Ji Won is very healthy and strong. No wonder action dramas and movies are great for her!

    Awww They look soo good together! Why I’m I not TH/SN shipper!

  3. I am loving the outfits..so sporty!!! Gotta google to see if I can buy the one HJW was wearing in the second picture! I love the one on JCW more though, the orange & blue really go together!! I never did find JCW sexy until now!

  4. I never shipped her with Wang Yoo. They – for me – are so boring and angsty and yea… Just doesn’t work. These two, on the other hand, are love. They look awesome and the chemistry is evident. Makes me want to buy whatever they’re promoting.

    • it it wasn’t for the first scene I’d totally ship her with TH. I do love hate/lover relationship. But that first scene of a girl crying on her wedding day for a man who’s not her husband can’t make me get super engaged. I can’t ship her with WY either since I know no happy ending for them! and tbh I’m slightly biased to her scenes with TH… don’t know maybe I’m jumping to that ship anytime soon!

  5. BEAUTIFUL HA JI WON! Awww… They look so good together. Chemistry overload! Actually Ha Ji Won has amazing chemistry with all oh her leading men and she brings out the best in all of her co-actors. Ha Ji Won is superb and incomparable!

  6. I never watch Empress Ki before so I don’t know the chemistry between HJW and JCW but … It’s Ha Ji Won so it must be good…* After watching those pics, I hope HJW and LSG will have the same opportunity in a collaboration in any kinds of cf.lol

  7. i totally ship them, Lucky JCW he has the longest time with HJW , EK and Northcape, hope they can be a couple in real life pleaseee!!!

  8. Thanks Ms.K, agree. But I cant help to notice HJW legs should be better hidden. Sorry,I’m just used to the perfect legs of my beloved Yoon Eun Hye.LoL! Anyway, not meant to offend anyone, peace!

    • To me, YEH’s legs are just slim like many other skinny girls but nothing special to me. I like the well built type like HJW. To each their own…and even if the legs are not to perfection, why should one hide their legs just b/c of that?

    • i noticed her thighs too, but that just makes her more likable to me. It means she’s a normal woman just like me and she isn’t ashamed or afraid to show it. Peace to all women like ha ji won.

  9. I forgot how handsome he really is, and he gets more so as he gets older.

    Even though his character may not win with Ki, the actor is winning all kinds of cool points acting opposite THE HJW.

  10. Urgh, they’re so adorable together sometimes that I just want to see them have babies. (because I’m not taking this too far or anything)
    I’m with you, Ms Koala, on the hope that Seung Nyang at least tries to love Ta Hwan but in the wake of Wang Yoo’s (earth-shattering) return, she might not do that. On another note, I want to see her realize Maha’s her baby so she can start cuddling with him and Ta Hwan thinks it’s sweet that she loves her step-son so much – little does he know.
    Out of all the characters in this drama, I think Baby Emperor is the one to pity the most because he loves so much to have so little love returned. But he’s slowly (slowly) making himself someone she can love so I hope she at least gives it a go. He is pretty to look at after all.
    I agree with the drama wasting the chiseled perfection of its male leads. We got glimpses of Ji Chang Wook in his bath and a teeny shot of Joo Jin Mo’s body when he got scalded but MORE, PLEASE, PD-NIMS.

  11. Ms. Koala, can you explain about the difference chemistry between Ha Ji Won-Lee Sung Gi and Ha Ji Won-Ji Chang Wok?
    I don’t understand. You wrote that Ha Ji Won’s chemistry to Lee Sung Gi is different than Ha Ji Won’s chemistry to Ji Chang Wook. What’s the difference? Let you know that I finished TK2H in the mid of December 2013 and I don’t watch EK yet, so… .

    Please, give me enlightement!

    I love HJW and LSG but maybe if I watch EK I will love HJW and JCW.

  12. HJW seems to have great chemistry with younger actors.She does not look her age.I love her moments with TH.More romantic and cute.I also love her moments with WY although she seems to be more reserved or is it because she consider her relationship with WY as between a king and loyal subject.SInce now she is a concubine of her own freewill I hope she will at least reciprocate the emperor’s feeling even just a little. Among the three main characters, I consider TW as the most unfortunate.

  13. Honestly Ji Chang-wook is the best thing about Empress Ki for me. I just adore his baby emperor character and he can’t seem to do any wrong in my eyes.

  14. Omo, even in CF they have chemistry…Koala, you are right, Ha JiWon has a very very good chemistry with her dongsaengs for some reason. Theres Hyun Bin oppa , Lee SeungGi and now Ji ChangWook and let’s add Jin YiHan (TalTal) as well, where in their chemistry is offcam, ayiiiee

  15. Wooooot-woooot. ..My OTP extend their pairings in CF…What a good chemistry they have even here… Aigoo.. I am so inlove with them…EK is getting better now hope that SN will have her eyes for TH since she is his concort already.. TaHwan-SungNyang OTP hwaiting!!!

  16. you’re so right about the photo! those magnetic eyes! i want to see him in a drama asap!
    what’s amazing about JCW is that he has gentle looks but has a sexy body and a wonderful voice!
    i ship him with HJW!

  17. please iam begging to the derictor and the writer of the empress ki drama,for the another drama of ha ji won and ji chang wook were they have a happy ending, the drama was so touching cul not concentrate for more tan a month every time thinking of the drama so please mak another drama wer they have good ending ,thank you they wer so matching love them alot

  18. HI, DIRECTOR OF Empress ki , IAM FROM INDIA ,drama is really a nice ,touching drama its the best very sad at the end of the drama,plise director made another drama for ha ji won and ji chang wook with happy ending.THANK YOU and looking forward and waiting for new drama…..

  19. i wish that ha ji won was not older than ji chang wook because they really look cute together. It hurts my heart so much that she is older than him, oh so so so so so so so so so so so so bad

  20. Until now, i’m still hoping for HJW and JCW to build a relationship regardless of their age gap. They look great together!

    • Ya me too! Was hoping they will pair up offscreen. But unfortunately she’s 9 years older than him. Both seem to fit in each other’s “ideal partner” description too. HJW likes a humorous guy and JCW likes someone who is at the same communication level. HJW said she don’t mind dating a guy 10 yrs younger and JCW said age is not an issue as long as they can communicate well. So what is stopping him from pursuing his Ji Won noona I wonder?

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