Video Preview for Episode 14 of In A Good Way

The first video preview is out for episode 14 of In A Good Way and it’s as full of angst and woe as anticipated. Liu Chuan stands at the center of the woe-storm but the ripples fan out and affect everyone who cares about him. Bai Xue and Liu Chuan’s awkwardness for the last few episodes might just get washed away by even more important worries, namely that Liu Chuan is withdrawing from everyone and everything on campus. Is it a result of some deal he cut with his smarmy dad, i.e. he’ll transfer schools or cease all social activities until graduation? Or is it a result of his own self-loathing that he would actually do the very thing he hates the most which is to call in a favor from a powerful figure to solve a problem. I don’t blame Liu Chuan for buckling under the fear and worry that Jia En would get expelled. If it was just Liu Chuan’s future at stake then he wouldn’t blink an eye, but put his Jia En in danger and suddenly he’s as human and helpless as everyone else. A high IQ is of no help when there is no justice other than the authority figures choosing to make an example out of JIa En and Liu Chuan for instigating a student protest.I can’t believe Liu Chuan didn’t think of this worst case scenario, which goes to show that he’s not perfect and infallible.

I still think the whole expulsion threat came much too fast and furious. To expel a student requires more than one professor pushing for it and then one quick board meeting to discuss it. Not to mention Liu Chuan is like campus big man and even if the university doesn’t know his father is a congressman I doubt the threat of his expulsion wouldn’t cause severe campus morale problems. I suppose this united danger to Liu Chuan and Jia En is what it takes to bring them even closer and then force them apart so that there is no more confusion or questions as to how each feels. I also think this arc forces them to think about college not as just an experience for freedom but as the stepping stone for the next stage in their lives – adulthood and responsibilities. What does Liu Chuan want to do besides not turn into his dad? Does he want to change the world a little step at a time? Jia En has come a long way since the wide-eyed girl with no sense of self, but even if she no longer dreams the same Ren Wei dreams she’s still a long way away from having her own dream to pursue. I’m sure the drama will keep on delving into these great growing up conundrums but I’m not looking forward to watching Liu Chuan so morose and down in the dumps. I suppose the only silver lining is that it forces Jia En to be proactive and take charge to pull her man back into the world of the carefree college student life.

Preview for episode 14:

[youtube id=”kw7uxPwuPBQ” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Bai Xue: Setting the club aside and paying it no attention, that is not the Liu Shan Feng that I’ve known for the last 5 years!

Liu Chuan: Then what do you think I ought to be like?

Jia En: Liu Chuan, if you have anything on your mind, you can tell me. Don’t hold it in all by yourself. 3631, Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m., see you at the plaza where the Tea Confession takes place. I won’t leave until I see you.


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  1. I’ve been refreshing your site since you dropped the last recap, I needed some semblance of a reunion before I spontaneously combust from frustration lol.

  2. I really love the song feature in this preview. I suppose it’s not out at. Also, i can kind of understand a little of the meaning and I can’t wait for the full song to come out. There’s something about the beat that’s really soothing an sad at the e time.

  3. Yay, thanks Ms. Koala! I’ve been stalking your website for days LOL. I love everything about IAGW – there’s just so much feels for each character and I’m loving how LC isn’t portrayed as a perfect being with no weaknesses to his character. It’s time for JE to step up the plate and be there for her man. LC-JE, jia you! Can’t wait till Friday swings around.

  4. You go, girl! Liu Chuan is lucky she’s such a strong girl. I hope the writers can work through this problem as well as with Xiao Wei’s regrading.

  5. can’t believe how avidly i’ve been watching this incredibly slow-progressing drama. if this liu chuan/ jia en relationship moves any slower, it might as well be going backwards. but since it doesn’t look like they’ll be actually getting together anytime soon, i’ll satisfy myself with the frequent eye darting. nevertheless, i think this drama is a must-watch for any career-oriented young lady, particularly the Asian-American female students I know, who think if they keep their head down and work/study really hard like xiao wei, they’ll get through college/life. feeling inspired myself that i really need to start standing up for myself instead of being afraid of who i might offend.

  6. Yes, this is a sad situation (LC abandoning Momo!!! no way!)but hopefully it will help JE to be more proactive in their relationship and realizes what he means for her. She has to be his strength now.
    Also I hope the Treasure Hunt Club will gather around LC too!

  7. I want to feel upset that we’re probably going to get 3 to 4 angst-filled episodes. Where is the photo where the actress posted where we thought he was going to kiss her?

    But I’ve repeated the part where he gripped her hand so many times. This show is making my emotions spin. In a good sort of way, because I am enjoying this drama so much.

  8. I like this: Liu Chuan stands in the middle of the woe-storm.

    Bring it, Show!
    I like LC dark and sad because only JE can bring him light and lightness.
    She is no shrinking country-girl anymore and won’t be pushed too far away before she fights her way back in, right?

    I can’t wait!!

  9. man …. the way he buckled under panic of saving jia en though is logical, makes me wonder if they really held on and waited for that board meeting, what will the board directors say? because its not like they were protesting on a baseless accusation anyway, and professor chang should be the one harshly dealt with for inciting all these negative emotions because he graded unfairly in a moment’s spite, belitting xiao wei’s social network.

  10. Cheer up everyone. Just read something from Apple Daily that gives me hope that they’re not gonna drag out the angst. The article was basically talking abt the fact that RW is moving his affections to JE and many viewers doesn’t want the show to go the direction of a love triangle between RE, LC and JE. But it’s the last paragraph of the article which really caught my eyes. I’ve included the last paragraph here.


    I’ll try my best to translate… Ms Koala, pls correct me if I translate some parts wrongly. This is the first time I’m attempting a translation.

    The plot will develop such that because LC asks his dad to step in to solve the problem of their expulsion, his mood sinks to the pits (literal translation would be “down to the bottom if the valley”). JE shows her concern for LC and their relationship goes up another notch.

    • I think Ms Koala and few readers have said that IAGW would most likely be a 20-25 episode drama. Lego have mentioned that they’ll be filming till March, hence that 20+ episode count.

      And that……JE and LC relationship goes up another notch….hmmmmmmmm. Since they’re on that more than friends, seems to have a mutual understanding, so does it mean that the next step would be them officially starting out a relationship? Hopefully! 🙂

  11. any notch i am in hahaha! gosh anything that will progress LC-JE I am there! This is why JE-LC are better when together.LC needs a girl like JE who would not just leave you behind!

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