Joe Cheng and Janine Chang are Adorably Cheeky Filming an Action-sequence for You Light Up My Star

Sometimes Taiwanese entertainment news articles are hilariously eye-opening. It’s a combination of a wry sense of humor in the questions asked and the TW-stars being game to answer candidly. The media was on the set of the currently filming TW-drama You Light Up My Star with Janine Chang and Joe Cheng as the production was filming a big scene. The scene required Joe to carry Janine on his back as he scaled a wall. This drama is about the dark underbelly of the entertainment world and in the drama Joe and Janine both play actors. It’s a pretty nifty bit of meta. This scene was a drama within a drama as Joe and Janine’s characters were playing other characters for an action sequence. It wasn’t the first time either leads had to wear a wire for filming but Director Winnie wasn’t taking any chances and spent big bucks to bring in two large lift machines to secure each of them and he went out and got extra insurance just in case. I don’t know if Director Winnie is being cautious or jinxing it. He actually did the scene himself a few times on the wire to make sure it’ll work, and during the waiting downtime Janine and Joe were goofing off in the dressing room doing warm up exercises. Once filming started Joe climbed the wall while Janine screamed behind him per the script, though when they got to the top and the cameras stopped she was all giddy with excitement. Janine revealed that Joe was so manly carrying her on his back and perhaps it really is time for her to find a manly shoulder to lean on in real life. Joe’s was asked if he was worried about hurting his two “boys” since the wire is secured underneath his posterior and Joe answered that actor’s balls (i.e. testicles) are not balls when he’s acting so he’s going for the scene without any worry about injury. LOLOLOL. Even funnier is when he was asked if he got to feel up Janine as she was all pressed tightly on his back- Joe responded “She has a very large chest, that’s for certain, but I was so focused on climbing that wall who has time to enjoy that!” *I dies* You Light Up My Star will be completely pre-filmed and premieres in April on FTV. I can’t wait!


Joe Cheng and Janine Chang are Adorably Cheeky Filming an Action-sequence for You Light Up My Star — 7 Comments

  1. Haha!!!! Love them and the tw media … Lol

    I have no idea what this drama is about… I forgot the premise already. My first question was why are they scaling a building? As opposed to all the lovely questions they had. Lol

  2. (^^) Love the Asians so up front and personal, no reservations… just being realistic and genuine, not prudish at all. Kdramas too, always showing people pooping on the potty or talk about it, so cute very real… Can you imagine “All My Children” soap opera doing that? (^^)

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