Hyun Bin Wraps Up Year Long Series of Fan Meetings with Last Stop in Yokohama

What has Hyun Bin been up to lately? Other than being inhumanely good looking, that is? He’s been out of the army for over a year and still he’s first acting project hasn’t hit the screens yet. It’s looking more and more likely that he’s going down the movie-exclusive route and I wouldn’t blame him for it. He chose as his first post-military project the sageuk movie The King’s Wrath where he plays King Jeongjo with a supporting cast of Han Ji Min, Jung Jae Young, Jo Jung Seok, and Jung Eun Chae. It’s billed as dark and intense, and the last time a similar type of sageuk movie came along it was Masquerade (Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King) back in 2012 with Lee Byung Hun and that movie turned out to be a box office winner and awards magnet. Here’s to hoping the same treatment for Binnie’s movie if it ends up being as good as the first teaser hints at. Binnie has been steadily making his way through Asia for a series of fan meetings to reconnect with his fans in various countries and this past weekend he wrapped it up with his final stop in Yokohama, Japan. Despite the wicked snow storm in town, 5000 of his devoted fans still showed up to watch Binnie up close and personal, receiving the obligatory singing performance, games played, and question-and-answer session. I’m resigned to Binnie looking this skinny forever, whatever he did to lose so much weight for Secret Garden seems to have crept back after he finished his military service. He’s still got the most awe-inducing cheekbones in the business and I’m loving his recent hairstyle. I am so over the huge front combover thingie that seems to be all the rage in K-dramas, or maybe the popularity of You From Another Star makes it appear ubiquitous. Up next for Binnie is diving into the filming for the modern courtroom procedural thriller movie Insufficient Evidence where he plays a defense lawyer who uses the technical loophole of lack of evidence to get his criminal clients off the hook. That’s the bare bones synopsis available but I’m sure there is lots of meaty grist in the role and story so it managed to entice Binnie on board.


Hyun Bin Wraps Up Year Long Series of Fan Meetings with Last Stop in Yokohama — 23 Comments

  1. the ironic is, his co-star Jo Jung Suk also held Japan fan meeting a day before him. Waiting for King Wrath premiere on May patiently to see how both of them work together. 😀

      • what about cash grabbing? his fan organize a ‘Sweet Valentine fan meeting’and at the same time they launching his Japan Official Fan Page. cash grab or not we cant argue that he have his own fan base there who yearning for his present.

      • I’m surprised at the bitterness of your tone. Maybe you want to have your own fanmeet as well? too bad, no one is actually interested in organizing one for you.

      • Just my opinion that fan meetings are pretty pointless to an actors career, unless if you are a singer holding concerts. Not bitter at all.

      • It’s pointless for an actor to want to meet his fans and speak with them face to face? It’s pointless for an actor to acknowledge his fan base and to thank them for the support in person? That’s pretty close minded.

        And just for the record, Jo Jung Suk might not be a “singer” but he originally began his career in musical theater, so he CAN sing. In fact, he SANG during his fan meeting and that was a special delight to his fans who were anxious to meet him.

      • They aren’t pointless to the fans who get to see someone they love. From what I’ve seen these guys (and ladies) are very grateful for the support from overseas, especially given the language barrier.

      • @topper

        if you think it’s pointless, then it shows just how little you know about these actors and their relationship with their fans. I suggest that in the future, you better just shut up than talk about something you have almost zero knowledge about.

        also, just to let you know that both HB and JJS are considered actor/singers. HB has a number of recordings and lent his voice for a number of his dramas while JJS is an established musical actor even before he went mainstream and, believe it or not, has an impressive discography.

        Besides, the purpose of a fan meet is for the FANS to MEET their IDOL–may they be a singer, an actor, or even a writer (yes, famous writers do autograph sessions and “fanmeets” as well). A FANMEET is not a CONCERT. Hopefully, that sets your vocabulary straight.

      • Wow ppl take it easy nothing to fight about!!

        I kinda get both sides though.
        I don’t agree that for an actor the fan meeting are pointless, they aren’t. They give the fans a sense that the actor is committed to them. The fans make the idol and give him stardom so in that sense definitely not pointless. Also since the idol has fans committed enough to him to go see him & way for it, then the cash grab is justified. They are giving up something for something that (they find) of equal value. According to FMA thats what we call Equivalent exchange XD!! lol 😛 but its true!!

        On the other hand, I think there are many types of fans. Fans that are committed to the idol and want any chance to get closer and know more about them, fans that are more or less committed depending on their mood, fans that are only interested on what the idol has to offer and not really about the idol himself. Fan meeting are surely for fans of the first category, and they deserve getting it just like they deserve paying for it. Fans of the 3rd category (like myself :P) well they just have to wait until they see that idol’s next work.

        Either way, we are all fans 😉 Maybe if I were to live somewhere closeby I’d go to those fan meetings, but its hopeless for me 😛

        I realize that fan meeting is also a good opportunity to meet other ppl of similar interest, so its not even JUST about the idol they’re seeing

  2. PD Lee Jae Kyu directs King’s Wrath. I will watch it definitely for PD Lee Jae Kyu. Who forgot his AWESOME drama, The King 2 Hearts which has been my favorite drama all the time and I dont know how many times I watch it.

    I hope PD Lee will invite Ha Ji Won in the premiere so she can meet with Hyun Binnie. Lol. (Deep in my heart, HJW and LSG is still the best couple)

    • lol, me too. I looooooooooove TK2H.
      And I adore HJW.
      But deep down in my heart,I still ship her the most with Hyun Bin 😉 (No Joo Jin Mo nor Ji Chang Wook, sorry shippers)

  3. We truly adore YB, renowned for being a well TALENTED Actor, with great personality! Thanks KOALA for this update, we’re truly grateful!

  4. he looks good!!! never saw him since he finished his military service…nice to meet you again hyun bin!! can’t wait your next drama!!:

  5. Nice to meet you Heartiss….lol

    Dont want to offend but I cant finish SG yet. It’s because I watched SG after I watched TK2H….So, I just dropped it.

    I could only finish watching I hear ur voice after I watched tk2h lol

  6. I hope Hyun Bin to be paired up with Yoon Eun Hye in their upcoming drama. It`s my dream to see them together on screen.

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