Yeon Woo Jin Makes a Surprise Cameo as the Eldest Lee Brother in You From Another Star

Running across a totally unexpected cameo is such a treat! Did anyone else know Yeon Woo Jin was making a much too brief appearance in You From Another Star episode 18? He plays the now dead eldest brother Lee Han Kyung and holy moly was it awesome. I’ve been a casual fan of Yeon Woo Jin since his turn as the baddie in Arang and the Magistrate and what little I watched of him in When a Man Loves make me wish his character was the male lead. He’s still much too underrated, but that was Park Hae Jin for the longest time and he’s now coming to the forefront and I hope the same goes for Yeon Woo Jin soon. Unlike Suzy‘s cameo in episode 17, this one actually narratively made sense to explain exactly what happened to poor eldest hyung years ago leaving Jae Kyung the heir apparent in the family. I still find the writing in YFAS so comically rough it’s amusing, none moreso than what really is two separate dramas mashed awkwardly together. There is the funny and stirring romance of the alien-actress love story where he needs to leave the planet to stay alive but will now rather die by her side. Then there is the family inheritance serial killer on the loose detective mystery which is fascinating in showing the growth of Park Hae Jin’s Hwi Kyung character and will deliver the satisfaction of watching Jae Kyung go down eventually like the scum of the earth he is. Who the hell kills his own older brother?!?! I loved the scenes with Yeon Woo Jin as Han Kyung with his youngest brother the teenage Hwi Kyung, they are so adorable together and damn if his too brief cameo didn’t make me wish for an entire drama with him as Han Kyung. Too bad the warmth and tension of Han Kyung’s situation and supposedly accidental death gets revealed by a deus ex machina in the form of Han Kyung giving a recording pen to Hwi Kyung for his high school graduation present, and said pen happens to record the confrontation between Jae Kyung and Han Kyung right before big bro gets offed by second bro. Way to keep on leaving a trail of evidence behind, mastermind Jae Kyung. Oh well, YFAS is still entertaining and this cameo made me happier than the usual blink-and-miss-it-fanservice appearances. I do find it amusing that he totally seems like the odd brother out – Park Hae Jin and Shin Sung Rok are both super tall with chiseled features while Yeon Woo Jin is the super adorable baby face with the light switch intensity. Maybe Jae Kyung offed Han Kyung cuz he was adopted? Heh heh, just teasing. Check out the cameo cut scene below!

Yeon Woo Jin’s cameo on You From Another Star:

[youtube id=”no5irV00F6M” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Yeon Woo Jin Makes a Surprise Cameo as the Eldest Lee Brother in You From Another Star — 11 Comments

  1. I certainly had no idea. Awesome!!! I haven’t seen the episode in its entirety yet. It’s too bad that he was one of jk’s casualties. There is no hope for that guy, seriously. I thought maybe he’d have some more dimensions to him.

  2. I loved him as the maknae brother Taepil in Ojakgyo Brothers. He is even more good looking now based on the screencaps posted. Nice.

  3. Ms Koala! i actually saw a tweet about this cameo. there’s a BIG BIG MOVIE A-LISTER coming too! Maybe he’ll be shown in ep 19. He played Heo Gyun recently in Gwanghae. geddit? ackkkkk! eggzoited πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Nice cameo from him. Jae Kyung is like a villain out of a comic book. Except clearly he’s mentally unstable. Im not surprised he killed off his hyung and now I am seriously worried for Hwi Kyung now that he revealed he knows the truth.
    I’ve really grown to love hwi-kyung who is give more material than those second leads that have no purpose other than to serve as the other leg in the love triangle.

  5. I haven’t watched ep 18 yet but am looking forward to YWJ’s cameo now!

    Am I the only one who likes Hwi Kyung more than Do Min Joon here?
    I root for the OTP to get together in the end, but Hwi Kyung is awesome and much more fleshed out as a character!

  6. So sad – it seems as if Daddy dearest knew exactly what was happening with the kids and did nothing but encourage the craziness if his murderous spawn!

  7. He is sooo cute – his little round face and cellophane voice. He was the perfect maknae/noonah bait in OB.

    That is why it was awesome to see him play baddies in Arang and WaML. He’s been very smart with his choices, this one.

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