Kang Ji Hwan Goes All Rebel with a Fog Machine for Singles Magazine

The entertainment world promotional cycle is pretty predictable. If a star has an upcoming or current project, it’ll usually be accompanied by photo spreads and CFs and other activities all at the same time. Kang Ji Hwan is headed back to the small screen in April with Big Man on KBS and he’s also gracing the pages of Singles Magazine in its March edition. Big Man has been on a steady casting spree for the last two weeks and the only thing missing right now is a leading lady to go along with the stellar group of Kang Ji Hwan, Daniel Choi, and Jung So Min. Jung Ryeo Won was in talks for the role but has reportedly declined which is a shame since she’s eclectic and quirky and a lot of fun to watch. Since she passed on the role, my repeated nightly chants of “please pick someone great” isn’t getting exhausting in the least, I have to stick with it because if an actress I don’t like is cast then it’s pretty much a no-go for me. It’s getting harder and harder to slog through a drama with an actor or actress that rubs me completely the run way. Big Man won’t start filming for another month so I can’t say whether Kang Ji Hwan’s look for the drama will look anything like this Singles photo shoot. I love the shoot but it’s a little overdone with the fog machine. I reckon the theme is rebel in the mist or something like that. Or maybe emo guy in smoke. I love all the shots except for the one where he’s wearing a giant feminine looking hat, which totally reminds me of Jung Kyung Ho‘s photo shoot last year where he was also sporting a giant hat for some strange reason. I’m glad he’s playing a bottom rung type of character in Big Man, it sounds like a great rough and tumble type of role that I’ve been wanting to see him try out.


Kang Ji Hwan Goes All Rebel with a Fog Machine for Singles Magazine — 5 Comments

  1. I think this Kdrama BIG MAN wilbe really really really successfully if
    the leading actress is choose YOON EUN HYE because Kang JiHwan and YOON
    EUN HYE have great chemistry since both of them was play Kdrama Lie to Me.Kang
    JiHwan right now is the asia stars as an actor so i really really hope that
    the PD,Directors,Scriptwriter of the production BIG MAN will have choose
    YOON EUN HYE as the leading actress.They are KangJIhwan and YOON EUN
    HYE are the dream pairings as the couples of the Kdrama and in the real
    life.I hope the Production of BIG MAN will hear our hopes as the fans of
    Kang JiHwan and YOON EUN HYE thanks alot

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