You From Another Star Heads Towards Finale with Tears, Laughter, and a Perfect Song Yi Proposal

Perfect. The ending sequence to episode 20, the penultimate episode of You From Another Star, was absolute sheer hilarious heart-stopping perfection. First time this drama made me cry, and it did so in a way that seamlessly unfurled the romance between the two leads that had been built up until this point. I had a hunch the moment the awkward shoehorned in serial killer Jae Kyung scenes came to an end the drama would finally hit it out of the park. I still think this drama is shockingly overrated until now, but I loved episode 20 for all its mellow scenes of two lovers who are facing the Catch-22 choice of death or eternal separation. I like to think there is a third choice in a happily ever after, and my gut tells me this drama is going to end well for everyone not named Jae Kyung, but the OTP don’t know that so they are in fact dealing with the painful option between sucks and sucks even more. I’ve been completely underwhelmed with Kim Soo Hyun‘s performance while equally worshipping Jeon Ji Hyun‘s sizzling delivery, but this episode felt like they met in the middle and the result was magic happening onscreen.

Below is the cut of the post-credits sequence for this episode which goes down in K-drama history as one of the best marriage proposals ever. I’ll remember this one for years to come. Song Yi makes Se Mi record her dancing a marriage proposal and I was laughing and crying along with Min Joon. Se Mi whining about why she has to do it, Song Yi tell her “unni wants to get married”, and Min Joon’s tears and laughter were such fantastic acting on the part of Kim Soo Hyun. THAT is what I wanted out of him in this drama, that conveyance of centuries of restraint and gravitas paired with a discovery of love as a fascinating emotional core. This massive out-of-this-world popular hit is ending tomorrow and I’ll lay bets that Star fans will be giddy with glee when all i said and done. It’s a fluffy manga romance that really gelled at the end for me in terms of the romantic hook and now I’m super excited to see what the drama has in store to sign off with a bang.  Below I’ve also translated the written preview for the final episode 21. Everyone hold on to your horses!

Song Yi’s proposal to Min Joon:

[youtube id=”xYfhjsOBKUU” w=”625″ h=”445″]


I’ve watched this proposal so many times I’ve lost count. Chun Song Yi continues to set trends and I’m sure the reverse proposal will suddenly be de rigueur among the cool kids for the next wedding season in Korea.

Written preview for episode 21:

The comet streaks towards Earth and creates the most fantastic sky show in 400 years full of shooting stars. Knowing the parting day draws nearer, Do Min Joon prepares his final farewell to Song Yi…..


You From Another Star Heads Towards Finale with Tears, Laughter, and a Perfect Song Yi Proposal — 26 Comments

    • I think that was a great proposal as well. I think the one in TK2Hs is not too, too far behind. I really liked the way LJH had proposed (how he said it), mostly because I felt that LJH’s lines were congruent with who he was (as a character. At least, what we had seen up to ep.12). And that scene was beautifully shot (in the K2Hs).

  1. Yeah, well, I was crying so much it hurts out loud.

    I really felt in the last shots that KSH was crying looking at how beautiful his co-star – knowing he as much as DMJ will have to say good-bye to this lovely closeness soon.

  2. I love this show to the stars and back. I absolutely lost it crying and laughing with the proposal she is a fantastic actress and has really outdone her self with this role she has won me as her eternal fan.
    I am a bit nervous for the ending but I am sure the heavens are going to smile and give us a happy ending. My no 1 show for the year by far.

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed this episode?

    And Kim Soo Hyun crying and smiling in front of the laptop while watching the proposal. Wasn’t that all of us YFAS watchers out there by the end of episode 20?

  4. Love these two characters and the first drama crack for me in a long long time. I stuck this one out with the characters through and through. I had others that started strong but were duds in the end for me… And I am surprised at an overrated drama as this would be change that for me. It’s definitely the characters and the lovely chemi. JJH is super cute in the proposal video. 🙂

  5. I have never seen a k-drama heroine go to such lengths to PROPOSE to a man. You don’t see that — ever. She is as romantic as she is a strong woman. She falls shamelessly in love, but she is not a fool in love. So i replayed that epilogue like it was nobodys business. Kim Soo Hyun nailed that scene because his smile and laughter mirrored mines, and then he started to cry happy tears. And so did I.
    Everyone is waiting with bated breath for a bed scene in the last episode. Fingers crossed.

  6. CSY is amazing. nothing more need be said

    As for Kim Soo Hyun’s DMJ – I actually quite like the gradual progression from stiff, restrained “alien” distanced from emotional contact to this relatively “human” state, where he laughs, cries, and embraces human connections (even if potentially short-lived)

  7. Yeah. Her heart and sincerity just shining through her eyes. Made me cry and smaile watching it all over again here.

    It may not be the best written K drama but Cheon Song Yi has stolen the show. I will remember her for years to come and for how self aware and sincere a person/ character she is/was.

  8. Now, can anyone blame me why I only see OTP in this drama?. I gave up on plot long time ago, now just enjoy in perfection of that hot chamistry that they give.
    Last 3 eps were the best OTP ones since a long time in dramas.

  9. After the Master’s Sun, this is my favorite show to date. I can’t believed its the final episode. What will happen to my wed-thurs nights? The upcoming dramas doesnt interests me at all.

  10. Jeon Ji Hyun makes me fall in love with her more and more. If she does not get an award for her performance in this show, I’m going to flip some tables!!!

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