Angel Eyes Starts Filming Childhood Portion and Confirms Cast of Lee Sang Yoon, Gu Hye Sun, and Kim Ji Suk

SBS weekends have been pretty lackluster for me for a long time. The last weekend drama I enjoyed (somewhat) was Cheongdamdong Alice. The ones after that like Birth Secret, Goddess of Marriage, and Thrice Married Woman have all been singularly hard to watch. Not bad per se, just not very fun to slog through. Coming up next is Angel Eyes, the drama that initially floated as leads Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min, but now has confirmed a completely different set of leads. Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon will be pairing up for this first love melodrama that has already started filming the childhood section. Playing the teenage counterparts to Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon are Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul, both of whom I honestly like better than the adult leads. Gu Hye Sun will be making her first K-drama return since Take Care of the Captain with Ji Jin Hee in 2012. I don’t know why but it feels like she’s been gone for much longer than that. Lee Sang Yoon is a drama regular and last year did both the MBC sageuk Goddess of Fire Jeongi with Moon Geun Young as well as My Daughter Seo Young with Lee Bo Young.

Angel Eyes will be primed to follow the typical weekend family melodrama types of narratives as the two leads are teenage sweethearts but are separated by something involving the male leads parents. Years later, the female lead gets a cornea transplant and regains her eyesight and becomes an EMT. The male lead becomes a surgeon (of course) and their paths cross again. Rounding out the cast is Kim Ji Suk playing the second male lead and antagonist in the story. I’m actually rather indifferent to the cast but find the big potential stumbling block to be the screenwriter who wrote Boys Before Flowers and Operation Proposal, both of which were hot messes story-wise. Apparently Gu Hye Sun accepted this role because she is getting to work with her BoF screenwriter, and I’m not sure whether it’s a good idea on either of their parts. On the other hand, the PD is all sorts of awesome having directed Will it Snow For Christmas, Only You, and What Happened in Bali. All of those dramas are so pretty to watch with great directorial flair. Decisions, decisions. I’ll probably watch the childhood portions no matter which since I love those two youngsters, but the rest will depend on if the story is actually engaging. The first stills are out of Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun filming for Angel Eyes and they are definitely cute together. Nam Ji Hyun is always so winning in any role, and she’s left indelible teenage performances as the younger female lead in dramas such as YISFC, Giant, and Queen Seondeok. Angel Eyes premieres at the end of March on SBS.


Angel Eyes Starts Filming Childhood Portion and Confirms Cast of Lee Sang Yoon, Gu Hye Sun, and Kim Ji Suk — 31 Comments

  1. Yeah, Gu Hye Sun is one of the few actresses that I’m allergic to so I’m definitely avoiding this one. Nam Ji Hyun on the other hand I love~ Really hope she’ll start getting female lead roles for real and not only as the younger counterpart.

    • I really liked him in that KBS drama special he did with Jung So-min (although I disliked the ending). I also liked him in what I saw of INR2. He has a lot of potential but, for the most part, he gets stuck playing the same role

      • Me three to the comment above 🙂
        I adore Kim Ji Suk after I Need Romance 2, but that won’t be enough for me to watch this drama. And like others have said, why is he always the 2nd lead, his agency really needs to step it up and get him some better projects.
        After the horrible mess Goddess of Fire, Lee Sang Yoon lands in another flop?? I feel sorry for him then… But I might just watch the kids’ portion though for the Kang Ha Neul.

  2. I adore the young actors and like the male leads but anything Gu Hye Sun means an automatic skip. Even if she has the best script and director she would manage to muck it up.

  3. Definitely looking forward to this drama. Storyline looks interesting and the main leads are all veteran and capable actors. Yes including GHS who is not only a great actress but a talented director, artist, and songwriter and always engages herself in a project 100%. I’m in!

  4. I think I will watch only the first episodes with the young cast and stop. Because I really don’t like GHS, in BOF, The Musical or Take care… I had the impression to see the same character… The male lead is not really charismatic. But I love Kim Ji Suk since I Need a Romance 2 😀

  5. There aren’t many names I forget even if this industry is huge. Go Hye Sun though, is definitely one of those rare people. I’m not trying to sound bitchy but I forgot she existed until this project courted her. She’s awful and eerie and loud; which makes her the worse combination of bad in an actress. Maybe she’s really great in real life but great actress she’s not.

  6. Oh good, another drama I can happily skip without feeling like I’m missing anything. The writer is a “No” for me, one lead leaves me completely disinterested and the other I avoid like the plague. The director is good though, but

  7. GHS?! it’ll definitely be stinker ><" i really would like to understand the fascination. why she keeps getting cast. she's a terrible actress.

  8. story sounds like what I like.But I do not like the leading lady.Is this drama a remake of a movie with a similar title?I am thinking to watch the movie instead the drama.

  9. I enjoy watching the mighty chilwu and BOF. So i love goo hye sun and lee sang yoon. Also the younger casts are very talented. Can’t wait to see the drama.

  10. I really enjoy the mighty chilwu, BOF, my daughter seoyoung. So i love goo hye sun and lee sang yoon. Goo hye sun is actually a really talented and a great actress. People seems misundertood her. Her face is very unique unlike common people or beauty and more unique if she express her emotion that’s why some people is hard to understand her at first but when you watch her continuously, you can see she is amazing.
    Her acting was remarkable in “take care of me captain” when she knew that ji jin hee character who killed her mother. i can’t forget that crying scene.

  11. I love koo hye sun and lee sang yoon pairing. I’ve been waiting for her comeback.. She’s such understated and wonderful actress. I definitely will watch this drama. 🙂

  12. been waiting for GHS latest drama..and it really make me fill so excited..I will not watch korean drama without GHS acting…cheer me:)

  13. i just saw the 1st episodes and it is wonderful.. it is made like a movies, the quality, the acting, the cast. it is perfect..I just hope the adult portion can give justice to this drama. That is why I’m watching it. If Lee Yeon-hee, Go Ara and Yoona made an in improvement in their acting in their recent dramas, well why cant GHS cant?, Im giving this drama a chance:)

  14. I think ppl has been too harsh on GHS. Sure she is not the best but she’s definitely not the worst. I personally think she is a talented actress but I cant put my finger why it doesnt quite nail the characters she did ever since GJD of BOF. I see JD in all her characters after BOF but recently I realized why. GHS tend to bring her real life habits and style to her characters. Thus GJD was GHS, then when she played another characters GHS wud preveil again her characters…

    However I guess she finally awares of what went wrong before becos watching her in AE, she has complete transform to GHS I’ve never known before. There’s no traces of GJD nor GHS at all. The way SW talk & laugh is completely different than GHS, and she’s really great. The characteristic of YSW created by NJH as a teenage girl, continue it flows and its style when GHS takes over as an adult SW..

    Also at first I doubt the chemistry between GHS & LSY but now they prove their chemistry sizzles in a very unexpected way, so gonna sit back and just enjoy the drama

  15. People…be nice…like KHS said she is not perfect…she is still learning and learned that everything is not the same anymore… and she matured no more cuteness. ..she needs to look like and act like an real actress..she changed the way she react. ..she’s grown woman…we have to accept and give her a chance…she knows what she wants and she knows what to do…so leave her alone bi!#/es.

  16. I like this drama Angel Eyes, enjoy Lee Sang Yoon and Ku Hye Sun couple. Good story. Park Dong Joo’s sister is so cute, and the little boy too.

  17. Here in our country ever since the BOF was aired we all fascinated how ku hye sun being an actress.. There are the evidence of how she is being a good and talented actress you have in Korea..she is not only beautiful but also kind and how could you dislike her? As I watching the angel eyes , lee sang yoon and ku hye sun are very good in their acting..and they good together..they are great actor and actress..we always love you ku hye sun..go go go…

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