Written Preview for Episode 15 of In A Good Way

Who’s still giggling like a school girl from last week’s episode 14 of In A Good Way? I’m totally not ashamed to admit, nor will I deny re-watching the new preview for episode 15 so many times I’ve lost count. Some things are just too good not to enjoy with complete and utter abandon. It’s been a busy drama ending week for me what with both Wed-Thurs K-dramas I’ve been watching in Miss Korea and You From Another Star ending. Thank god In A Good Way is still around, I might actually need therapy if everything ended this week and I was left with the prospect of staring at the blank wall next week. The IAGW Chinese wiki page has been updated to indicate the episode count is 24 episodes total. Considering this is an SETTV live-filmed drama, that number isn’t set in stone but expect the final episode count to be thereabouts. My gut tells me 22-23 episodes, which means we need to all start preparing for the final stretch and then a wind down. The written preview is out for episode 15 and even translating it makes me smile. I enjoy dramas for showcasing different types of romances, and even if some appeal to me more than others, sometimes a couple just captures lightning in a bottle and makes everything they do so endearing. I think Liu Chuan and Jia En’s romancing style would drive me bonkers.

If I were one of their friends, I’d have to be restrained from shoving them into a room ASAP. Now that Jia En has confessed to Liu Chuan, after he confessed earlier, what cute interactions will the drama have in store for us? The three-way phone call with Jia En’s dad on the line is so brilliantly throwback I have no words. I swear it made me want to dig out my high school diary to look for written remembrances of such mortifying experiences in my own life. I wonder if Liu Chuan is the type to be sincere and direct when Jia En probes for romantic confirmation but then keep it to the point, or will be be willing to say even more to her even if she doesn’t solicit it? I’m pretty sure Jia En has graduated and gotten her love credit since that treasure hunt confession she orchestrated was clearly a grad student course load degree of difficulty, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to do the dating part with the same level of confidence. I hope the drama lets Ren Wei move on from Jia En soon, I do like watching his learn too late that he might have feelings for her, but the silent pining starts to get old and he’s a great character and deserves more of his own arc aside from which girl he likes. I love that the group of girlfriends are all back to hanging out together again. It’s going to be fantastic watching Jia En squirm as her friends marvel over how the country girl from Pingdong landed the hottest smartest guy on campus. A manly bowling showdown is also coming up between Ren Wei and Liu Chuan and the stills make it look like a hoot.

Written preview for episode 15:

People in love always turn into idiots. Idiotically smiling, idiotically thinking of someone. Jia En is focused on learning the morse code Liu Chuan taught her at the meal table. She’s asked “are you in love!?”, but how does one tell the parents about the first love. Such a difficult conundrum~ Ren Wei also asks “are you in love?!” – the blush of first love is soaring but Ren Wei looks scared, concerned, and wary. And Jia En still can’t figure out for whom he’s feeling this way.

A person in love is a curious kid. When did you start to like me? What do you like about me? The two ends of the conversation, one wants to say more but doesn’t, the other is red faced and blushing. But no one can stop the feeling of love from spreading, the sweet words forming an embrace. “To Liu Shan Feng” – the painting’s discovery leads to more questions. All the clues seem to point to Liu Chuan’s grandfather. But the antique certification is at the same time as the re-do of the school review for the Treasure Hunting club. Will the club be able to weather this danger? What will Liu Chuan’s choice be?


Written Preview for Episode 15 of In A Good Way — 12 Comments

  1. Ehm yeah I’ve repeated the preview so many times this week for a pick me up. It works every time.

    IAGW is really keeping me happy as well. So so so happy I can watch a new episode tomorrow. If I can get a live streaming link and broadcast time will even watch it tonight.

  2. In A Good Way is a good crack that I am OK getting addicted..Yes I abused the play button on the preview..And yes since I also did some abusing as well on my fave JE-LC parts on episode 14..and since I had some spare time hahaha I started watching the first few episodes again..The writers know how to balance the episodes well..Every episode I end up loving IAGW more..Unlike other dramas, this is the filler episodes, the ones you want to skip over to end your frustration..But with IAGW even with the simplest plot, keeps giving us surprises episode after episode! I can never get tired of JE-LC couple..Gawd I can watch them go treasure hunting all day and I won’t be bored!

  3. Love it, every bit. Thanks for news and more news!
    I wonder if the bowling made his back flare up?

    They could write his injury into the plot. He IS a basketball guy who could have gotten hurt for reals (for fake) in the show. That would make the most sense and maybe force some quality time with Daddy actually thinking of his son as a person rather than a political prop.

  4. This reminds me of my own school days. The courtship and dating but alas nothing materialize. I really hope LiuChuan and JiaEn courtship will be successful and they will become a couple in this show. Btw, I read your recap for what show to watch. This is one of them. Thank you for the recap.Hwaiting. 加油

  5. I’m turning into an idiot. Countless times of watching the preview and Ep 14 and grinning like a loon reading the written preview. Thanks for the translation. My Mandarin is really not up to scratch and could not make out certain phrases.

  6. I grinned like a fool just reading this preview too lol

    So now that Jia En’s also bitten by the love bug (and how!), can we please have her focus a little on looking pretty for Liu Chuan? Maybe more of skirts/dresses and less of grandma knitted sweaters? And hair down and out of the harsh looking ponytail? This would all be the cherry on the proverbial delectable cake that is IAGW 🙂

  7. I really liked the last 2 episodes. Squeem. The pace is slow but done nicely. Who wants to be in JE’s shoes, such good friends, they are so fun, my high school days was more boring lol.

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