Lee Min Ho Lands the Cover of Cosmo China as well as Hot Water for Gambling Scandal

I continue my perplexed fascination with Lee Min Ho‘s wardrobe, whether it’s in dramas, photo shoots, or events. He’s making a big splash in China by landing the cover of Cosmopolitan China magazine with a huge photo spread. Heirs was a massive hit in China and he’s capitalized on the popularity by doing a duet with Harlem Yu on CCTV‘s Lunar New Year Gala last month. It’s no surprise to see him getting such high profile exposure in China, as a male star he’s really packaged as a perfect handsome inoffensive male god to drool over onscreen. I thought he would get to enjoy his popularity solo for awhile longer but Kim Soo Hyun has burst out of nowhere to literally be over all the C-news in the last two months with You From Another Star. I’m quite amused with Lee Min Ho’s Cosmo spread, it seems to tap into his penchant for monochrome suits in various pastel or primary colors that have too short pant legs paired with loafers and no socks. It’s like the ghost of Personal Taste has been following him around for 5 years and there is so sign of an exorcism in sight. I wish this photo shoot was more eclectic and creative, telling Lee Min Ho to pose isn’t very exciting, and the backdrop is mostly just uninspiring. On a more buzzworthy note with respect to Lee Min Ho, the K-netizens are once again going crazy over something that merits a shrug at most. Lee Min Ho was in New Zealand and was snapped by fans who recognized him while he was sitting at a gaming table. K-netizens are predictably appalled that Lee Min Ho would be gambling, even if the man makes a crapload of money of his own hard work and is a good 6 years past 21 years old or whatever is the legal age in Korea. Lee Min Ho’s agency quickly released a statement explaining that their guy was merely at a coffee shop where where was a gaming section and he sat down at a table with a friend just to watch but didn’t play. To which I say, that’s pretty weaksauce explaining but I’m just annoyed an explanation was even needed. I actually love the thought of Lee Min Ho having a vice, even one as manageable as sitting down for a few hands of blackjack when the opportunity arises.


Lee Min Ho Lands the Cover of Cosmo China as well as Hot Water for Gambling Scandal — 28 Comments

  1. That gambling thing happened HERE? In New Zealand? If so, there’s something SERIOUSLY screwy about the PR spin because there are no coffee shops with gaming sections. The photos I saw showed him at a gaming table of some sort and they are ONLY allowed in one of the six casinos here. Either they were flat out lying, which seems odd given that it’s really not that big a deal and also way, way too easy to prove false, or it wasn’t in NZ

    • It’s actually illegal to gamble if you are Korean whether in Korea or in another country. A bunch of celeb have been fined or have been given suspended sentences for that. So its a big deal to them.

      • How is it illegal to gamble in ANOTHER country? That seems totally bizarre, and possibly against int’l law. Koreans are probably unhappy with LMH, and he’ll probably not be able to keep whatever money he gets, but illegal? There’s no way.

  2. I don’t think anyone could love Lee Min Ho’s ankles more than Lee Min Ho. There is no other explanation as to why they are exposed more than any other part of his body.

  3. “Its like the ghost of Personal taste has been following him around for 5 years and there is no sign of an exorcism in sight”

    LOL. well said.

    i laugh at the gambling thing. who cares? sometimes it is so ridiculous how big of a deal k-netizens/media make out of something so small..

    • I thought the issue was that gambling overseas is illegal for Korean citizens. So many cases like Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Jun Ho, Shin Hye Sun etc.
      “In 2009, singer Shin Hye Sung of all-male band Shinwa was fined 10 million won for gambling in Macau. He returned to the music scene last year by releasing a Japanese album and holding concerts.”

      So they are not making a molehill out of nothing in this context.

      • Exactly. Came here to ask the same question. Korean law seems to be very serious about it. To the lawyers around here: Is it even possible to extend Korean law to another country? Aren’t visitors under jurisdiction of the guest country? I mean, it surely isn’t an offense worthy of interstate rendition.

      • WTF. Koreans can’t legally gamble? Then, what the heck is Go-Stop? I assume they don’t play mahjongg there, either?

        Also, from the looks of it, it’s not so much an issue of rendition, but that he can be prosecuted when he goes back to Korea and have to pay a hefty fine.

        Given that he lives and mainly works in Korea, it sounds like there’s a possibility of it happening.

        I can understand the issue people have with gambling. There are some who get addicted to gambling and ruin their lives and the lives of others just to feed their addiction (similar to drugs and alcohol).

        Though, I’m pretty sure that prohibition doesn’t work too well in a democratic republic, I don’t really know what the solution should be.

  4. The lee min ho gambling was in Queenstown, NZ. Good point Stuart on PR guys not doing their research. Gambling is legal in New Zealand. But I think there is furore on gambling in Korea since recently an entertainment management group sacked their own stars for precisely that, caught gambling. It seems that Go-Stop is the only card game acceptable in that country.

  5. Well he is a grown man with a lot if money and fame and desires so if he were an amercan *shrug* it wont matter would it ! Just leave him alone !
    Koala … a shrugggg ???? Thats too much

  6. Wait… Let me get this strait… It’s illegal for Korean Citezens to gamble in a different country!? Naaah .. Really!??? What about all the Koreans I see in Las Vegas, Nev!? That is one bullcrap law!!! WTF!!
    I respect ALL coultures because I valued a person that respects mine. Having said that it baffles my mind to think they want to control their citizens even abroad. The funny/not so funny part in this is that that only celebrities most likely will get caught and fined :/

    • I don’t say “Korean” just because they are Asians. I say “Korean” because I can hear it in their language that they are from Korea

      • That’s the reason why i think that law or whatever “prohibition” is absurd, because only celebrities seem to be affected by it not your regular Kim or Young. Anyways I lived in Nevada and have wrk in casinos and it’s pretty obvious when they’re “Korean Americas” and when they’re tourist. Unfortunately, we tend to stand-out when we visit a different country than the one we live in. I say WE because even myself as I have visit other countries that speak Spanish, I stand out and find myself being asked where am I from. And by the way Koreans are by far the least of ppl that visit the casinos. Idk if that law has anything to do with it but I thought it.
        They’re a few “high rollers” though 😉

  7. Omg..I persons can try it out once in awhile ..it’s nothing offensive I think ..until and unless it a compulsive habit …if u travel u tend to tempt into such things like ill bit of Blakjack of a trip to sm clubs..hmm hmm.
    .but I really think the cover is sm serious photo job gone bad..just look at his wait ..it’s practically not there ….

  8. Love the photo of LMH in the blue sweater, peering into the antique binoculars with that pressed lip smile and dimple ^^

  9. How does a chicken drink water?little by little. How does an ocean form? Drops of water and How does gambling addiction start? From a penny.advice him to stop now then and dont back him

  10. I do not know about the talent of the other guy in” My love from another star”but in the looks department Lee Min Ho is the big winner.At least for me.
    And at this age he should date and go out with his friends and live his youth years.

  11. Yikes… It really is illegal huh?? If so, then I think they need to change the law if Korean would like to gamble overseas, if not, and this is the law, then he broke the law. Frankly I think it’s a silly law if it’s just in recreation. Everything in moderation but it’s understandable if people cannot control themselves and hence laws are created.

  12. Oh, Koala! You and your parallel construction always make me laugh.

    I imagined the “YEOW!” noise LMH would make after making his splash in said tub of heated Chinese water.

    If that really was a gambling table and he really did get caught, how would the Korean powers that make money off of him make THAT disappear?

    He is adorable, yes, but I agree that he (up to this point) has not offended anyone with his shows good, bad, and worse. He is easy to love with the dimple and the giggle and the height. I do look forward to post Army acting when he can be threatening and scary, too. Wouldn’t he make a great serial killer, a la Park Hae Il in Memories of Murder, or a sociopath like Kim Kang Woo in A Man’s Story?

    He has time to grow, let’s hope his handlers get him good projects that help.

  13. For all the comments on LMH not wearing socks, I think it might be a new fashion in Korea. I have seen pics of Rain and other entertainers both in RL situations as well as photo shoots and most are not wearing socks. So I thought it was a new fashion statement.

  14. Unpopular opinion but… what is the problem of not wearing socks??

    I like it to be honest lol – also like his Kim Tan clothes… the colorful ones. Maybe because where I live I don’t know what wonter fashion is supposed to be but I like them all LOL

    I think I would be a fashion terrorist if I could lol

  15. Lee Min Ho’s fashion choices always puzzle me but it’s not like he can’t pull off anything after those horrid sweaters in Heirs.

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